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The following is a work of fiction to be consumed ONLY by adults 18 years of age or older. All characters depicted are at least 18 years old. This is a kinky pairing between a switchy couple, with the male in the dominant role in this scene. It is intended as a quick and dirty read with very little relational or character exposition. This story includes the usage of several different toys, anal penetration, and some humiliation. If such content is illegal for you to consume in your area or offends you, please do not read on. Remember to always practice safe, sane, consensual kink in real life. All constructive feedback is greatly appreciated.

She was strapped down to the bed, her eyes covered with a silk mask, her pretty lips clutching a spit-soaked ball gag. He had tied her spread eagle, tan arms above her head, long, dark legs spread wide and attached to the lower bed posts. She was moaning behind the gag, tossing her chestnut hair back and forth, thrusting her hips against the toy in his hand.

He was kneeling on the bed beside her, as naked as she. His ass still bore signs of the punishment she'd given him earlier - ten agonizing stripes across his white skin with her favorite cane - but she was at his mercy now. He grinned, even though she couldn't see, pulling the toy away as she let out a growl of frustration, striking out against her bound limbs.

She tried to speak behind the gag, but it came out all garbled. He leaned forward, humor evident on his face, and stuck a finger in her mouth to pop the gag out. It came loose and she swallowed hard, gasping for air.

"Sorry, what? I didn't catch that."

The toy - a rabbit-style vibrator with multiple settings - was still buzzing in his hand. He rubbed the tip around her swollen pussy lips, admiring her grimace, her tight legs straining against the ropes that bound her.

"I - need - more -" she hissed.

"That sounds like your problem."

"Give it to me!" she shouted, her lips opening in a snarl. "I order you to -"

A quick, hot strike across her face with his free hand. "Right now, you don't order me to do shit."

She barely flinched under his slap, no stranger to pain, but her tactics changed. She turned her full lips down into a pout and starting moving her hips sensually, hoping to tempt him. She let all authority drop from her tone and adapted a soft, pleading whisper, throaty and low.

"Please, Mister?" she said. "Get out the Hitatchi. I want to come for you."

He laughed, "I don't care what you want."

He reinserted the toy, working it back and forth a few times, drinking in her response. She thrust her hips against him hopelessly, whining, gripping the ropes that kept her tied down to the bed. He knew a part of her longed to take control, to escape by any means necessary, just so she was no longer forced to yield to his torture. He yanked the toy away again, giving her a quick slap on either thigh for good measure. She yelped, and he could practically see the fire in her eyes through the blindfold that covered them. Her beautiful face twisted in frustration.

"You're going to regret this when I get loose," she said through gritted teeth.

He chuckled again. "Yeah, we'll see."

"You think your ass hurts now?" she snapped. "I'm going to beat you until you're black and blue, little boy."

"This is not the way to get me to relent," he reminded her.

He pushed the toy back in, leaving it on its lowest setting, resting against her clit. She squirmed and it slipped off, which just led to more squirming and more frustration. She practically roared.

"That one's on you," he said. He slid off the bed, moving towards the nightstand where they kept their favorite toys. He opened the bottom drawer and inspected their inventory. He selected a few choice items - a thick plug for her ass, a dildo, the lube, some silver clamps for her nipples. He also removed her treasured Hitatchi, the one vibrator she owned that could make her come multiple times. He turned back to the bed, listening to her panting, admiring her curvaceous form as she rolled her hips up and down. Her large tits were bouncing and flopping on her chest, unheeded. Feeling smug, he reached back into the drawer and picked up a short chain to attach to the clamps.

He didn't speak as he returned, crawling back between her legs. He was hard as a rock, his cock throbbing and straining crudely straight in the air. She hadn't let him come in days. She'd been very, very mean lately. It was time for revenge, consequences be damned.

First, he attached the clamps. Then he attached the chain carefully, almost hoping she wouldn't notice. This, he noticed with vindictive pleasure, elicited a gasp and a wince. She stilled her thrashing, gasping through gritted teeth, her fists clenched, her stomach muscles tightening with every breath. He wanted to remove her blindfold, watch her beautiful, brown eyes well up with tears, but he also didn't want her to know what he was doing. And he was afraid of losing his nerve under her gaze. They switched often, but there was no question who really had the upper hand in their relationship. He worshiped her, and she knew it.

He removed the rabbit vibrator, which was still dangling uselessly from the edge of her fuckhole, buzzing absurdly. He clicked it off, tossing it carelessly away. He replaced it almost immediately, thrusting the longer, thicker dildo inside of her. There was very little resistance - she was sopping wet, and she clenched at the toy the moment it penetrated her, throwing her head back and moaning loudly. She was glowing with a thin sheet of sweat, her creamy, dripping pussy leaving a little puddle on the sheets under the perfect cleft between her thighs. He leaned down, planting a tender kiss on her exposed flesh and she gasped again, thrusting her hips up towards him, silently begging for more. He licked her swollen, glistening clit once, then pulled away, chuckling as she let out a whine of frustration.

Next, he lubed up the butt plug. He pulled her towards him by the hips, tilting her pelvis up, and pushed the plug in with a long, steady thrust, giving her no time to adjust or resist him. This solicited a wail from her that brought a wide grin to his face.

"I - hate - this -" she grunted, and he felt her tight, hot asshole clamp down on the toy in his hand. Biting his lip, eyes alight with malice, he thrust the plug back and forth a few times, letting the widest part pop in and out of her. She gasped and cursed, then finally relaxed her lower half as he pushed the plug in all the way to its flared base. He let out a soft groan, overwhelmed by how hot she looked - breasts pulled together by the chains clamped to her nipples, ass and pussy stuffed full, gorgeous, full body slick with sweat. She was a debauched goddess, a sexual being of lust and light and longing. His cock throbbed, aching to be inside of her.

"Almost airtight," he murmured. "Is this enough for you, my power queen?"

"You know it isn't," she panted. "The Hitatchi...please..."

He reached out and thrust the dildo in and out of her hot cunt, drinking in her desperate moans. As they increased in pitch and frequency, he moved the toy faster, fucking her harder. Her breasts heaved, the silver chain connecting them clinking, her abdomen muscles straining and flexing each time her hips bounced up to greet his hand. For all her complaining, she hardly seemed to notice the plug in her ass anymore. This was how it always was - she cried and whined, but begged for more the moment her body accepted the sensation. It was hard to overload her, but once he did...

He slowed the thrusting, stopping completely when the dildo was buried inside of her again. He plugged the personal massager in, then crawled up beside her, bumping his naked, hard cock into her side as he moved. Her hands flexed automatically in their binds, wanting to reach for him. He placed the head of the Hitatchi against her swollen, splayed clit, pressing the button, switching on the lowest setting.

The gasp and cry of delight that came from her nearly undid him. Her mouth was open, panting around a smile, twitching with every delicious pulse. She started rolling her hips crudely, her waist and chest fluidly joining the movement. She shrieked when this caused the chains on her nipples to tighten and contract, pinching her sensitive buds sharply. The mask covering her eyes was nearly falling off. He reached up and removed it, exposing her wicked brown eyes to him. She gazed at him, pleading, locking him into her gaze as she begged.

"Higher, Mister, please, higher," she moaned. "Please, please, you know I need more...I have to have more - oh! Oh FUCK!"

He acquiesced, flipping the Hitatchi to its highest setting. She practically screamed, her face alight with pleasure and wonder, her hips bucking frantically against the buzzing ball between her legs. He found some excess rope on the bed and pulled away from a moment, kissing every inch of skin he could reach as he wrapped the rope around her soft thigh and the massager, locking it in place on her clit. She was able to move enough that she could drag the vibrating orb back and forth against her clit. She started moving even more frantically, taking advantage of the small power she gave him, moaning loud and high.

He reached down, thrusting the dildo in and out of her hot cunt, watching her sexual performance avidly, his cock nearly bursting for relief. He gave her three final, brutal thrusts, burying the toy inside of her again, then scrambled up her body. She watched him with hungry eyes.

He straddled her face, his cock bumping her cheek. It was an awkward position, he could feel the chains on her tits digging coldly against his thighs, but one they had practiced before. She panted and gasped, still bouncing a little, her face and throat soaked in sweat. He stroked his cock in front of her face a few times and she watched, mouth open, before meeting his eyes and licking her lips.

"Give it to me," she said. "Choke me with your cock."

"Manners," he admonished, despite the fact that her words nearly had him coming in his fist.

"Please," she breathed, her voice small and desperate. "Please, Mister, fuck my throat..."

He pressed his cock against her lips and they parted instantly, her tongue snaking out to twirl around his mushroom head. He groaned, his face tight, muscles straining with the effort to hold himself back. Then, with a loud cry of relief, he buried himself in her mouth. It had been almost two weeks since she had allowed him inside of any part of her, teasing him mercilessly, refusing to let him masturbate, forcing him to edge. Her mouth was heaven. She worked at him expertly, her tongue swirling and sweeping around the head, her mouth automatically suckling and pulling at his shaft. He knew it wouldn't take long for her to make him come.

He took control, fists in her hair, and began fucking in and out of her mouth as roughly as he would her pussy. Her lips sagged open wider, her throat relaxed, and he lost himself in the sensation of her hot, wet mouth. He pushed forward as far as the awkward position would allow, aiming for her tight throat. She leaned forward to accommodate him, working hard, her throat and cheeks reverberating with every sweet moan as she began nearing her own completion. The feeling of the tip of his cock broaching that curve when her mouth became her throat made his balls tighten. He was so close.

"I'm going to come down your tight little throat," he grunted. She hardly seemed to notice. Her mouth open and relaxed obediently, she had started focusing on her own pleasure, her hips rolling up and down, her eyes closed. He could hear the tension in her tone, the tightening, pleading whine that signaled her imminent climax.

He fucked faster and faster, using her, forcing her to open to him, to accept his fucking however he chose to give it to her. Her tongue wiggled wetly under his cock, coaxing him, begging silently for his hot come. It was the only part of her that still seemed focused on making him come. She was practically screaming, choking on his cock, her hips bouncing wildly against the mattress. He heard her take a deep breath, hold it, and then - she was coming.

It was a sight to behold, her entire, beautiful body tensing and relaxing with every delicious contraction. Her moans became lower, throatier, far less self-aware. Her eyes popped open and locked with his, delirious and hazy. Tears were spilling down her cheeks. She stared up at him reverently, cheeks darker with blood, eyes wet and wide and wonderful. He thrust once, twice, gritting his teeth, then buried himself deep in her throat as spurt after spurt of hot come poured from him. She was starting to come down, her breath slowing a little.

They both held one another in the moment, she with his cock in her mouth, him with his hands wrapped around her head. Her hands fluttered in their binds, desperate little birds. He slowly, achingly pulled away from the warm sheath of her throat, letting her breathe. His cock, utterly satisfied, plopped out of her mouth, leaving a little splash of come on her chin. He wiped it off with his thumb, then forced his thumb into her mouth, making her clean him. The Hitatchi buzzed on below, making an obscene noise as it vibrated against her wet, overheated flesh.

She suckled on his thumb and started to whine.

"Aww, what's the matter, baby?"

"Too much," she mumbled. She was keeping her hips as still as possible, now. "Please, make it stop -" She strained against the ropes keeping her in place, whining, her face alive with the potent mix of pain and pleasure.

He rolled down to her lower half, pressing the head of the Hitatchi up against her oversensitive clit. She screamed.

"Oh god, oh no, please -"

"How many days did you make me go without coming? How many times did you hit me with that wicked little cane of yours?" he asked, as if he didn't already know.

"Te-ten," she hissed, trying to squirm away from the overload of pleasure.

"I think you deserve at least half as many orgasms in a row for that, don't you?"

"Don't you fucking dare - aaaah!"

He grasped the bottom of each of the toys buried in her hot holes, pulled them both out to the very tip, and then thrust them both back inside at the same time brutally. She shrieked again, tossing her head back. He began fucking her back and forth with both toys, alternating, so that one was always thrusting in and the other was always pulling out. His movements jostled the Hitatchi still tied to her thigh, causing it to bump up against her clit with every thrust. The double penetration of one rod fucking her cunt and the other taking her ass drove her to a frenzy.

She was wild, torn between need for her next climax and agony from the overstimulation. He pounded her with the toys, brutal and unyielding, watching as she strained and cried. Her second orgasm was fast approaching. She struggled, her hips peaking in their quest for completion, even as she begged him to stop with every breath.

"Oh - n-no -" she cried, "Please, please, noooo-"

Again, that gorgeous unraveling, the way she gasped and grunted and trembled as her orgasm swept over her, unaware of how wild and devastatingly tempting she looked. She started to come down again, but he pushed on just as brutally, continuing to fuck her through her climax and the short valley beyond. Her voice was hoarse and thin, but she continued to plead with him.

"That's really cute," he breathed. "Keep begging like that. God, you're so beautiful. I love watching you come."

"You - bastard -" she grunted. "Please, pleeeease, make it stoooop..."

But her third orgasm was impending, unstoppable. He gloried in the way he had complete control over her, in how he could push and push her past the limit she would ever push herself. Coming made her quiet, quiescent. All of her dominance and confidence dropped away, and he was left cradling his sweet, pleading little angel, desperate and soft and entirely his. He pushed against her, his hands starting to cramp, but he didn't relent. He leaned down and swept his tongue along the top of her wet cleft, just above where the Hitatchi nudged against her clitoris. She gasped at this new sensation, crying out as his wet, soft licks pushed her over the edge again.

"You - have - to - stop," she panted as she came down, her face flushed, her words slurring. "I can't - do it - again - please -" She was crying.

"Awww," he said, showing her a mocking pout. "What happened to 'I need more, I need more', huh?" His cock was already beginning to harden again, stiffening as he watched her exquisite torture.

"I-I really can't -"

"You can," he laughed. "And you will. Two more, beautiful. Get ready."

He thrust the dildo back into her hot cunt, fucking her harder.

"You - are - in - so - much - trouble," she sobbed, overwhelmed.

The evening stretched out ahead of them - he had nothing but time, and she was at his mercy. Grinning, he set back to work, drinking in her desperate reactions. This was how they lived, how they loved - a constant back and forth, jockeying for dominance. One would seek revenge on the other for some previous punishment, in a spiraling cycle he hoped would never end.

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Very good but

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