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Post Game Perks


Well, the game went well enough, my team winning two to one in overtime. If I would've gotten my glove on the puck, we would've won in regulation, but oh well. Sometimes it's hard for the 'old man' of the team to make it through an extra period. At 26, I'm the old man of the team, with the next oldest guy being 23 and most averaging around 21. As the team's only full-time goalie, I take my job pretty seriously, even though we play in a rec center league.

After the game, we gathered in the locker room and checked out the standings, finding that our record put us third out of the ten teams in the league. We were two games behind the next team with only seven games to go. Getting a better spot in the playoffs was going to be tough. Kyle, our coach/starting center and my best friend gave us the post-game pep talk about how next week we face the team that beat us two weeks prior and that he really wanted to give them some payback. That was partly because Kyle was taken out of the game with a sprained knee partway through the second period.

The meeting ended and we all headed for the showers. I was a little slower getting my gear off because of my bad knees. I know, I know...a guy with bad knees shouldn't play goalie. My wife says the same thing. But hey...nothing is better than stopping a puck that's traveling at what seems like three hundred miles an hour with the clock winding down and the other team on the power play. But I digress.

As we came out of the shower, Kyle decided to call a Captain's meeting. That included me because I was an assistant captain, even though the NHL says goalies can't be captains, but since I play different positions, our league made an exception. There was myself, Kyle, Luke, who is Kyle's cousin and our best defenseman and Josh, defenseman/left wing. Anyway, we were all sitting around the locker room talking about strategy for the next game, as well as the play of some of our...let's say less consistent team members. We were in the middle of talking about Craig, our second line center and his play when there was a knock as the door of the locker room. I was the closest, so I went and got it.

I grabbed a pair of shorts off of the bench and walked over to the door. I opened it and there were my two favorite women in the world, my wife Ashley and our girlfriend Becca. I looked around and noticed the guys were getting dressed, so I figured it was okay for me to let the ladies in. "Guys," I yelled. "We have company. At least make yourselves decent. Josh, do the best you can."

Josh threw an obscene gesture in my direction and everyone laughed. Josh is about six feet tall and probably goes about a hundred and seventy pounds. What you notice though, are the tattoos on his chest and the insides of his biceps...as well as the nipple rings. If he turned around, you'd also notice the large Spider-Man web design on his back. He pulled on a short sleeved button up shirt with a dragon design on it started working on his shoes.

Kyle, on the other hand, was mostly dressed. He hugged Ashley since they'd known each other for a while. He stopped when he looked at Becca because, as far as I knew, no one in the locker room knew her, except for Ashley and I. I noticed then that all the guys were looking at her. I cleared my throat and they all blinked.

"Guys, this is Becca. She's a...friend of ours." Ashley and Becca giggled when I said that, given that we were all more than just friends. "So, ladies. What brings you to this den of testosterone?"

Becca blushed slightly so Ashley answered. "We watched the game and we thought you guys did really well, especially in killing those three consecutive penalties in the second period. We just thought we'd come down here and say congratulations."

There was a pause in all conversation as everyone was probably thinking the same thing. Josh was the only one who said anything, though. "So, what kind of congratulations do we get?" As he said this, he stood up, shirt swinging open and stepped in front of Becca. Becca glanced at me and I nodded, so she put her hand on Josh's smooth chest and ran her fingertips downward. Josh closed his eyes and his nipples hardened around his nipple rings.

Kyle and Luke looked at each other and then at me. I shrugged and smiled. Ashley leaned over and started kissing my neck and running her hand down my stomach. She stopped as the waistband of my shorts and then pushed me down onto the bench. She pulled my shorts down and grabbed my hardening cock as it grew and placed the head in her mouth. I propped my head up with my hands because one of the best parts of Ashley giving head was watching her do it. She always seemed to enjoy it and she was certainly good at it.

Becca was on her knees in front of Josh, he head moving back and forth in front of his pelvis. Luke had moved over next to Josh and pulled down his boxers, causing Becca to gasp out loud. Luke had about ten inches and he had told stories about girls who wouldn't fuck him because he was too big. Becca kept her mouth on Josh, but moved her hands over to Luke's monster. She used both hands and it wasn't enough to cover his rod.

Kyle, on the other hand, surprised me by walking up behind Ashley and rubbing his hands over her ass. I felt her mouth tighten and saw her eyes widen as he did this. I put my hand on her face reassuringly and smiled. She relaxed and started moving her behind in his hands.

In a short amount of time, both women were naked. Ashley resumed her head giving while Kyle knelt behind her, doing the same for her. Josh was laying on the floor, Becca straddling him. Luke was standing in front of her, his hands on her shoulders as she bobbed her head while rocking back and forth on Josh.

After a few more minutes of incredible head, I felt Ashley groan around my cock as Kyle got her off. Her entire body shook when she orgasmed, which startled Kyle, I think. He stood up behind her, stroking his cock. He looked at me and I just nodded. I felt Ashley tense up again as Kyle started to enter her from behind. She relaxed as he slowly pushed all the way into her and held still. She redoubled her efforts on my cock as Kyle started his pistoning motion behind her, his hands gripping her hips.

Suddenly, we heard "Get up, fucker. It's my turn." Josh and Luke were arguing over who was going to fuck Becca next. She looked from one to the other, her lips slightly swollen from sucking Luke's cock. Luke, six foot two easy, picked Becca up off the floor and held her up as he found her pussy with the head of his massive cock. Becca wrapped her legs around him and slowly sank the length of him into her. Her eyes had rolled back in her head and she whimpered as she took his entire length. Luke sat back on the bench and started rocking her slightly up and down. Josh looked pissed that he was suddenly left out of the action, so he grabbed some lube from his locker and started stroking himself.

Kyle started grunting behind Ashley as he sped up his thrusting. He was mumbling things like 'Oh god' and 'Fuck yeah' as he pounded her. Suddenly, he called out "I'm gonna cum!" Ashley whipped around and started jerking his cock into her mouth. No more than five seconds later, Kyle grunted loud and fired his first shot into Ashley's mouth. He kept it up for what seemed like a long time, but Ashley never spilled a drop. She swallowed it all and Kyle collapsed against the locker, his breath coming in ragged gasps.

Luke and Josh had come to an agreement of sorts. Luke was standing behind Becca, pumping in and out of her from behind while Josh was standing in front of her, thrusting into her mouth. They had quite a rhythm going, always one of them in, always one of them out. Becca didn't seem like she knew which way to move, so she stayed still, letting the two men have their way with her.

Ashley was sitting on the bench in front of me, keeping the head of my cock in her lips, bobbing her head slightly. I started pumping into her mouth a little at a time when Kyle stepped up to her, his rod standing up again. Sometimes I wish I had these 'kids' staying power.

Ashley reached up a hand and stroked Kyle while sucking me. She suddenly switched, stroking me, sucking him. I was about ready to explode when she stopped and smiled at me. I tilted my head and looked at her, not knowing what she was up to. She told Kyle to lay down on the bench as she ran over to where Luke and Josh were changing places, Josh sliding into her velvety pussy. Ashley grabbed something off the other bench and came back over.

Kyle looked up at me and I could only shrug. She crawled up Kyle, licking his shaft and then lowered herself onto it, moaning softly. He reached back and handed me what she had picked up: Josh's bottle of lube. Suddenly, I knew what she wanted. She wanted us to both fuck her at the same time.

Kyle had his eyes closed, so he was oblivious to what was about to happen. Ashley was moving very slowly over him, looking back at me. We had tried anal a couple of time before, but she hadn't really seemed interested. That's why this was such a surprise. But if it was what she wanted...

I dribbled some lube onto my finger, mentally noting that I'd need to buy Josh another bottle. Your mind goes weird places sometimes. I pushed my finger against her asshole and pushed it in, her sphincter clenching around my finger. I moved my finger slowly in and out in time to her movements. Once she was accustomed to it, I pulled my finger out and the lubed up my cock. I lowered the glistening head to her hole and pushed in as she pushed back on Kyle.

Kyle's eyes flew open as Ashley gave out a loud moan, one that could be heard over all of the noise we were making. Kyle, for the most part, is homophobic. Once he realized what was going on, he started to make sounds of protestation. Ashley silenced him with her mouth. I could see his body relax. Neither of us moved, Ashley doing it all.

The sensations of Ashley's behind and feeling the oddness of Kyle's cock through her was exciting and terrifying at the same time. How would Kyle look at me tomorrow? How would this effect our team? I shook my head to stop myself from actually THINKING. Now was not the time for that.

I'm not sure how long we were all like that. It felt like days. When the girls had had enough (when can guys get enough?), they begged off and sat on the floor in front of the lockers. The rest of us stood and looked down at them, four hard cocks still standing up. I grabbed mine first and started stroking madly, the other guys joining in quickly.

Josh was the quickest, spurting all over Becca's face and her large breasts. Becca moaned as it hit her. Kyle and I came at about the same time, all over Ashley. I'm not sure there was an inch of uncovered skin between her forehead and her chest.

Luke shot last, an absolute geyser that almost drowned Becca where she sat. He must have kept going for a full ten seconds. Becca sat there enjoying every second of it.

When we were all finished, Becca and Ashley leaned their heads against each other and smiled their dreamy smiles. The guys packed up their stuff, Josh grumbling about the lube. Luke and Kyle told him to shut the hell up. Kyle was the last out the door. He turned and looked at me with a weird expression on his face. "See you for practice tomorrow." The door thumped quietly behind him. I knew we'd be talking about what happened tomorrow.

I helped the ladies to their feet and half-carried, half-dragged them to the shower to clean up. A few minutes and a few towels later, they were dressed and leaning on me as I carried my gear bag to the car. They both fell asleep on the way home. As they were starting to snooze, Ashley said "Just think of what'll happen if you reach the playoffs." And then she was out like a light.

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