Power of 3 Fantasy Night

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Sally has an anal fantasy to share.
3.6k words
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Power of 3 - Fantasy Night

By Alexa Chamberlain


After enjoying repeated threesomes, Connie, Sally, and Danny decided to get to the fantasy all three had been thinking about.


In a classic spooning position, Sally pushed her ass against Danny's lubed and hard cock. They were on their left sides, and Danny had his right hand pulling Sally's ass gently apart. Connie watched silently as she sat in a chair in the far corner, her feet up on the chair as she sat sliding her hand over her pussy. The room was dimly lit, but Connie could see Sally's face. She would know when it started...


After their initial threesome, the lovers began to think of things they'd like to try, and watch. Sally had mentioned she wanted to see Connie taking it in the ass, "for real".

"As opposed to not real?" Connie laughed.

"Well, I mean in person, not just from watching a professional in porn. You've told me you do it, so...I would like to watch. And maybe, maybe see if I want to ever do it."

"You want it in the ass, don't you?" Connie teased. Sally just smirked.

It was Danny who came up with the idea of having everyone write down fantasies. Then they would agree that there would be no judging, nothing. If the other two didn't want to do it, they would find a similar alternative. The goal was no hurt feelings. They knew they had something special, and they didn't want to ruin it. They did not consider themselves swingers, or even polyamorous really. They were just three people who fell in love. And loved sex. Lots of it.


"Watch Connie get ass fucked. Hard." Danny read aloud the fantasy written on the piece of paper.

"Hard. I love it. Thanks, Sally!"

It was "Fantasy Night", the night they set aside twice a month for one fantasy. Sally only wanted to watch, she enjoyed watching Connie and Danny in action. It was her own live sex show, she thought. She would stay silent whenever she watched, although she would usually sigh her pleasure after the final cumshot. Fantasy Night meant getting right to the fantasy. No need for preliminaries that everyone was familiar with. That made the night different than their usual sexual adventures. Fantasy Night was to stay pretty much to the script, so to speak.

Sally sat in the chair a few feet from the bed, and would occasionally get up to get a closer view. Danny was already behind Connie, who was on all fours. That's how she liked it. Danny was hard and had lubed up his cock, and was now gently lubing Connie's ass. Sally had asked what the best way to prepare for anal sex. Connie replied that some people really go all out with enemas, etc., but that she simply watched her diet for a couple days before anal, and then just prepped normally, but with serious attention to her ass with the hand held shower spray, soap, and fingers inside. It was good enough for them, she told Sally.

The lights were low, but not that low, as she really did want to see.


Connie closed her eyes and softly smiled when she felt the familiar opening of her ass as Danny entered her. He always went slow, stopping when her ass closed around the tip of his cock. He loved watching her ass stretch open for his cock. It always surprised him, going from tightly shut to wide open.

"Mmmm..." she purred as he pushed slowly to depth, his balls gently resting against her pussy. Sally sat back down and angled the chair as she began to play with her breasts, her tingling nipples coming to life. Sally felt herself getting wetter, and finally settled in with one hand on her breasts, and the other hand massaging her pussy and clit.

Connie's black bangs fell across her face as Danny began thrusting harder. Connie responded by ramming her ass back into his hips. The only sound in the room was that of moaning, breathing, and slapping sounds every time Danny drove into Connie's ass.

Connie bit her lower lip as she felt an orgasm approaching. It thrilled her that she could cum from anal sex. It helped that Danny's balls were banging against her wet pussy. Sally was careful not to distract them, biting her own lip to keep quiet. She simply wanted to watch, not participate - at least this time.

Sally had managed to get naked and was sitting back in the chair, legs spread, cumming on her fingers, and enjoying the show immensely. She loved watching Connie's breasts sway forward and back, her large, puffy nipples getting larger with excitement and anticipation. Her freckled face was flushed with red, the white skin of her neck and chest sexy with the faint, blue lines of veins just under the surface, blood rushing to and from within her body. Connie occasionally looked back and could see her ass jiggle with every pounding from Danny. She knew she looked sexy, and she loved offering her body to him. She loved his cock inside her ass, it made her feel in control and powerful.


Fuck me in the ass, fuck me in the ass, fuck me in the ass," Connie repeated in almost a monotone purr.

Danny couldn't take it anymore. Connie could always tell from his breathing pattern, and how his body would tighten.

"Jerk off on me, baby. Cum on me, cum on me." Danny slowed his pace and gently exited Connie's ass, watching it close as it released his cock.

Connie rolled onto her back, and with Danny kneeling next to her face slowly stroked his cock.

"On my face" - Connie barely got the words out as a forceful line of silvery white cum shot across the bridge of her nose and across her cheek. A second stream quickly followed as Danny jerked off on Connie's pretty face. This one landed across her lips, and Connie opened her mouth, directing Danny to aim inside. Connie lost count as Danny's cock surged shot after shot of cum onto her face and into her mouth. Danny felt like he was almost going to pass out from the pleasure and release of cumming so forcefully.

Sally meanwhile just sat with her mouth open in surprise. She absolutely loved what she was seeing, it was everything she hoped for. And Danny was over the top with his cumshots tonight, she thought. She admired Connie's face as cum now dripped down into her hair, into the hollow of her neck, and just under her ears as she lay on her back. It glazed her soft lips. Connie's eyes were closed now as she gently pulled Danny's cock, coaxing any remaining cum from it as she rubbed it across her face and gently jerked it in her hand.


"You always cum a lot, but that was really something!" Sally said as the three sat back in the kitchen sipping wine. Danny had on sheer silk "sweats" that still showed off a soft but still stretched large cock. Sally had her shorts back on with a button down shirt still open, with one breast peeking out. Connie sat at the table naked. She delighted in her own sexiness. She never wiped cum off of her, she preferred to let it dry, it made her feel sexy and dirty. It was still wet in places, though. It reflected in the soft light. Connie always referred to it as "cumshine".

To respond to Sally's observation, Danny said, "Anal is tighter, it just has a different feel. It makes me kind of numb after a while because it's so tight. But then I can last a long time. The buildup is incredible, so it's not unusual for me to produce more cum, which only adds to the picture when I cum on our Connie."

Their sexual outings usually ended in cumming externally. All three preferred the sight of it, and both girls loved the feel of cum on their faces, breasts, and bodies. On their skin in general. How it felt when it splashed onto them. They delighted in that experience.


And now, two weeks later, it was Sally's fantasy night.

Connie spread her legs a little more as she watched Sally and Danny spooning on the bed. Connie knew she would see by the look on Sally's face the moment Danny's cock slid inside her ass.

With one hand spreading her open, and the other on his cock, he guided himself into Sally's ass that had been lubricated by both Sally and himself. Sally had never taken a cock in her ass, although she did use anal balls, and dildos, so she had an idea what to expect.

Sure enough, Connie smiled a little when she saw Sally's eyes widen, knowing the head of Danny's cock just popped past her rim. Sally felt her ass close tightly around his cock as soon as the largest part of the tip went past. She was surprised it felt so big in diameter, her ass had never been opened this much. She closed her eyes and pouted her lips as she pushed in one full stroke all the way onto the large cock now fully in her ass.

This was Sally's fantasy. She wanted Danny to fuck her in the ass, and wanted to pretend they were alone. Connie was ok with being quiet and out of sight in the corner. Connie liked the way they moved in this position and made note that she should try it. It was almost always doggy style for Connie, but the way Sally and Danny moved against each other in a spooning position was erotic as fuck, she thought.

Danny didn't want to last too long, for Sally's first time. He didn't want her to get too sore. Her ass was tighter than Connie's, probably because Sally wasn't being fucked in the ass all the time, he thought to himself.

Connie meanwhile continued to fondle herself quietly, her eyes dreamily watching the other two have anal sex. She slid a finger from her pussy to her ass, easily sliding in from the wetness her pussy produced.


"Do you like it, baby?" Danny whispered.

"Oh yes, thank you for this, thank you, thank you..." Sally trailed off. "Fuck me a little harder?"

Danny responded with a thrust that pitched Sally forward a little, her breasts bouncing against each other. He looked down to watch his cock slide in and out of Sally's little ass. It was so sexy, so tight, so...virgin. He was honored that Sally trusted him. And Connie, really. But right now he was focused on how pretty Sally really was. Blond, tanned, soft, and sexy. He admired the tan lines that rode high on her hips, and low towards her pussy, and he wondered what she wore when lying in the sun. It left her ass in a sexy, white contrast that made it seem taboo. He angled up a little more on his side so he could get a better angle, and deeper thrusts.

"Oh God...oh, oh, ohhhh...." Sally trailed of again. She repeated the word "fuck" over and over as Danny bottomed out in her ass. She could feel his heavy balls slapping the wetness now, of her pussy. Danny had her breast in his right hand, pulling her nipple between his fingers. Her blond hair fell around her flushed face, and he could see her lips were parted with heavy breaths.

Danny desperately wanted to cum on her. He slowed his pace, and let her ass slowly push him out.

"Roll over, I want to fuck your beautiful tits, Sally."

Sally was flattered by the intimate use of her name. She could really sense his affection and love for her.

"Wrap them around me..." Danny began long, hard thrusts as he straddled Sally's chest. Sally in turn held her breasts around Danny's cock and watched his cock appear near her chin with each pump. Her breasts were shiny and slick with lube from Danny's cock. He spread his legs for more leverage, he couldn't seem to fuck Sally enough this way.

"Aaaahhh," Danny almost screamed it as he came on Sally, his cock appearing at the top of her breasts and spurting solid lines of cum all the way up her neck, face, and into her golden hair. He kept pumping his cock between her tits, as Sally squeezed them around him. She could taste his cum that landed on her lips as she licked some into her mouth. Danny's cock rained more drops of cum across her throat, chest, and face.

Without a word, Sally fisted his cock into her hand and drew it to her mouth. She leaned forward and in one motion took him balls deep to the back of her mouth. She moved her head forward and back in full strokes sucking the cock that had just fucked her ass. Danny was both thrilled and surprised. Connie simply raised her eyebrows as she continued to finger fuck her own ass. Sally, convinced she sucked every last drop of cum, kissed Danny's cock softly as she slid the length of it from her mouth. "Mmmm.." she purred as she smiled up at Danny, still holding his cock to her lips. She kissed and licked his cock a little while longer, until Danny realized his legs were cramping and slowly got up from straddling Sally.


It was becoming a thing to rate fantasies over a post fuck glass of wine. Sally really did want an experience alone with Danny, but having Connie quietly observe was also a cool turn on. She knew Danny still belonged to Connie, and hoped her own feelings wouldn't cause problems in the future. For now, all three were still enjoying the possibilities and experiences.

"Again with the massive load," said Sally. "You must really dink a lot first, or something."

"I told you, it's the anal thing. Tight, tight, tight. Both your asses. And I just explode." Danny explained.

"Well, keep it up, please!" Sally teased, smiling at her own double entendre.

Connie finally offered her opinion. "Well...different to observe and not participate, but it was still fun with all three of us. I have to admit, spending time with my fingers up my ass was enjoyable watching someone take it up the ass for real. And fuck, Sally. Ass to mouth, you're like a fucking pro! Anal virgin no more, haha! You are so pretty, that position was fabulous. I loved the way your legs moved, and especially your tits when you started really getting pounded. And I'll admit, cum looks pretty on your face, too. I was so tempted to come over and taste it on your skin."


For the most part, Fantasy Night was just that. Fucking and loving the fantasy, and done. They usually called it a night. Tonight however, Connie had lingering feelings about Sally. She wasn't sure if she was slightly jealous of her, or just felt a little left out. She ventured an invitation for Sally to stay overnight. "Um, yeah, I'd really like that." Sally found Connie so attractive, and she was still feeling sexy from being fucked in the ass for the first time.

"Have at it ladies." I'm shot." With that, Danny finished his wine, got dressed, kissed them both, and walked out to the Mustang.

"Will you do something for me? Connie asked.

"Of course!"

"Go down on me? I want your mouth on my pussy. I want you to rim me, too. I just want to feel your mouth make me cum."

"Oh Connie, I love you so much...Danny was great, but yes, I want your pussy, I really want to make you cum. I'll do anything for you. Anything." Sally emphasized the last word and made Connie smile inside. She stood up and led Sally back to the bedroom.


"Just sit on the edge of the bed." Sally had her own idea when she came into the bedroom. "I want to kneel in front of you. I'm your dirty girl. I want to eat your pussy."

"Oh fuck, Sally. Oh yes." Connie sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs for Sally. Sally pushed the insides of Connie's thighs with her hands, opening her pussy even more. Sally felt newly empowered tonight with her new anal experience and felt a lot less shy now. "Tell me dirty things", she said to Connie. "I'm your little slut girl tonight and forever."

Connie, surprised and turned on by Sally's newfound courage felt herself getting wet even before Sally licked her tongue from the base of her pussy to her clit. Sally reached up and squeezed Connie's breasts with both hands, roughly pulling on her nipples and raking her nails across Connie's chest.

"Fuck, Sally. You are my dirty little slut! I fucking love it! Eat that pussy, slut! Oh, oh!! Use your fingers in me! Mmmm!!" Connie cried out as she came, pulling Sally's head into her pussy as she did. When Sally pulled away, her face was wet, she was out of breath, and she had one finger in Connie's pussy and another in her ass. "Oh baby, oh baby...ohhhh. That's good, you're so good on my pussy. Tell me, did you like that cock in your ass? Yeah? That makes you a dirty girl. We've both had the same cock in our asses now. We're both dirty."

Sally just looked at Connie. "Turn around, get on your knees, ass in the air." Sally smirked at the last part. Connie knew what was next.

"Tell me." Sally said.

"Rim me, my ass, and just eat me up."

Sally wasted no time in tracing her tongue around Connie's ass as she spread Connie's ass cheeks apart. She probed her with her tongue as Connie moaned her approval.

Finally, Sally flipped onto her back under Connie, and pulled her pussy down to her face. "Cum on me", was all she said as she drove her tongue deep inside the wet pussy, the damp black curls wisping above Connie's pussy lips.

Connie ground her pussy down on Sally's mouth, Sally pawing at Connie's ass and spreading it as she did.

Spinning around, Connie and Sally were now in their comfortable 69 position that they loved so much. Connie loved Sally's shaved pussy in contrast to her own.

"Oh, my beautiful girl..." Connie breathed out as she spread Sally's pussy with her fingers and licked along each side with her tongue. Sally cried out as an orgasm flooded her already wet inner thighs.

The newfound dirty talk excited them both as they came in a frenzy of orgasms, wave after wave, fucking each other with their mouths and fingers.

"I want to feel your pussy against mine", Connie looked under herself and said to Sally.

"Sit back", Connie instructed as she drew closer. Sally spread her legs as Connie looped one of her own over one of Sally's. She slid her other leg alongside and under Sally's same leg, and drew her pussy closer to Sally's until they met in a wet union. In a scissor-like position, Connie caressed Sally's leg as she pushed her pussy against Sally's. They had never done this before, and the combined wetness, the sharing of fluids, brought them closer yet. Sally could feel her clit rub against the inside of Connie's leg. She rushed out a long breath as she came. "Fuck me, Connie! Fuck me!" Connie got immense pleasure making Sally cum. She bucked against her, they found a rhythm and fucked each other to several orgasms, making each other cum alternately. Their pussies shared cum, the sheets were getting soaked, and the two lovers lost themselves in newfound ways.


As they finally parted, Sally climbed over Connie. She simply lifted a breast to Connie's mouth. "Suck my tits, Connie. I want to feel them in your mouth." It was usually Sally sucking Connie's, but Connie without a word latched on and opened her mouth as wide as she could, sucking Sally's breast hard. She found her nipple with her teeth and sucked even harder. She nipped, and scraped her teeth across Sally. Her perfect breasts now red and slightly bruising.

The night grew darker as the two intertwined lovers couldn't seem to get enough of each other. Finally they drifted asleep after a marathon lovemaking fuckfest. Sally rolled on her stomach and fell asleep as Connie caressed her perfectly rounded ass.


The next morning they each awoke to a sun brightly shining into the room and onto them. They kissed, and admired each other as they sat naked together, looking at each other. A pretty picture of red lightly bruised breasts, puffy, swollen nipples, and dried cum on their skin. From Danny and from each other.

"Ok, my pussy is actually sore. And don't tell me that ass of yours isn't a little wrecked, too." Connie smiled as she looked lovingly at Sally.

"I think the next Fantasy Night it's my turn, right? It may take some thinking to come up with another one after last night..." Connie trailed off as her mind wandered. And Sally began to think of even more outrageous ways to express her sexuality to her two lovers. And her pussy grew damp again as she smiled about it.