tagLesbian SexPower Plays Ch. 03

Power Plays Ch. 03


Madison wasn't in her office. I stopped abruptly, confused momentarily by the lack of her slim body behind the monstrous desk. The secretary hadn't stopped me from entering the office, inured as she was to my comings and goings – I had just assumed Madison was in.

I walked to what I now considered "my" chair in front of her desk, sitting down and preparing myself for the confrontation I was contemplating. I ran through arguments in my head, trying to anticipate Madison's refusal to face what we both wanted.

I simply HAD to find a way to have her. I was no longer content to let her do things to me; I wanted to do them to her as well. Her asinine refusal to allow any emotions or reciprocation was frustrating beyond belief.

After 10 minutes or so of inner monologue, I began to wonder what was keeping Madison. I supposed she could have had a meeting or something, buy why hadn't the secretary told me as I walked past? I stood and sauntered around Madison's desk, scanning the desktop for a clue – perhaps a sticky note or scribbled message that would indicate her whereabouts. I should have known better – her desk was immaculate and completely clutter free.

I wondered briefly if Madison would be upset at my poking around on her desk. I supposed I could always just quickly turn and rest my ass on the desk in my normal "position" as though I had been always waiting for her there. I paused and cocked my head, listening intently for a sound from outside the office. I heard nothing. Taking a deep breath at what I was contemplating, I wiggled the mouse to Madison's computer, hoping her calendar was up and running.

The monitor sprang to life, and jackpot: the calendar was up. I bent over and quickly glanced through the tasks listed, and saw that she would be gone for at least another 30 minutes.

Okay – I'm nosy; I admit it. I plopped my ass in her chair and began to rifle with enthusiasm. I wasn't looking for anything in particular. Though a large file folder labeled "Madison's Deepest Darkest Secrets" would have been nice, I wasn't expecting anything like that. It was more like I was searching for some kind of insight into who she was.

She was neat, and organized. That much I could tell from outside appearances, and I knew as much from my time with her anyways. She had neat graceful handwriting that I found pleasing to read. She was busy beyond belief. I saw in her calendar where she had notated "personal time" – with a quirk of my lips, I realized these were her blocks of time with me. She was brusque in her emails, though courteous to a fault. She kept sex toys in her bottom desk drawer in a closed box. She had an affinity for highlighters. She preferred paper clips to stapling. She stocked tissues and extra pantyhose.

I sat back in the chair, frustrated with my snooping efforts. There was not a speck of personal information in Madison's desk. No pictures of family or friends, no birthday cards or personal books, nothing. She didn't even have the "yay me" wall in her office that seemed to be requisite in most business professionals office. The entire office was sterile. The woman was as much a mystery as always.

I leaned back further in the chair, checking my watch and seeing I still had 5 minutes before Madison was expected to return. As the chair tilted to the limit, my line of sight lowered, and I caught a glimpse of something under the desk in the kneehole. Madison's purse.

I paused, realizing that this was a much deeper invasion of privacy. What was I expecting to find?

Suddenly, like a bolt out of the blue, I knew exactly what I was looking for. I snatched the black bag up off the floor, opening the top and seeing what I wanted immediately. I grabbed it, opened it, and found the prize. Committing the information to memory, I replace her purse on the floor and strolled out of the office.

I had her home address now.


I got the phone call I had been expecting later that afternoon. I answered my ringing line, giving my standard greeting when I heard Madison's sultry voice.

"Claire, please meet me at Fatale's this evening at 8 pm," she said with the intrinsic authority that was as natural to her as breathing.

I took a deep breath, bracing myself for the consequences of what I was about to do. "Oh! I'm sorry Madison! I have a 'thing' with a friend this evening. I can't make it." I knew I was taking a chance – this was the first time in our association that I had refused her. Would she still go to the bar and find a willing partner for her games? Would she get mad? I waited expectantly for her reply.

After a tense few seconds of silence, Madison said "I see. Another time then."

I breathed a sigh a relief, glad I hadn't incurred her anger. "Absolutely. Bye for now."

Madison didn't respond, merely hung up her end. I sat back in my seat, my head spinning with plans and possibilities. It all hinged on whether or not Madison would still decide to go to the bar tonight. I was betting on not.

After work, I rushed home and took an extraordinary amount of time preparing myself. I knew it was silly, as Madison has been as intimate with me as possible, but the fact that I had never even been naked in her presence made what I was planning tonight a HUGE deal. I shaved, plucked, lotioned, perfumed and inspected every inch of my body. I selected my outfit with care, and for once I wore underwear. Lingerie really, one of my few pieces – this one a sexy emerald green teddy that set off nicely against my skin. Also, for the first time ever, I selected a pair of pants to wear to see Madison. She wasn't getting to my twat so easy tonight.

After a quick stop at the local package store, I wound my way out of the city, following the Google Map directions I had printed earlier at work. Madison lived in the swanky section of town; I had expected no less. Turned down her tree lined avenue, I saw huge houses spaced far apart, most with private gated drives that led to the hidden house. I realized belatedly that my plan had a serious flaw. If Madison lived in a gated house, I was screwed – the element of surprise would be lost.

Finally, I rolled past her house. Thankfully, it was not gated. I passed it slowly, noting with satisfaction that her car was in the drive and a few lights were on behind the curtains. She was home.

I flipped a bitch a few houses down and returned to Madison's home. I pulled into the drive, put the car in park and turn off the ignition. The enormity of what I was going to do hit me, and I took a few moments to collect myself, breathing deeply and 'hyping' myself up.

I stepped out of my car with confidence, grabbing the bottle of wine I had picked up at the package store and strode purposefully to Madison's door. Taking one last deep breath, I rang the bell.

I heard motion on the other side of the door, and stood in plain view, sure that she was using the peephole. I prayed fervently that she opened the door. Like an answer to my prayer, I heard the locks tumble open.

Madison opened the door, and stood on the threshold looking at me with surprise and curiosity. She had changed out of her work clothes, and was in a black silk robe, closed tightly together over her breasts. The robe came to knee level, and covered everything very decently, but I had never seen such a sexy sight before. Her long dark hair tumbled over her shoulders carelessly, her face was clear of makeup, her feet were bare. She looked like twenty different flavors of delicious.

"Claire! Why are you here?" Madison asked in consternation.

"My plans changed. Surprise! I brought wine," I said cheerfully, as if this was a normal occurrence.

"And just how did you find out where I lived?" she asked with suspicion.

"I hired a private investigator," I replied deadpan, and then burst out laughing at Madison's shocked face. "I'm kidding! Good old fashioned snooping," I admitted, smiling ruefully. "Are you gonna invite me in or not?"

Incredibly, it seemed Madison debated the question. I braced myself again for the dismissal she was so good at giving, knowing I was not just stepping across her threshold, but across her strongly drawn self-imposed boundaries.

"This is highly abnormal, but yes I suppose you can come in," Madison said after a moment, swinging the door wide to let me in.

"Thanks babe," I replied breezily, sneaking a peek out of the corner of my eye as I walked past her into the foyer, looking for her reaction to the endearment. I caught her quick succession of blinks. I took a few steps into the foyer, trying my best not to gape at the luxuriousness of that space, and turned around to face Madison as she finished locking the door behind me. "Where to?"

"Follow me," she said, still obviously relying on the usual formality that she pulled like a comfort blanket around her.

She showed me into what I took to be a combination library/den. Floor to ceiling bookshelves lined two of the walls, the shelves filled with neat orderly rows of books. The rest of the room was painted in a rich elegant deep red, with large cozy looking rugs scattered across the hardwood floors. The furniture was large, deep and plush. The lighting was dim and soft. It was a very inviting and cozy room. I turned a quick circle, appreciating her decorating style and her eye for line and color


"Nice place you got here," I said, steadfastly keeping up the lighthearted banter.

"Yes, it is. I earned it the hard way," Madison replied, standing between me and the door I just came through. She fell silent, looking at me curiously. I knew I had her completely baffled on off balance – just where I wanted her to be.

I waggled the bottle of wine at her. "Got something to open this puppy?" I asked, smiling indulgently. "It's a great Pinot, if you like red wine."

Madison walked to a small wet bar built into a side wall and returned with a corkscrew and two wine glasses. She handed the corkscrew to me, and then watched silently as I uncorked the bottle of wine with a goofy flourish. She held out the two glasses as I poured a generous amount into each glass. I took a glass from her hand, set the half full bottle and corkscrew down on a side table, and clinked glasses with her.

"To us," I said mischievously.

Madison's eyes widened slightly then narrowed, but she offered no comment as we both sipped the wine. It was a really good Pinot, and I took a second to enjoy the full feeling in my mouth as I swallowed it down.

"Mind if I sit?" I asked, not waiting for her answer as I headed for one end of the dark brown plush couch.

Madison trailed after me, sitting down on the other end of the couch. I watched as she crossed her slim muscular legs, and then she turned a hard questioning face my way.

"Claire, please explain," she said brusquely.

"Explain what?" I asked innocently.

"This is not part of our agreement," she said harshly. "Wine? House visits? Not to mention your invasion of privacy in finding my home address in the first place. I would like a full explanation."

I fought against my now-ingrained inclination to bow to her authority. I needed to keep control of this situation if I was going to get what I came for. "I've decided to alter the terms of our agreement," I said easily, though I was quickly getting pissed off at her high and mighty attitude that never failed to rub me the wrong way.

Madison's green eyes narrowed. "You've decided to alter the agreement?" I nodded, keeping the smile on my face, though I knew it would only piss Madison off.

"I did not give permission nor did I indicate a desire to alter the terms," Madison snapped.

That did it. I could no longer keep my cool, hard as I was trying. "Permission?! I am not your child, Madison, not your pet! And in this circumstance, I am not your employee either. I am a person, a human, a WOMAN! And what about MY desires?"

"I believe I take good care of your desires, Claire," Madison said, narrowing her eyes. "Or don't you remember?"

"Oh yes, I remember," I said coldly. "But that is not all of the desire I have. You know that. You know what I am here for."

"Then you will be disappointed," Madison said, sitting back and crossing her arms across her chest.

I cut her off with a wave of my hand, shifting my position on the couch to face her more fully. "Cut the bullshit, Madison. At least be truthful with me – you owe me that much. I want to know why! Why do I never get to touch you? Why do you never want to get off? Why don't I get to kiss you? What are you so fucking scared of? Why do you keep all emotions and feelings at arm's length and only take the power and control? Why can't I.... "My voice cracked, showing the strain I was under. I took a breath, determined not to show any weaknesses to this shrew. I cleared my throat, and continued "Why can't I have YOU?"

"I do not explain myself to you!" Madison yelled back. I blinked; astonished that she had lost her temper. "That is none of your business! If you are unhappy with our arrangement, you know you are free to terminate it!" Her eyes were shooting sparks, her cheeks were flushed with color, and her small mouth was tight with anger. She was seriously upset, and she was lovely.

"Yeah, I know. Fine Madison, this is me terminating our little fucking agreement." I snarled.

"Fine!" she snapped back. "I'm sure you can see yourself out."

"Oh, I'm not leaving," I said with a snort. Madison looked at me with incredulity. I nodded. "I just terminated our previous agreement. Now, we are going to hash out a new one!"

Madison sighed. "Claire, I have no wish to enter into any relationship with you beyond what we have enjoyed already."

"BULLSHIT!" I screamed, and had the pleasure of watching her flinch. "Stop lying to yourself Madison."

Madison stood up as if catapulted off of the couch. "This conversation it over," she said, turning away.

I jumped up as well. "The HELL it is!" I growled, taking three quick steps and grabbing Madison's arm, hauling her around to face me.

She was a strong and powerful woman, but all the strength was emotional. Physically she was no match for me. I yanked her small body against mine, securing her to me with a steel arm around her waist. I shoved my other hand into the loose waves of hair behind her head, and swooped my mouth down to claim hers.

She tried to struggle, pushing against me with her free hands. I kissed her hard, but she wouldn't soften her mouth for me. I pulled hard on her hair, forcing her to tilt her head back, exposing her slender neck. I ran my mouth hard around her neck, suckling and biting as it pleased me.

"Fuck you Claire!" Madison screamed in my ear as her fists hit my shoulders. I caught a hint of desperation in her voice.

I pulled back to look deeply into her green eyes, holding her captive until her thrashing eased up. "No Madison, I'm going to fuck you," I said softly. I watched comprehension dawn in her face, and then I returned my mouth to her neck, fighting against her renewed struggling to taste her skin.

My mouth softened as I let the taste and feel of her silky skin penetrate my consciousness. I murmured, sliding my mouth wetly up the column of her neck to nibble gently on her ear. Her pushing got weaker, less strident, and I felt a surge of victory that I might actually get her to succumb to me. But I knew she would have to stop resisting me; she would have to welcome me into her bed – I would not force her to do anything more than face her feelings.

"Madison," I whispered softly, feeling her breath catch as my soft words tickled her ear. "Let me touch you. Let me please you. I've dreamt of this, of you; soft and willing in my arms. I will beg if you require it, but please...I need you so badly." I nipped again at her earlobe, and then kissed my way back down her neck. I slid my way around to her other ear.

I whispered again "I know you want me too, Madison." I interspersed my dialogue with soft slow licks and gentle nibbles. The hands that had been restraining her, holding her prisoner were now caressing her. I stroked my left hand up and down her smooth back, feeling the silk of her robe whisper against my fingers. Meanwhile my right hand was sliding through the thick locks of hair, smoothing out the tangles my fist had just caused. "Stop fighting me, stop fighting us."

I felt her shudder, felt the surrender liquefy her bones. My heart soared in triumph – what a powerful feeling! No wonder Madison liked this stuff; it was a very heady feeling.

I pulled back, looking again at her eyes. Her expression was shuttered, but I could see the indecision and turmoil in her eyes. Yes, she did want me. She was desperate for release...but she was scared too. I leaned in and kissed her again, softly this time. In our traditional fashion, I kept my eyes open and on hers as our lips touched. I kissed her easy, and when I could stand it no longer, I closed my eyes, tilting my head to the side and opening my mouth to deepen the kiss.

Madison allowed my tongue past the barrier of her lips. I swept my tongue around the inside of her mouth, stroking her teeth and her tongue. My tongue retreated, inviting hers to follow. A shudder went through me as she complied, slowly sliding her warm tongue into my mouth. Her hands, which had been pushing against me previously, were now pulling me in tighter.

We stood in that embrace for a long time, kissing deeply and intensely. Her kiss was slowly driving me mad. The arms that had pushed against me were now clutching tightly. Her hands were roaming over my body, and I felt the desire shoot through me hot and fast; my body's usual reaction to her touch. Though I had initiated, rather forcibly, she was surely taking control of my senses, of my emotions. Unwilling to lose the slight control she had acceded to me, I pulled away to meet her eyes again.

"Where's your bedroom?" I asked quietly.

"Claire..."Madison said, lowering her eyes. Amazingly, she looked completely vulnerable and shy. I had never wanted her more. "I don't know if I can do this."

"Why not?" I asked gently. I knew she was scared, I just didn't know why or of what. "Explain to me why we have never done this before, in all this time."

Madison pulled away. I let her go, knowing that this was the time for serious and compassionate conversation, not pushing. I watched as she paced the room blindly, looking down at her own feet as they slid gracefully across the rugs.

"I'm not sure I can explain. I never have talked about it," she began hesitantly.

I picked up the forgotten wine glasses, handing hers to her. I took my seat again, and waited patiently for her to order her thoughts as she paced and sipped.

"I'm essentially a coward at heart, Claire," Madison said after a long moment, still walking the floor. "I've accomplished so much in my life, gone so far, and never have I let anything stand in my way. I have always been in control and sure of myself. But when it comes to emotions, to...feelings? I am not able to let go of myself enough to let somebody else have that power over me."

"Are you afraid of getting hurt?" I asked softly.

"Yes, I suppose that's part of it," she replied. Madison quit her pacing and sat back down on the couch again. Facing me for the first time, she continued "But mostly it's just the loss of control. To give somebody that kind of power over me, over my body, over my feelings...honestly it scares me shitless."

"Okay, "I said. "I guess I can understand that part. But sometimes that's the best thing about love making – the release, the letting go. Trust me; you do it to me all the time. And then the orgasm, when you are totally unencumbered by self, by thoughts, by anything at all – it's most amazing thing. Surely you agree?"

Madison blushed. While I was trying to grasp the concept of 'Madison blushing', she shocked me with her response. "I wouldn't know," she said shyly, looking away from me.

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