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Potahawk Boat Party


A Badandy original story, written for sheer enjoyment . . . yours and mine!

For any of the readers that may of years ago accidentally read some of badandy's earlier true tales, this is the first new installment in over two years. It is in fact now a new leading lady in my true tales, since I have separated from my former partner. But hey, life goes on and sometimes one stumbles into a lady who really excites you and is extremely sexually adventurous . . . luckily I have stumbled onto such a lady so the chance of future true tales is very good. If you have read my past true tales, you'll know that they aren't quite as over the top as my fiction fantasy stories. But then again, doesn't it make them as exciting or more so … to know they are true tales?

This particular story takes place at a place called Potahawk, during an annual boat party affectionately referred to as "Potahawk Piss-up". Now for those that wish to look up their old high school atlas and try to figure out where this story takes place, turn to the part of the atlas that features Canada. Then look up the province of Ontario and bordering along the bottom of Ontario is a body of water called Lake Erie. Within Lake Erie on the northern shore is a long sliver of land that juts out into the lake which is Long Point and on the inner side of the point is Potahawk.

Now Potahawk is the Canadian version of those sites you've seen that advertise "Girls gone Wild". It is a boating party that is always held on the second Sunday in July, yes it does get warm up here in Canada occasionally . . . even warm enough to doff our clothes and frolic in the sun. As the norm is with these types of gatherings there is always ample amount of booze, loud music and of course scantly clad ladies … ohh don't you just love bikinis? There is also the odd glimpse of ladies brave enough to shed the tops of those bikinis and here in lies my story.

My girlfriend and I are in our early forties, which is generally a wee bit older than the majority of the crowd that shows up at Potahawk for the party. But since I have a buddy with a boat who invited us to join his little group we definitely weren't going to pass up the opportunity to see a local party legend first hand. Actually this story took place in the summer of 2003 which was our second year on the trip, but it would be the first year for my lady Linda to let loose. Now you're probably already thinking … "Linda lets loose", oh yea another story of a woman doing something wild when she's drunk. Well that would be true with some women, but not with Linda because she doesn't drink. She is one of those rare ladies that gets wild, without any alcohol encouragement.

It was just before noon as we took my friends boat out of dock and headed south west towards the Potahawk beach, as we approached the shallow area of Potahawk you could already see hundreds of boats. We carefully anchored our boat between several others, which had mostly younger boaters in the 20 to 30 year old range, the boat right beside us had a blow-up doll strapped to the boat seat. There also happened to be a large boat nearby, that had a blonde babe with massive breasts flaunting around in a tiny white bikini. Is a rather known fact that some male boaters will gladly bring along an erotic dancer on their boat, just to brighten up the scenery on their water craft.

Annual ritual is that once you have your boat anchored in place, you take a small inflatable raft . . . fill it with beer, coolers or whatever your choice of poison is and start walking the shallow water behind all the boats. You see friends to talk to, you laugh with people you don't know, you drink excessively and of course you steal peeks of the skimpy dressed ladies (behind mirrored sunglasses). Mind you I imagine there were a few guys staring at our ladies also. Although Linda is a 44 y/o mom, she still has a pretty decent figure with not a bad set of tits and on this particular day she looked rather sexy in her blue two piece and a ball cap. Our particular group consisted of about four couples and two or three single guys that the guy that owned the boat knew. Although not all our group was in the pack walking through the water, we did have a good 7-8 of us walking together.

As we strolled down the water just out from the beach, it was just like a circus atmosphere. It was loud music, hooting and hollering, toasting of drinks and water guns spraying water. Oh yes, these are just big kids at heart . . . several of the young guys were running around with these huge blaster water guns that they didn't hesitate to use on guys or girls. If they saw a gal give them even a wee look, they would spray them to get their full attention . . . we have some funny mating habits up here in the Great White North.

We had finally walked about good football distance down the boat strip when we passed a boat with a rock band playing on board. We stood and listened to their set and once they finished we walked just a bit further before coming upon a small tour style boat, which was being put to use like a water bound stage. It had several guys up on it, but what caught our attention was the guy with the bull-horn who was calling out to all the ladies to sign up for the annual "Potahawk Piss-up Tittie Contest". We stood and listened to the guy for awhile and laughed at his sales pitch, "Money prizes to first, second and third" he shouted. It was quite a show as they had a few guys in the water trying to encourage gals walking by that they should take the chance at the money. It appeared as though it was going to be awhile before they had collected enough ladies to run their pageant, but we were definitely going to pass back shortly to catch the competition . . . if they got the contestants they were seeking.

As we turned to continue our trek, I looked about to see where my gal had gotten off to and a bit to my amazement there was Linda being led towards the small water craft by one of the guys that were in the water recruiting gals. I never really asked Linda how the guy talked her into joining the competition, but I'm sure it wasn't real hard with the large prize money for first being her primary reason. I had to quickly flag down the rest of the group to let them know that we would probably sticking around the tittie boat.

Sine Linda was one of the first to sign up for the competition, we had to stand around quite awhile waiting for organizers to convince several more ladies to join the fun. As we stood waiting, we continued to throw back the beers and I know the anticipation of what was going to happen was getting me excited . . . I could only imagine to what Linda felt like. The crowd around the boat continued to swell and one by one more woman were lured into the competition. The boat had several seats on it, so Linda and other early entrants at least got to sit down as they waited for turn to strut their stuff. Besides Linda, there eventually was one other older gal that joined the contest. In fact Linda had a chance to talk to the other lady prior to the strip off and found out she was actually in her early fifties and was from across the lake in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Just prior to the competition starting, I made my way from where I had been standing to the other side of the boat and where Linda was sitting talking to another one of the ladies in the contest. I reached up from outside the boat and tapped her on the arm as I asked her how she was making out. She actually looked pretty calm, but admitted she was a little nervous. Linda and I had often talked about how I got turned on when I was able to see my partners allowing their exhibition side loose. Linda had been in a previous relationship where her partner hated to see her flirting with other guys, now with me she had the green light to flirt and show off all she wanted. It was a mutually satisfying arrangement for both of us and although we had a few previous opportunities to nurture her exhibition side, this was definitely the furthest we had taken her secessions. I wished her luck and headed back to the location out front of the boat so I could see the exhibition that was about to begin.

As it turned out, the fellows running the shoe on the boat had convinced about seven ladies to participate in the contest. There were four contestants that had to be in their twenties as far as age, the lady from Erie that appeared to be a little older, Linda who was 44 and the lady who was in her fifties. The crowd roared when they heard the announcement, that show was about to begin. Each contestant was introduced first, before they had to show their treasures. As each were introduced and walked up to the front of the boat bow. They were met with cheers, as well the usual lewd shouts of "Show your tits!" and the annoying streams of water caused by the young studs in the crowd and their water guns.

Of course, the rules of contest itself were pretty simple . . . the contestant that got the loudest cheers would be crowned the winner. The small group of women standing up on the boat, were about to exhibit themselves in front of a crowd of hundreds of people . . . male and female spectators . . . in a somewhat humiliating manner. Some of them would be nervous, some of them would be aroused and some of them would win money if they got the crowds support.

The first few contestants kept it pretty simple, pull up their tops and wiggle their tits … get sprayed before turning around and returning to their seats. The one participant that got the crowd really rocking was a slim gal with a short sporty hairdo and a cute smile who was not overly stacked up top. Now don't get me wrong they were nice perky tits, but not as full as some of the others . . . but this particular gal knew how to work the crowd and eventually even gave the crowd a bit of a tease with her bikini bottoms. The next pageant participant was the fifty year old dark haired lady and I must admit, she had pretty nice set of tits . . . a little floppy, but a set that laid nicely and full upon her body. I'm sure numerous of the young men present were having all types of milf (mothers I'd like to fuck) fantasy thoughts in their heads as she paraded about on the boat.

The crowd was really wild now and I must say I was getting pretty excited at the thought of my girlfriend soon exposing herself in front of the crowd. I wasn't sure how she'd fare, but win or lose it was going to be fun to watch. Suddenly her name was called and she strolled to the front of the boat, dressed in her blue bikini, her 5'1" stature was probably made her one of the shorter participants and yet I never seen her look any sexier. She had a black Miller Draft ball cap on top of her blonde hair and sunglasses on which helped immensely in protecting her eyes from the dreaded water guns. She definitely looked younger than her age and as she flipped up her top and allowed her 34d breasts spring out into sight of the huge crowd. Upon receiving a water spray and an average cheer she scampered back to her seat.

Within a matter of seconds it was over, Linda had flashed her tits and the next contestant was up doing her best to get the crowds approval. As I continued to watch later performers pushing the envelope to get the louder reaction, I at times was hoping maybe Linda would pop back up and try to out do the younger gals with a little more risqué second performance. But in the end first prize went to a real cute young blonde gal that had a nice enough set of tits that she showed just enough to win and the slim gal with the short hair cut bared a little more to the crowd and sealed second place.

As we walked through the water back towards my buddy's boat, I really didn't want this exhibition outing with my gal to end. As we walked through the water I was scanning the boats until I saw one that had all young guys on it, so I led Linda by hand to the back of their boat. When one of the guys came to the back of the boat to see what we wanted and I casually asked if he wanted to pull up my girlfriend's top. I think I stunned him somewhat with my remark, his reply was I should lift her top. Now his response kind of peeved me, since the whole reason for my wanting him to do it was so that Linda would have a young guy fondling her tits as he lifted the top. In fact I'm sure I secretly would of enjoyed the possibility of the group inviting us onto their boat and all those young gents getting a peek or a feel of my gal. Soin a slight disappointed manner we continued on back to our boat, hoping to find some kind of exhibitionistic opportunity along the way.

Once back to the boat I noticed there was boat just a few yards away that had a babe who was obviously quite drunk flashing her tits freely. Since there was a few other boats nearby with people eager to see more of a show, I tried to convince her to have a showdown against a tittie contestant … my lady. Linda was all for it, but we just couldn't get the other gal to go for it. But our little attempt to set up a show, did tweak the interest of a fellow in the boat next to us and he pleaded us to at least let him take a picture with his digital camera of Linda's tits. Now how could I disappoint a fellow breast fan, so as I stood behind Linda I reached around to her front and lifted her bikini top up long enough for him to get this shot.

I'm not sure how next years Potahawk Party will unfold, but I do know these three things for sure. The first thing being, that if we are invited back on my buddies boat we'll definitely be ready there to go. Secondly that if Linda wants to go in the competition again I will whole heartily support her involvement and thirdly I'm gonna make sure I have a digital camera next year {eg}.

Hope you enjoyed my story … Badandy!!

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