PotC Bluebeard


For Silver Sterling.


Will's fear-filled cry woke Jack with a start. His beloved was sitting upright in the bunk, but the glazed look in Will's eyes meant he was still asleep. This wasn't the first such nightmare, but Jack prayed it would be the last.

"It's all right, luv." Jack kept his voice soft and soothing. "You're safe. Let me see those beautiful, brown eyes. Come on, Will. Look at me, look at Jack, luv."

"He's coming for me. He's closer."

Will never remembered anything he said when he first woke from his nightmare, but Jack found himself increasingly filled with dread. "Who, luv? Who's coming?"

"He steals lives. He wants mine."

"He'll have to go through me, luv. Just leave it up to Jack. I'll take care of everything. Now let me see those pretty eyes, Will." To Jack's relief, Will blinked several times, and then gazed apologetically down at him.

"Sorry, Jack. Was it another bad dream?"

"Aye, luv. I wish I knew just what had ye so afeared."

"I don't remember the dreams. Just that I'm somewhere dark and cold. I'm waiting for you. I know you're coming. But there's someone else. Someone dangerous and deadly. Then I wake up."

Although Will shrugged, and gave Jack a wry smile, Jack felt Will's body tremble. As much as they'd dealt with together, whatever Will faced in his dreams frightened him, and that scared Jack. He reached out, and pulled Will to lie back down. He made himself comfortable between Will's thighs, and gazed at the man he loved.

"I love ye, you're my most precious treasure. I'll never abandon ye. That I swear, Will. I'll always come. Always."

He dropped his head, and captured Will's mouth in a gentle kiss. He licked at Will's lips, and his tongue surged forward when Will opened eagerly to him. He ran one hand along Will's arm, across his collarbone, and down to his pierced nipple. Will arched and moaned in response.

Jack ground his body against Will, elated to feel Will's shaft rising. He moved his hand to caress Will's shaven groin, which contrasted so sharply with his own thick, unruly bush. Then he slid it along the sleek inner thigh. He stroked a finger across Will's hidden portal. His beloved was still relaxed and slick from their earlier lovemaking.

"Love me, Jack." Will whispered the words, his breath hot against Jack's cheek. The sultry tone made Jack's shaft throb eagerly.

"Aye, Will. That I will," Jack eased a couple of hastily oiled fingers inside Will's heated depths. He was rewarded by a low, deep groan. Will rode the digits before Jack removed them, coating his cock liberally with the oil.

Will wrapped his legs around Jack's waist, and Jack pushed forward. He sank slowly into Will, and both men sighed their appreciation. Jack rocked back and forth in a gentle rhythm. He stroked Will to the same tempo.

"Faster, Jack." Will caressed Jack's face as he spoke. Jack grinned, and increased his speed. Will groaned openly as Jack angled his thrusts to strike across Will's sweet spot. Will's hands grasped Jack's hips, his fingers digging in to hold Jack in place.

Will came with a soft cry of Jack's name, and Jack groaned into Will's shoulder as his seed flowed into the narrow strait that clenched powerfully around his cock. Jack felt his prick slip free of Will's body as he lay in the afterglow. He kissed Will, and spooned around his beloved, as if he could physically protect Will from the nightmares.

"Love you, Jack." Will sighed, pushing back into Jack's body.

"Love you," Jack murmured, and kissed Will's bare shoulder. "Sleep well, luv."


From his position at Pearl's wheel, Jack watched Will. His Treasure strode back and forth, directing the crew, and acted as though there were no demons haunting his dreams. The thought made Jack shudder, as if the very air around him had drained of heat. He glanced around, suddenly certain someone was watching him, but he was alone.

He frowned. Perhaps my worries for Will are affecting me more than I thought. He looked back at Will, and for a moment their gazes locked. Will smiled at him, and Jack revelled in its warmth. Love you so much, Treasure.

Gibbs came to take his turn at the helm, and Jack headed over to Will. "I think it's time to retire, Mr Turner," Jack said, slapping Will on the back. Their relationship was no secret aboard Pearl, it was even known beyond that. But they rarely indulged in over-affectionate play when on duty as captain and first mate. However, Jack's gasp was echoed by one of the crew at Will's reply.

"I'll remain on deck awhile. Perhaps take a spell at the wheel. I'm not ready to retire yet, Captain."

Jack stared as Will began to walk away. Jack had learned much during the past few years. He knew immediately this wasn't Will rejecting him, this was Will afraid of being rejected. He's afraid because of those dreams. He just won't admit it. "Mr Turner. Perhaps I didn't make myself entirely clear. I am retiring, and I am not retiring alone. Our cabin, if you please."

Will turned, and Jack caught a brief glimpse of fear in his Treasure's eyes before Will could hide it.


"Now, Will." Jack extended his hand.

A thrill of triumph washed over Jack as Will reached out, and Jack clasped his beloved's hand. He pulled Will close, and smiled, trying to convey his love without the need for words. His smile became a grin when Will returned the smile, and blushed delightfully.

"Much better," he murmured.

He ensured Will preceded him down the stairs and into their cabin, and locked the door behind them.

"Talk to me, Will," he urged.

"I'm afraid, Jack," Will whispered. "Afraid of the dreams I don't really remember. Afraid of a man who exists there, yet I never see, and don't know. And I'm afraid...I'm afraid I'll drive you away."

The last confession was in a tiny voice that went straight to Jack's heart. Jack grasped Will's hips and pulled him into a tight embrace. "Ye have no control over yer dreams, luv," he murmured, nuzzling Will's cheek. "That's not going to cause me to reject you. I'd be the greatest fool that ever lived if I did. I love you, you're my greatest Treasure, Will. The man who made me complete. Whatever the cause of these dreams, we'll figure it out, and we'll deal with it. Just like we have every other challenge."

"I love you so much, Jack. So damn much."

Jack swooped on Will's lips, and thrust his tongue deep inside Will's unresisting mouth. He tightened his arms around Will's waist as Will's tongue slid sinuously against his. The kiss only broke when they needed to breathe or black out. "Naked. Now. You."

Jack was beyond coherent speech. He just wanted Will in their bed, to unite their bodies. To show Will in actions what he lacked the words to say. He threw his clothes aside, his eyes riveted to Will, to the growing expanse of bare, honeyed skin revealed to him. Some parts of Will's delicious body were still pale, and drew Jack's avaricious gaze like a moth to the light. Will was hard, and his slender shaft silently beckoned to Jack.

Jack took the couple of steps necessary, and dropped to his knees. He reached behind Will, cupping his tight buttocks, and took Will's cock to the root in one swift move. Will gasped his name and wound his hands into Jack's dreadlocks. Jack ignored the hard wood beneath his knees, and focused on the bittersweet taste of Will's pre-come.

Jack listened to Will's soft sounds of pleasure as his Treasure's hard flesh slid back and forth. He roamed his hands over Will's buttocks and thighs, enjoying the feel of warm skin beneath his fingers.

"Jack. Close, love. Close." Will's fingers tightened in his hair, and Jack reluctantly pulled away. He rose to his knees, and pulled Will into a deep kiss, plundering his love's willing mouth.

They tumbled onto the bed, and Jack reached for the amphora of oil.

"Let me taste you, please, Jack." Will's plea made Jack's shaft throb, and he squeezed the base tightly. He wasn't going to spill until he was deep inside Will's luscious body. He moved to kneel astride Will's head, groaning deeply as warm lips and gentle tongue made love to his prick. He settled himself, sucking at Will's shaft while stretching his lover's portal.

As soon as Will was ready, Jack moved to take his place between Will's strong thighs. He licked the crease of thigh and groin, and over Will's shaved groin. He hooked one of Will's legs over his shoulder, opening his lover wide, and positioned his hastily oiled weapon against Will's prepared sheath.

He pushed forward, slow and steady, sinking deeper into Will until fully anchored in his love's heated depths. He caressed Will's pierced nipple, suckling at the mocha bud while Will's body adjusted to being filled.

"Move, Jack. Love me."

"Aye, luv. That I will, that I do. Now, always, forever." As Jack leaned down, he moved Will's leg so the limb wrapped around Jack's waist. Will's arms slid around his shoulders, and as they kissed, Jack began to thrust. Long, deep thrusts soon gave way to shorter, sharper jabs, and the air was filled with the sound of shared pleasure, and the pungent scent of musk and sweat.

Jack lapped at a droplet of sweat that ran teasingly along Will's throat, sucking at the tender flesh to leave his mark. Will gasped, and Jack thrust faster still. A deep moan from Will made Jack grin.

"God, Jack, yes. Harder."

Will's low, sultry tone always sent a frisson of excitement along Jack's spine. He snapped his hips faster, and pulled at Will's prick to the same tempo. Another minute passed, and Will's body shook, his moans deepening in timbre. As Will's release spread between them, Jack came. He shuddered through his release, pulse after pulse of his seed filling Will's body.

Jack collapsed on Will. Beautiful, perfect. Love you, Will. Jack didn't have the energy to move or speak, but Will petted him murmuring words of love as though he'd heard Jack's words. Jack floated in a sated afterglow.


Sauntering through the port, Jack smiled continually, pleased that there had been no more bad dreams for Will. He glanced at his Treasure. Will walked tall and proud at Jack's side, and Jack's swagger exaggerated in response. Jack's sharp, darting gaze picked out more than one envious look aimed in his direction. Ah, the advantages with being perceived as a drunk or a scatterbrain. Ye just keep underestimating old Jack and we'll all be fine.

"I rather fancy a rum at the hostelry down this way, Mr Turner. Might I have the pleasure of yer company?" Jack sketched a deep bow, and indicated an alleyway. As he stood up grinning, his heart was warmed by the affectionate smile on Will's beautiful face.

"You may, Captain Sparrow. Lead on."

Jack laughed, and they turned into the alleyway. It was wider and cleaner than many around the dock. This area also contained hotels, of sorts, for those seeking passage on ships. The inn charged a little more for its rum, but the surrounding were clean and pleasant, and, in Jack's mind, that was important. He didn't want his beloved anywhere dark or dingy.

Jack entered the tavern with his normal theatrical flourish. The inn keeper shook his head, but his smile was friendly, and he instantly brought out a bottle of rum. With a glance over at Will, he added two glasses to the tray on which he set the bottle. Jack indicated a booth that suited him. Close enough to the back door, or to the galley if needed, not far from the stairs, and with a good view of the entrance and the other tables. Perfect.

A buxom tavern wench brought over the tray with the rum and glasses. She barely glanced at Jack, but tried her luck with Will. Jack hid his smirk behind his hand. Will scarcely paid her any attention apart from a murmured 'thanks' as he poured their drinks.

Her face fell, and Jack roared with laughter. "Never mind, luv. Ye'll find someone to give ye attention soon enough." The wench glowered at Jack, but clearly knew better than to retort. She whirled, and flounced away, and Will's softer laughter joined in with Jack's raucous guffaws.

"I didn't intend to be so obvious," Will said as he picked up his glass.

"My presence blinded ye to all else, Treasure. It's to be expected." Jack gave a wolfish grin, and then both men laughed. "To our next successful voyage. Hard to believe we're making such profits legally." The men chinked their glasses. Jack took a hearty swig of rum, Will was more restrained.

"You don't miss being a pirate do you?" Will asked.

"Some days. When I just want to be following the sun or the wind, and answering to no man," Jack said softly. "But this ensures we're safe. I can still sail Pearl, have the crew around me, and we can be together. The most important thing is us, Will. I'd even give up the sea for ye."

Will moved his hand under the table so he could squeeze Jack's knee, mindful of avoiding public displays of affection.

"I'd go back to being a blacksmith if I had to," he said. "I love you." The words were mouthed, not spoken aloud, but for Jack they were as good as shouted from the highest yardarm.

"Aye, Treasure." Jack's voice was low and hoarse. What he really wanted to do was sweep the man he loved into his arms and kiss him senseless. That thought was filed away for when they were back aboard Pearl. Instead he raised his glass again. "To us, Will," he whispered.

"To us, Jack." They clinked their glasses again, and both took hearty drinks.

Jack refilled his glass, and topped up Will's, but his attention was caught by a well-dressed lady. She'd come downstairs, and spoken to the inn keeper. Now she was headed in their direction.

"We're about to have company, luv," he murmured.

The woman's dress silently spoke of her wealth. She picked her way carefully between the tables, lifting her blue silk dress just enough so that its cream lace trim didn't drag across the grimy floor, and revealed dainty, blue satin shoes. There was just enough make-up to enhance her large dark eyes, and full red lips, and her dark hair was in an elegant, upswept style. Now why would such a lady be seeking us out?

"Captain Sparrow?" The woman looked at Jack, and glanced briefly at Will.

"I'm captain Sparrow," Jack said. "This is my esteemed first mate, Mr Turner. How may I be of assistance?" Jack stood and bowed theatrically, before sitting again with a loud thud. He heard a few laughs, and then people turned away. Just as he'd hoped they would. Nothing unusual about old Jack slightly tipsy.

"Please, have a seat." Will indicated a seat opposite Jack, and the woman dabbed at it with a lace handkerchief before sitting, perched nervously on the edge.

"Captain Sparrow. My name is Marie du Prey. My fiancé was due to meet me here and take me to the island that will be our home. However, he was taken ill, and the captain paid to take me has taken my fiancé's payment, but left without me. I was told you have a cargo here and will pass by our island, Isle de la Mer. I have a little money. Will you please take me as your passenger?"

The woman spoke with a French accent, and dabbed at her eyes with her handkerchief as she relayed her tale. Jack's eyes narrowed as he listened. He knew the island, and it wouldn't take them out of their way too much if he detoured to drop her there. He glanced at Will, who reached to pat Marie's hand, and then indicated to the inn keeper to send over another glass.

Marie looked up tearfully, and accepted the rum that Will offered. As she sipped, Will glanced at Jack, and Jack inclined his head a fraction. Such a generous soul, Treasure. Generous and as beautiful on the inside as ye are to behold.

"Are you staying here, Mademoiselle du Prey?" Will asked. "I see no reason we can't accommodate you."

"Yes. Yes, I have a room upstairs."

"Then perhaps ye'd best be returning there, Missie," Jack said, affecting an exaggerated drawl. "We won't leave for a day or so while we get supplies and load our new cargo."

"Then you'll take me?" she asked, smiling through her tears.

"Aye," Jack said. "I'm sure we can come to a mutually acceptable fee. "We'll return tomorrow evening."

Jack sauntered slowly back to Pearl with Will at his side.

"Fool of a fiancé if he paid full price upfront," Jack murmured. "Should've paid half, with the balance when she was delivered safe."

"If he was ill, he probably wasn't thinking straight. It doesn't take us out of our way to speak of. Easy money, but let's not be greedy."

Jack smiled. So typical of his beloved. "Ye'd give her free passage if ye could."

Will shrugged. "If I was in need of help, you'd hope someone would be kind to me."

Stuck for an immediate reply, Jack made do with poking his tongue at Will, who laughed.

Jack intended to give a fair price dependent on the woman's financial circumstances. It wasn't as if she'd need money when they dropped her off. But he wouldn't burden Will with such notions. There would be something else he'd need Will to do while he negotiated Miss du Prey's fee for passage.

Jack made love with Will slowly. Will knelt astride him, and Jack barely moved his hips, just a shallow gyration as he stroked Will's shaft. He reached with his other hand to tug gently at the pearl adorning Will's nipple.

"More, Jack. Please." Will's voice was a low, deep groan.

If he was honest, Jack was nearing the end of his control. The urge to thrust now insistent.

"Ride me, Treasure." Jack grasped Will's hips as his lover rode him, sliding up and down the flesh impaling him. Jack moaned as Will clenched his inner muscles on the way down, driving Jack towards his release.

Releasing his grip with one hand, Jack stroked Will's prick in the same hard fast temp as Will moved. Will moaned Jack's name, his movements faltering, becoming less rhythmic, as his climax neared.

Will came with a cry of Jack's name, and his crème pulsed over Jack's hand, and onto Jack's belly. Jack released Will's spent dick, held tight to Will's hips, and arched his pelvis to be as deep inside his beloved as possible. He came with a choked cry of Will's name, and his seed jettisoned into his lover's tight strait.

Will sagged onto Jack's chest, and Jack ran his hands over his beloved's back, whispering words of love as their breathing slowed. When his cock slid free of Will's depths, Jack manoeuvred them to ensure Will nestled in his embrace, and they kissed tenderly.

"I love you," Will whispered.

"Love you, Treasure."Jack nuzzled Will as his lover settled in his arms. Jack relished the intimacy, the moments of bliss they shared in the afterglow. Will slung one arm across Jack's chest, and pushed one leg between Jack's. Jack sighed happily. There had been no nightmares, they'd been paid well for their last cargo, had another to deliver, and an extra payment coming for the transporting of a woman to her fiancé.

Life was good.


Time passed quickly. Will was busily occupied ensuring all was sorted in regards loading the new cargo, and re-stocking Pearl's supplies. It was therefore heading towards evening before he was able to get away to join Jack.

Will headed to the hostel, and caught sight of Jack escorting Miss du Prey through the alley. He smiled affectionately at the sight of Jack swaggering with Marie on his arm. He fell into step with them, on Jack's right. Marie fluttered her fan, and gazed at him over its rim. Sorry to disappoint you, but I belong to Jack. Jack grinned widely, and Will smiled back.

They headed to Pearl. Jack led the way aboard, and Will indicated that Marie should follow next. As she got halfway across the gangplank, she turned, and looked back at Will.

He gasped, a thrill of fear skittering down his spine. The woman changed. Her dress was faded and tattered, her hair grey and sparse, and her face little more than a skull, with yellow, parchment-like skin clinging tenaciously to it. Her dark eyes still gazed at him, pinning him in place. Then the vision was gone. Marie still looked at him, with a coquettish smile on her lips.

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