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Power Outage


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It was late and I was running late as I drove through the darkness for a night out with Greg. We had been introduced about a year ago because he was a good friend with my then girlfriend, Brenda. Brenda had also been the one to inform me Greg was gay and known as quite a player. Soon, however, Brenda & I had amicably parted ways but we all stayed close friends. I was tired of worrying about making relationships work so I enjoyed taking some down time and just enjoy the company of friends.

Greg and I began hanging out and he openly discussed his lifestyle when questioned. Soon I admitted my own bisexual tendencies when free and single. I'm not sure if our "hanging out" constituted dating but until this night, it was all plutonic. I arrived at Greg's house around 9:30, the plan had been to go see a movie but it was too late so we decided to watch a DVD instead. Greg poured two glasses of wine and we enjoyed light conversation but with a hint of awkwardness. We were both in the same mood but both too nervous to suggest what we were thinking. Several glasses of wine later we started the movie and the tension had calmed until, flash, the power went out and the low rumble of thunder rolled from far away. I walked to the back sliding door and stared into the blue gray night. Though it was dark I could see the light bottoms of the leaves flickering in the wind. I've always loved watching storms so I opened the door to the patio.

The rush of wind nearly took my breath away as I walked to the railing, I could barely make out the tree line at the edge of the fields that bordered Greg's home. With no power whatsoever the darkness was encompassing. I heard Greg walking toward me but I didn't turn around. I felt him close behind me, and soon his hands were beside mine on the railing. When I didn't resist, he knew he had me for the night. I felt my own heart quickening as another strong gust of wind whipped around us. Greg embraced me, his warmth felt comforting in the storm.

"You heart is pounding." Greg said softly "You're excited."

"Maybe" I said with a smirk.

"Shhhhh ..." He whispered in my ear. "You won't regret this."

Greg began gliding his hands over my chest while unfastening my buttons. I closed my eyes, listening to the hissing sounds of the wind through the grass. He pulled me closer as our bodies seemed to merge. He began kissing my neck and tugging at my shirt to kiss my shoulders. I was frozen in the excitement and anxiety of what was happening, it had been years since my last experience with another man and even then it was a brief encounter. Greg kissed and suckled my earlobe and I audibly sighed in pleasure. This excited Greg and his hands moved south. He began slowly sliding his palm downward, pressing my cock against my leg, then alternately gripping then squeezing then stroking in a subtle way that, combined with his kisses, would make any man want more. I was very, very aroused. I pulled my body slightly away and turned a little to give him better access. When doing so, my head turned slightly too and I opened my eyes. Our eyes met as did our lips. Soft little pecks on the lips at first, then, using his free hand to cradle my head, I was kissed in earnest. His tongue met mine and swirled pleasantly for a few moments before he broke the kiss. I had to admit he was a good kisser which left me breathless and weak in the knees. We kissed again, less eagerly this time as Greg removed his hand from my cock and held my hand for a moment. Then, to my surprise, he placed both of our hands on my own cock and resumed stroking. If he wanted to feel me masturbate, I would oblige.

With my free hand I loosened my belt and zipper letting our hands plunge into the warm confines of my slacks. I began stroking myself faster, my head was spinning and my breath ragged. I was afraid I was going to cum, I knew I had to stop or prematurely ruin the fun. I mentally recomposed myself and pulled our hands free, quickly finding Greg's muscular thigh. I moved my hand to his groin and though still semi flaccid, I could tell he was big "No wonder he was so popular with the boys" I thought to myself. Both of us were snapped out of our bliss as the first cold drops of rain began to pelt us. We dashed for the living room where Greg had already lit a few candles.

Greg was greedy now as he easily shed me of my already loosened clothing, I didn't resist. As my slacks fell to the floor I finished removing my shirt for him. A large mirror was placed above his mantle and I saw myself in the soft golden light of Gregs living room. It was an incredible turn-on seeing myself standing in only my tight silk boxer briefs, the pink shiny material outstretched by my own erection. Greg was behing me, his hands roaming my chest, belly, thighs ... my entire body. Then he pulled me close before playfully, but a little forcefully, shoving me into his deep leather sofa. Neither of us had bothered to fully close the sliding door and the flickering candles created a surreal glow to the scene as Greg quickly stripped from his own attire.

Greg couldn't deny his own excitement as his hard cock finally sprung free. I stared in anticipation, he had to be seven or more inches long, cut, smooth, straight and curved nicely upward to his plump and perfectly shaped head. Greg just stood there until our eyes finally met. I felt a little embarrassed as a grin crossed his face. "I've seen that look before" he paused "though it's been a while." I smiled too and nearly laughed in delight as a funny thought struck me, his cock looked almost comical, bouncing around in front of him as he approached. As if it was leading the way toward its target. Greg stood before me then leaned down, placing his hands beside me and we kissed again ... and again.

Finally Greg took the lead and straddled me, placing his knees next to my hips. My heart was beginning to pound again, I held his hard cock in my hand, lightly squeezing and stroking it as I slid my hand over its length. I could feel its heat radiating unto my face. I admired the feel of his thick spongy head which my hand could barely fit around. Greg leaned further over me, resting his hands on the back of the sofa. Though in a dominant position, he patiently let me explore. His pubic hair was shaved to a small patch and his balls were cleanly shaven. I cupped them, they seemed so large and full. "It's been a few days" Greg said as if he were reading my mind. Deviant thoughts flashed through my mind, I wanted to watch him come, I wanted to jerk him off feverishly until he exploded onto my hairless chest. But I made him wait.

I began to kiss his shaft, sliding my tongue along its side. Greg moved his cock to my lips, wanting more. I traced the head with my tongue but paused, I gently squeezed his dick as I lifted it and moved my attentions to his swollen balls ... lapping at them lightly. Greg groaned in pleasure and eagerness as he began slowly thrusting his hips and fucking my hand. I moved my mouth back to his head, using my right hand to guide it toward my lips while my left hand landed upon his hip. Then, With no real effort I simply relaxed my jaws and his cock slipped past my lips, sliding into my wanting mouth.

"Mmmm, yeah" Greg involuntarily whispered.

I placed both hands on his hips as I savored the feel of his cock in my mouth. I let him slide deeper into me before pulling back a little. Instinctively I repeated this process until I felt him at the back of my throat. I squeezed Greg's ass and was rewarded with a moan of satisfaction as one of his hands landed behind my head. Greg began the gentle, rocking thrusts again. He was enjoying himself, possibly too much, and Soon he was banging the back of my throat, trying for more penitration than I could give him. I had to grab his cock to regain control then stop for a moment to catch my breath and rest my jaw but I continued to lick his head and shaft. I plunged back unto him again but this position was beginning to feel too stuffy.

"Trade places" I said.

Greg immediately rolled off of me. This time I lay on top of him as I regained my composure. Greg kissed me deeply, and now squeezed my ass, alerting me to my own need for pleasure. His tongue was a soft relaxing break for my aching jaws. I whimpered in excitement as our bodies pressed tighter together, his cock jabbing my belly. My arms wrapped around Greg's neck and my legs were spread wide as I stradled my new lover.

"What do you want?" Greg asked

"I want to finish" I replied.

Greg smiled and melted back into the sofa as I assumed the position, dropping to my knees and nestling between his legs. His cock pointed solidly upward as I gripped the base of it, making eye contact with Greg as my lips enveloped his moistened rod. Even though my mouth was filled with his manhood, I felt in control. Greg moaned and thrust his hips as my mouth slid up and down, rushing to satisfy him. I closed my eyes and let the saliva flow, letting it lubricate his cock where my hand pumped up and down in opposing rhythm to my mouth. The sound of splattering rain outside mixed with the wet sounds of our pleasure. Greg's hands intertwined in my long hair, gently controlling my pace. I stopped to play with his balls again. "Please don't stop" Greg said in a desperate voice but I ignored him. I was enjoying my own selfish pleasures, his balls were still full but tighter against his body. I squeezed his hot, wet cock against my cheek as my tongue swirled gingerly around his testicles ... I knew the moment was close.

I resumed sucking Greg and I could sense him straining to hold his release. His hips were still gyrating but more randomly and for the first time I began making humming sounds of pleasure. This pushed Greg over the edge. I was taking him deep and didn't hear if he tried to give warning when his cock first twitched and throbbed. I pulled back, letting his cock head rest on my tongue, squeezing it with my mouth, clenching his hips with both hands. His cock swelled ... then burst it's load, his taste pouring over my tongue. Greg's throbs were quick and powerful, each pulse bringing a thick stream of cum. Yet, I kept my lips sealed around his member and began jerking him off. When the orgasm slowed to completion I pulled away and swallowed two or three times, trying to clear my throat. Both of speechless as I finished licking and sucking him spotless until he was soft again. I rested my head on his belly as we both recovered. Even tough my mouth was still pasted with his scent, Greg pulled me toward him for one last deep kiss.

Without a word I made my way to the kitchen to get a drink as I contemplated my own aching need. I gave little notice of the headlights coming down the street until I realized the car was slowing. I looked out the window and recognized Brenda's car pulling into Greg's driveway. This would prove to be a titillating night of firsts and it wasn't even midnight yet.

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