tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersPounded Into Submission

Pounded Into Submission


"Oh shit, fuck my black ass with that thick white cock you fucking tranny." He moaned.

"Harder, ram my tight fucking ass baby." He screamed

"Quit screaming like a bitch and take it like a man, cock-slut!" She exclaimed.

He could feel a growing sensation of pleasure in his taint, a feeling of unnatural pleasure building up inside his loins that had never been experienced before. He felt as if he was about to cum but his hands were handcuffed to the bedpost and the person assailing him was not touching his member. Neither was he.

"Something is not right, I feel like I'm about to explode please stop!" He begged his captor.

"Is that so, you're telling me that you are such a cock whore that you are about to cum from being ass fucked." She said coyly, her eyes got glossy as if from a natural high. She bent her knees and got into a lower position and began to thrust upwards, harder and faster as if she had just discovered there was a rich gold vein buried inside his rectum.

"I'm going to make you spew cum from that beautiful cock of yours like the undercover cock lover you really are. Come on baby beg me to make you come." She teased him.

"No, please stop, I'm scared, this doesn't feel right. I'll do anything, I have money." He continued to plead uselessly. The sensation he was feeling was too great for him to completely understand that his tormentor was about to bless him with the most enjoyable orgasm a man can ever have from having his prostate milked.

She smiled at him like a lioness coming in for the final killing blow. "Money, I have no need for, besides you are enjoying this fagot. You just don't understand what your body is telling you that's all. Besides, who needs money when I have this virgin ass hole on the verge of cumming from being probed? People would kill to have what I'm taking and giving you right now hun. Let the big-bad-tranny finish giving you your gift lover and maybe I'll suck you off if you behave."

He slowly relaxed and the fear that was in his eyes dissipated and pleasure filled them again.

"I knew you would see it my way. Are you ready to feel ultimate pleasure unlike anything you have ever felt before?" His violator asked, presenting the illusion that he had a degree of control over what was happening to him when he did not.

He nodded.

She got back into her deep wide low base and began to pick up her frantic pace again and in no time he was on the verge once more. His eyes welled up with tears despite his mouth being open and drooling uncontrollably. He was at the precipice of release he simply needed a push.

She licked her lips with anticipation knowing the inevitable outcome. Feeling her thick muscular cock twitch she knew it was a matter of time, besides she can only last so long in such a tight ass. To her amazement she saw a steady stream of pre-cum discharging from his beautiful cock head, it was time.

"Do you desire release lover?" She purred.

"Please, I can't take it anymore. Make me cum, I think I'll die if it doesn't come out." He pleaded gasping for breath.

"Get ready baby we're both gonna cum together." She explained.

She started to thrust her massive cock upwards until his expression told her she was at the right spot.

"Oh God yes please fuck me with your cock and make me cum! I ca- AHHH FUCK, I-I-I IT'S COMIING, HOLY SHIT!!!!" He muttered.

To her amazement she saw two quick spurts of his cum pump out of his cock, followed by four more thicker jets of his spunk spew out of his cock as if it were a geyser. His load covered himself and her tits. Unable to resist it anymore his violator went as deep as she could and drenched his rectum with a load equal to the one he just released. With each squirt she gave him his cock twitched and cum pumped out of his cock onto his stomach.

She released his hands from the head post and gave him a passionate kiss; he wanted to turn his head from her in shame, knowing he was just fucked by someone he thought was a woman. But he just laid there and kissed her back exploring her mouth with his tongue. She broke the kiss and lay on the bed beside him admiring the new plaything she just acquired. At that moment the full weight of reality hit him like a Mack truck hauling a ton of bricks, as he could feel her load running out of his ass that was just used like a pussy, with no one else to turn to he put his arms around her as tight as he could and put his head between her big luscious breast and began to weep and sob uncontrollably. She put her hand on his head and rubbed his hair and patted him on the back as she sinisterly grinned.

'You are all mine now, you weak pathetic sissy', she thought to herself.

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