tagMind ControlPower of Hypnosis Ch. 01

Power of Hypnosis Ch. 01


It was at our high school graduation that I saw my first hypnosis demonstration. A stage hypnotist duly brought into a trance a group of graduating students. Not all the volunteers mind you, a small group did not go under and they were removed from the group. The remainder though were subjected to the usual demonstrations of his hypnosis which brought the audience to fits of laughter as the entranced group jumped suddenly as if sitting on something hot, or pretended to be skiing down a mountain, or professed their love for an animal of the crowd's choice. All in good fun, although not all the students who had been hypnotized were as amused by the video evidence of their ridiculous behavior.

I was a junior at that time and watched with rapt interest. It seemed to me that anyone who had this kind of power over people could do almost anything they wanted. And I knew exactly what I would do if I could hypnotize people. It would be nice to think I would set about helping people with emotional or additive problems, but I am afraid my mind was a little more wicked than that. I wanted sex. Sex was not something I had a lot of experience with. I was not bad looking – average height, average looks, a good size cock that would have caused many a blush if I could get girls to look at it. No, the problem was I was just not confident. This would all change once I acquired the power.

I set about reading everything I could about hypnosis. Books from the library and anything on line. I was constantly in my room absorbing as much information as I could that my even my parents thought I was becoming an even bigger geek. My 19 year old college freshman sister, Megan, already thought of me as a geek, but my strange behavior brought her to calling me all sorts of geek names. "Get a date Brian," she would say. "Do you want to stay a virgin forever?" Her comments about my virginity gradually got meaner and meaner and began to tease me around the house. "What are you looking at pervert?" Megan would ask as she came out of the bathroom in just a towel. And I could swear the towel was tied to allow me a peek of her nipples. I knew though that I would one day have the last laugh.

I started to make appointments with a hypnotist in our area I found in the yellow pages. I had told him I wanted to become more confident and he walked me through some basic hypnosis, at a fee I could barely afford. I could not recall what he did or me for that matter, but when I left I had a spring in my step. What he did not know though was that I had a pocket audio recorder set to tape and had recorded the entire session. Back in my bedroom I played the tape and listened intently to his commands as he gradually brought me to a trance. A lot of it was by the books and I nearly dell back into a trance. I shook myself out of it and resolved I would not be entranced again. I believed it.

Over the next few weeks I practiced using my voice in the same manner that the hypnotist had used. I was beginning to feel ready. Now the tricky part – to test my developing skill. I wanted this to be Megan but I knew she would never let me hypnotize her. She would be too suspicious. She had been a graduating student at last years party and had seen the demonstration. But fate intervened one night when Megan burst into my room without knocking.

"Where's my Nirvana CD Brian?" she asked looking around the room.

"Probably at your boyfriend's house when you went round to fuck him," I responded, a little unkindly.

"Fuck you Brian."

"You wish."

"You wouldn't know how jackoff".

"Megan, tell me why you really came into my room, without knocking I might add. You could have asked me about the CD any time, and I think you already know where it is, so tell me what you really want. Hoping to catch me naked and see a real cock?"

Megan lowered her eyes and I knew I had struck a nerve. Was my sister a voyeur? "Fuck you Brian," she said coming back to life. "What are you doing here anyway, always in our room. What is that on the computer? Porn again you pervert?"

Megan walked over to my PC. I was going to close down the screen before she could see my hypnosis web pages but something held me back and I decided to let her see it.

"Hypnosis? You trying to hypnotize someone? What sick thing would you make them do you pervert?" Megan tried to sound angry but she was clearly excited, something that didn't go unnoticed by me.

"Not sick you bitch," I replied. "Just a little fun. Who knows, I may be able to make a living on the stage."

"Yeah, right! Don't even think about hypnotizing me."

"C'mon Meg," I said, my voice softening as I talked earnestly to my sister for the first time in a long while. "Don't you have any friends who need to give up smoking or something? Or someone who would just do it for a sport? I need to practice."

"Yeah, like I would let you rape one of my friends while she's in a trance?"

"No," I pleaded. But the same thought was on my mind. "I mean you could be in the room as well to make sure I didn't do anything. That would be safe wouldn't it?"

Megan hesitated. "Mmph," she scoffed. "I would need to be in the room the whole time." She had taken the bait. I would not be able to hypnotize my sister but at least I could practice.

"Yes." I jumped back. "You can stay the whole time. Only you can't say a word. I need quiet."

"You'll owe me big time, you know that?".

"Yes." I knew this was coming. "What's it going to cost?"

"You will do my chores for a month."

"Done," I said, a little too quickly and immediately regretted it.

"And…you will let me say what my friend has to do."

This was asking a lot but I did not have a choice.

"OK," I reluctantly agreed. "But only after I have put her in a trance, and nothing too weird. You may be the one with the sick mind. And only three things and then back to me."

"Agreed". Megan chuckled. She was looking forward to it more than I was.

"Bear in mind this is my first time and I don't know if it will work," I added.

"My little geek virgin brother will make it work". Megan had more confidence than I did.

"So who do you have in mind?" I asked.

"Julie" Megan replied without hesitation. "She's been sniffing around Tony for while and I need to find out what the bitch has been doing." Tony was her boyfriend and a real dick. He didn't treat Megan very well, but she put up with him. I didn't really know what she saw in him. I had caught her giving him a blow job one night when mom and dad were out and she thought I was. I never let on I saw them but she can't have been seeing him for his dick.

"How will you get her to go along with it?" I asked.

"She has been talking about it ever since the graduation party last year. I know she'll do it, especially with me in the room. She's dying to be hypnotized and says she'll sue it give up smoking but I think she just wants to experience it."

"Perfect." I had lusted after Julie many an evening when she used to come round. We agreed that Megan would invite Julie over on Friday for a sleepover. Mom and dad were away that weekend for their anniversary so we knew we wouldn't be disturbed at all. This was going to be exciting. I had three days to prepare and immediately locked myself in my room to practice how this would go.

On Friday, Julie came home with Megan from college. Mom and Dad left early that evening, giving us a warning to get on with each other and behave. "We will," Megan and I answered together and rushed them out of the door.

We turned at the same time to face Julie. She looked expectantly at me and then to Megan, nervous and not sure where to look or what to say.

"Well," Julie finally said looking at Megan.

"OK, OK," Mean replied. "You see, Brian," she said turning to me. "Julie here has a smoking problem. She would like to quit. I told her that you could hypnotize her and help her. You can do that, can't you?"

I smiled at her set up.

"I think I can help," I said to Megan and then turned to Julie. She was 5'8" tall, blond, slim build and a tight body. Especially that ass. No wonder Megan was worried she was going after Tony. Of course Megan was very good looking as well. Not as tall, but more curvy with bigger breasts. "You will have to do exactly what I say".

"OK," Julie replied a little nervous. "But Megan must be in the room with me." I thought it ironic that she should trust Megan who was dying to grill her once she was under.

"Don't worry," I replied. "Megan will be there the entire time. But there really isn't anything to worry about. You can't be made to do anything you don't want to". This wasn't exactly true but this was no time to be telling the truth.

We headed for Megan's bedroom. Julie sat in a chair while Megan sat on the bed so she could look at both of us. I stood in front of Julie with a silver pendant on a chain for her to focus on like the hypnotist last year.

"OK now Julie," I started. "Relax. You must relax." Julie visibly relaxed her body and took a deep sigh. "Focus your eyes on this pendant before you." I started to gently swing the pendant. "Keep your eyes on it and just listen to the sound of my voice and only my voice. There is nothing else, just my voice and this pendant". I ran through the sequence from the hypnotist I had seen and gradually brought Julie to a semi trance with her eyes closed. "You are in a sleep Julie but you can still hear me, and only me. You are getting even more tired and falling further into a deep sleep." I brought her further into a trance just as I had experienced and gave her a trigger word, Nirvana, and a wake up word of Oasis. I was ready to begin.

I turned to Megan to see what she wanted to have Julie do but was stunned to find she had her eyes closed and her head hung low. My god, was she also in a trance? I clicked my fingers in front of her, she did not blink. This was too good to be true. I had to check. "Oasis," I said aloud. Both Julie and Megan opened their eyes and looked at me. They were puzzled. "Nirvana." They both slumped back into a trance. A giant grin appeared on my face and I looked at both girls.

"First things first," I thought. I whispered "Oasis" to Megan and woke her. She looked at Julie and excitedly rubbed her hands.

"She under?" she asked.

"Yes." Before Megan could start talking I put up my hand and said "We need to solve her smoking problem first. I gave Julie a set of triggers that would help her to dislike cigarettes. This was in all the hypnosis books had read. And now for the fun.

"Now, Megan," I said trying to contain my excitement. I too wanted to know if Julie had been sneaking behind Megan. "She will only hear me, so what do you want me to ask?"

"No," shouted Megan angrily. "I want to talk to her. Make her hear me. I know you can do that."

I sighed. "Julie," I said talking directly to her. " Until I say otherwise, you will also hear Megan. You will answer her questions honestly. Say yes if you understand."

"Yes," Julie answered without opening her eyes.

"Julie," Megan started. "Can you hear me?"

"Yes, Megan."

"Do you like Tony?"

"He's nice"

"How much do you like him?"

"Well, I like him a fair bit. He's a bit of an airhead, but he has a great body. Too bad his cock is so small."

Megan choked. She thought Julie was chasing Tony but wasn't prepared for her having seen his cock.

"How have you seen Tony's cock?" she asked.

"He showed me silly."


"A few times. Last week when we went to the movies.

"The bastard," thought Megan. "Julie, have you and Tony had sex?" She was not sure she wanted to hear the answer.

"Yes, once, but he wasn't very good." Megan rushed for Julie, but I was too quick for her and grabbed her holding her back. She was crying. I couldn't believe I was beginning to feel sorry for my sister.

"The bitch," she said to me sniffling.

"Tony's not exactly innocent," I said to her.

"And he's going to pay that bastard." Megan was angrier than I had seen her. She looked again at Julie. "Did you go down on him?" she asked.


"Slut," she said under her breath. " I wouldn't do that for Tony," she said to me. She quickly turned away from me realizing that it was her little brother she was revealing things to.

"I'm sorry Meg," I said, and I was. And then I asked her, "How would you like your revenge on Julie?"

Megan wiped her eyes dry and an evil grin came across her face. "How would you like to pop your cherry Brian?" I smiled back at her, a pact forming between us. "Go ahead and fuck the bitch. Let me know when you're done". She stood to leave, but I held her hand.

"Wait Meg. You should stay here for your revenge, at least for a while." Megan was confused. "YOU want me to watch?"

"No, no." I quickly stammered. "But maybe we should play with her first." Megan sat back on the bed.

"Julie," I said facing her. "Do you like sex?"

"Yes," she replied. " I love sex but I haven't found good lover yet. Have to make do with my vibrator." This was getting interesting and both Mean and I smiled at each other.

"Do you shave your pussy?" I asked.

"I trim it, but not fully shaved."

"Can we see it?" Julie hesitated. "I don't know about that," she said nervously. Maybe she wouldn't do everything I said. I changed tact and asked, "Julie, from now on, you are attracted to me and have always been so. You want to show me your body. You are hot right now and are getting wet." Julie started to squirm in her chair. "Your pussy is getting wetter and you want to cum." Megan looked at me and smiled, enjoying the path I was going down and enjoying Julie's anguish. "You want to show me your wet pussy, you want me to see your naked body and touch you all over. Now spread you legs."

Julie squirmed and then spread her knees wide apart exposing her pink panties. A clear wet spot had formed at their center. Using her hands Julie grabbed her breasts and pushed them together, rubbing them, eager to get release. "Julie, open your eyes, but remain in a trance". She opened her eyes and looked at me wantonly, her hands running down to her thighs and up to cup her pussy. "Unbutton your dress". She quickly unbuttoned the rest of her dress and pulled it aside revealing her pink lacy bra with her breasts heaving trapped inside them. She again rubbed her breasts and pinched her nipples through her bra. "Now the bra Julie". She reached behind her and unclasped her bra pulling both her dress and bra off her shoulders, now naked.

Megan had gotten up off the bed and taken something out of her bedside drawer. Shit, it was a vibrator, not too big, maybe 6" smooth and white. I looked at Megan. There was a lot about my sister I did not know.

"Take this," she ordered Julie. I liked where this was going. "Stick it in your cunt," she said coarsely. Julie took the vibrator and put it in her mouth, licking it seductively, looking at Megan. "Your cunt, I said," said Megan impatiently. Julie spread her legs wider and placed the vibrator at the entrance to her pussy. She was wet, the vibrator sliding in easily. A couple of thrusts and she could get it almost all in holding it by the base. I marveled at the sight before me. Megan dropped before Julie and grabbed hold of the vibrator. She turned it on and started to fuck Julie fast and hard with it. "Faster you bitch. Isn't this what you let Tony do with his dick?"

My cock was straining in my pants. I had been able to give it surreptitious strokes through my pants but it needed to be released from its confines. I unbuttoned my fly and set it free springing out fully erect in front of me and began to stroke it, ignoring the fact that my sister was in the room. It didn't seem too strange to me considering that my sister was shoving a vibrator up the pussy of a naked girl in front of me. My life was changing.

"Shit, Brian," Mean exclaimed when she saw what I was doing. "That thing's huge. I never knew you were so well hung". I smiled at her praise and could have sworn my cock just got bigger at her words. "Stick it in her mouth. Let's see what she does for a blow job for Tony." I stood over Julie and offered her my cock, letting my pants and boxers drop to the floor. "Show me how you blow Tony you slut," ordered Megan.

Julie took hold of my cock and put it straight in her hungry mouth. I was having my first blow job, and it felt wonderful. She licked me inside her mouth wetting the sides of my cock, making it easier to slide in and out. The warm wet glove around my cock was an incredible feeling and I knew I was going to cum way too soon. I concentrated hard, but it was going to be a losing battle. Julie grabbed my balls and massaged as them as she slid up and down my shaft. She released me from my velvet glove and licked around the crown and shaft and then engulfed me again, stroking the rest of my shaft with one free hand while the other squeezed my balls. I looked at Megan and our eyes met. Her eyes were wide in amazement and her breathing was heavy, she had to be getting turned on at the scene.

"Fuck her mouth Brian," she said to me. I grabbed Julie by her head and began to fuck her, slowly. She pulled me even closer and managed my thrusts with her hand, starting to suck harder. When she slipped a finger under me and rubbed it along my anus, it was too much for me and I felt my cum making it familiar journey to its release, only today it was heading for a waiting mouth rather than a kleenex while masturbating.

"Ahhhhh, Uggg", I grunted as I released ropes of thick cum into her mouth. Julie swallowed and then opened her mouth, I was still shooting cum all over her face, gooey sticky cum over her nose, lips, chin, even a drop over one of her eyes. He looked like a porno shot and I loved it.

"You look like a slut Julie," Megan told her bitchily. "How was your slutty blowjob Brian?" she asked me. I just smiled sheepishly at her. "And you'd rather have that than fucking her?" And with that Megan started crying.

I knew I had to do something and so I put Megan and Julie back in a trance. I told Megan to no longer feel angry at Julie, that Tony was where she should be angry. "Julie is a very good friend and you get on really well," I told her. "How did you feel about what happened just now with Julie?" I asked.

"At first I was disgusted and angry, but I wanted to make Julie pay. But I don't feel angry any more, she was just taken advantage of by that bastard Tony." Good, this was going well. "And then I got excited," Megan continued. I wasn't expecting this but I wanted to hear more. "I was getting turned on and I could feel my panties were soaked from all the wetness from my pussy. I wanted to feel what Julie was experiencing when she blew you, I wished it was me sucking on your cock."

…..to be continued….

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