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Powercut Pleasure


It was getting close to midnight as I lay in bed watching a video of two girls playing with each other on my computer. At the age of 19, I was very curious about girl-on-girl action and found myself fantasizing about fucking my best friend with a strap on.

I twisted my pubes around my finger and pulled slightly. This video was turning me on. I ran my fingers over my stomach and then back down to my pubes. I pushed a finger through my lips and ran it up and down the slit before placing it on my clit and rubbing slowly.

I watched one of the girls bury her face between the other girl's legs while her hands squeezed her breasts. I increased the speed of my rubbing and closed my eyes for a second, imagining that it was me getting my pussy licked out.

When I opened them, the video had disappeared and my lamp wasn't on.


I checked the time on my mobile – almost midnight.

My father and brother weren't up and I doubted that my brother-in-law was awake, so I was the one that had to get up to check the fuse box.

I pulled my nightie down and got out of bed, flicking the light switch to test it. Nothing. I went out into the hall and tried that light, still nothing.

Frustrated, I sighed and made my way downstairs. There's a flashlight in the lounge. I guided myself with my hands and started to inch my way through the gap between the door, sofa and wall. (Due to the size of the sofa that mum wanted, it left a very small gap to get through. Two people struggle to get through at the same time).

I stubbed my toe while trying to get through and gasped in pain as I leant over the sofa arm, one hand resting on the cushion to steady myself. I felt the cool air hit my bare ass cheeks as my nighty rode up. I shivered slightly and pushed myself backwards so that I could stand up straight. My ass moved back first, I was shocked, but pleasantly surprised when something hard jabbed between my ass cheeks. I groaned out loud and stayed perfectly still until the wave of pleasure that hit me had subsided. I moved myself forward once more, then backwards again, enjoying the hard length. I did this a few more times, each time, the hard shaft jabbed between my ass cheeks – resulting in a wave of pleasure.

I felt my pussy tighten & moisten. I slipped a finger between my legs and slowly circled on my hard little nub. I was definitely ready for a fuck.

The shaft rested between my cheeks and began to slide up and down. I squeezed my cheeks together, holding it still. Before I could move again, a pair of hands grabbed my hips and yanked me backwards, his cock slipping further between my cheeks He pushed my head down into the sofa and pulled my ass further into the air, his swollen head jabbed between my cheeks again and I felt his hands separate them. He slid his cock between my pussy lips, and followed through to my ass, before I felt him guide his erect member to my cunt where he pushed viciously into my hole.

I moaned loudly into the sofa cushion as he entered me swiftly. He moved fast, in and out, in and out. His fingers dug into my hips as he held me steady. His breathing quickened as he thrusted himself into me with more force each time. His strokes were long and deep. He rammed himself into me before pushing my stomach onto the sofa arm and leaning over me, to rest his own hands on the cushion. He pushed all the way into me and pushed his torso into my back, jamming me between his cock and the sofa. He moved quickly, jabbing into me in the new position.

I groaned quietly as he slowed down. His cock throbbing in time with my pussy. His jabbing became slower. He teased me by moving out slowly until only the tip was in, then he pushed himself back in to me. Deliberately teasing me. Making me moan. Making me beg for more. I tried to push myself backwards, asking for more. Needing more.

He moved one hand underneath me and slid his finger over mine, moving my hand out of the way, he placed his finger on my clit and rubbed hard. I grunted loudly as the pleasure became too much and my legs started to shake. As I began to climax, he pulled himself out of my pussy slowly, teasing me, rubbing at my clit harder and faster then he slammed his cock back into my love hole once more.

I moaned louder into the cushion and balled up my fists. I pulled my ass cheeks apart with my hands, just for something to grab. I didn't expect him to slide a finger into my puckered little hole. I grunted as the pleasure over took me and with his finger in my ass, he thrust his cock deeper into my pussy. As he rammed into me again, I felt a second finger trying to enter my ass. I let out a scream as he rammed both his cock and two of his fingers, harder and deeper into me, before filling me with a hot barrage of cum.

We rested there until his cock softened and slipped out of my sopping wet cunt. He removed his finger from my ass and slapped my cheeks before leaving the room.

I pulled myself upright and steadied myself before wandering back upstairs. I got into bed and relaxed, still panting. The realisation setting in; that I'd just been fucked, without knowing who it was, but that it was definitely a member of the family.

My last thought before drifting off to sleep was that we need a power cut more often.

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