tagNonConsent/ReluctancePower & Wealth: A Grandfather's Control

Power & Wealth: A Grandfather's Control


To all the readers with comments and/or criticism. You have my permission to cut and paste this story into your computer and change any name-age-sizes- height-weight-hair color- car model and make etc. or the length of the story to meet your specific needs. And for all of you literary giants, feel free to add a comma here or there too.


My name is Allison. I just turned 18 three weeks ago and have just experienced the most incredible sexual encounter in my life. First let me describe myself. I have long blond hair and stand 5'8''tall and weigh 105 pounds. By that description alone you would think that I was very skinny. In fact when you look at me from the sides when I raise my arms and you can see my ribs. I have a very narrow waist which measures 21 inches and my hips measure 33 inches. My legs are very long and thin too which also suggests a very skinny teen, but the best part of my weight is seen in my very large tits which measure a mouth-watering 36DD! Yes from the back I do appear to be just another blond skinny teen, but when I turn to the side my tits are huge, in fact pendulous. Although my breasts are huge they don't sag. They sit high on my chest and point up. The other thing that accents my big swaying 36DD tits are my huge nipples which are always causing traffic jams and men to drool. My nipples are over an inch long and about an inch and a half wide and get even bigger when I'm turned on. They also sit high on the ends of my big tits and point straight up to the sky, which adds to their eye-catching size.18 years of age, 36DD-21-33, 5'8", blond and 105 pounds! Skinny with huge tits and big fat nipples! To put it quite bluntly and conceitedly, I am what is considered every mans teen age fantasy!

Although I am constantly being asked out by boys my age and much older men too, I have remained faithful to my boyfriend Bobby who I have been with since I was 16. My family story is not common. My mother and father and I live in a very exclusive part of Beverly Hills. By most peoples standards we are considered very wealthy and affluent. My mother doesn't work and just spends her days working out with a personal trainer or at the tennis club or shopping on Rodeo Drive, or at any number of exclusive spas.

To anyone seeing where we live and our rich and famous lifestyle they would think that my father made his money in banking or the stock market or as a high powered lawyer or a famous surgeon, but the truth is that he also didn't work. The only thing my father does besides go to the health club or play golf is to entertain very wealthy clients from around the world who do business with my mothers father. Yes, it is my mothers father who is very, very rich, in fact he's mega-rich. By most peoples standards he's a billionaire many times over. My grandfather has provided my family with everything we have including our home, private schools for me and a membership to all of the very exclusive country club in Beverly Hills. My grandfather has provided us with a very upscale lifestyle; one that we could never even dream to afford, but would never want to give up either.

My grandfather met my grandmother when she was a fashion model. She got pregnant and had my mother but they were never married. My grandfather was always away on business overseas and because he lived in New York we did not see him often. Through the years I've learned from my mother and father that my grandfather had the reputation for being ruthless in business, in fact he has been know to buy companies and fire thousands of workers that have caused families to loose their homes and life's savings without any remorse. This power and greed is what has made my grandfather very- very wealthy and feared in the business world. His wealth includes homes and villas all over the world, yachts and a private jet and chauffer driven limousines.

On my 18th birthday this month, a black BMW M6 convertible was in my driveway waiting for me when I got home from cheerleading practice after high school. I couldn't believe it when I saw it because just a few days before I was on the phone with my grandfather while he was flying in his private jet and I was telling him how much I loved that car and thought it was the sexiest car I have ever seen. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the car because I knew it cost over a hundred thousand dollars! In order to get into the car I had to call a private number and program my personal code. On the seat was a card that read,

"A sexy car for the sexiest young girl know. Happy 18th Birthday Baby."

It was signed- Love Frank.

As I said my grandfather is very wealthy, but even though he has billions of dollars he is also very powerful and very handsome. Frank is very distinguished looking with salt and pepper hair and has an amazing physique. He stands 5' 11" tall and has a slender build. At 74 years old he looks more like a man in his early-fifties. I always thought my grandfather was very distinguished and very sexy. This was something that all young girls thought too. Ever since I have known him he is always in the company of a beautiful young girl. When I say young I mean that they were not much older than me. They were easily 30 to 40 and even 50 years younger than him. I had to admit that when I saw these young girls with him I would secretly get jealous. It was those times that I didn't see him as my grandfather but as a very sexy distinguished older man who exuded confidence, power, wealth and authority. At times I even fantasized that it was me who would be on his arm in a sexy dress attending a high society dinner or gala.

Last month my grandfather had his private jet fly my father, mother and my boyfriend and me to New York City for a big event that was being held in his honor. The event was being held at one of the most prestigious hotels in the city. The guest list included the most prominent people in the business community from all parts of the world in addition to all of his top associates and their families in his successful business firms. Because the attire for this event was so important my grandfather made arrangements to have us each fitted with clots that he personally selected at the finest boutiques in the city; all of which he put on his personal account.

My father and boyfriend were taken to a store that featured some of the most expensive men's tailored suits and shoes form Italy. The suits and shoes easily cost my grandfather $5000 each. After they were fitted for their cloths they were taken to a spa and hair stylists for a new hair cut. During this time my mother and I were taken to a very exclusive boutique. We were met by an attractive woman in her forties that was assigned to help us with all of the clothing my grandfather personally selected. When we were brought into the private fitting room the women directed us to the cloths that were on hangers. She said that my grandfather had come in and personally selected our outfits for the evening. When she showed us each what we were expected to wear we were both taken aback at how reveling the outfits were.

My grandfather had chosen a sinful leopard mini halter dress for my mother. My mother is 54 and is in amazing shape. Her body type is different from mine. She stands 5'6" tall and weighs 115 pounds. Her measurements are 34B-24-36 and her shoe size is a size 8. She works out almost every day to stay in great shape and guys my age are always telling me that she is hot. The dress that my grandfather selected for me was also very sinful. It was also a mini dress but mine was hot pink had a deep plunging V design that went all the way to my navel and had a ring hole that exposed my navel. The back was exposed and went right to the top of the cure of my ass.

The woman brought out two pairs of shoes that she said were picked out by my grandfather. Both were high heels, but we were stunned when the woman gave my mother a pair of these clear- glass-like high heels. They had a 6 inch heel and an ankle strap. I've only seen girls in porn movies wear these ultra-trashy shoes and could not believe that my 74 year old grandfather would pick these out for my mother. When my mother voiced her concern that there was some mistake and that maybe they were intended for me, the woman said that she was certain they were for her because of the size and that my grandfather had specifically said that these were for his daughter. After seeing the shoes my mother was given, I was surprised to see that mine were a pair of classic black high heel pumps with an open toe. They were the exact size that I wear, a size 10. I was surprised that my grandfather had not only picked out the right size of our dresses but also the size of our shoes.

The woman then brought out two expensive looking boxes that each had our name on it. When we opened them we looked at each other somewhat embarrassed. My grandfather had also chosen the panties and stockings for my mother and me. My mother was given a pair of tan thigh high stockings and a white garter belt. She was also given a very shear white thong. When I saw what my mother was given to wear I couldn't resist seeing what was waiting my eyes. Once again mine were more classic in design. My grandfather selected a red satin thong and a pair of nude color thigh high stockings for me. The stockings were very elegant and had a beautifully designed six inch lace band across the tops.

Suddenly a man dressed impeccably in a black tuxedo came in with a bottle of champaign and said that it was from my grandfather. After he poured us our glass the woman handed my mother a card from my grandfather and told us enjoy or champaign while trying on our outfits and not to hesitate to call her if we needed assistance with anything. With that she left the fitting area, closing the door behind her.

For a few uncomfortable seconds my mother and I didn't say a word. We were both somewhat stunned by the outfits that my grandfather had chosen for us to wear. On one hand we each knew that we had perfect bodies that were always receiving compliments from men, but we had never dressed so provocatively before, especially in front of each other. My mother picked up her glass of champaign and took a sip then opened the card and read it aloud saying,

"To two of the sexiest women I have ever seen. My 18 year old granddaughter and my daughter. I know that you will each find that these outfits are a perfect compliment to your flawless- eye-catching bodies. Frank."

My mother and I have always called her father Frank because he had insisted on it years ago. With that my mother sipped her champaign then began removing her cloths to try on her new outfit as she said somewhat unabashedly,

"Well honey it looks like your grandfather wants you and I to stand out from the crowd tonight and since he has paid for everything we have in our lives including our homes, cars, private schools and our country club memberships, I think we should honor his request. Besides your grandfather is not a man to take no for an answer or to be questioned."

My mother was right. My grandfather had provided a very comfortable lifestyle for us. We would never have been able to afford the comforts he provided. To a very large extent, my grandfather provided so much for us that one could say he owned us.

I then sipped my glass of champaign then stripped my cloths and began trying on my new outfit. Even though my mother and I were sitting a few feet away from each other, it was as if the other wasn't even in the same room. The first thing we did was to put on our sexy thongs. We each stood and looked in the mirror both amazed at how devilish we looked wearing these tiny thin strips of shear material. It was so sinful to see the thin material disappear between our ass checks. We didn't say a word to each other, but were secretly thinking the same thing; that the thong made our each of our asses look very sexy, just by the way the material separated each cheek seductively and teasingly. We each turned to look over our shoulder into the mirror and took in the sight of our asses and admired how perfect they were. We were so much into admiring our own sexy asses that we forgot that the other was in the room. At one point I looked over and actually watched my mother run her hand over her ass and say under her breath just loud enough for me to hear,

"Not bad for 54. Not bad all."

As we sat in front of the mirrored vanity we enjoyed our champaign then began rolling up our thigh high stockings. While I was pulling up the 6 in lace tops of my nude colored stockings all the way up to the inside of my thigh my mother was fastening her garter belt to her stockings. After putting on our stockings we stood and stepped into our new high heels. When I stepped into my classic black high heel pumps I was looking down and moaned to myself approvingly at the look of the nude stocking that showing through the open toe of my pump. I thought it looked real sexy seeing my cute toes encased in the nude nylon of the thigh high stocking, as they poked though the open toe. This look sent a message that I was a very naughty 18 year old school girl and I had to admit-I liked it a lot.

When I looked over at my mother a bit of jealously came over me when I took in her new look. Wow, I could not believe that this was my own mother I was staring at. I had to admit that she looked real hot! I know she is in amazing shape, especially for a 54 year old woman, but she was now a sexy knockout. The clear glass high 6 inch heels strapped to her ankles made my mother every boys older woman fantasy. The six inch glass heels and the stockings and garter belt made her look so devilishly sexy. I know every boy would have wet dreams about her for the rest of their lives if they could see her now. I then broke our silence and told her candidly,

"You know mom, all my guy friends have always thought you were hot, especially my boyfriend. Wow mom if Bobby could see you now he'd pass out."

I could see the almost conceited look of knowing on my mothers face as she continued to take in her look.

As Allisons mother took in her sinful look in the mirror she thought to herself coyly,

'Well Allison if you only knew that your boyfriend Bobby has seen me dressed like this many times while you were at cheerleading practice."

Allisons mother continued thinking to herself smugly,

'I'm soooo sorry honey, but your father has practically forgotten what its like to fuck, because of preferring to go to the country club or to play golf. But luckily your boyfriend appreciates my perfect body and loves to fuck as much as I do. Your boyfriend absolutely turns me on. Besides, I know you are a little bitch to him honey.'

As we walked around the room holding our champaign glasses we were slyly taking in the others appearance, making a mental note about how devilish and sexy we each looked. Our bodies took on a new sexy look because of the way the sinful thong and stockings and high heels were accenting our legs and asses. As my mother and I walked slowly and somewhat deliberately, the sounds of our high heels echoed off the wood floor and filed the room with depravity. The way we were walking and admiring ourselves made the scene very competitive between my mother and me. It was as if we were each wondering who Frank would think was sexier and which one of us would turn him on more. I then had a sinful thought as I looked into the mirror and saw the two of us taking in the sight of our sexy attire and asked myself questionably,

"I wonder which one of us you would want to play with and fuck grandfather!"

We then walked to the sinful dresses that my grandfather had chosen for us. The dresses were designed to be worn braless because of the deep V and backless exposure of mine and the exposed front and sides of my mothers. We then removed our bras before putting on the dresses. When our bras were off I could see my mother intentionally glance at me almost in awe of how big and firm my breasts were and also how huge my nipples were as they pointed up proudly to the ceiling adding to how sexy my tits are. My mothers breasts were still firm especially for her age, but her nipples were much smaller than mine and had a slight wrinkle to them. I am sure this is another thing that would turn on a younger guy, but I know I have the type of tits that drive every guy insane for, especially older men. This is also because I have such a small skinny frame. I could see the look of jealousy all over my mothers face as if she were secretly thinking,

"I'm sure those perfect big swaying tits and those huge nipples of yours are going to catch every mans attention tonight Allison, including your wealthy, powerful grandfather."

I had to admit that I had always secretly wished that I was the one on my grandfathers arm when I would see him with a girl not much older then me. As I was about to put on my dress I slowly glanced at my body and had my own look of conceit written all over my face as I saw how hot I looked clad in the red satin thong, nude thigh high stockings and the black open toed high heel pumps. I then mischievously thought to myself for a second,

"I hope when you see my body tonight grandfather you'll ask yourself why you ever had another girl on your arm when you could have had your sexy granddaughter."

As we were each thinking our own private immoral thoughts we slipped into our equally sinful dresses that my grandfather picked out. The dresses fit us both like a second skin. When they were on we each took a moment to see our appearance in the mirror. We were both speechless at the sight of how wickedly sexy we looked and how much of our flawless bodies were revealed. We both looked as if we were a pair of sinful models on the cover of a Fredrick's of Hollywood catalog.

The open front and the wide open sides of the top of my mothers skin tight leopard mini- halter dress showed nearly all of her breast. The sides were especially visible when you were looking at her profile. You could virtually see the edge of her wide areolas. The material was very thin and the outline of my mothers nipples could easily be seen. The bottom part of her dress showcased her sexy legs and came down right below the fasteners on her garter belt. In fact when she turned quickly it exposed the fact that she was wearing a pair of tan thigh high stockings fastened to a white garter belt.

When I put mine on it was as if I was transformed from a innocent high school cheerleader to the highest priced porn star in the industry. I was amazed at how perfect the pink micro- mini dress fit my body. It was as if it was made exclusively for me and to make every guy secretly lust for me and every woman including my mother bitterly jealous of me. The dress did absolutely nothing to cover my body and to reveal my perfectly designed for sin 36DD-21-33, 5'8'' 105 pound frame. The dress almost made me look more nude if that was possible.

The first thing one would be drawn to was how much of my huge tits were exposed from the deep V cut. The open V showed the fullness and firmness of my huge tits and the deep cleavage between them. The material on the top was almost transparent and you could easily make out the outline of my huge nipples form the other side of a room as they defiantly pierced through the thin fabric. The open navel ring was also very hot and showed my sexy navel in an almost teasing and suggestive way. This was also something that would catch an admiring eye and suggest to them that I was an incredible fuck. The next thing that made me look like the ultimate porn star was the amount of my long thin legs that were shown. The dress barely covered the sexy lace tops of my nude thigh high stockings. The nude stocking color was the perfect accent to my sexy long 18 year old legs and the open toed black high heel pumps shed all images of me being an innocent high school teenager, to a hot in demand porn star, naming my price for every fuck. I felt so very naughty as I looked at the deep open back as it showed the top of my perfectly curved ass. I had to admit that I was really starting to enjoy my new look, especially knowing that my grandfather wanted to see me dressed this way.

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