tagLoving WivesPower Play Ch. 02

Power Play Ch. 02


Michael was sitting in his patio taking in some of the cool night breeze and moonlight when I pulled into his driveway. I got out the car and walked over to where he was sitting handing him his car keys as I sat down.

"So is Sharon cheating on you?"

I paused before answering Michael's question. I could not say yes with any degree of certainty but from what I had seen with my own eyes I could not give him a definitive no either. My silence alerted him to the possibility that something negative had occurred and that I had seen something that had disturbed to me.

"She went to our favourite restaurant with one of the overseas directors of her company and from what I saw she was making it very easy for the man to flirt with her."

I was deliberately vague not wishing to taint Sharon's good reputation at this early stage of the game. I was also embarrassed to tell Michael that my wife had taken off her clothes in a car being driven by a strange man and that I had witnessed the man kissing Sharon on her lips and had seen him run his hand seductively over her voluptuous ass.

"Well that does not sound too bad if all you caught her doing was flirting. The first time I followed my slut of an ex-wife I caught her red handed being fucked in the back seat of a car that my hard earned money had bought."

I felt fortunate that my night had not turned out like that. Michael had acted very calmly in the face of Margaret's indiscretion. I doubted very much that I would have been as controlled as Michael had I witnessed the stranger fucking Sharon in the back seat of the BMW he was driving or anywhere else as a matter of fact.

I have gotten into physical confrontations for far less than that before and I was certain my night would have gone far differently had I witnessed Sharon engaged as Margaret had been.

"The man was all over her and she was eating up the attention he was giving her."

My friendship with Michael went back about three decades so he knew me almost as well as I knew myself. Michael understood that if he wanted specifics about what I had seen he would have to ask me specific questions.

"So did you actually see him touch her breasts and ass or did he run his hand between her legs?"

That was as specific as it got so I had no choice but to give Michael an accurate answer to his query.

"Truth is I don't know if the man touched her breasts or if he fingered her pussy but I did see him run his hand over her ass and he kissed her on the lips when they entered the elevator at the hotel."

Michael shook his head gravely as he mentally weighed the information I had given him.

"The old people have a saying that if you see mice running around in the day there is a good possibility that rats will be running around in the night."

I understood perfectly what Michael was telling me. Being touched on the ass and kissing on the lips were very intimate acts. Those two acts by themselves did not prove that Sharon had spread her legs for the stranger tonight or at any time in the past but it did suggest that there was a strong possibility that she was open to the idea.

"Outside of actually catching her in the act you can't be certain that she is fucking this man but there is definitely something going on between them."

I was inclined to agree with Michael that my wife had crossed the line with her dinner companion. I was beginning to regret my decision not to have seen my stake out through to the end. I had abandoned my mission without achieving my mission objective which was to discover what Sharon was up to.

A quick glance at my watch suggested that there might still be time to go back and check on my wife and her companion. The risk of my being caught spying on Sharon and the stranger would be greater however since I would have to return to the scene unaware of their location.

"I am such a pussy. I should have seen it through to the end one way or the other. I guess I will never know what happened now unless she tells me."

Michael looked at me with a great measure of disbelief.

"Don't count on her telling you shit. Women know how to conceal their dirt. They are like the government when it comes to hiding facts they don't want in the public domain."

I had just watched the movie 'He is not that into you' and a scene flashed into my mind. A woman was giving an account of the philandering habits of her two husbands. The first one had been very careless and she had caught him easily. The second one was far more discrete and she only found out about his affairs after his death.

The punch line in the woman's monologue was that the real master of cheating in her marriages was in fact her. She confessed to having numerous lovers and boyfriends and never once being caught by any of her husbands.

Sharon travelled so frequently that if she wanted to cheat it would be so easy for her. Even in my unemployed state it was impossible for me to jump on a plane to accompany her on her numerous trips outside the island. I was a little surprise that she had been so careless with her companion.

She could have met him outside of Barbados and I would have been totally ignorant of the meeting. Anonymity is another country would have given them all the freedom they needed to explore whatever sexual fantasies they had involving each other.

In spite of what I had seen I still had a nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach that there was more to what I had seen than met the eye. I just could not bring myself to believe that I had misread Sharon so badly and that she was no better than Margaret with respect to honesty and forthrightness.

"What I have in my favour is that I know more than she thinks I do so it will not be difficult for me to detect when she is deviating from the truth."

I was especially interested in seeing whether Sharon would come home in the clothing she had worn to work in the morning. Maybe the dress had been a gift or maybe she had bought it and never worn it before. If she changed back into her skirt suit that would mean that she most likely undressed twice in the presence of the stranger.

I could also interpret her changing back into her skirt suit as an attempt to deceive me into thinking that she went on just another routine after business dinner. As problematic as Sharon coming home in a sexy looking figure hugging black dress that I had never seen before was, I was hoping that she would not change back into her skirt suit.

I did not want to deal with my wife trying to pull the wool over my eyes in addition to everything else that had transpired already. Once I started down the path of not trusting her, it would just be a matter of time before things really went south of the border relationship wise.

"Maybe if you ask the right questions you may be able to get something out of her that may help you decide for yourself what really happened."

Michael was well aware of Sharon's brutally frank nature. She was in the habit of answering questions in a honest manner even when her answers did not help her cause. In the past she had revealed stuff to me that she just as easily could have concealed. I was almost certain that Sharon would say what she was up to if I push her hard enough.

My problem was that I was not certain I wanted to know the whole truth especially if the whole truth involved Sharon fucking her dinner companion. To some extent I preferred to enjoy the bliss of ignorance. I still wanted to believe that Sharon was my faithful loving wife.

Like the proverbial ostrich I was quite content to bury my head in the sand and try to pretend that nothing had changed. At a deeper level however I knew that much had changed and that my wife was about to take me on a journey that I would much rather not take.

I thanked Michael for his assistance and headed home feeling totally powerless and dejected. There was no way for me to compete with the driver of the BMW or with the high flyers that surrounded Sharon daily. They were the kind of men who could give her the world on a silver platter.

In my current financial state there was little I could offer her. She was the bread winner in the family so whatever she got from me was already hers to begin with. I cursed my bad luck to be in such an unenviable position.

As I approached the drive way to our home it became evident to me that my night of woe was far from over. A black BMW was parked in our garage and it was empty. I drove up behind the BMW and turned off my engine. The front door opened and Sharon came out to meet me.

"We have a guest and he has a proposition that I wanted you to hear."

Sharon was not wasting any time. She knew I would be a little annoyed with her for bringing a man home so late in the night.

"I also have a confession to make and I hope you won't be too angry with me."

She was still wearing the tight fitting black dress and I could not help but stare at her. God my wife looked so fucking hot in that dress. She could make a stone statue harder looking the way she did. Her facial expression told me that I was about to hear something that I would not like.

"I came pretty close to fucking another man tonight but I could not do it at least not without your permission."

There was no way for me to avoid the topic now that Sharon had started the ball rolling. For some perverse reason I wanted the details of all that had happen and I wanted to know just how close Sharon came to fucking the man who was now sitting somewhere in our home.

"How close is pretty close Sharon? Did he suck your pussy? Did you suck his cock? What did you two do tonight?"

Sharon looked at me trying her best to read my mood before responding to my questions. She took a deep breath then in her typical open style blurted out her answer.

"We kissed, he put his finger up my pussy, he sucked my pussy and I sucked his cock. We started fucking but I stopped him and told him that I wanted to talk with you before we went further."

Sharon did not disappoint me with her answer. I asked for specifics and she gave me specifics. At an inexplicable level my confidence in her was restored to some extent. She could have fabricated some bullshit story to make herself look good. She could have told me that she kissed the stranger or that he had sucked her breasts. Instead she gave me a rundown of her night which included all the incriminating sexual details.

"I guess your next question is why? Let's go inside so I can introduce you to Ramon and I will let him tell you why himself."

We entered the house with me walking a few paces behind Sharon. It was not every day a man got a formal introduction to the man who was about to fuck his wife. This situation definitely seemed like one for the record books.

Ramon was sitting in our living room and rose to greet us when we entered. He extended his hand to me after Sharon introduced us. Not wishing to appear unfriendly I extended my hand and shook his firmly. Ramon sat down next to Sharon and placed his arm over her shoulder.

It was all so surreal sitting in our living room with a man touching my wife in an intimate way right before my eyes. What came next took me totally by surprise. Ramon pulled Sharon's head into his lap while he freed his cock which looked twice the size of mine. It was long and thick with a bulging head. I had no doubt that if this man fucked my wife, she would never be satisfied with my average size cock again.

Ramon may have initiated the activity going on in my living room but my wife was no passive participant in the proceedings. I looked on in disbelief as Sharon took Ramon's cock in her hand and started licking the bulging head. Her tongue moved from his cock head down the shaft and ended up on his balls.

Sharon had her legs spread wide and the short black dress had worked its way up to her waist exposing her naked cunt to my gaze. Ramon reached between Sharon's legs and sank two fingers inside her already wet cunt. Sharon clearly was in a state of heightened arousal judging by the way she was thrusting against Ramon's fingers.

My worst fears had finally been realized. Not only had my wife gone way beyond the safety line with another man but she had brought the man home with the intention of going even further. She had joke about doing it in the past but this was no joke. My beautiful sexy wife was sucking a man's cock while he finger fucked her in front of me.

Sharon ran her tongue back up the shaft of Ramon's cock and covered the head with her lips. She wrapped both hands around the shaft and started stroking Ramon's cock vigorously. From the expression on Ramon's face I could see that Sharon's oral technique coupled with her manual dexterity was having a dramatic effect on him.

As someone who had experienced Sharon's cock handling skills on numerous occasions, I understood just how good Ramon was feeling. Sharon threw herself into sucking cock the same way she threw herself into her work. She did not hold back in any way and Ramon was beginning to understand just how proficient my wife really was.

Ramon raised his ass up off the sofa as Sharon went in for the kill. She increased the speed of her hand movements as her head bobbed up and down over the head of Ramon's huge cock. Sharon made no effort to back away from Ramon's cock as he reached the point of explosion.

"Oh fuck I am cumming in your mouth mamasita. Don't stop, don't stop."

Ramon's deeply accented English only served to inflame Sharon's passion further. She raised her mouth up from Ramon's cock as she stroked him even harder milking the last drops of cum from his menacing looking cock.

Sharon excused herself and headed in the direction of the bathroom leaving Ramon and I staring each other down. To him I must have looked like a deer hypnotized by the oncoming headlights of a speeding car. The look on his face told me that he had been in this situation before and that it was something he enjoyed immensely.

My wife returned to the room with a large smile on her face. She took a seat next to Ramon again and held out her hand. Ramon reached into his pockets and pulled out a key and an envelope.

"Ok Mamasita. You have won our little wager and I am a man of my word. The BMW is officially yours."

My wife took the key in her hand and looked me straight in the eyes. She knew me well enough to know that I was not going to make a scene at least not with Ramon present. They had promised me an explanation and I still wanted to hear the explanation before passing judgement on her.

I shuddered at the thought that my wife had entered some kind of betting arrangement with this man involving her having sexual contact with him in my presence. If that was all there was to it then I would have to conclude that Sharon had become a stranger to me in one night.

She had been generously rewarded for her brazen act of sucking Ramon's cock in our living room while I sat and watched. I could not help but wonder at the nature of the man she had brought into our lives. A man who gave away a BMW to a woman for sucking his cock while her husband watched was a man capable of anything.

Sharon leaned back against Ramon whose arm once again was over her shoulders. Anyone entering the room at that moment would have concluded that they were a couple and I was their guest.

"Ramon is the president of a highly exclusive club and he wants to start a chapter in Barbados with you and me as it first charter members. The privileges of membership are so numerous that I could not pass on the offer he is extending to both of us."

The club was called the Bohemian Society and had a global membership list as distinguished as any social club in existence. Both Sharon and Ramon took turns explaining to me what the objectives and goals of the Society were. Bohemians were relativists who viewed man as the centre of all that existed.

There were no gods waiting in the wings of human experience to purify the planet and usher the human family back to Eden. Man was evolving toward what Ramon called the omega point where all humanity would enter into a new phase of super consciousness. Bohemians were masters of the universe or as Ramon stated bluntly gods of the earth.

The sales pitch sounded good to me. As a student of metaphysics I had jettisoned many of the religious superstitions that still guided and shaped the lives of the majority of the human family. I already had a working knowledge of the philosophy undergirding the Bohemian Society.

Bohemians were thrill seekers and pleasure lovers as well. They sought out the most pleasurable experiences in life and live on the outer edge of sexual exploration. As a master of the universe Ramon lived by a take what you want philosophy. He wanted Sharon and was willing to take her by any means necessary even if it meant parting with a sizable part of his immense wealth.

"We believe in taking what we want from this life and not letting anything or anyone get in the way of our desires."

Ramon's words sent a chill down my spine. I trembled slightly at the thought that this man could have my entire existence expunged from memory if it suited his purpose. He wanted my wife and I had no doubt that his reason for being here in my home was to fuck my wife in front of me.

Sharon had been right about the greatness of the offer being made by Ramon. We would be set for life as members of the Society. Sharon and I would be the head of the pyramid structure in Barbados. Everyone who was invited to become members would be under our authority and would be subject to us as we were now subject to Ramon.

Funding for everything we needed would either come from Ramon or the parent organization located in the United States. Sharon and I would receive a monthly honorarium of five thousand dollars which was ours to use as we desired. That was more than I had been making monthly as a teacher and slightly more than Sharon made each month as well.

I felt my body beginning to relax a little as I allowed the ramifications of Ramon's offer to sink into my consciousness. Our financial worries would be over. Ramon even threw in an allowance package for Sharon at work that would take care of our mortgage and monthly utilities. I was finally beginning to see light at the end of a long dark tunnel and my instinct told me to go towards the light.

Ramon reached into his pants and pulled his huge cock out for a second time. I braced myself for what I knew was coming. He was about to fuck Sharon in front of me and there was nothing I could do about it. I had not objected to the proposal that had been laid out before me and now it was time for me to pay the price of acceptance. Ramon was our benefactor and I had no choice but to let him have his way with Sharon. That was the price we would have to pay for the deal we had made.

I sat like an ancient Stoic watching this man stroking his huge cock getting it rock hard in preparation for his invasion of my wife's hot pussy. Sharon stood in front of Ramon allowing him to unzip her dress. She was looking me straight in the eye when she slowly squatted bringing her wet cunt over the head of Ramon's cock.

Sharon took a deep breath as Ramon raised his hips sliding the first few inches into her excited cunt. Sharon remained motionless as Ramon started pushing his cock in and out her wet pussy. To the best of my knowledge I was the only man she had fucked over the last eight years. She had grown accustom to taking my average cock in her cunt. Ramon's cock however was anything but average. Sharon looked like a woman in unfamiliar territory who was trying with some difficulty to adapt.

The fucking position Sharon chose literally gave me a front row seat where I could watch Ramon's huge cock parting the lips of my wife's beautiful cunt each time as she rose and descended on his member. Pain and pleasure seemed to have enveloped her into a cocoon of ecstasy resulting in my wife losing control of her body.

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