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Power of the King: USA Blonde


Nestled between the vast nations of Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf lies the wealth of the Middle East. As the Middle East ran dry of oil and its wealth, this small nation lead by its great leader. King Nasir Al-Ahbad stirred his country's economy to a more sustainable path. Instead of squandering his nation's wealth like so many other Arab leaders. This ruler chose to invest in his own people's future. This lead to his country becoming a world leader in tech manufacturing and finance. King Nasir Al-Ahbad was beloved by all of the people of Azadan, his small but powerful kingdom.

King Nasir stood on the balcony of his suite in the Khalifa Tower. The tower was the tallest structure in the world, piercing into the sky. It over looked the city of the Astasar, the capital of Azadan. A small city of five thousand at King Nasir's birth sixty years ago. Azadan now boasted a population of five million. The king let the majesty of his city soak in and allowed a bit of pride to seep out. The balcony gave King Nasir an amazing view of the Persian Gulf, the beautiful beaches and ever growing skyline. Its financial district in the center of the city was the hub of the world's financial trade, placing his kingdom and him at the center of the world.

"Your majesty here is your refreshment" said a young voice from behind. King Nasir turned and saw a young beautiful busty blonde standing in an American flag bikini holding his drink. Taking the drink from her hand the young blonde sat on a lounging chair. She gave him a seductive glare and reached down to pick up a bowl filled with ice. Beginning to keep herself cool by rubbing ice cubes across her neck and chest, King Nasir sipped his drink and enjoyed the show she was giving him. She was a model from America he invited to "entertain" him. The "model" Laci Kay Somers was no stranger to such offers and obliged the royal invitation. At his request she was to keep him company for the weekend. He would certainly enjoy the conquest of this beautiful blonde American model.

Laci took the ice cubes she had been using to cool herself and began to run her tongue across a melting cube as it dripped down to her large 34F breast. The moisture ran down between her cleavages. Her sultry eyes staring at the king as to invite him to come and play with her. King Nasir took in the sight of her. "Come here" Ordered King Nasir while pointing to the floor in front of him. His tone was commanding with little respect for her. Almost as if he was ordering a dog and not this beautiful model. Laci proceeded to stand and step towards him slowly. "No no! You stupid whore! On your knees. Remember your with royalty you dumb bitch." Laci paused for a moment, never having been spoken to in such a manner. For a second she considered punching this aging Arab man but then she remembered the generous payment she was receiving. Swallowing her pride and dignity she let out "Yes your majesty". She said meekly as she fell on all fours and began to crawl towards him.

The King watched as Laci crawled towards him. Her ass and hips swaying from side to side, her eyes never breaking eye contact. Laci reached his feet and began to snuggle her face against his crotch, feeling his cock get hard underneath his boxers. She reached up and began to pull on the top of his boxers. "May I your majesty" Laci asked. The King simply nodded. Laci pulled his boxers off and was immediately struck on the face by the Kings erect cock. Laci was speechless and could only stare at the immense nine inch cock in front of her face. Laci rested her round ass on the floor and placed her hands in front of her, pressing her breast together with arms. Laci leaned in slowly and began to lick the king's balls slowly and sensually. The king leaned his head back and enjoyed the sensation of her tongue running along on his balls. Laci stroked his cock as she suckled on the elderly king's balls and moaned. Her lips wrapped around his sack, one hand caressing them from underneath while her other hand stroked the base of his shaft.

King Nasir grabbed a handful of the models blonde hair and moved her face into position in front of his cock. Without hesitation Laci took the massive cock into her mouth. Placing her hands on the king's thighs and locking her eyes on him she pumped her head back and forth. "Suck on that cock bitch. That's right whore show me how good you American girls can suck dick." The King grabbing her Laci's head with both hands started pumping into her mouth. Laci could do nothing but take face fucking she was receiving from one of the most powerful men on the planet. All this while trying not to choke on all her drool which began dripping down her chin and onto her bouncing breast.

For the next 20 minutes Laci took the King's abusive face fucking. She looked up at him and tried to convey a look of mercy. Every time she tried to push away slightly so as to catch her breath, the King would just grab her harder and pump into her mouth even faster. Laci went limb and surrendered to the Kings abuse. Her tongue licking the underside of his cock. Suddenly without any warning the King shoved his entire cock down her throat and let out a loud guttural groan. Laci's eyes popped open as without warning her mouth was filled with what felt to her gallons of cum. She swallowed the first spurt but the size and of the Kings load caused her to drool out the cum filling her mouth. Releasing her the King stepped back from a coughing half drowned blonde. He enjoyed the sight of Laci trying to catch her breath while cum and drool dripped from her chin onto her perfect breast and that USA flag bikini.

King Nasir walked into his suite and waved Laci in like she was a dog. She followed him on her hands and knees, cum still on her chin. "Now to enjoy the rest of that body, bitch". Laci stood up against the edge of the bed, legs straightened and ass towards him. "Please fuck me your majesty. Please take your whore" begged Laci. Not wasting any time the King pealed her bikini bottom to the side and slid into her. The first 2 inches of his cock slowly invaded the blonde's pussy. King Nasir sabered how tight she was, then with one hard thrust shoved his entire cock into her. Laci let out a cry of pleasure and shock. Laci felt the King start to pump into her from behind, he grabbed her by the waist and began to enjoy himself.

"That's a good slut, take that dick" moaned the king as Laci began to twist her hips and ass, trying to get as much of his hard cock into her dripping pussy. The King pumped into her faster and deeper into her tight pussy. Laci could no longer take the massive cock invading her from behind and buried her face into the sheets of the bed, screaming as orgasms took her body. The King could feel her pussy tightening around his cock as the blonde screamed in into the silk sheets of the bed. He loved the sight of her ass jiggling with each pump he gave her ass. "Fuck me your highness! FUCK ME!" Laci screamed, pumping her ass as hard as she could against the King, trying to get every inch of his royal cock into her soaking pussy once more.

The King took one hand and slapped Laci's ass. Laci's head jolted up from the sheets, peeking over her shoulder she egged him on to do it again with her sultry eyes. King Nasir with his free hand grabbed her long blonde hair, twisted it in hand and pulled it back as he gave her another hard slap to the ass. This time leaving a hand shaped red mark on her firm ass check. "Please don't stop! Hit me! HIT me! HIT ME!" she screamed in a mad rage as the King kept up the assault on her ass. Each slap causing her to scream louder and louder. Her shouts echoing through every room of the large penthouse.

Her ass red from his strikes, King Nasir grabbed it with both hands. Squeezing both cheeks as he began to feel that familiar sensation in his balls. He could feel his load getting ready to burst. He looked at the blondes in front of him. Sabering her moans and shaking ass. Her tight pussy wrapping around his cock as he let out a groan. Laci suddenly felt her insides being filled with the kings hot cum. She felt the King squeeze her ass and pump deeper into her. Laci let her upper body fall to the bed, her exhausted breath fill the sheets as she let aging king cum inside her as much as he wanted. After unleashing his endless seed into Laci the King fell on top of her body. His gut and old muscles laying on top of her toned body. She could barely breathe with the weight of him over her.

"Your Highness that was amazing. Did you enjoy fucking your little slut?"

King Nasir lifted himself and turned her to face him. His eyes focused on her immense breast. Hi licked his lips. "I did... And I'm going to keep enjoying these..." He said as he grabbed her breast. Then the King leaned in and stuck his tongue down her throat and slid into her pussy again. Laci's eyes popped open with surprise as his tongue invaded her mouth and swirled around her tongue. But after feeling his enormous cock inside her again. She closed her eyes, let his tongue down her throat and wrapped her legs around him as he proceeded to fuck her for the rest of the day and night. A whore for the Mighty Ruler of the Great Kingdom of Azadan to enjoy.

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