tagIncest/TabooPractice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect


Practicing sports was a big part of Sam's life. Honing his skills on the soccer, football, and lacrosse field kept him in great shape. His rippling toned muscles turned the girl's heads at school, but unlike sports he hadn't had much practice with them. Dating wasn't as easy as scoring touchdowns - at least not for Sam.

His sister Susie on the other hand was no stranger to the opposite sex. Her bubbling laughter and bright smile had made her quite popular with the boys at school. Teasing them was one of her favorite past-times; she enjoyed taking them right up to the edge, but was careful not going over.

Both Sam and Susie - now past the age of 18 - were getting ready to go to college. Spending their summer days soaking up rays by the pool, they enjoyed one another's company, knowing it would be their last summer together. Sam was on his way to Brown on a football scholarship, and Susie was due at Harvard to begin studying criminal justice. Looking to relax before the move in the fall, their parents had taken a trip to Europe, leaving them free reign of the house.

Sitting on the edge with her feet in the pool, Susie called over to Sam, "Hey Sam, can I get some sunscreen for my back?" She went back to kicking her feet in the water as Sam grabbed the bottle of lotion.

Applying the sunscreen to his sister, Sam could feel his erection growing, pushing against the fabric of his shorts. How embarassing, he thought, hoping she wouldn't notice. "Still seeing Sean Saturday?" He asked, hoping to distract himself.

"No," she replied, looking down at her feet. "I'm done dating. At least for the Summer. What about you, any girls you're interested in?" He was massaging her shoulders now. Her nipples hardened in response to his strong hands touching her body. Becoming more relaxed, she leaned back against him and felt his stiff cock pushing into her back. Interesting, she thought.

"No, I uh - I'm not seeing anyone," Sam said, stammering over his words. Hoping she wouldn't notice his fat cock pressing against her, he continue massaging her shoulders. "You know I'm no good at that stuff," he said. "Sometimes I think I'll be a virgin forever."

Hearing her brother say that made Susie sit up straight. "You will not," she said. "Stop being so dramatic." Looking him in the face, she couldn't help noticing his dark green eyes. He was good looking, even to her. She sat staring, taking in his bulging muscles longer than a sister should have. "You just need a little practice," she said, moving her face towards his, not knowing what had come over her.

Going away to college isn't easy. Leaving behind the house you grew up in, your friends, your room, and your sibling can be devastating. Sam didn't know how much he loved his sister until he felt her lips pressing against his own. Forgetting for a minute that she even was his sister, he pressed his back into hers.

Their breathing became shallow as they continued kissing. Twisting tongues swapped saliva and both of them began feeling the other's skin. They said nothing, knowing the implications, and thinking it better to stay quiet. "Don't go so fast," Susie said, almost out of breath. "Slow down and take your time."

His hormones surging through his body, Sam felt his hardening cock straining to be set free. He knew she was right, but going slow wasn't easy. "Let's get inside, before someone sees us," he said, getting up and heading toward the house, his penis leading the way. Trying to settle down, they went upstairs, dropping their clothing along the way.

They hadn't even made it to Sam's room yet - the cleaner of the two - before he turned around, and throwing her over his shoulder, carried his giggling naked sister into his room. Throwing her on his bed, and bringing his naked body over her, he drank in her beautiful breasts, flat stomach, and smooth shaven snatch. She's beautiful, he thought, sliding his tongue between her breasts and up to her neck. He was going to do as she asked, and take his time.

Her nipples were hardening from her brother's tongue on her neck. Laying on her back, she spread her legs apart and wrapped them around his strong body. She could feel her vagina moistening with every lick. He knew what he was doing, even if he hadn't had much experience.

Lining up his cock with the entrance to her pussy, Sam stopped for a second. Before he could think, his sister pulled his face down to her own. Whispering in his ear she said, "Go ahead baby brother, start practicing." Through with waiting, Sam slid his hard cock into the entrance of her pussy. Just putting in the tip, he bit his lip for a second. It was all he could do to stop himself from cumming.

Susie's pussy was exploding with pleasure and clamping down on her brother's cock as it slid inside her. His thrusting moved her entire body as she spread her legs and held onto him. When he leaned forward and started sucking her nipples she almost had an orgasm. "Keep going!" She cried, panting and out of breath. Her brother was a fucking machine!

Sports are good for something, Sam thought, slamming his Sister's tight pussy. He kept pounding away, forcing her to wrap her legs around his waist. Her pussy was so tight, it felt like a fist was grabbing his cock. He could feel his balls tingling. Knowing he didn't have much time left he warned her, "I'm going to fucking cum!"

"Me too, keeping fucking - please keep fucking!" Susie cried out as her brother's hard cock continued slamming into her. She knew she wasn't taking the pill and that her brother's cum might make her pregnant. She knew but her building orgasm was taking over her thoughts. It came like a wave crashing over her, she called out her Brother's name over and over again. She could feel her brother's cum shooting into her, lining the walls of her greedy pussy.

He continued pumping until every ounce of his cum was in his sister's pussy. His virginity was now a thing of the past. Letting go of his body, he collapsed on top of her. Both of them were breathing hard, exhausted from their waning orgasms. His cock started softening, slipping out of his sister's dripping wet snatch. "Thanks for the practice sis," Sam said with a smile.

She held him close to her chest, smiling she said, "No problem, and with mom and dad gone, we have plenty of time to keep practicing."

Neither of them noticed their parents, standing in the doorway, staring at them with open mouths...

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous06/01/18


Another ridiculously rushed story where the parents catch them at the end for MOAR DRAMA. Pass.

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by prop6905/17/18

Good story

A little short. What about Susie. Was she a virgin ? She was not on the pill.
Hope you have another chapter

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by Anonymous05/16/18

A start...but like Susie said to Sam, slow down. It didn't develop any of the needed emotions. It needs work.

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by Anonymous05/16/18
by horny2doit05/16/18

Oh boy their parents in the doorway - uh oh !! Nice hot start, more details as you go about what turned them on, their thoughts and of course the hot sex and what they want beyond that. Of course, hismore...

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