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Power Trip


The rhythm of the music pounded into me, it was like a part of me. I couldn’t believe I could feel this sexy, this vibrant, and full of life. Who knew that going to rock concerts could do that? I ran my hands up my tight black leather clothes, a corset that pushed my full milky breasts up, and made me feel like a porn star, and tight black pants that made my ass look great, were only complemented by my black knee high boots. My light brown hair flowed down my back, wild, and unbound, my pale face done up with lots of eye make up, and lip stick, highlighting my exotic eyes, and cock sucking lips.

I felt like I could fuck anyone, and yet I only wanted one, I turn towards the man standing next to me, fair haired, fair skinned, and mine. The bass of the band poured through me, the drums struck cords in my body, and I felt like ripping him apart with my teeth, and nails, to put him back together, only to do it all over again. I needed to feel him in me, all of him, his perfect penis filling me to utter contentment, complete release. Wetness soaked my pussy, making me forget everything except the way he made me feel, I felt him in me, pushing me to the peak of ecstasy, that was all I could take, I needed him, and I wasn’t going to be able to hold off any longer.

Grabbing his arm I pulled him towards the door, and out to the car, he asked me what was going on, I was to horny to talk, to even pretend like I could make words that he would understand, I was completely primal, the drums still pounding a rhythm of sex in my head, while the bass pounded out a chorus of seduction. Getting into the house I push him down on to the ground, not bothering with words, they were useless, not caring that he had no idea what was going on, I push him down and sat on his chest, looking down at him I smiled that animalistic smile that made him understand me without words.

“Let’s see if I can’t abuse you tonight.” I grabbed his hair and pushed his head to the side, I bent down and bite his neck, I heard him make noises, I didn’t give a fuck if they were from pain, or pleasure, he’d take it and like it! I lifted his shirt up, and pulled it off from his body, leaning down I grabbed his nipple in my teeth, and tugged, then sucked. I felt him growing hard against my ass, he tried to life up to suck on my neck, I pushed him back onto his back, and slapped his face, hard,

“Bad bitch, who in the fuck told you, that you could move?” I pulled a cigar from the top of my boot, and lit it. Taking a puff I blew it in his face, and laughed. Smoking fetishes were easy to please, power trips were easy to ride, I did both. I taunted him, moving up and down on his chest, like a whore riding a dick, making noises only made during sex, and then I stood up my booted feet on either side of him. I looked at his tight pants, and his large, hard, cock straining against its prison.

“Well let’s see what I can do to you tonight, don’t move!” When I gave an order I expect it to be followed, if I told him to stand in the middle of a burning house, he damn well better, I don’t like to be disobeyed. I walked into the “play room”, and grabbed handcuffs, and a whip, and of course my favorite jelly dildo, walking back out to the room where I left him, he lay there unmoved, and hard as hell. I grabbed him arms and cuffed them to the posts of the stairs, I didn’t waste any time taking off his pants, and boxers, and I smacked his ass, and smiled gleefully as he let out a yelp.

“Shut up!” I then moved in to his view, so he could see me, sometimes anticipation was one of the best things in the world. I bent giving him a perfect view of my breasts, and puffed the cigar in between my lips, I blew smoke in his face, and then I started to undo the corset.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked him with a wild look in my eyes, a look I knew all to well, it was mirrored in his, and he didn’t say a word.

“Good boy lets see if I can figure out some things to do to you, shall we?” I used the whip and marked his body with red welts, he cried out in pain more times that I could count, every time I came close to that sweet release, that primal mating that I needed to feel. I grabbed his hair and forced his head back. Licking his neck I sunk my teeth in, almost growling from the pleasure of his flesh in my mouth, I moved a savage path to his shoulders and then his chest, biting, licking, my nails following along, making red lines of angry love, behind the purple bruises that my teeth left.

My lips reached his cock, hard and pulsing from arousal, and I sucked the very tip, tasting the salty pre-cum that I craved like air. I sunk to my knees, grabbing another cigar, lighting it, I blew smoke onto his dick, and sucked, switching between the smoke and my mouth, till he was almost to the edge of pleasure. I stopped and grabbed his dick at the base, giving it a hard squeeze to keep him from cumming, he pulled against the cuffs then, and I gave his ass a hard whip,

“Did I say you could move you fucking cock sucker?” He whimpered, and I went back to my delightful torture, tasting him, teasing him, making sure I left those angry welts that were my way. I grabbed the dildo that I had next to me and shoved it in his ass, ramming him, not caring that it hurt, making him feel the pain, and the pleasure, again he came close to cumming, I stop and grabbed his cock at the base again. Flipping him over on to his back, he whimpered as the cuff dug into his wrists, I took off my pants, let them slide slowly down my hips, then my legs, kicking them off to the side, I sat above his face. I slowly sunk down so that he could stick his tongue in me, if I allowed it,

“Eat me out, now!” He did just that, licking, probing my wetness with a ready tongue. I started to move in a fast rhythm, a pace that was hard for my to keep, erratic and savage, much like me. I fucked his face, my juices dripping down his face, his lips finding my clit; he sucked, nipped, till I was near climax. I grabbed his dick and began to run my hands up and down it, until it was jumping from the blood pulsing through it, satisfied with his state of arousal I got off his face, and slammed myself unto his dick.

Sinking deep I moaned, he tried to stop himself from making any noises, but a whimpering moan escaped, my cunt tightening around his thickness, I began to move, fast, hard, taking him deep,

“Move with me, you lazy bitch.” He kept pace, pushing his hips up to meet my pussy, I bounced until I was slick with sweat, his eyes were clouded with pleasure, and then I leaned down, whispering in his ear,

“Cum you fucking cunt, cum in me!” Having the permission to final find realize, he pounded his hips up, I arched my back, taking him deeper, I could feel him against my cervix, I could feel him pulse, I couldn’t think of anything else but my release.

I felt it deep within me, a fire that started low, and warm, that kept growing until it over took everything, I cried out in ecstasy. My walls tightening around his shaft, he pushed up three more times, burning himself deep he came, screaming my name, and streaming his seed into my womb. I lay on him, my body in unison with his, still having those wonderful muscle spasms that were the finale of a great orgasm. I reached up and undid the cuffs,

“Well that was fun, wasn’t it? We’ll have to do that more often.” Smiling down at him, his body used, and marked by me, tattoos that show ownership, and the owner of that body was me. I got up and walked away, wiggling my naked ass, turning myself on yet again,

“Well looks like it’s going to be a long night, come on fucker, I want to lay in bed this time, the floor is ruff on my skin.” Laughing I turned to look at him and his already erect dick, standing on its own, this could end up being a fuck feast, fun filled night, humming the hard rock song that I had fucked in rhythm to I smiled and grabbed the handle to the door.

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