Power & Wealth: A Grandfather's Control


"Oh fuck! Look at the size of my that cock. Oh my god, it's soooo fucking huge!"

I could not believe my eyes at seeing the staggering size of my grandfathers cock and thought that they were playing tricks on me. It was so fat and long and had a huge hook in it. It was so huge it rested almost to his knee! The thick blue veins that ran along the side of it made it look like a freakish maze. It also looked so powerful and threatening. With all the wild veins that criss-crossed and billowed out from the enormous shaft gave my grandfathers huge cock an almost grotesque image. It wasn't anything like my boyfriends smallish silky cock or any other guys I dated. God, the sight of my grandfathers freakish almost grotesque monster cock was turning me on like crazy!

Each of the girls had their hand spread as wide as they could on my grandfathers enormous cock and were slowly pumping up and down the freakish length of it as they both moaned sexily at how huge and how fat it was. I could not believe the staggering length and width of his massive cock. Even with two hands on his giant cock there was easily enough shaft exposed for them to put all four hands on it and still have the massive cock head exposed. In fact at one point my grandfather snarled at them and said in a deep resonating command,

"Fucking pump it! Pump it with both of your hands NOW!"

They immediately obeyed his sternness and instantly put both hands on his endless shaft and proceeded to stroke it in a perfectly timed unison which caused my grandfather to groan approvingly while he sipped his champaign in celebration at having a new set of eager 18 year old girls to fuck and play with and use anyway he wanted! That sight is something I will never forget and was burned in my brain forever.

As my grandfather sipped his champaign he would meet the waiting tongue of one the girls for a wild 10 second sinful kiss then turn his head to meet the already flicking tongue of the other girl who was desperate to kiss him. The kissing seemed so immoral, as their lips never touched; just the wild dagger- like tips that made contact which resulted in sending sparks up each of the young girls pussies which caused them to moan hungrily. As they continued this almost wicked kiss the two girls continued to jack up and down his giant- endless shaft in a trance-like state while uttering words of disbelief about his freakish length and width. After about ten minutes my grandfather sat on the bar stool and told them in a forceful tone to get on their knees and suck his big cock.

Desperate to please my rich and powerful 74 year old grandfather, both girls squatted on their high heels, each on the side of his enormous shaft and began a wild display of kissing and licking up and down the endless length of his powerful 13 inch cock. As their tongues and lips were worshiping my grandfathers giant cock they were each moaning and mumbling,

"Ummmmmmmmm….soooooo big……sooooofucking big,"

There moans were their way of letting my grandfather know just how much they worshiped his huge cock and loved pleasing and turning it on. After a half hour of running their hot tongues all over his huge shaft my grandfather instructed them to suck his cock head and balls. The black girl instantly lifted his giant cock head to her mouth while the sexy asian girl began licking and sucking on his huge hanging cum filled balls. His balls were huge and loaded with cum and as I watched this wild display I moaned in ecstasy and continued playing with my aroused nipples and pussy. I shuddered through three amazing orgasms just watching the two18 year old girls, my age, desperately pleasuring my 74 year old grandfather and his massive 13 inch cock.

As the girls were doing as my grandfather instructed he continued to sip his champaign and take in the sight of his two wonderful18 year old sluts. The sight of the two girls squatting in their naughty thigh high stockings and high heels were turning him on as he acknowledged their actions saying in a sly tone,

"That's it girls, show me that you deserve to be here fucking my big cock tonight."

As the girls worked my grandfathers massive cock, both eager to please him, I realized that they were thinking the same thing I was. They each knew that he had a reputation for fucking hundreds of sexy young girls and that at the party there were at least 500 girls our age and their mothers that would have given anything to be fucking him tonight too. This was the type of power he had; Power, wealth and a giant cock; something that every hungry girl wanted. And the fact that he was 74 years old and in amazing physical shape was even more of a turn on to an 18 year old girl.

The girls were delirious licking his huge cock and those hanging balls as their long fingers expanded around his massive shaft to hold it still. It was staggering to watch and to see that their long fingers could only wrap around half of his huge shaft.

It was such a lust filled sordid scene watching these see two 18 year old girls dressed in sexy stockings and high heels sucking all over the enormous cock of a 74 year old man, my grandfather! They were depraved with lust for my grandfathers giant cock in a way that every girl he fucks is. Oh god I thought, while wishing that I was the one squatting on my black open toed high heel pumps in my nude thigh high stockings eagerly pleasing my 74 year old grandfather instead of them. Part of me wanted to go in and tell them to leave and let me show them what its like to turn on his giant cock and make it cum.

The girls were driving my grandfathers huge cock insane. Suddenly his huge cock began pulsing uncontrollably. My grandfather demanded that they stroke him off and that he was going to cum. The girls began pumping his freakish pulsating cock up and down faster and faster as they twisted their hands over the top and under the bottom of it to maximize the sensation. The black girl said excitedly,

"Oh fuck yeah baby, I wanna watch that huge fucking built up load explode from your giant cock."

The asian girl added hotly,

"Oh fuck yeah baby, I've been dying to see how much cum can fly out of this great big fucker."

That did it. My grandfather began to moan in a deep throaty voice,

"Here it fucking cums!"

Oh my god I thought that I had seen it all, but for the next two minutes long thick ropes of hot cum flew every where. As both girls were moaning in disbelief at the amount of cum that leapt out of his massive 13 inch cock they continued to vigorously pump his huge hard on; fisting it insanely as he told them in an almost threatening tone,


As my grandfathers cum flew out of his giant cock I reached down and began massaging my huge hanging clit. The sight was so hot I came just from watching it wishing that that hot load was shooting all over me!

As my sexy grandfather leaned back on the bar stool snarling at the girls to keep jacking it, his giant cock continued to shoot rapid burst of thick cum. One long white rope followed by another then another. Each blast of cum was long and powerful, way over a foot in length! His hot long ropes of cum hit every piece of furniture in the room, including the Jacuzzi! It was so fucking wild watching blast after blast of thick scorching cum leap out of that freakish monster cock and land in the water of the hot tub over ten feet away! You could actually hear the splattering drops of cum as they hit the water loudly which caused the asian girl to moan in astonishment,

"Oh fuck ….soooo much fucking cum…..sooooo much fucking cum," while the black girl moaned lustfully,

"Fuck..don't fucking stop baby ….Don't fucking stop shooting that great big load of yours baby… Let your great big white cook shoot all over the fuckin' place baby. Fuck yeah baby, your making my pussy cum just watchin' this great big white fucker pop off!"

I was amazed at how hard my grandfather stayed after shooting so much cum and for so long. This surprised them too. The black girl uttered her astonishment saying,

"Fuck, you just popped the biggest load of cum I've ever seen and your still as fucking hard as you were when we were jacking the fuck out of it!"

My grandfather then said proudly,

"Baby this big cock is just getting started. Now lets fuck bitch. It's time to introduce your sexy black 18 year old pussy to a real 13 inch cock!"

My grandfather then forcefully led her to the back of a sofa and roughly kissed her for a few seconds before spinning her around while heatedly saying,

"Now you get to fuck the great big cock you've been dreaming about while you were fucking all of your little dick boyfriends bitch!"

Suddenly the fear of getting fucked by a 13inch cock set in and the black girl moaned frighteningly as she looked back and saw my grandfather grab his giant shaft in his hand. Even from where I stood it looked staggering in size as it shot out well over a foot from where he was holding it at the base. His cock looked so staggering that it seemed to take up more then half of his tight body! It was already pulsing wildly and pre- cum was flowing from his huge cock head.

As my grandfather lined up his massive cock to the entrance of her smoking pussy she covered her mouth to muffle the cries of fear. My grandfather ignored her and mercilessly brought that freakish cock past the entrance of her sex starved pussy which caused her to tighten up and gasp,

"Ohh fuck! ....its sooo fucking huge… I'm cumming already just looking at that great big cock of yours baby….Ohhh fuck its so fucking huge!"

Without any concern for her he spit on her pussy then began feeding that turned on monster into her scorching black hole. He was going wild, forcefully inching that angry monster into her overwhelmed pussy. I came like a faucet as I watched in horror and listened to her cries of pain and lust. While my grandfather was working his giant cock into her defenseless frightened pussy the asian girl sat on the bar stool with her long thin stocking covered legs crossed while she played with her huge extended nipples. As she watched her friend being taken by the biggest cock she had ever seen she said in disbelief.

"Oh fuck, that is a huge fucking cock. Damm that fucker is huge!"

It was such an amazing sight and I nearly died when I saw how angry and frighteningly huge my grandfathers cook looked as it continued to force open the black girls tight black pussy apart wider then she could ever imagine. I feared for her but also wished it was my horny pussy that was about to get the fuck of a lifetime as I watched my grandfathers angry cock stick out from his body like an angry flagpole and continue to burrow deeper and deeper into her tight black hole! The girl looked back at the twisted expression on my grandfathers face then glanced down and saw the thick veins that menacingly ran along the sides of that huge shaft and the drops of pre-cum that flowed out from the giant pulsing cock head and said crazily,

"Ohhhhhh fuck…..Your sexy cock is soooo fucking big…soooo fucking bigggg, I'm already cumming over that huge cock head of yours."

My grandfather began running his hands up and down her sexy smoked colored thigh high stockings and began fucking her harder and harder which caused her scream out loud,


My grandfathers power and aggressive nature were so obvious at that moment. As the black girl pleaded mercilessly for him not to fuck his giant cock any deeper and that it was too big for her tight pussy he said furiously,

"If I take this big cock out of your pussy now I'll call my fucking driver and have him take you home right now bitch. Then I'll spend the rest of the night fucking her sexy little asian pussy!"

At that moment I watched him look at the asian girl lustfully then take his hand and wrap it around the base of his huge cock. My grandfathers cock was so fat around that even his large hand could only go half way around it! He then began to pull out, but just as he did the 18 year old black girl looked back and snarled,

"Don't you fuckin' dare baby. I've wanted to fuck your huge cock for months. When I found out that you had such a big cock I was goin crazy trying to get with you and to fuck it. I wanna fuck every inch of your great big sexy white cock baby. It's just so fucking big. Neva' had anything this fucking big. Just let this young black pussy get used to that monster cock of yours and then you can fuck it all night baby. All night."

My grandfather then said callously as he forcefully reinserted that monster cock into her spasming fuck hole,

"That's more like it sexy. This big cock never takes no for an answer!"

He then gabbed took her garter belt in his hands and began pulling her back to him as if her garters were the reins on a horse. As he pulled on her garters he guided her black pussy over his massive cock which caused her to look back and watch in fright as her pussy was being pried farther apart then it ever would again in her lifetime! When my grandfathers huge cock was half way inside her she began to tremble and her body began to convulse causing the back of her high heel pumps to come off the ground as she groaned out loud saying,

"Ohhhh fuck. That fucker is huge! Can't stop fucking cummmmmming! That's one big ass cock!"

My grandfather then began to show her that there a good seven more inches that needed to be fucked so he pulled her by her long straight black hair and commanded,

"Give me that black pussy baby. This big cock doesn't like half- fucking any pussy!"

My grandfather began pulling her hair roughly, showing the back girl that he didn't care if she passed out; he was going to fuck her with every inch of that 13inch pussy pleaser.

As he bored into her tight over-stretched black pussy, deeper and deeper he finally bottomed out. You could see tears were running down her face as she looked back at him and cried out lustfully,

"Ahhh Never fucked anything this fucking big. Ugggg. Soo fucking big, sooo fucking big."

The young black girl was delirious as she continued to cum all over my grandfathers giant piston-like cock that was making her pussy snap and pop loudly as it lengthened the mouth of her pussy beyond recognition with each selfish thrust. At this point I could feel my huge nipples rip through the thin material of my sheer top as I watched in utter amazement as my sexy 74 year old grandfather continued to fuck his giant 13 inch cock into the young black pussy from behind. I watched in lust as he grabbed onto her garter belt while running his hands up and down the sides of her smoke-colored thigh high stockings and continued to pound that giant shaft deep into her black pussy. It was clear that he was thoroughly enjoying himself and that he reveled in taking control of her young black 18 year old pussy. Her moans of pain and lust caused him to fuck her deeper than her tight wet pussy would allow. As my grandfather fucked her like a machine I was amazed at how incredibly fit he was physically. My grandfateher didn't have an ounce of fat on his body. He was so lean and so incredibly sexy and that giant cock only added to his powerful magnetism.

As I watched I started to imagine my grandfathers huge tireless 13 inch cock sliding in and out of my horny 18year old pussy! As I watched I began instinctively rubbing my big 36DD tits and pinching my fat inch long nipples that were now hard as rocks! I naughtily began to wish that it was me dressed in a pair of thigh high stockings and a garter belt with my sexy high heel pumps on, standing and kissing my handsome grandfather while I playfully pumped his enormous cock.

After battering her black pussy non-stop for more than a half hour and making her cum in endless waves, he drew his attention to the young asian girl and remarked on her huge nipples. I was also surprised at the size of her nipples especially because she was so skinny and had such a flat chest. I have huge nipples too but hers were even longer than mine and so dark. My grandfather began kissing her and as their tongues instantly flew across each others in a wild flicking motion as he ran his hands all over her ultra flat chest and her sinfully long hard nipples. He said coarsely,

"Yessss, I'm going to pull and suck these big fat nipples right off your little sexy girl tits baby!"

My grandfather began sucking on the young asian girls big swollen dark nipples aggressively and began biting on the long hard tips which caused her to stand on the tips of her glass high heel pumps and moan loudly,

"Ohhhhh fuck--- that's gonna make me cum!"

He then began kissing her deeply while he pinched her long dark nipples as if he was trying to pull them off of her tits. She was moaning wildly as my grandfather pinched and pulled on her huge nipples until she shouted out,

"Ohhhh fuck, you got me so worked up baby. Here it comes!"

As the asian girl was cumming like a faucet my grandfather took his hand and grabbed her red thong and said in a heated rage,

"Let's get these the fuck off you so I can get at that little teasing pussy of yours baby."

In his angered rage he tore her thong off her as if it were a piece of paper. His act of aggression took her by surprise and caused her to moan loudly saying,

"Ohhhh fuuuuck!"

This seemed to turn her on even more as their kissing got more desperate and sinful. As I watched my grandfather aggressively use his power on the young asian girl, I was getting so fucking hot. This was the side of my grandfather that I had heard about and I am quite sure these two girls had too. I was so accustomed to being treated like a princess by my boyfriend and all other guys that wanted to date me, but his aggressive personality was making my pussy wetter than ever. My boyfriend was always gentle when we made love to me and would never get this aggressive. The way my grandfather conducted himself in business was exactly how he was fucking these two girls. I began to think about the difference in my own father who was so gentle and soft spoken. As men, my father and grandfather were so totally opposite. My father was weak compared to my grandfather, who was a man that controlled everyone!

As I watched this 74 year old man with a perfect physical physique, with the biggest cock I've ever seen or heard about, using these two girls my age for his own sexual pleasure and deviance, I was lost in thought about of the way he commanded authority and was feared by everyone that dared cross him. But the more I watched my sexy grandfather using these two girls for his own enjoyment and thought about how ruthless he was in business and the numerous people whose lives he ruined, the more turned on I became. After he torn off the asian girls thong he grabbed her leg and lifted it on the bar stool which exposed her dark pussy. He then took his finger and began fucking it into her tight fuck hole while he continued to kiss her and pull on her huge nipple mercilessly. As she anchored her glass high heel pump into the rung of the bar stool she began to scream and say,

"Oh fuck. I can't stop cumming baby. Keep fucking me with those fingers…ohhhh fuuuuuck that so nasty!"

As my grandfather continued to assault the skinny asian with his mouth and his fingers ruthlessly, he began working on the black girl again. He was even more determined to fuck her with the giant cock that was swinging in the air with an angry rage. I have never seen something that frightening in my life!

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