tagGroup SexPost-Holiday Traditional Mashup!

Post-Holiday Traditional Mashup!


Jessica finally made her way to Tempe and settled in their room at the resort. Being offseason, they were among the few people there, so they had their run of the place it seemed. Immediately upon joining Steve in their room, their clothes were off, and he drove home a thundering session that left her legs weak. Tired from this and her long overnight, Jessica fell quickly to sleep.

She woke an hour later with a terrible crick in her neck. Steve attempted to massage it out, but she needed professional help, so she trotted down to the spa to see if a therapist was available.

The spa relaxed her immediately upon walking in with waterfalls, mellow music, soft lights and the lingering smell of jasmine in the air. She approached the desk to inquire about the availability of a massage.

Behind the counter, a large woman, muscular and tall, in scrubs and a tag that said Janice, looked Jessica up and down as she listened to her issues. She checked the computer and then turned to Jessica. "Well I have some good news and maybe an issue. I am available myself for a massage in 30 minutes, and it is the last time for the day."

Jessica looked at the Amazonian woman and hoped that she hid her lascivious desire when she answered, "That would be great. But you said there is an issue?"

Janice looked at her semi-apologetically, "Well you see it is the offseason, and they are doing construction, so there is only one massage room, the large one, and there are already two women scheduled to come in for massages. I do have the time, but there will be two other massages in the same room if you don't mind?"

Jessica was disappointed because her mind had already raced ahead to what this woman could do to her and what she would like her to do. However, her neck was in pain, and that was the main priority. "Absolutely no problem at all." She said, again trying to hide her lustful nature.

Janice gave her a sly knowing glance, "I assure you that you will receive the complete treatment and leave feeling very satisfied."

Jessica would be blind if she didn't see the subtle tells in Janice's gaze.

Janice showed her back to the lounge where she poured Jessica a glass of wine, then to changing room, and helped Jessica find a locker and a bathrobe

"You can change out of your clothes here and put on a bathrobe. There is more wine in the waiting area, and I am sure the other two will be along shortly."

"Thank you."

At her locker, Jessica began undressing. Then down to her underwear, she looked back and saw that Janice was lingering. She was a bit bashful about taking off the rest of her clothes, but she felt the warmth of the wine, and she couldn't deny Janice's gaze drew her. She removed her bra and panties and then turned to Janice, naked and uncovered, "Was there anything else?" she said fixing her stare right in Janice's eyes. She expected Janice to be embarrassed and scurry away, but she didn't.

"They should be here in 30 minutes, and then we can relieve that tension. Please enjoy yourself until then." She took one last look up and down Jessica's naked body and then confidentially, she pivoted and strode out of the locker room.

Jessica was completely lost in the moment which was broken when Janice left the room. It was then she realized that her hand, with a mind of its own, was softly touching her clit. Had she been doing that while Janice was there? She wondered.

It was 20 minutes and two glasses of wine later when she heard two other voices enter the locker room. She heard them change and talk and laugh with each other. They soon joined her in the lounge and introduced themselves as Christine and Roxy from Texas and Louisiana. They talked easily as drinks flowed. This was somewhat of a post-holiday ritual that they had been doing for years to decompress after all the parties and events. Both were in their early 50's and in great shape. Christine had blonde hair, which, though colored, looked very natural and ran down the length of her back. She had obviously had some work done as she had almost no wrinkles on her face, a perfect button nose and a large set of what looked to be DD breasts. She was thick, but not obese and very shapely. Roxy on the hand was of dark complexion, possibly black, with long dark and kinky gray hair that really set off her face and her crystal blue eyes. Her face was so pretty Jessica almost felt uncomfortable looking at her. She was very tall and thin, and her skin showed years of care. They all became instantly comfortable and probably could have stayed there all night had they not been called in for their massages.

The three women entered the long room with dim lights and three massage tables. Two younger therapists and Janice were waiting. They took their robes and naked, the three woman laid down on their tables face down.

The massage was wonderful. Powerfully Janice worked out the kink in her neck immediately, so Jessica was able to relax completely. She was so comfortable that it was some time before she realized that she had nothing covering her body; she didn't care. Janice worked down her back to her feet and alternated between powerful deep tissue work and soft, gentle strokes. Jessica felt her whole body sink into the bed. She may even have fallen asleep had she not heard a quiet noise that sounded like a moan.

"Oops, I'm sorry." She heard Roxy whisper to her therapist.

Time passed, and again Jessica heard the same sound. She tilted her head and was amazed at what she saw. Roxy's therapist had one hand massaging Roxy's butt powerfully, and her other hand was buried between Roxy's legs. Jessica watched the therapist's hand moving quickly in and out between Roxy's thighs. Then her eyes adjusted and she could see all the way across the room to where Christine's therapist had her face buried in Christine's plump ass with her hands kneading Christine's cheeks. That is when she felt Janice pushing her own legs apart.

Janice had been massaging her thighs, probably not sure how Jessica would respond to the extra treatment. However, seeing how wet Jessica got looking across the room, she was fairly confident about moving forward. Her powerful hands worked up Jessica's legs to her ass. Janice was not shy about dragging a finger across Jessica butt and clit. Several times she felt Janice slip a digit just a short of the way in. She wanted to make sure that Janice knew that everything was okay, so she spread her legs a bit wider and pushed her butt up towards Janice. Janice got the message and before long had fingers sliding in and out of Jessica's holes and then returned them to massage her butt cheeks. Jessica was lost in bliss as she turned her head and saw Christine and Roxy looking back at her with smiles of satisfaction.

The massages lasted for an hour and a half. Fingers and tongues were used to relax and pleasure each of the guests. Finally, completely satisfied the therapist wiped them down with warm towels and entreated them to relax for as long as they needed, there would be a fresh bottle of wine waiting in the lounge, and they could let themselves out.

After a bottle of wine, shower and finally getting dressed, the three women made a plan to get together as couples for dinner. As they parted, Jessica had the sense that this was going to be a special night.

She entered the room and told Steve all about the amazing massage. She didn't mention that Roxy and Christine had the same treatment, as this was their business. They could share if they wanted at dinner that night, and boy did they share.

It was about 8 PM when they met the two couples at the resort's restaurant. Everyone was dressed up, and they looked so much different than when she first met them. Roxy, if it was possible, was even more beautiful and the sundress she wore seemed to be begging to fall off her body. Christine was wearing what could only be called, cougar wear; cheetah blouse, tight pants, and 6-inch heels. Her breasts were breathtaking in this outfit and were barely contained in the much too small bra she was wearing to allow them to overflow. Roxy's husband Earl was the same size as Steve and, as they later discovered, had been a football player for the Houston Oilers back in the day. He was in such great shape, it looked like he could run out and play today. Christine's husband Dave was a bit of the odd man out with the group as he was short, bald and thin. He made a very curious match for Christine physically. However, after spending just a few moments with him, they realized he was a laugh riot, and Christine spent the whole night in stitches listening to him. He called attention himself to the disparity in sizes among the men, but showed not a drop of intimidation, almost like he knew something everyone else didn't. He was the owner of a successful chain of Jiffy Lubes and spent most of his days golfing and doing his "other favorite hobby." At that, Roxy and Earl laughed too, without anyone elaborating.

Jessica and Steve were struck by how easily everyone got along. There was no pretense or show, just six people having a blast in each other's company. Drinks flowed, and the food was scarfed in between laughter and stories. Finally, Steve was the first to notice that the restaurant was empty and the waiters were busily pretending to polish the same knives and forks, clearly eager to go home. They agreed to continue the party up in Dave's suite.

Up in the suite, everyone relaxed. Ties and shoes came off, and more drinks were poured. Jessica watched Earl as he walked across the room to Christine who was putting some music on the stereo. She saw him massage her shoulders and lightly kiss her neck, before helping her pick out some music. Then she looked over and saw that Dave had his hand on Roxy's thigh while he told another of his stories. Steve seemed oblivious to all of this and was just enjoying the company when Earl came back over to join them and stood behind Jessica. As he attended to the conversation, his hands went to Jessica's shoulders, and he massaged her.

"So I understand you had one of the resort's legendary massages?" he said without subtlety. He continued to massage her shoulders as he waited for an answer.

"Well, it was quite the massage." She smiled, squirming just a bit under his touch, which showed no signs of abatement.

"Oh, she had Janice, lucky girl," Christine said. "Too bad we were all stuffed in a room together. I am sure that's why Janice didn't bring out her strap-on. My god can she wield that like a hammer!"

The couples laughed with complete awareness of what the women had been doing.

Then Jessica and Steve were both struck sober as the reality of the situation they were in caught hold. Everyone else in the room already knew what was going on.

Earl slid his large hands down the front of Jessica's dress and began to massage her breasts. Dave's hand had found its way between Roxy's thighs and past her white panties. Steve was dumbfounded and lost, but Christine was quick to fix that situation as she sat on his lap, threw her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. Seeing Jessica lay her head back against Earl's crotch, so he could have better access to her breast, gave Steve the signal he needed, and his tongue found its way into Christine's wanting mouth.

Clothes quickly flew off as couples took turns mixing and matching in touching, kissing and strokes. The only break in the action came when Jessica removed Dave's cock from his underwear and was confronted with the largest dick she had seen in her life. Everyone took a moment to admire it. Apparently, he did know something no one else did. Bravely she opened her mouth as wide as she could and took him in.

Steve found himself between Roxy's long legs and eagerly lapped at her cunt which tasted of candy. Roxy herself was eagerly licking Christine's box as she sat on the end table. Earl meanwhile had come around behind Jessica and raising her up, was the first to slide his dick inside. Between his large dick and the massive tool Dave had in her mouth, she did look like she was spit roasted over a fire.

After a bit, Dave interrupted and led the crew over to the oversized king bed. He laid Roxy and the other two side by side on the edge of the mattress. Steve started at one end and buried himself in Jessica while kissing her deeply. Every new adventure only deepened his love for her, and this was no exception. For some reason, in midstroke he thought of the love languages book and that his was clearly touch. He loved his wife dearly, and every sexual exploration only added more.

The others pounded away at their partners until again Dave took control. He got up from Christine and tapped Steve to take his place. Steve went to fill Roxy while enjoying the look on Jessica's face as Dave's monstrous cock entered her. Roxy wrapped her legs around him and pulled his full attention to her. They kissed as he felt every stroke inside her. Earl was hammering Christine as if she was board and he was the hammer and nail.

Once Jessica had her first orgasm it set off a firework show of loud orgasms across the women that seemed to go on forever. Steve wasn't sure that there may be such thing as too many orgasms for a woman. If there were, they were about to find out.

After 30 minutes of relentless pounding Roxy begged to stop for a minute, so Steve slid off of her. He noticed that Jessica had moved on top of Earl and that gave him the opening he was looking for. He bent her over and slid his dick into her ass, which gave her an immediate orgasm. The two guys pounded her relentlessly. Christine found her way to Roxy's snatch and licked and suck up and down and in both holes without pause. Then came a moment Jessica knew was inevitable, but brought with it a bit of fear.

Dave again tapped Steve who moved aside leaving Jessica's soaking wet ass exposed. Earl's large dick was buried inside her pussy to the hilt. The women paused and looked at Jessica. Time seemed to stand still as everyone was waiting to see what would happen. Then Jessica bent over Earl while reaching a hand back to further expose her asshole. "Fuck my ass, Dave!" Steve nearly came just hearing that!

They all watched as Dave moved the tip of his python to her hole. He slowly slid just the first inch inside her. She took a moment to adjust to its girth and then nodded for him to continue. Inch by inch he slowly slipped his full manhood inside her hungry ass. She had never felt anything like it, but she loved it! Steve could see how happy she was and that thrilled him. He watched as Dave started to pound his wife's butt with passion. Steve felt it was safe to speculate that no woman in history had ever cum more and louder than Jessica in this DP. Earl was covered in her juice. For added value, Roxy was straddling Earl's face, and as he ate her pussy, Jessica tongued her ass.

Finally, after hours, the women were depleted. Pussies and asses sore and numb from so much fuckin; they could take no more. The guys laid back on the bed as each wife took a position between their husband's legs and sucked their sore and tired cocks until each shot a hearty load down their wife's throat. They all collapsed in a heap.

Sometime later, they showered and dressed casually, went back to drinking and talking happily. As a reward for their yeoman effort of fucking, twice more that night and into the morning the woman sucked each other one of the guy's cocks and swallowed each of the husbands' cum.

They had a week more to go at the resort, and they spent all their time together. They swapped rooms, partners, and pleasures. They spent time in pairs, but more of the time as one big happy group. They were all depressed a bit when it had to end but were reassured that there were now three couples as part of a new post-holiday tradition.

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