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Postcard from Brazil


Last winter, my wife Denise, had a company trip to Brazil to check on some of her suppliers. She convinced me to take a few days off work and fly down with her to get some sunshine. We live in the snowbelt and with the seasons being reversed, I was ready for some 90 degree weather by the time February rolled around the calendar. She had three days of meetings and then we had three days to ourselves before flying home. While she worked, I strolled around Rio de Janeiro taking in the sites. When the business part of the trip was finished, we packed and headed north about two hours to a resort area called Buzios. It practically has more beaches than you can count and has a reputation of being like Saint Tropez with a very free and easy lifestyle.

I didn't know too much about it but Denise had told me should we take care of all the details and I should just relax and enjoy myself. The resort she chose was fabulous with our suite overlooking the ocean from the balcony out our bedroom window. We had both gone to a tanning studio at home before the trip to get some color on our winter-white northern bodies so we wouldn't burn to a crisp. After quickly unpacking, we decided to head to the beach and and unwind. I wasn't prepared for the "unwound" Denise. She called out from the bathroom, "I hope you like my new suit. Do be honest with me." After eight years of marriage, she knew I was usually honest with her. Sometimes too honest! She walked into the room and I nearly dropped the glass of water I was holding. She was wearing an orange micro-bikini that looked amazing on her tanned body.

Denise is five-feet-seven and works out regularly at home. She has beautifully shaped breasts that measure 36C and the most outstanding nipples that grow very long when aroused. The micro-bkini just covered her nipples and her smooth-shaved pussy and split her asscheeks in the classic thong. My cock stiffened immediately in my swimsuit and the site of my sexy wife. "Oh my God Denise! You are Amazing!" I hugged her tightly and we kissed passionately.

Breaking our kiss, "So are you going to take me down to the beach and show me off?" She grabbed a matching cover-up and wrapped it around her waist but it did nothing to hide her breasts. Needless to say, we had quite a few eyes watching us as we walked through the lobby and down to the sand.

That evening we had dinner and Denise told me she was taking us to a club in the heart of the city. It was a little past ten when we got to a non-descript looking door half-way down an alley. Just before entering, I asked her if she was sure she had the right place. Being a long way from home, this didn't look to be the safest thing to do. She assured me and pushed on through the doorway. I could hear the thumping rhythm of bass and felt a little more at ease. Once inside, she yelled into my ear that it was an underground club that she thought I would find very interesting. I didn't have to wait long to understand her meaning. We rounded a corner to a small, crowded room. It was mostly men but a number of women as well. In front of us was a stage with the classic "stripper pole" and a beautiful brunette wearing just heels, stockings and boyshorts was dancing.

We had gone to a strip clubs back home a few times and Denise always seemed to enjoy the experience but I thought this was an odd choice for her to make on our vacation. In the next minute I understood. As we watched, the brunette on stage turned away from the crowd and pulled her boyshorts down exposing her ass to the crowd. When she turned back around, I could see she had cock between her thighs. She danced to the applause of the crowd. We later learned it was the tradition to applaud everytime one of the girls showed their cock. I turned to Denise with a look of wonderment on my face. She yelled into my ear so I could hear over the music, "The dancers all have cocks! I knew you'd love it." While that sunk into my brain, she pulled me to the bar so we could get drinks and then find a place to watch the show.

I have long had a fetish for transexuals and have told Denise all about it. We've even looked at porn on-line and watched movies together. She too finds them very erotic but doesn't harbor nearly the fascination as I do. I'm just pleased she'll share the interest with me and indulge my fantasies.

We watched the show for a couple hours or more. I was fascinated by both the crowd and the show on stage. The audience spoke in many languages with even the occasional English though mostly Portugese or Spanish. Denise gave me a wad of Brazilian Real to tip the girls at my leisure. Most of the dancers were very attractive with bodies of various shapes and sizes. Some girls were incredibly well-endowed and of course, they received the biggest tips from the audience. Even though Denise is a brunette, I love blonde-haired women. One dancer in particular caught my attention. She was tall with long, blonde hair. She had nice breasts though not as big as Denise and she had a beautifully-shaped, long cock. When she danced I was mesmerized by her. When her dance was over, I tipped her generously. A few minutes after she danced, she appeared by my side. She introduced herself as Jakeline and thanked me in broken English for my generosity. Before moving away, she leaned over and kissed my cheek. When she did, she pressed her pelvis against my thigh and I could feel her semi-erect cock. Mine jumped with immediate excitement.

We stayed until she danced one more time before we decided to head back to the hotel. In reflection, I can't believe I didn't cum while standing there watching. So many of the girls were beautiful and they seemed to enjoy entertaining both the men and women equally. We had had hours of foreplay and all I could think about was fucking. ##

As soon as we had closed the door behind us, Denise dropped to her knees and unzipped my fly. My cock was still rock hard from the show and her warm, wet mouth felt so good as she sucked it past her lips. We both knew I wouldn't be able to hold it off long and I was soon shooting my cum into her mouth. After regaining my breath, we crawled onto the bed and I got between her naked thighs. My mouth latched on to her dripping pussy and I was soon bringing her to orgasm as well. Apparently she was as turned on by the dancing as I was.

Unfortunately that was the zenith of the evening. When I crawled up between her thighs to fuck, we were both surprised to realize my cock was limp. Denise kissed me passionately and rubbed her dripping wet sex roughly on my cock but nothing we did could get me hard. My mind just kept replaying the girls dancing on stage with their hard cocks, anywhere from six to ten inches, bouncing to the music. They stroked them with their hands and simulated fucking on stage and did everything but ask for participants from the audience. I had never failed Denise before and didn't know what to do. Finally I stopped her efforts. "I'm sorry. I just keep thinking of tits and cock and you don't have one!" She smiled her understanding and told me it was ok. I knew she was so aroused but I couldn't do anything more for her so we just rolled to our side and spooned. ##

The next day was a beach day. This time it was a yellow micro-bikini and matching wrap. At least this morning she covered her breasts with a short t-shirt for breakfast. We definitely weren't in Michigan anymore. We found our way to the beach and were ultimately surrounded by so many beautiful women. As I would watch them walk by in their bikinis, my mind would imagine seeing the slightest bulge where a cock might be hiding. If I were on a Hawaiian beach, I'm sure I would have been ogling their breasts but down here, I could only imagine their cocks. I found myself constantly adjusting my suit to hide my erection.

We'd been on the beach a couple hours when Denise said she had to use the bathroom. She told me she'd grab us a couple cold drinks while she was gone. I soon found myself dozing in the hot afternoon Brazilian sun but awoke to the sensation that someone was hovering over me. My eyes slowly focused and I lifted my head to look around but there was no one immediately there. I did see bodies moving in all directions, but it was just me on the sand. I could swear that I had sensed a shadow looking down at me but it must have been a dream.

About ten minutes later, Denise returned with two cold drinks. She had an excited look on her face, "Did you see her?"

"See who? I've been sleeping."

"Jakeline." When it was obvious it didn't immediately register, "From the strip club last night, Jakeline."

"No fucking way! Here? I missed her? Where did you see her?"

Smiling now, "In the ladies room. I was adjusting my suit after peeing and she walked up behind me and complemented me. Then we realized we recognized one another. I told her you were here."

I could only shake my head in disappointment. "I guess she didn't find you." ##

I've got to admit I was totally bummed the rest of the afternoon. Yes there were gorgeous women in bikini's all around including my wife but it just wasn't the same. I couldn't believe I had fallen asleep and missed this beautiful woman that I watched dance the night before and likely caused my problems with Denise later. Damn!

We stayed near the hotel for drinks and dinner and Denise said she would cheer me up when we got back to the room. I had no doubt she would make every human effort but I was just feeling a bit letdown. I even thought of asking her to go to the strip club again but I thought I'd just hurt her feelings. She suggested we head back to the room but I told her nonsense. I wasn't going to be a wet blanket and ruin the trip. I told her we'd go dancing after dinner. She said she'd love to but needed to stop by the room before we went as she'd forgotten her lipstick.

I slid the keycard in the slot and pushed the door open. I thought it was odd I could see a low light coming from the bedroom but thought we might have had a hotel turn-down service. As I walked into the room, I realized we had service but it wasn't supplied by the hotel. I stopped in my tracks at what I saw.

There were two blonde women sitting in chairs in our bedroom drinking cocktails from the bar. Before I could say something, I realized that one of the girls was Jakeline. "I thought you could use some cheering up," I heard Denise say from behind me. The two girls smiled and stood up. Both were wearing bikini's or their underwear, either way, it wasn't much! "Hello Michael. I hear you liked watching us dance." It was Jakeline. She walked up to me and kissed me on the cheek. "This is Lisa". She too gave me a kiss on the cheek. I wasn't sure I remembered her from the night before, but she was nearly as attractive as Jakeline. She was a little smaller in stature than her taller friend. They both hugged Denise and kissed her on the cheek as well. "You two should sit now."

Denise pushed me towards the chairs where the girls had been sitting. Once there, Lisa poured drinks for both of us and put them on the table. I took a big drink from mine and I could hear all three girls laughing. In moments, both Lisa and Jakeline had removed their tops and began kissing one another. Their bodies were pressed together, their breasts touching with Jakeline obviously in charge of the dance. I could already feel my erection growing and I shifted uneasily in my chair as I took another drink. I looked over at Denise and she seemed to be absent-mindedly playing with her right nipple through her sheer blouse.

Lisa dropped to her knees in front of Jakeline, her face inches from her sex. Her tongue snaked past her lips and licked the crotch of Jakeline's bikini bottoms starting at the crotch and working towards the waistband. She looked at me, our eyes locking, and she pulled Jakeline's bottoms down over her hips. My eyes lit up when I saw her semi-hard cock bobbing just in front of Lisa's face. She opened her mouth and I watched as her lips surrounded Jakeline's crown. She started a slow suck on the gorgeous cock between her lips, lowering her head then raising it back up but never letting go of the cock from her lips. With her right hand, she stroked Jakeline's cock. And with her left, she ran it between Jakeline's thighs and teased her asscheeks. Lisa was deliberate in her pacing of going down on Jakeline's hardening cock. Her mouth worked it up and down. I could see her cheeks blowing in and out as she went up and down her sexy cock. It was a great show, these are performers, and they really knew how to play us for affect.

I looked again at Denise and her hand had moved between her thighs. I couldn't believe she was getting herself off with two strangers in our room. And I was not the only watching Denise play with her sex. Lisa's lips left Jakeline's hard cock as she stood up straight. They kissed briefly before turning their attentions to Denise. Lisa stripped out of her bottoms and we saw her semi-hard cock for the first time. She walked over to Denise and pulled her from her seat. Without saying a word, Lisa and Jakeline helped strip my wife naked in moments. Denise's nipples were hard as rocks and I could see her smooth pussy glistening with arousal. Each girl kissed her hard on the lips in succession as they ran their hands over her body.

They moved Denise to the corner of the bed and helped her onto her hands and knees. The three of them were a mere three feet from my chair. My cock was raging but I did everything to control myself from touching as I knew I would explode. Lisa stood in front of Denise and offered her erect cock to her waiting mouth. Denise hungrily took it. I watched her mouth open around the cock and her lips settle around the crown. I had only seen this while looking down at her and it felt like an outer body experience watching Denise wrap her lips around another cock. She accepted Lisa's gentle rocking to and fro as she began to face fuck my wife. Just as the rhythm began, Jakeline positioned her cock between Denise's spread thighs and pressed her tip to my wife's pussy lips. She thrust inside and Denise arched her back as she felt herself being filled on both ends by gorgeous she-cock.

Lisa and Jakeline began to fuck my wife in harmony. When one would surge forward, the other would retreat. I could only imagine Denise feeling like she was being fucked by one very long cock. I watched the two girls tits bounce up and down as they fucked my wife with greater abandon. I know Denise's pussy was wrapping tightly around Jakeline's cock, not letting go of it as she slid towards her lips. And Denise's tongue was playing magic on Lisa's cock as her throat was stuffed. My wife's tits hung down and swayed as her body was ravaged from both directions.

Lisa's thrusting picked up urgency and finally she buried her cock down Denise's throat and letting out a scream. Denise's eyes widened as cummed gushed down her throat. I could hear her snorting as she searched for air to fill her lungs and finally relax with a cock-filled smile. The cock fell from her lips and Denise lowered her head. She began to push her hips back towards Jakeline to meet her thrusts. Denise was moaning as she neared her pleasure. Jakeline grabbed Denise's hips and thrust hard and sharp into her. With suddenness, I witnessed Denise's body tremble as she orgasmed on Jakeline's cock. With that, Jakeline exploded into Denise filling her pussy with her cum. She thrust a few more times before Denise collapsed onto the bed. As I looked at her, I could see cum dribbling from her pussy and the slightest hint of Lisa's cum on her lips. My God I was spent and I hadn't even had sex!

Lisa turned her attentions to me. She pulled me to my feet and pressed her nude body against me. As we kissed, I could feel her hands unfastening my belt and unzipping my fly. She was soon pulling my shirt over my head and stripping me out of my clothes. I felt a bit embarrassed standing naked in front of these three women. It had been a long time since I'd been with anyone but Denise. My cock was stiff against my body after watching these three women go at one another. She took my cock in her hand and slowly stroked it up and down the length. Jakeline and Denise had moved up the bed and were watching us now. Jakeline spoke, "You two need to join us over here." She was patting the bed sheets. Lisa, still holding my cock, led me to the bed. We both crawled onto the sheets and Jakeline motioned for me to be with her. Denise just lay beside her watching her husband with an approving (and blissful) smile.

I sat beside Jakeline and she turned to kiss me on the lips. Her tongue pushed past my lips as we kissed with more urgency. I suddenly was aware of Lisa's lips beginning to cover the crown of my cock. My hands began to fondle Jakeline's breasts, caressing them and pinching her nipples. A couple minutes passed and Lisa was now taking my entire cock into her mouth. Her technique was so good that she had me clenching my toes so as not to cum to soon. Jakeline spoke, "If you are going to be with a girl like me, you need to truly experience all I have to offer." Before I realized her meaning and without realizing Lisa had released my cock, Lisa was pulling me down the bedsheets by my ankles. I stopped with my face inches from Jakeline's hard cock. Lisa's mouth resumed it's position on my cock. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I"d fantasized about this a million times but now I was unsure.

"Do it honey, it's what you've told me you wanted to do for five years," Denise was offering her encouragement. I tentatively took hold of Jakeline's cock with my left hand and gently kissed it. Fortunately this was enough of a mental diversion to back me away from cumming in Lisa's mouth. Instead, she merely sucked me with a pleasant, yet stimulating, rhythm. I slowly opened my lips and spread them around her cock. I tried to remember every porno movie I had seen and tried to simulate the action. I opened my jaw wider to accommodate Jakeline's cock as I went down further on her cock. I started to get comfortable and find my rhythm with her cock. I began bobbing my head up and down on her, taking her deeper and deeper into my mouth.

"That's it. Suck my big cock you stud. Make me cum in your mouth. You know you want to taste me!" The dirty talk just encouraged my to go after cock with more conviction. I slid my lips up and down her cock, finally able to take her whole cock into my mouth. Meanwhile Lisa continued to suck on my cock and unknowingly had me on the edge of cumming. Without even realizing, my cock shot a much-needed load into her mouth. Lisa continued to slide her mouth up and down my cock as I shot a second load of cum into her mouth. As I started to lose focus, Jakeline grabbed my head and held me firm on her cock. I felt her cum splash against my throat causing me to gag. She didn't let go of my head as I tried to swallow and breathe at the same time. A second stream splashed against my tonsils and this one I took a little better than the first. She released my head from her grasp and I came up for air with a dribble of her cum on my chin.

"Oh my God! That was fantastic!" I lay there between Jakeline's thighs with her cum on my chin and my own cum drying on my cock. My fingers just played with her semi-limp cock. Finally Lisa and Jakeline got to their feet. They began to pull on their clothes, such as they were. Even though I had just cum, my cock was still hard as rock. I"m sure it was from both the experience and being surrounded by all these naked women.

Denise climbed off the bed and kissed me on the forehead. "Let me show you girls to the door." I'm sure it was a paid arrangement and Denise needed to settle up with them. She was gone a few minutes and I only got hornier waiting for her to return. Denise walked back into the room and I took her by surprise. I pinned her to the wall and took my cock in my hand. I slid it between her thighs and easily found her sopping pussy awaiting me. My cock slid in easily as I roughly kissed her neck and leaned against her. I thrust my hips with urgency, my cock launching into her pussy. "YES. Fuck Me ... Fuck Me Harder!" Denise growled at me. I felt just animal lust as my cock thrust up and into her pussy. I was practically lifting her feet off the floor with each thrust.

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