tagMind ControlPower of the Rings Ch. 02

Power of the Rings Ch. 02


Note to readers: Please read "Power of the Rings" before reading this story. Yes, you should be at least 18 years old and yes, this is fiction. Don't try any of these things at home. Thanks to all of you who took the time to vote. Let me know if I should continue Cam's story. Slickman.


I kept thinking of the words Grandpa said about the rings. “Use it wisely or sadness will come your way.” What kind of sadness could come from the rings? They only brought me pleasure. The large ring gave me a constant hard-on for hours and the small ring made any female hot for me. Sadness? No way, I thought, as I finished packing my bags for College.

The evening before my trip to the college town my parents had the whole family over to see me off. My Aunt Kathy was here with her husband Tom and their daughter Tammy. My grandma also stopped by. When I walked out of the bathroom she was standing in front of me. Grandma pushed me back into the room and closed the door behind me.

“I know the secret.” She said looking at me eye to eye. I panicked but did not show it.

“What secret?” I asked while lifting my hands and my shoulders.

“Your Grandpa had this power over women and now it has passed to you.” She said looking at me to see if I knew anything.

“But Gran, I don’t know what you are talking about.” I lied.

“When I dated your Grandpa he was the first man to make me lose control. He had this power over me that I couldn’t resist. I meet his father, Cameron IV, and he had the same charm. I was powerless to say no to anything my husband wanted. And, I mean anything.” She said still looking at me with suspicious eyes.

I remained quiet and listened while she continued.

“Not only did I do wild things with him I did them with a lot of other people both men and women. Finally one day when I was pregnant with your father I removed my wedding ring and walked out never to return. I know the secret.” She said again.

I was about to confess when she interrupted me. “He was the devil. And, now I see it in your eyes.”

“But, Gran, I’m still Cam your Grandson.” I said as I pulled her into my body. I felt her soft body crush against mine and thought she had calmed down until she suddenly pushed me away.

“NO!” she yelled. “You are the devil just like he was.”

I looked at her as she turned and walked out the door. Damn. I better get to college as soon as possible.

I calmed down and opened the door to see Aunt Kathy standing there.

“What did you say to Mom?” She asked with a mad look on her face.

“Nothing.” I pleaded.

“It’s about Grandpa Cam isn’t it?” She said as she pushed me back into the bathroom. I watched as she turned and locked the door. Now what? I wondered.

“You are just like him.” She said as her fingers moved up to touch my blond curls. I figured Grandpa Cam had used the rings on her as well. Her fingers moved over my ears and down my neck. She was making small circles on my chest when I felt a tingling in my pants.

I had never thought about Aunt Nancy in a sexual way but now I seized the opportunity. As my prick hardened my fingers slipped into my pocket for the metal box. As it opened I found the small ring and moved it up in front of her face.

“Maybe Grandma got upset because I showed her this old wedding ring?” I asked.

“Oh the ring!” Aunt Nancy exclaimed. “I used to love wearing the ring.” I bet she did and so did Grandpa Cam.

“Put it on.” I suggested. Her face was mesmerized by the ring as she slipped it on her finger. In less than 5 seconds I watched her pale white face turn bright pink. Her body was on fire.

Aunt Nancy just stared at my hands as I moved them up her stomach and up over her small breasts. I gently squeezed them and felt her nipples hardening in my palms. My fingers moved down to capture the hard buds.

“Oh that’s nice.” Aunt Nancy said.

I knew I didn’t have much time so I quickly reached down and pulled her dress upwards over her slim thighs and plain white cotton panties. Not a Victoria Secrets woman I thought as I lifted the dress up over her matching plain white bra. I threw the dress on the sink and pulled her bra up over her small mounds. I didn’t bother to unsnap it as I viewed my Aunt’s naked breasts. They were as white as milk and had two tiny nipples directly in the centers pointing out at me.

I moved my lips down to suck one of them into my mouth as my hands pushed her basic whites down her skinny hips. She was thin enough that the panties fell to her feet when I let them go around her knees. She was now naked and now mine.

I noticed her full bush of pubic hair was a mixture of brown and gray curly hairs that match the color of her hair. I opened her thighs and slid my fingers into her middle-aged gash. Her clitoris was sticking outward waiting for my fingers.

“OH CAM.” She moaned as I gently pinch her pleasure knob between my fingers.

I knew we didn’t have much time so I quickly lifted her ass up onto the sink and opened her thighs. My hands released my hard on as I directed it forward her legs moved and locked around my hips. My prick was aimed at her opened channel when I heard a knock on the door.

“Mom. Are you in there?” It was her daughter Tammy.

“Answer her and tell her you will be right out.” I whispered in Aunt Nancy’s ear.

“I’ll be right out honey.” She yelled as my prick slithered through her hairy nest and into her wet lips.

I pushed but was having trouble getting inside. “God you are tight.” I moaned as I finally got an inch inside.

“How long has it been since anyone has been in here?” I asked as my prick inched in a little more.

“I think it’s been about 10 years.” She said as a matter of fact. I guess Uncle Tom had been cut off that long.

“I’m in.” I moaned as my pubic hairs met hers.

“Are you alright?” Tammy yelled on the other side of the door.

“OH YES! YES!” Aunt Nancy yelled as my meat pumped into her wet hole.

My large hands were now cupping her narrow ass cheeks as I pulled her into my shaft and then outward.

“Why are you yelling?” Tammy asked in an irritated voice.

“Tell her to go away.” I whispered as I lightly bit her ear lobe.

“Go away and leave us alone!” She screamed. Oh shit, she said “US”. “Leave YOU alone not US.” I whispered as I was getting close to cumming.

‘Leave ME alone!” she yelled as her fingers dug into my back.

“OK! I just wanted to make sure you are all right! Don’t get mad!” She said.

I opened the floodgates and filled her pussy with my spunk. Aunt Nancy must have felt my release because she quickly moved her ass forward and back to reach her own explosion.

“OH CAM! OH CAM! OH, OH, OH” she yelled. I was hoping Tammy had moved away.

I hid in my room for the remainder of the night. The next morning I drove over to pick up Tom, Laura and Dana who were also enrolling in the same university. Tom and Laura had been dating since her party and I could see them kissing in the rear seat while Dana and I sat in the front. In the mirror I saw Tom’s hands moving on Laura’s small tits but suddenly heard her slap his hand as he tried to move it lower. “Stop.” I heard her sharp command.

We stopped for gas and as Tom and I stood outside talking I handed him the two rings.

“How would you and Laura like to play married for the rest of the trip? You can borrow my rings if you want? Who knows maybe Laura will let you go a little farther?”

“I doubt it she won’t let me get below her belt.” He complained. “Try the rings.’ I said as I watched Dana waving to me.

Tom took the rings and we got back on the highway. I watched as he put the large ring on himself and showed it to Laura.

“Where did you get that?” She asked.

“A friend,” he said while winking at me in the mirror. “Will you marry me?” He asked with a laugh and offered the small ring to her. I guess she had forgotten about wearing the ring at her party because she held it up and slipped it on her finger. I waited to see what would happen if Tom wore the ring instead of me.

After a few seconds I noticed Laura’s body moving around in the seat. She was leaning over to kiss Tom but he seemed to be in a daze. His eyes looked glassy and he was not responding to Laura’s touching and kissing. I suddenly got scared, pulled over to the side of the road and stopped the car. By the time I looked in the back seat Tom’s eyes had closed and he was out cold.

I quickly moved to his door and opened it. Tom fell out and I caught him before he hit the ground. I was getting ready to check for a pulse when I noticed his hard-on sticking up in his pants.

He had a pulse and was breathing rapidly. I reached to pull the ring off his finger when his body began to shake and he grabbed his crotch. I slipped the ring off and he collapsed in my arms.

I thought he was dead until he suddenly opened his eyes and smiled. “That was great.” He said and as his hand moved off his pants I noticed a large wet spot. He had ejaculated in his pants!

“Are you OK?” I asked as I sat him up next to the car.

“GOD YES!” he exclaimed.

“What happened?” I asked as I grabbed a towel from under the front seat. I handed him the towel and directed it at his cum soaked pants.

He wiped the spot as he told me, “I was in Egypt and this snake turned into a beautiful woman. She was naked and she…”

“DID WHAT?” Laura asked loudly as her face appeared out the car door. I noticed Laura was still wearing the small ring. Her face was bright pink and her blouse was unbuttoned. The top of her skirt was also unbuttoned and the zipper lowered. Her skirt was bunched all the way up to her waist. I could see her white lace bikini panties and she didn’t really care.

Before I could react her arm came out and grabbed my wrist. She was pulling me into the back seat until my other hand pried her fingers off my wrist. I jumped back before Tom noticed. Tom was now the one closer to her.

She looked down at him and said, “If you are finished fantasizing about snakes why don’t you come back in the car?”

I got Tom to his feet. “Are you OK?” I asked.

“Hell yes.” He cried out. Tom looked in to see Laura’s clothes hanging off.

“You drive, I’ll take care of the rest.” He said as he jumped into the rear seat and closed the door.

I slipped the large ring in my pocket and headed back to the driver’s seat. Before I could pull the car back onto the roadway I looked in the mirror and noticed Laura’s white blouse lying in the back window. I looked over at Dana and saw her smiling and peeking back to see what they were doing.

My experiment with the ring almost caused a big problem. If I hadn’t have removed the ring from Tom’s fingers I don’t know what could have happened. He mentioned Egypt, a snake, and a woman. Strange because that’s where the box came from.

“OH GOD DON”T STOP!” Laura screamed so loud I thought Tom was killing her. I looked in the mirror to see her small bra on top of the blouse. I couldn’t see either one of them because Tom had her lying down on the seat. My own prick was now at full staff as I listened to Laura’s moans.

I heard a zipper sound. “Take it out.” Laura ordered. I laughed while remembering how I felt when Lisa pulled my soapy shaft up out of the bubbles. I glanced in the mirror and saw Laura’s body sitting on top of Tom’s.

“Laura, are you sure?” Tom asked.

“Yes dammit. I want it. Give it to me!” she said loud enough for us to hear. Tom was about to get his first piece of ass. Or make that pussy.

I suddenly realized a large tractor-trailer was riding next to us. I leaned over and looked up to see a dude in a ball cap looking down at the car. When he saw me looking he blew his loud horn. Dana about jumped on my lap when it went off.

“It’s a truck and he’s staying with us to watch the two in the back seat.” I whispered. Let him look I thought as I brought my attention back to the road.

All I could hear was grunts and moans as Laura’s body slid up and down Tom’s May pole.

“Oh that feels so good.” Laura moaned. I knew Tom couldn’t last long as I heard him climax.

“OH SHIT, HERE IT COMES!” He shouted. I looked over at Dana and noticed her skirt was high over her panties and her small hand was under the waistband. I moved my fingers over to her leg and up her warm thigh until I was touching her panties. My fingers moved over her crotch and I could feel her fingers under the panties moving up and down her slit. My fingertips moved under the loose elastic band and touched her damp public hairs and fingers. My fingertips met hers at her swollen clit. We both played with it as we heard Laura still bouncing up and down on Tom’s spent shaft.

“Stop.” Tom said as his hands push her up off his body. Laura pushed his hands off and continued to bounce on his soft noodle.

“Ahh, you’re hurting me.” He cried out.

Shit. I couldn’t pull over because the truck was next to me. I had to get to the curb. Laura was killing my buddy.

“EVERYBODY HOLD ON!” I yelled as I slammed on the brakes and watched the truck fly by. I skidded and controlled the car until we were safely resting on the curb. I looked back to see if anyone was hurt and noticed Laura was still mounted on top of Tom’s body.

“Again!” she yelled as her naked ass bounced up and down.

I ran around to the rear door and opened it. I grabbed Laura’s naked waist and pulled her off. Dana came around and I pushed her naked torso into her arms.

“Hold on to her.” I said as I turned to see Tom panting for air.

His body was scratched and had large red marks around his groin area. Dana held on to Laura as I grabbed her clothes. When Dana wasn’t looking I pulled the small ring off her finger. Laura’s body suddenly went limp and fell into my arms. I held her up as Dana dressed her. She looked OK so we pushed her in the car. Tom quickly got dressed and moved to the front seat. Dana pulled Laura with her to the rear seat.

“Hold on to her for awhile.” I said to Dana and I walked back to the front.

My mind was troubled as I thought about the damage I could have done. Little did I know that one of Tom’s microscopic sperm was on its way to create a little Tom. Two lives were changed drastically that day because of the dark power of the rings.

None of us said another word about what had occurred in the car that day. It was actually like a wedge in our friendships. I continued to see Dana for a while but even that died down after a few weeks. I was suddenly on my own trying to make new friends.

The use of the rings with Laura and Tom had scared me so much I was afraid to use them for a while. I was nervous enough to be in a strange place with new people. At first I was put in a dorm without a roommate. I found out later Tom had requested to move dorms. I guess he didn’t want to face me or want to remember what had happened that day.

My dorm was a coed one and I couldn’t get used to walking around the halls with only a towel around my waist. At first everyone made a big deal about it but after a few weeks it became very common to walk down the hall and see a girl wearing nothing but a long tee shirt.

I had problems on the first day trying to get a good schedule. All the better classes were taken or saved for the upper class students. Basically, the freshmen got the shaft.

I had four early morning classes and a class on Friday afternoon. It sucked. I had to try one last time to get a better class schedule. My advisor told me to stay away from Mrs. Hatchet who as one of schedulers.

I walked into the scheduling office and noticed a young guy sitting at the desk. Good, I thought as I coughed to get his attention.

“Can I help you?” He said with a smirk on his face.

“Yeah man, I need to reschedule some classes.” I said with a smile.

“Are you a Junior or Senior?” He asked without a smile.

“Freshman but that shouldn’t…” I started to say.

“Sorry, about that.” He said interrupting me while folding his hands in front of him.

“Hey, that’s not fair!” I said loudly as I dropped my books on the desk with a bang.

“Is there some problem out here?” I heard someone ask. I looked up to see a large woman.

“He can’t take no for an answer.” The smart-ass said.

“Is that right?” She said looking down at me sitting on the desk. I quickly jumped to my feet.

“Well, kind of. You see….” I started to say.

“Please, don’t bother. I have heard them all.” She laughed.

I realized this was Mrs. Hatchet. “If you let me explain to you in private I’ll guarantee you will understand.” I said with a smile.

“Forget it, get lost.” The guy said.

“Wait, this is a first. He thinks he can sweet-talk ME! She laughed again. “Come on in. This will be good.”

I smiled at the jerk as I walked by following the giant woman into her office.

She moved to her sofa and patted the seat next to her. “Come sit here and tell me why I should give you different classes.”

“Simple, you give me something and I’ll give you something.” I said as I moved next to her. I was getting turned on thinking of how this Amazon woman looked without her armor. My hand on the box in my pocket took the small ring. I hoped it would fit her pinkie.

“And, what will you give me?” She asked looking down at me.

“How about a ring?” I asked as I held it up in front of her face.

“Kind of small isn’t it?” She said as she took it from my hand. She tried to slip it on her smallest finger and it didn’t have a chance. SHIT. I thought. What do I do now?

“Sorry son it just won’t fit.” She laughed as she handed me the ring back. I knew I only had one more option but was unsure what would happen. I put the small ring back in my pocket and took out the large one. I held it up for her to see.

“Ooh, that one might work.’ She said as she took the ring and slipped it on her ring finger. I moved back not sure what would happen.

“It does look kind of nice. So if I keep the ring what do you want?” she asked. As I got ready to say “a new schedule” her face suddenly went blank and she stared straight ahead. Her eyes looked the same as Tom’s did in the car. Her body suddenly collapsed back on the sofa and her eyes closed.

Her breathing became short and her face started sweating. Her large breasts were moving up and down as she inhaled deeply and exhaled. She smiled, frowned, giggled, and laughed. Whatever she was imagining was causing her to be extremely excited. Her body slumped down on the sofa and her head lay back on the cushion.

“Oh don’t!” she yelled as her hands moved up to push an invisible person off of her. I jumped off the sofa and watched as her legs suddenly spread wide and her body moved up and down on the sofa.

“Stop!” she screamed as her head moved side to side. She seemed to be fighting someone or something.

“OH!” She moaned as her hips moved upward. I watched as her hands moved around her invisible lover.

“OH BABY!” She exclaimed as her hips bounced up and down. Whatever it was fucking her hard and furious.

“DON”T STOP!” She yelled. I suddenly heard someone pounding on the door. “ARE YOU ALRIGHT MRS. HATCHET?” The slim ball yelled.

“FUCK ME!” she screamed. “I’M CUMMING!”

Whatever was fucking this huge woman must have had some equipment. Her face was all smiles as I jumped on the sofa and slipped the ring off her finger.

“OH, WOW!” she cried as she came to her senses. Her eyes focused on me and she smiled.

“I don’t know how you did that but it was wonderful. What was your name again?”

“Cameron, but my friends call me Cam.” I said with a smile.

“Well Cam, count me in as your friend. Will you tell me how you did that?”

“Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean.” I lied.

“OK, I get it.” She said with a big grin.

“MRS HATCHET ARE YOU OK?” Skippy yelled.

She moved over to the door and let him in. “Make sure Cam gets any class he wants.” She told her assistant.

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