tagLoving WivesPower Can Be An Aphrodisiac Ch. 01

Power Can Be An Aphrodisiac Ch. 01

byThe Big Bopper©

Pete was crazy, couldn't keep it in his pants and lost his job. Luckily, he got an even better job but this time, his loving wife struggled with fidelity. Make sure you make it all the way to the exciting sexual finale.


Pete Murray is a great guy, the type that everybody gets on with. He's in his early 30's, been married to a gorgeous young woman, Sandy, for just 3 years now, no kids, but they have just started planning for one. They have a good active sex life although she is a bit prudish, not too worldly where sex is concerned.

He's smart too, got himself a great middle management position in one of those large corporations. The company is based in one of those small towns where the business dominates the town. 75% of the town's workforce works for the company, there's a very rich family at the top - the patriarch is Tom Collins, who seems to relish controlling the lives of the people around him. Tom would be in his mid 60's now.

Pete and Sandy were pretty excited when he got the executive job at the company, even though it meant leaving all their friends and family to move to this small mid-west town.

Now Pete's a pretty straight-up guy, he's got an eye for good looking women, but he hasn't strayed since marrying Sandy, not that he hasn't looked pretty hard at some of the attractive women who have crossed his path. But he just flirts with them, tells them how good they look, asks them what they're doing that night. It's usually all just good fun.

Well, it was good fun until Tom Collins' granddaughter came on the scene. It was the week of her 18th birthday, she was just completing high school and Stephanie called by Pete's office as she had done regularly since he had started at the company 6 months ago. Only today seemed different ... very different.

Stephanie purposely closed his office door behind her and seemed to step more seductively across the room than Pete had ever noticed before. It was her dress too, even that seemed sexier, more mature. It clung to her, hugged the curves of her body, yet it wasn't tight on her. The material bounced around her legs as she walked ... it was short, only came to midway between her crotch and her knees.

Pete thought she looked exceptionally good today. "Hi sweetie," he greeted her in a paternal tone, being 15 years older, watching her slink around the corner of his desk, "what's new?" he asked, trying to keep the conversation light and chirpy.

Stephanie came around the corner of his desk and raised her right leg up until her knee rested on the desk edge, causing her dress to lift and revealing a fair expanse of her left leg that was still on the floor. He couldn't avoid looking at the bare skin of her thigh, even though he knew even a flicker of his eyes would give her cause to comment.

"Looks to me that you might like the look of me in this dress ... or maybe Peter would prefer the look of me out of this dress even more?"

Pete was unnerved by how bold she was today, "I always like the way you look, Stephanie, you're a hot teenager," purposely using the age description to hopefully soften her enthusiasm.

"I hope that's not how you see me, Peter ... as a teenager?"

He loved the way she said his name, never abbreviating it the way everybody else did. And her voice, she sounded so sultry and sexy, like she had been taking lessons in seduction.

"I might still technically be a teenager, but I'm legal from this week, so now the balls in your court, Peter. You know about balls, I'm sure ... do you have them, Peter? Do you have the balls?"

Ignoring her sexual connotation, he instead dwelt on what she meant, "Legal, what do you mean legal?"

"Yes, I'm 18 today, now I can have sex with anyone I want to in this state, and no court will convict the man. How does that make you feel, Peter? I've got to tell you, it makes me feel very excited." She reached her hand out and grabbed the arm of his chair, spinning it around so he faced her and before he knew what she was doing, she had slipped from the desk edge and backed onto his lap.

Pete felt the heat of her arse through the flimsy little dress as she ground it around, obviously causing his clothed cock to respond quickly. She sat with her back to him but she turned her head around, her long blonde below-the-shoulder hair flicking his face, "So what you got there for me, Peter? Umm, feels good, I want to feel that grow under me."

'My God,' thought Pete, 'she has never been this forward with me before ... she is so hot!' Before he could determine how dangerous this was becoming, he felt his cock responding quickly, stiffening in his pants. Unfortunately for him, it wasn't pointed downward where it could have slipped into a trouser leg. No, it was pointing up and when it grew it shaped itself perfectly between the cheeks of her arse that she was happily wriggling around on him, seemingly attempting to capture his shaft there just the way it did.

"Oh God, is that all you? Peter, I have to have that, you can be my first legal sex partner."

"No Stephanie, just a minute," he protested, fearing that he was losing control of this situation, one that could likely end badly. "We can't do this, we can't do anything."

"Ah Peter, I have been waiting for this day, ever since you came to granddad's company. I've been counting the days down until my 18th birthday ... its today and I want my present from you right now." Her words were of a spoilt schoolgirl but the sultry tone was getting to Pete's libido.

She surprised him by lifting out of his lap, turning around and sitting back in the middle of the desk, swiftly lifting both feet up to perch them on the desk edge. That move of course lifted her knees up and she spread them as he spun in his chair to face her so that he was once more seated as he normally would be at his desk. Except that now Stephanie sat directly in front of him on his desk, her legs up, knees spread, the slinky dress had fallen back so far that it covered nothing but her waist. Her long slender legs were totally exposed and as his gaze followed the line of her thighs, he saw that she wore no underwear, he was looking straight at her shaved hairless pussy.

"You're ... oh God, you're not ... you're not wearing any panties," Pete seemed to stutter aloud as his gaze took in the spread pussy before him. He could see her outer lips already parted, they were very moist, he could see the pink inner lining of her vulva. It looked so tempting, laid out for him as it was.

"Of course I'm not, I needed to show you, for you to see what you can have ... right here ... right now. You can just take me ... oh Peter, I so want you. My birthday present will be your treat too."

Pete's mind went berserk. He truly could see one of the finest looking pussies he had ever laid eyes on. This was so tempting, yet in the six months he had known her, he had always warned himself that she was jail-bait. 'But 18 is legal in this state, she's right,' he reassured himself as he actually contemplated having her here and now on her terms. After all, the hard-on in his pants was so big it was almost painful.

"I am so ready," she told him, "can you see how wet I am," and she used one of her fingers to trawl between her nether lips and offer the wet digit in front of his face. He could smell her sex on her finger before she pushed it between his lips and he sucked on her juices. "You can just slide yourself in there. I want it so badly, Peter," her words drawing his eyes to look beyond her carnal treats to engage with her eyes. "What are you waiting for, it's all yours? Give it to me now."

Reason and all logical thought left him as he stood up, his hands dropping to his trousers, unzipping them and letting them fall around his feet.

"Yeah, that's better, oh goodie, how do you want me?" she said eagerly, coming forward and sliding her arse off his desk, wrapping her arms around his neck and stretching her face up toward him. His lips found hers and he kissed her passionately, their mouths opening mutually, their tongues wrestling for supremacy. She flattened her teenage body against his impressive hard-on.

One hand unfolded from around his neck and slipped down between their bodies. He felt her grasping the waistband of his boxers and then they too were gone and he felt skin against skin, his rubbing on hers. If there had been a pang of conscience in Pete about where this was heading, it disappeared when he felt his hard erection pressed flatly against her smooth tummy.

He broke the kiss, spun her body around so that she faced away from him and pushed her upper body down on his desk, her impressive breasts flattened against the surface.

"What are you doing, Peter?"

"I want to watch that great arse of yours while I take you," he told her, now taking charge of the situation. His hands pulled her dress up her thighs and pushed it up and over the smooth cheeks of her arse, letting the bottom hem lie at her waist on her partly exposed back. Now Pete truly could see the perfect formation of her arse and below her tiny anal opening, he could see most of the long deep slit of her labia lips. As much as he appreciated the look of a feminine arse, he wasn't into anal. He wanted her the usual way. Eager to be inside her, he grasped his hard-on and centred it at her vaginal opening. With little pause, he manoeuvred the cock head so that it pushed into her.

So preoccupied in getting his cock into this hot young body, Pete hadn't seen the little minx reach across and push the phone's intercom button marked Tom Collins -- his boss and her grandfather.

As Pete applied pressure to his initial thrust into her hot body, he was completely stunned to hear Stephanie suddenly scream out "Is this going to hurt, Mr. Murray?" His cock head was warmly and wetly engulfed by her tight vagina, the feeling was exquisite.

But he so loved the way she said his first name ... what was happening? "What, what are you saying? Keep calling me Peter ... why are you calling me Mr. Murray?"

"Oh please, don't hurt me, I'm a virgin, you know ... I told you that."

"What, what do you mean a virgin?" Pete was incredulous, wondering why she was talking the way she was, but failing to see the warning signals as his head spun from the feelings washing through his body as he steadied and then pushed once more. He watched intently as his shaft began to disappear up into her succulent vagina, enjoying too the sight of her wonderful smooth arse cheeks, resplendent before his eyes. Her anal ring seeming to wink up at him as her cheeks stretched with his thrust into her vagina.

"I mean that you're my first, Mr. Murray ... oh please don't make it hurt!"

"I don't know what you're talking about ... you're no virgin, you've wanted this for months."

He ignored what he thought were her ramblings and pushed hard once more. He saw his erection disappear completely inside the hot young teenager's body, felt her passage grip him tightly, milking his shaft. Her body was giving off much different signs to what her words were saying.

Pete pulled back, then drove hard in again. She responded similarly with her vaginal passage gripping his hard erection, but from her lips, she told him, "Oh Mr. Murray, you're hurting me."

"I'm not, don't be so stupid," he told her as he plunged once more deep into her willing and compliant body.

Pete had completely lost himself in the moment, her hot young body sucked his cock into her so tightly, and the way she moved beneath him reassured him despite the stupid words she was uttering. He plunged it into her again and again. 'Oh, if only this would last for an hour,' he thought as all too soon he felt his release approaching. 'Oh, don't cum yet ... what is this, I usually last longer than this, it must be that her body is so hot.'

She must have sensed that his finish was approaching, probably from the way he now breathed so heavily. He plunged on, knowing that he couldn't hold out - barely two or three strokes more - when she screamed out, "Oh please, don't make me pregnant!"

"Haven't you got protection?" he mumbled as he felt his cock jerk and his potent cum burst from his tip, spilling deep inside her body.

"Why would I have protection, I never expected that you would try to seduce me right here in your office," she screamed back at him, her hand slipping across to the intercom button and returning his phone system to normal.

His cock pumped another bountiful load of his cum into the tight vagina beneath him. "What's that mean, you came on to me?" he told her just as the office door opened and he saw the company owner, Tom Collins stride through the door. "Oh shit!" muttered Pete.

"Jesus Peter, what in hell are you doing to my granddaughter, you randy young prick? Can't you keep it in your pants for Gods sake?" the old man accused.

"She ... she ... err, she came on to me, Mr. Collins ... really she did," Pete stuttered, his penis, still pulsing and ejecting his cum, embedded deep into the hot young body beneath him. His pleasure peaking at this moment was so great that even confronted by his boss striding into his office, Pete just couldn't withdraw until his cock had ceased to pulse out its seed into the hot young vagina beneath him.

"Don't give me that crap, I heard it all, you raped the poor girl. Get off her, let her up. Are you okay, Stephanie?"

"No papa," like turning on a switch, she managed to start sobbing now, "I didn't want this, I was just having a few laughs with Mr. Murray. He took advantage of me, papa."

It had taken a while to dawn on Pete, but he now knew that he had been set up. Why, he didn't know and never really found out. He thought that she might have just done it because she could. Just testing the power of being a spoilt little rich kid.

Of course, he was bounced out the door almost before he could wipe his cock dry. Tom Collins told him that he wouldn't press charges, and he was paid all that he was entitled to. Later, Pete would wonder whether maybe Tom really knew what his granddaughter was like.

The hardest thing was for Pete to have to tell Sandy. She wondered why he turned up at home at 11 in the morning. "What's happened, Pete, why are you home in the middle of the day?"

"I just got sacked."

"My God, why, what have you done?"

"I ... err ... I..." he struggled to say the words, knowing that his marriage could now be over as quickly as his job. "You're not going to believe this, I'm not even sure I do, ... but I ... err, I got caught banging the chairman's granddaughter."

"What? Banging? You mean you had sex with her?"

Pete dropped his head, unable to look his wife in the eyes. "Yes, I think I was set up."

"Honey, whether you were or not, what were you thinking by having sex with another woman, am I not good enough for you?"

"Of course you are, Sandy, you're all I need. It's just that it was there, all in front of me, exposed, naked. I got sucked in, her hot 18-year-old pussy looked so inviting, so easy to have. She was begging me to do it to her, said it would be my birthday present to her."

"My God, you men are hopeless, always thinking with your cock. Why on earth can't you keep it in your pants? Come on, you better sit down and tell me the whole story."

You cannot say that Sandy took it well, because she didn't. She was furious at her husband after he related the whole sorry saga, but she told him that she would resist storming out of their marriage ... at least for now. She suggested that their marriage would be on probation for the next 12 months and if Pete so much as pointed his naked cock at another woman, they would be finished.

Pete even told her that he would totally understand if she felt the need to retaliate, to have another man. He said it was up to her if she wanted to, and that she didn't even have to tell him if she did. But Sandy told Pete that his infidelity was bad enough, she wouldn't compound their problems or ease his conscience by doing the same as he had done.

Chapter Two

Naturally, they had to leave town because the company was the major employer there. Pete was actually quite lucky though, he bounced back in no time and scored what promised to be an even better job. Amazingly, there were several similarities with his new job. Again, it was with a major corporation that was also family owned and was also based in a small town that the company dominated.

This time, the company chairman and family patriarch was Brian Hayes, a bit younger though, probably in his early fifties. Pete and Sandy had only been there for a few weeks when they got invited to a party at Brian Hayes' mansion just on the edge of town. Brian and his wife Penny were at the front door to greet all the guests as they arrived. Although almost a generation older than them, Sandy noted that the 50-plus Brian was quite a good-looking man and she was impressed at how enthusiastic he seemed to be about her Pete. Brian even told her that Pete had a great future with the company. All of that conversation was just inside the front door as they arrived. Pete and Sandy had a great time there, moving around, talking to others, most of whom worked for the company, and most seemed quite warm and welcoming to the newcomers in this town.

Sandy had drunk quite a bit through the evening and about 11pm she decided she better go pee - and soon. She headed off down the hall and tried the bathroom door. "Occupied!" a woman's voice trilled back at her from behind the closed door.

Sandy mumbled her frustration under her breath and began to pace around a bit outside the bathroom door, silently admonishing herself for not going earlier before her need had become urgent. She had left it until she was now busting to pee. She tapped on the door, "Are you going to be long? I need to go real soon," she told the person inside.

"I have a bit of a problem," the female voice told her back.

"Well, so do I," announced Sandy, wondering if 'a bit of a problem' for the woman behind the door meant that she was caught short with an unexpected period or maybe there was a couple behind that door. Perhaps even a pair who didn't come to the party with each other and were using the bathroom for an illicit quickie. Sandy smiled at her vivid imagination, amazed that her thoughts would go that way ... perhaps it was the alcohol.

Just as Sandy squeezed her pelvic muscles for the third time, attempting to stem the pressing pee, the hostess Penny Hayes came down the hallway. "Looks like you need to be on the other side of that door, my dear, can I help?"

"Oh God, is it that obvious?" said Sandy, her feet marking time on the spot, "I should have gone earlier, and now I'm busting."

"Come on, I can let you use the upstairs bathroom. It's normally off limits at our parties because it's amazing how some people leave a bathroom when they've done what they have to do, but I can see your need is great."

Sandy followed Penny to the stairs. Just as they reached the bottom step, they passed Penny's husband Brian, "I'm going to show Sandy here where the upstairs bathroom is, darling, she has an urgent need."

"Don't we all," said Brian and Sandy wondered at the strange look on his face. But more so, she was embarrassed that Penny had informed her husband of Sandy's pressing problem.

The two women climbed the stairs and Penny led the way to two impressive large doors at the end of the second floor hallway. She opened them up to what was obviously the master bedroom. Then, waving her hand off in the direction of another door in the corner of the large room, Penny said, "You can use our en-suite in through that door."

Politely thanking her hostess, Sandy darted across the bedroom to the door as directed and she heard Penny close the large doors behind her. Hiking her dress up around her hips, she slipped her hands into each side of her panties and slid them down around her knees. She perched daintily over the toilet seat and did what needed to be done. Sandy tore off some paper, wadded it and patted away any residue wetness from her vulva.

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