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Power of the Rings


My name is Cameron Charles Thomas the Sixth but everyone calls me Cam. I was only 18 years old when my parents informed me my grandfather Cameron Charles Thomas V. was dying. I had only met him a few times since he lived on the West Coast and had divorced my Grandma many years before I was born.

My father, John Thomas, said Grandpa Cameron wanted to see him and I as soon as possible. Airline tickets showed up and my dad and I headed to Seattle. Neither of us knew what he wanted to see us about. Maybe it was just to say goodbye. I knew my mom never spoke of him and always changed the subject when we mentioned his name. Even if she was invited to go see him I doubted if she would go. For some reason she just didn't like him.

I got my appearance from my Grandpa. Both of us had blonde hair and a handsome face. Everyone in the family had told me I was his spitting image. I guess it skipped my Dad for some reason. My dad was short and had dark hair. If I didn't know for sure he was my dad I would be suspicious.

Grandpa Cameron was pretty well off and had a beautiful house by a large lake. As we pulled up to his large mansion I saw a number of expensive cars. Grandpa always had a new car and a new young beautiful woman around him. How he got the gorgeous ones we never knew?

His latest blonde, Lisa, met us at the door. She was another one of his typical blonde bombshells. She was wearing a sundress that bearing covered her ass and was so low in front we could see all the way down to her nipples. At least that was what I imagined.

"You must be Cameron Thomas the Sixth," she said as she threw her arms around me. I was pretty big for my age and had worked out the past year so I felt good hugging this sexy creature.

"Yep, that's me," I said before she kissed me on the lips. Strange place to kiss someone you just met I thought. She put her hand out for my dad to shake. He just didn't have it with the women I thought.

"Mr. C is waiting for you upstairs," she said. "He is not doing very well and has been sleeping most of the time."

We followed her up the stairs, which was really an eye opener, since we could see her tiny pink panties under her short dress. The panties were wedged between her cheeks, which were a fine color of bright pink. I looked over at my dad who was looking down. Not me, my head bent lower to check out her mound between her legs. As we got to the top of the stairs she turned quickly to catch me looking up her dress. Instead of giving me a hard time she just winked at me and smiled.

Grandpa's door was made of heavy wood that squeaked as Lisa pushed it open. We walked into his huge bedroom to see him lying under a bundle of covers.

"Mr. C," Lisa said softly. "Your family is here"

I watched as his eyes slowly opened. He zeroed quickly on my face. "Cameron. You came to see me." He didn't acknowledge my dad.

"Hello Grandpa" I said as I moved to his wrinkled hands. His huge hands pulled me to him.

"Hello dad," I heard my dad say as I continued to get a big hung from Grandpa.

"Hello son. How are you doing?"

"Looks like I'm doing better than you. I should be asking how you are doing."

"Oh, I'm fine. Just a little weak with this cold."

I looked at Lisa who was shaking her head. I took that to mean he didn't really have a cold.

"The doctor tells me I don't have much time. I have some matters to take care of before I leave this world. I would like to talk to Cameron alone."

"You don't want me here?" My dad asked with a hurt look on his face.

"I'll talk to you later but now I want to talk to my grandson."

Lisa took dad's arm and guided him from the room. I sat down next to Gramps as he told me a story I'll never forget.

"Many, many years ago a man named Cameron Thomas sailed the world looking for treasure. He spent many years searching for gold and riches in all corners of the earth. He was a good-looking man whom never had time for a family. He always figured his happiness would come when he found his pot of gold. While searching the ruins of an ancient city in the Egyptian desert he found a small metal box with ancient words scratched on the top. The box was tightly sealed and could not be opened. He took the box to a local scholar who translated the words etched on the box. He wrote them down so he wouldn't forget. "The treasure will bring pleasure to the name that discovers it's secret. Use it wisely or sadness will come your way." He asked the man if there were any directions on how to open the box. The man said no. What good was a treasure if he could not get it out of the box? He wondered.

"He took the box to an metal smith but he could not open it either. He thought about sawing or cutting the box but was afraid he would destroy the treasure inside. Finally he put it on the shelf and thought about his next adventure. As he packed for his next trip he threw the box in his bag with hopes he could figure out how to open it. During the voyage something happened that suddenly opened the box. Our ancestor removed the contents and found his treasure he had always wanted. He followed the words of advice that was written on the box and lived an exciting life." Grandpa stopped and took a big breath.

"The box and its contents have been passed down through our family's namesake. I was separated from your Grandma when your father was born so he missed getting my name. Thank god your mother decided to name you Cameron Charles Thomas the Sixth otherwise the treasure would have stopped with me." Grandpa coughed and continued.

"I don't have any more need for the treasure so I'm giving it to you. You must promise a dying man that you will never tell the secret of the box or of the power of the treasure." His eyes locked onto mine as he reached his hand out to shake mine.

"Grandpa, I don't know if I can do this." I said softly. "I'm only 18. What if I can't open the box?"

"There has not been a Cameron yet who could not discover the secret although my father told me Cameron the Third took almost a year. You must not tell anyone not even your parents."

"Promise me." He said as he gripped my hand tightly in his.

"I promise." I said shaking in my sneakers.

I watched as he moved slowly off the bed and walked with his cane to a large picture of himself of his earlier years. He swung the picture out from the wall and turned the combination on a wall safe. I heard the final click and watched as he pulled the safe open. His wrinkled hand pulled out a small tarnished metal box. As he placed it in my hand he kissed my forehead.

"Enjoy it son. You have in your hand what every man wishes for."

"Will you give me any hints on how to open the box?" I asked softly looking down to see no seams in the metal.

"HA, HA, HA." He laughed loudly. "That would take the fun out of it." He coughed again and started to fall. I quickly grabbed his arm and lead him back to the bed.

I slipped the box into my pocket and Gramps pulled on a large rope hanging down by his bed. Lisa and my dad came into his room.

"Make sure John and Cameron have anything they want while they stay here.' He said while giving me a big smile.

He looked at my Dad and asked, "How is your wife doing?"

"She is doing well and wishes you a fast recovery." He lied.

Grandpa smiled and closed his eyes.

Lisa took dad to his room and me to mine. She moved over to my bed and pulled down my bedspread. As she leaned forward her dress rose up her ass until I could see it all. Being 18 didn't take me much time for my prick to immediately get hard. As she fluffed the pillows she opened her legs allowing me to see the narrow panties wedged between her pussy lips. They were the first pussy lips I had ever seen.

"Mr. C told me to give you EVERYTHING you want." She said as she stood next to me by the bed. She looked down to see the rise in my pants. "You are your Grandfather's son aren't you?" She said.

"No, I'm his grandson." I said correcting her.

As she left the room she said something that knocked my socks off. "Are you sure?"

Of course I'm sure. No way he could be my father unless…. I thought about how much my mother despised him and how much I resembled him instead of my father. If it was true then he had to have fucked my mother. I thought about how much my mother was a prude or rarely mentioned sex and wouldn't even watch an "R" rated movie. No way I convinced myself. Or at least I thought I did.

I noticed the bathroom did not have a shower. I turned on the hot water in the large bathtub and threw in some bubble bath someone had left by the edge. I adjusted the temperature and removed my shirt and pants. My prick was still hard since I couldn't get Lisa's pussy lips out of my virgin mind. I slipped my boxers off and moved into the hot tub. I was lying back stroking my prick when I heard a noise in my bedroom.

"Cameron?" It was Lisa. What did she want? I slipped further down in the bubbles.

"Are you in there?" She asked as she pushed the bathroom door open.

"I'm in the tub." I warned her.

"Oh good, do you want some help?" Lisa said as she knelt down on her knees by the edge of the bathtub.

"I'm not a baby. I can bathe myself," I said looking down her top at her smooth boobs. My prick was standing straight up under the bubbles.

"Mr. C said to make sure you are happy." She said as her hand moved into the bubbles. I jumped back as her hand found the top of my knee.

"Do you want to be happy?" She asked as her hand moved up my muscular thigh.

"I've never…." I started to say just as her hand touched my hard-on.

"OH GOD!" I said as her small hand wrapped around my periscope. Its tip rose out of the water as her hand pulled upward.

"You are a big boy." She said as her soapy hand moved up and down my prick. She could see I was ready to pop so she let me go.

"Do you want me to join you?" she said as she pushed her sundress straps over her shoulders. I nodded my head yes as I watched the sundress fall slowly off her breasts. My eyes were hypnotized as her two small pink nipples moved out into my vision. My eyes followed the sundress as it moved down over her slim stomach. I saw her pink panties and my head started spinning. She laughed as her dress moved over her panties and down her hips.

"Have you ever seen a naked woman?" She asked as her fingers slipped into the waistband in her panties.

I grunted "No" as her panties slipped down until I saw her blonde public hair, which was a small patch over her pussy. My mouth was opened as her panties pulled off her wet lips. I suddenly blacked out and my head moved down into the water.

She lunged forward to grab my shoulders to pull me back to the surface. The water on my face immediately brought me back to reality. But, I thought I was still dreaming as I looked up at her naked breasts.

"Are you OK?" She asked.

"Yes. I've never seen a naked woman before." I muttered not taking my eyes off her nipples.

Lisa laughed again and stepped into the bubbles. She sat down facing away from me with her small ass between my thighs.

"Would you wash my back for me?" I hurried to put soapsuds on my hands as I gently touched her back.

"I won't break," she giggled. My hands pressed down. My prick was pulsating as my hand moved down to the small of her back. I moved my hands up her sides until her hands took my wrists. I moaned as she brought my hands around to her chest. She guided my fingers around to the front until I was cupping her naked tits. Her hips moved back until she touched my raging hard-on. I almost came as I touched naked breasts for the first time.

"Take some big breaths," she said as she pushed my hand down between her legs. My hand moved as if in a dream as I touched her navel, stomach and her pubic hair.

She let go of my hand. "The rest is up to you." She giggled.

My fingers moved on their own as they moved down into her opened pussy. I touched around not knowing what I was touching. Finally she took my fingers and led me to her clit.

"A woman likes to be touched here." She said as she moved my fingers up and down her hard nub. She put my fingers in motion and pulled her hand away. I kept the same movement as I masturbated a woman for the first time.

"You're a natural at this," she moaned.

I knew I was giving her pleasure because her body was moving around between my legs. Her ass kept moving against my hard-on and I was ready to spurt at any moment. Suddenly, she cried out and her body tensed up. It scared me a little so I pulled my hand out of her pussy.

"Oh no," she complained as she guided my hand back inside.

"I'm coming," she said as my fingers moved quickly over the small nub. So that's what a woman does when she comes I thought.

Lisa turned her body slightly and kissed me on the lips. Her tongue moved into mine. I had kissed some girls before so this was not new to me. At least not until she sucked my tongue into her mouth. Her lips closed around my tongue and moved up and down its length. She was going down on my tongue I thought. Lisa pulled back and told me to sit up on the edge of the bathtub.

"I can't," I said thinking about my condition. Lisa laughed again and said she had seen one before as she directed me up out of the water. I watched my hard prick move up through the bubbles making it's first public appearance.

"Very nice" she said as she took it in her hand. She knew I was close so she didn't stroke me. I watched as her beautiful lips moved down to kiss the tip. I moaned as her tongue moved out to lick the soap off the top and sides.

"OHHHH," I moaned. She quickly moved her lips over my shaft as I released my flood into her mouth.

"AHHHH" I cried as my hands held her head to my tool. I had my first blowjob and it was wonderful.

I slid back into the water and pulled Lisa back against my front. Lisa let me touch her whole body as we splashed in the tub. In less than a minute my prick was hard again.

"Ah, to be young again." She said as she felt my excitement. "Let's get out and do it the right way."

We jumped out of the tub, dried each other off and ran into the bedroom. Lisa hopped up on the bed and laid down on her back. I watched her thighs opened to show me the pink of her pussy.

"Go ahead and look," she said with a smile. I moved down between her legs and studied what I had been touching. Lisa moved her hands down to open her lips. I saw the knob she told me to touch and her gapping hole.

"Do you want to kiss it?" she asked.

"Sure," I said as my lips moved forward. She smelled nice from the bubble bath as my tongue moved out to touch her wet lips. I moved my lips and tongue over the areas I had just touched. Lisa moaned as my tongue touched her knob so I kept flicking it. Lisa was squirming under my mouth. Suddenly her hands pulled my face out from her pussy and up towards her face. Her legs wrapped around my waist as my hard prick moved towards its designed goal. She didn't need to help as my prick moved forward between her pussy lips. I moaned as I sank my shaft into her hot furnace. My hips moved automatically as I fucked my first woman. I lasted a little longer this time as she slowed me down.

"Slow down and enjoy it," she whispered in my ear. I came in less than a minute and it took my breath away.

"NOW!" I yelled as I exploded again. Lisa didn't come this time but was happy to show me what to do. She stayed for a little while but I was drained from my first sexual experience. I woke up later to find her missing from my bed.

My father awakened me the next morning. "Cameron, I have some bad news to tell you." He said as he sat next to my bed.

"I know Grandpa is dead." I said as I looked into his eyes. We talked for a few minutes and he left. I stayed in bed for a while thinking about Grandpa, Lisa and the box. I looked in my pants and it was still there. What is the world was the secret to opening it? I tried some magic words like abracadabra and hokess pokess but nothing worked. Finally I gave up, got out of bed and dressed. I found my dad and Lisa sitting at the kitchen table. Lisa smiled at me and didn't let on about our night together.

We stayed around for a few days until Grandpa's funeral was finished and I said goodbye to Lisa and we headed home. Lisa was not married to Grandpa but she did receive a good bunch of money from his will. She was worth every penny I thought.

On the plane back I played with the metal box in my pocket. I tried another twenty magic words and nothing worked. I noticed a flight attendant was always smiling at me. She was wearing a wedding ring so I knew she wasn't interested in me that way. I was watching her when I suddenly knocked over my drink into my lap. I yelled as the ice cold drink drenched my crotch. The flight attendant quickly grabbed a towel and walked back to help me. I thought she was going to hand me the towel to dry my pants but she moved the towel to my pants herself. Before I could complain her towel covered hand pressed against my damp prick. It sprang to attention immediately. She must have felt it get hard but didn't pull away. Actually she pressed even harder against me. I wanted to take the towel but still had my drink cup in one hand and the metal box in the other.

As my prick got harder and harder I felt the box moving in my hand. I turned my hand over and looked at the box as it opened. I had discovered the secret in less than a day! All I needed was to hold it in my hand while I had an erection. My dad saw the flight attendant dabbing my pants and took the towel from her.

"Dad!" I complained. I looked at the flight attendant and noticed her nametag. "Thanks Julie," I said as she moved away.

My dad moved back to his seat two rows in front of me after we cleaned up the mess. I held the box tightly until I made it to the restroom. I opened my hand and twisted the top of the box. I looked inside to find two rings, a small one and a large one. They looked to be gold but I couldn't be sure. I reached in and pulled them out. I tried on the small one but couldn't get it on a finger. I slipped the large one on and suddenly felt a tingling in my groin. I was shocked as I watched my prick push out the front of my pants.

The ring gave me a hard-on. Big deal I thought, I get hard-ons on the hour some days. But, what did the small ring do? I placed the rings back in the box and waited until my prick shrunk down. As I got softer the box moved slowly to close.

I slipped it in my pocket and moved out to find Julie. I still had three hours on this flight to find out the purpose of the small ring.

I returned to my seat but couldn't see Julie anywhere. I placed my headphones on and listened to a CD while waiting for her to reappear. I slipped the box back into my hands as I thought about Lisa in the bathtub. I felt the box tremble before I felt my prick getting hard. The box opened in my hand like magic. I took the rings out and held them in my hand.

"What do you have there?" I heard someone ask. I glanced next to me to see Julie sitting in the seat. She gave me the cute smile again.

"Some rings my Grandfather gave me," I answered.

"Can I see them," she asked. "I don't know," I said closing them in my hand tightly. I glance down to see her uniform skirt high on her thighs. As she turned the hem of the skirt moved even higher.

"Come on let me see," she asked again. I figured she would not take them so I open my hand and dropped them into her open palm.

"This one is too big for me but the small one might fit," she said as she slipped it on her finger next to her pinkie.

"Aren't you working on this flight?" I asked wondering why she was allowed to sit down. "Not really," she said while looking at the shiny ring.

"I was just talking to my friend when I noticed you spill your drink."

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