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I was sitting at home watching TV one evening when Kim gave me one of her famous, or is it infamous, "honey do" lists, a list of things she wanted me to do when I got the chance to get to. There were several things on the list, items such as fix the lawn mower, clean the gutters, and others. She also wanted me to fix the ceiling fan in the bedroom. It had mysteriously stopped working a few weeks ago and with the weather as hot as it was, we needed that ceiling fan, especially when we had one of our marathon fuck sessions.

I chastised myself for not getting to it before she had to ask, so I resolved to get it fixed as soon as I could. I knew I would need a few items, so I went to the local Lowes to get some electrical pliers and some wire nuts. I hoped we didn't need to replace it, but I checked on the prices of the models Lowes carried to get an idea of how much it could cost just in case. After I got what I needed, I walked to the front of the store to check out, passing by the section where they had loose stocks of ropes and I had to chuckle to myself. We had always joked about "going to Lowes for rope" for a bondage session, but for some reason, we never had gotten around to it yet.

I went to the register and paid for the items and I was feeling good because of the rope memory, and I drove home. All the way home, I was thinking of ways I could tie Kim up and how I could take advantage of the positions she was tied, and I was starting to feel really frisky. I arrived at the house and had a pretty large erection, but I had a job to do, so I would have to forego any desire to use my erection for our mutual satisfaction.

I grabbed a step ladder and pulled the housing off the ceiling fan so I can look at and check the wiring to make sure nothing simply came apart. The house was an older house, and the plastic insulation on the wires throughout the house had become brittle. It wasn't a problem in most places, but a ceiling fan tends to vibrate and wreak havoc on the old plastic insulation. I hoped it hadn't shorted out and burnt the wiring so I would have to pull down part of the ceiling to replace it, but it didn't look to bad and did not look like that was the problem. I grabbed the hot wire and went to twist the wire nut to make sure it wasn't just loose. The wire nut crumbled in my fingers and I was suddenly touching the hot wire. Not a good thing to happen because I had not turned off the power yet. The power surged through my fingers and I was instantly knocked off the ladder and fortunately fell on the bed.

It must have rendered me unconscious for a few minutes, because the next thing I knew, Kim was standing over me yell at me to see if I was ok. I looked around a little disoriented to get my bearings. My finger hurt a little and I had a large headache, but other than that, I was fine. Kim was asking me if I wanted to go to the hospital to make sure I was alright, but I assured her I was and I needed to remember to turn the power off before I continued.

I went to the breaker panel and turned off the break switch to the bedroom. I then went back to the bedroom and used a meter to make sure that the power was off on the ceiling fan. I told Kim to go get a flashlight and hold it while I checked to make sure that it was off. After confirming this, I told Kim that she was going to have to hold the flashlight so I could see what I was doing, while I again attempted to repair the fan. As it turns out, it was just that wire nut and after replacing it, I checked the other two and made sure they weren't bad as well. They seemed fine, so I tightened them some and turned the power back on.

I turned on the switch and the fan was working like it was supposed to. Good, one item off her list. I still had a headache and I was a little curious why I would have such a headache. The shock shouldn't have been that bad. It was getting late, so I decided to go to bed. The excitement had killed my earlier desire, so I just kissed Kim, snuggled up with her, and went to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up. The headache I had the night before was gone, but something felt different. I couldn't quite place my finger on it, but something just felt different. I dressed and went to work and had a pretty uneventful day. However, I still couldn't shake this feeling that something was different, but I still had no idea what.

It was time to go home, so I finished the work I needed to do and went to my car. As I was driving home, I was thinking that I would really love to have some baked chicken for dinner. Sometimes, I just get a craving for a certain food. Unfortunately, I usually didn't develop these cravings in time or forget to call Kim and tell her, so I usually have to settle for what she made for dinner. I drove the 20 minute drive to get home and pulled into the driveway. I went inside, and Kim was in the kitchen. She turned to me and said "I had made spaghetti for dinner, but I changed my mind and decided to make baked chicken instead. I put the spaghetti in the fridge, went to the store and purchased a chicken, and it is in the oven right now. Sorry, dinner will be a little later than usual."

I thought to myself, "Wow, how did she know?" I was really perplexed, I knew she knew me really well, but is she reading my mind now? That was really strange. Even stranger that she changed her mind even in the middle of making dinner to change it to what I had wanted! How did this happen?

I wondered if she really could read my mind. So, for kicks, I thought that I would like a nice blow job after dinner. Let's see her read my mind then!

I finished dinner sitting at the table while we each told the other how our day was. We shared our usual banter on the details of what happened at work today, and had a nice glass of wine with our dinner. I finished my meal and rinsed my dishes off and put them in the dishwasher, then sat down in the living room and turned the TV on. Kim rinsed off her dishes and did the same, then she came into the living room and stood before me. She dropped to her knees and unzipped my zipper and pulled my cock out. She said to me "I thought you would like a nice blow job after dinner. "

Well, I was amazed and awed. How is she doing this? I was thinking "Wow, this is a trip. This is nice though!" I then wondered if this would work again or was it some freak of statistical probability. Oh well, I sat back and enjoyed the blow job. She has always been really good at it and really seemed to enjoy giving me them, so it wasn't long before I was shooting off in her mouth yet again. She swallowed my load as usual, zipped me back up, and went into the kitchen to finish cleaning up after dinner.

I just had to test if this was real or it was just chance, so as I was sitting there watching TV, I thought that it would be nice if she took care of herself, since I had come and she hadn't. I really wanted to do it for her, but I wanted to test if it was a coincidence of it she was really doing whatever I thought. I imagined her going to the bedroom and opening her drawer and taking out her favorite vibrator. I imagined her pulling her pants and panties down, and shoving it deep inside her pussy and turning it on full speed. I imagined her coming really fast, really hard, and screaming out in joy when she did.

Kim turned on the dishwasher and walked right past me towards the bedroom without saying a word. I followed her. After all, I couldn't verify if she did it unless I followed her. She went right to her nightstand drawer, opened the drawer, and took out her favorite vibrator, the one we had just purchased earlier that month. She then undid her pants and pulled them off along with her panties. She laid down on the bed, spread her legs, and positioned the vibrator at the entrance to her pussy. She just shoved it all the way and flipped the switch to its highest setting. She sat there like that for about two minutes, then screamed "YES! YES!"

I sat there amazed. I evidently had power to get her to do what I wanted, just by thinking it now. I was getting hard by the very idea that I could control her so easily. She was always willing to do anything I asked; now all I had to do was think it and she would do it. My prick was about to burst through my jeans from the possibilities!

Well you know I just had to take advantage of this. So the next thought I had was of Kim on her knees with her head to the bed, looking back at me and just begging me to fuck her ass. Almost immediately, she turned over, lifted her midsection up so she was on her knees, and looked back at me. She then said "Will you please fuck my ass? I don't know why, but I am still SO horny and need you to fuck my ass!"

Well who am I to argue with my sweetheart! So I undid my pants and pushed them down. They got stuck on my cock because it was sticking straight out. I pulled them forward off my prick, and pushed them down with my underwear and stepped out of both. I got on the bed and scooted up and lined my cock up with her pussy. I shoved in and Kim turned and said "I said my ASS. Please fuck my ASS!"

I replied, "I will, but I need to get it lubricated. " Then I had a thought, and imagined Kim coming as soon as I shoved my cock into her ass. I then pulled out of your cunt and raised my cock a little so it was lined up with her ass. I put it at the entrance, and shoved in all the way. It was easy because her pussy was so wet it was almost dripping down. As soon as I was all the way in, Kim faced forward and screamed "Oh my god, YES! YES! I AM CUMMING!!!!"

I pulled almost all the way out and stroked back in. I was so turned on by what was happening, I knew it wouldn't take me long. I drew back on my cock and shoved it back in and started stroking really fast. I felt the cum boiling inside of me and knew I was going to blast off inside of her real soon. On my next stroke, I shot off like a wild man and shoved all the way in, pulling out in short little strokes and shoving back all the way in. I collapsed on her then and she fell from her knees so that she was flat on her stomach. My cock was still inside her ass, but was deflating quickly. Then, slowly, it plopped out and I felt my cum ooze out of her ass a little.

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