tagMind ControlPower of Suggestion

Power of Suggestion


Jessica Manson was the girl next door and I mean next door. Her house and our house were built by the same contractor. Everything was the same but opposite looking at the two houses on house had the living room on the right the other on the left one had the master on the second floor left and ours was on the right.

As you can guess my bedroom was on the left and Jessica's was on the right we faced each other our bathrooms faced each other. As kids we were friends we even had those string talk phones set up between rooms. I was the geeky one as we grew I even run copper wire with speaker set up and a video lead crude but visible.

As we grew, we grew apart somehow. She turned into this beautiful swan.

While I Jason Beaver turned into a thin tooth pick tall 6'3". Would have been great if I could have played basketball but I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. My interest was in sounds chemicals and such.

Jessica was 18 one month older than me. Sometimes I would catch glimpses of her through our windows when she came from the shower she was about 5'7" gorgeous blond hair that she added streaks to and her blue eyes were so deep you could lose yourself in them she had b breast and toned legs flat stomach her measurements were perfect. As far as I could see she had a lot of guys attention in school she never even acknowledged me anymore.

Many of night Jason would sit in his room just waiting for a glimpse of Jessica.

I was experimenting with experimental subliminal messages for last few years. I would put message in our TV and mom would make me my favorite dinner or where a certain dress, even go without a bra. I was getting proficient.

I now thought I would like to try it on Jessica. Problem was how I need access to her computer but she had firewalls up.

One day it was raining hard and I was sitting in the window jerking myself and I heard a constant drip. It was the old soup can with the sting I had forgot all about it. The other wire was still there as well so I fired up my computer wired in the connection an old lp1 connector to a usb plug adaptor.

Sure enough I still had video aimed at her desk like it was years ago. I had her chair and her keyboard in plain view I set my computer not to go to sleep and screen record 24/7

Within a few days I had all her passwords and was able to remote connect to her computer without bringing her screen to life. Jason put in subliminal message that she would masturbate in front of window with light on and could only cum if she seen Jason.

I was in his window in the dark every night and surprised when Jessica was masturbating fingering her pussy in front of the window. My light was off so she couldn't see me. She was going nuts trying to get off and couldn't.

Next day on my way to school she caught up with me and Brent, who was my best friend. He knew the crush I had on Jessica so he made an excuse and was gone.

Jessica said, "I haven't seen you the last few days usually. I see you in your room but haven't lately."

"Yea I have been busy and then just crashing."

"Oh," she said, "because I enjoy seeing you."

Jason thought to himself, "I just bet you do." Jason said, "Maybe I will look tonight if there is something to watch."

Jessica said, "What do you mean but that?"

I did not answer just changed the subject saying, "I see the football team has your fancy at school."

Jessica said, "I like to support our school team."

"Yea I have been watching they are doing well. Anyway here we are school again see you later," and walked away.

That night I sat in the dark, sure enough Jessica was there, light on, dressed with her hand down between her legs or so it appeared. It was below the window ledge and I couldn't see. I knew she was masturbating but I couldn't see. She never got the hint so I didn't turn my light on she had tears rolling down her eyes she wanted to get off so bad and couldn't.

Next morning as I walked out my door Jessica was waiting. "Hi Jess just like old times you waiting for me," Jason said.

"You weren't in your window last night."

Jason said, "I was for a minute but nothing to watch so I went back on my computer to satisfy myself."

Jessica angry said, "What did you expect to see?.

"It looked like you were fingering yourself that would of been fun to watch."

"How dare you Jason."

"Hey don't get mad, you wanted me to look. I want to see what your doing, you don't want to show me fine I got better things to do." We arrived at school and of she walked off mad as a hornet.

That night Jessica was in the window her jeans pulled down showing her pussy and her fingering herself god she was hot. I turned my light on and smiled as I watched her she cum hard. After not cumming for three days the juices were running down her leg. Soon as she cum she pulled her shades down.

Next morning she was not waiting nor did I see her except at foot ball practice. I sat in the bleachers alongside Jessica. I said, "The team looks good." She ignored him. "Jessica, don't get mad at me you wanted to show me and hey I am a guy. Your beautiful and so is your body, that which I seen of it."

"That's all you'll ever see Buster" and she stormed off.

That night her light was on but her shade was down. I turned on my computer looked at her she was sitting on her desk could see her nude hip and hear her moans but she couldn't get off. Her keyboard keys showed she had up male porn sites. It was great listening to her moan and not get off.

Next night she had her shades open her pants down and fingering her pussy. I watched in the dark she couldn't get off.

Next morning she was outside my door waiting for me to come out. As I walked out she started, "what the fuck have you done to me?"

"Nothing," I said, "I have done nothing to you."

"How come you weren't in the window last night?" "Why, you said you weren't showing me more, so there was nothing to watch."

Jessica whispered, "I displayed my Virginia to you."

"Yep seen that," Jason said.

"You, you," Jessica said angrily.

"Really," Jason said, "I don't need your temper. Real simple you want me to watch, make it interesting or I got better things to do" and Jason walked away.

That night her shades were up, light on and she walked out with just her bra on. I turned my light on but she started fingering herself but was not taking off her bra so I turned my light off after a few minutes she undid her bra and I turned my light back on looking at this nude goddess I cum in minutes watching her explode into orgasmic bliss.

I have been adding to the program that she would not be able to cum unless Jessica made me cum. The next night Jessica was nude in her window as Jason watched and Jessica done everything and could not cum. she sucked her nipples and licked her tits she displayed herself to me in sexy ways there was nothing I didn't see she stretched her pussy lips for me and still wouldn't cum.

The next morning Jessica was waiting for me again. "What do you want of me now?"

"Jessica you're getting off but not getting me off."

"Oh no," Jessica said.

"I am tired of this do what needs to be done or go away." Jessica stomps away.

My parents leave at six because they have an hour and half drive into the city making it also seven in the evening by the time they are home.

Next morning she knocked on my door. I answered the door and Jessica barges by me and says, "What has to be done so I can get off."

"Simple you need to make me cum."

"Sit over there," Jessica says and she comes over and starts to un zip my pants.

I stop her, "Hey what about you?

What about me Jessica says?

"I want you naked if you're going to jerk me off."

"No fucking way."

"Ok bitch that is the last straw, get the fuck out and suffer when you can't cum anymore for the rest of your fucking life."

"No please Jason," As she starts to strip and while she is stripping Jason says, "For your insolence you can give me a blow job and swallow." Jessica is beaten. Over the next week she is giving me a blow job every morning and night and I am fingering and finger fucking her till she cums.

The next week Jessica cums in and strips as usual and when she goes for my cock I grabs her and say, "Today I am going to fuck you."

"No way," Jessica says.

"There is the door bitch but there is no coming back, go ahead leave." Jessica starts to dress and realizes she has no choice she belongs to Jason and she strips.

She walks over to me and says, "You win where do you want me."

"I don't want you anywhere bitch."

"Please Jason I am sorry."

"Bitch you want to stay, you beg me to fuck you." "Jason, please fuck me, I will do whatever you say from now on, please master, I need that big cock, please, fuck me."

Jason just realized what Jessica said she called him master so she must be his slave. "Ok slave and that is what you are, my slave," Jason said.

"Yes Master," Jessica says, "I am your slave, please put that cock in me," tears now rolling off her face. "Master I am eighteen and a virgin for you to take and make me a woman."

I took her in my arms and passionately kissed her and worked my way down over her fantastic body. As my tongue explored her pussy, she shuttered with pleasure.

She screamed, "Take me please take me!"

I kept it up on her nib with my tongue and then entered two fingers in her cunt then three she was tight but he juices were flowing down my wrist. I brought her to where she starts to shutter and I stopped and moved back up kissing her so she could taste her own juices from my lips.

She was kissing me back. I felt her tongue dancing with mine as I pulled away and fingered her nub gazing into her ocean blue eyes. I worked my way back down sucking each nipple while teaseling her nib and clit. Then without warning she rolled me from on top of her on the couch to the carpet and she was on top. I felt her hand around my cock and she lined it up with her pussy and sank over my cock.

She broke her hymen as she sank and her lips touched mine as our tongues danced then she started to ride my pole and exploded while kissing me and I exploded in her pussy as she was coming down which drove her to another orgasim. She rolled off me and then went down on my cock sucking it off. It wasn't long and I was hard again and took control.

"That's enough bitch get on all fours."

"Yes my master," and I took her virgin ass and exploded in it. After she cum a few times we laid there most of the morning. Then she went to the tub and I washed her back and her tits and fingered her to almost another orgasim.

She was sore but said, "Thank you master."

There life continues and three years later they are both in their senior year of college and still together.

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