tagMaturePractice On This Ch. 3

Practice On This Ch. 3

byChicago Bob©

This is the third, and last, story of my "Practice" series. As the author, I think it would be best to start at the beginning (Practice Date, then Target Practice), but no matter where you start, I hope you enjoy my ramblings.


The phone was ringing when I arrived home, "Hello."

"Hello, baby, Want to fuck a couple of old sluts?" It was Paula.

"Always," I replied, "Just tell me when and where."

"Friday. I'm having an after school party, my place of course. Be here around eight, and don't worry about the dress code, you won't need anything. Bye."

Today was Wednesday, two days to wonder what she was up to now. My cock grew hard in my pants remembering my first two invitations to her home. After three years of doing her yard, she had invited me to do her, then to do her and a friend. Not that I was the only one doing the doing. I got more than my fair share of attention.

I went into my bedroom to jack-off. Just thinking about Paula's big tits and her wet, inviting pussy could keep me hard for hours, as if I would ever wait that long to beat-off.

Me? I'm 19 and a soon to be sophomore at the local college. Paula is somewhere in her mid-thirties. She's a schoolteacher with a very conservative social life but a very liberal attitude toward sex. From what I can tell she is very choosy about whom she dates, let alone whom she fucks, but when she finds someone she likes she's completely uninhibited.
I am very flattered to a part of her life.

Before Paula allowed me into her inner circle of friends, I was a shy kid with two "sympathy" fucks to my name. Things sure are different now.

Finally, Friday! I knocked on Paula's door a few minutes before eight and she greeted me with a smile and the red bra and panty set she had worn last week when we played strip poker with Helen.

"Come in, baby, and let me rub up against you."

I entered and we embraced. After a few minutes of groping and tongue fencing she whispered in my ear, "Are you ready, or did you jack-off before you got here?"

"I'm ready and I haven't touched myself all day. You didn't say not to, but I thought I should arrive with a full load."

"You're so considerate. The party doesn’t start for an hour, so let me help you drain some cum from those beautiful balls of yours before my other guests arrive."

We went into her bedroom, just one of the rooms where we had enjoyed each other's company, and she said, "Strip for me."

She sat crossed legged on the bed and I got naked for her, doing a little dance and wagging my ass as I removed my T-shirt and 501's. Standing before her in just my boxers, I reached in and pulled out my hard cock, clasped my hands behind my head, and humped the air in front of me.

She applauded and swiftly moved to kneel in front of me. She had my shorts off in seconds and embracing my ass she impaled her mouth on my cock. What a feeling!

Pulling back a little, and with her hands on my hips, she pulled me into her mouth and then pushed me back, controlling the tempo of the action. After a few minutes she abruptly pulled back and my cock popped out of her mouth and slapped up against my stomach.

"My turn to strip for you. You sit and I'll dance."

With me on the bed, she danced seductively in front of me. Smiling, she purred, "You're going to have a real good time tonight." Then she pulled the cup material of her bra down and away from her breasts and twirled the nipples between her thumbs and forefingers.

When she had them standing at attention she danced up to the end of the bed and said, "Suck."

I wasted no time getting to my knees and taking her hard nipples into my mouth. I even squeezed her tits together with my thumbs between them' causing her nipples to bend toward each other and sucked on both of them at the same time.

"Oh, my. That's a first, and I like it."

I played the infant, sucking and licking her tits as we pushed into each other trying to maximize the sensations we were feeling.

After a few erotic minutes, I pulled back and said, "Show me your pussy, I want to see your sweet, juicy, pussy."

"You horny little boy, you want to see my pussy? You want to see this pussy?" As she was talking she put one foot on the bed and pulled the crotch of her panties aside. I flopped over on my back to better enjoy the view and she lowered herself right onto my mouth.

"You saw it, now lick it."

And I did. I ran my tongue between her lips and she lowered herself even more, using her fingers to pull her lips apart, giving me easy access to the entrance of her vagina. I raised my head and pushed my tongue as far into her as I could. As always, when I had my tongue in Paula's pussy, I was in heaven. I wiggled my tongue in her hole and then went for her clit, trying to suck it into my mouth.

She immediately pulled back and stood on the floor. "Not just yet, stud. When you go for my clit this time I want to be sucking your cock."

She was standing by the bed and I stood next to her, "Your wish is my command, and I sure wish you would let me help you get rid of those panties."

"Go for it, kiddo, strip me naked."

I quickly pulled her panties down and she stepped out of them. I then turned her around and removed her bra.

Standing behind her, I cupped her boobs and whispered in her ear, "Spread your legs a little. No, a little more."

She was now standing with her feet about two feet apart and I said, "I want to try something."

I stepped to her side, actually straddling her left leg, and placed my hands on her chest and back. Slowly I caressed my way down her back and over her breasts, lingering only long enough to cup each breast in turn. I soon reached the top of her pussy in front and the bottom of her ass in back.

Reaching between her legs with my right hand I felt for the bottom of her slit and finding it, I slipped my index finger into her pussy. I then added the same finger of my left hand.

Last week, between us, we had had four fingers in her pussy. I now wanted to reproduce that number without any help.

Working gently, I added my second finger from the rear and then another from the front: Four.

Paula went from looking at me curiously to looking at me lustfully as the finger count increased. When the fourth finger was firmly in place she put her left arm around my neck and turned her head to kiss me.

"You are just full of surprises tonight, aren’t you?"

"Feel OK?"

"God, yes."

Leaving the two right hand fingers inside her, I slowly withdrew the two from the front, making sure I slid them on either side of her clit. Then using the same care to maintain contact with that sensitive button, I pushed them back into her.

I did this repeatedly and she responded by pushing down harder and harder against my fingers and I kept pulling up with the same vigor. I was beginning to wonder if I was not about to lift her completely off the floor when she shuddered and her whole body went ridged.


And she shuddered again and went stiff as a board. I could feel her vagina contracting around my fingers in the unmistakable confirmation of climax. Paula had very intense orgasms.

When she started to relax I pulled my fingers from her now dripping pussy and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek. "I get the impression you liked that."

She just smiled as she turned her head to cover my mouth with hers.

"Oh god, it's already 8:40, I've got to get you ready for the party. Do you want to cum once now or try to hold it till later?

"What do you advise?"

"If this works out the way I think it will, you may not get another chance for quite awhile. You better unload now."

"OK, any preference on how?"

With a lustful grin she knelt in front of me and said, "Fuck my mouth, and you don't have to be gentle. I want you to fuck it like you fuck my pussy."

I shoved my cock toward her mouth and she leaned forward to meet me. Then she grabbed my hips and pulled me all the way into her. I started to piston my cock into her mouth like I would her pussy, but I was hesitant, not pushing in all with way.

Sensing my hesitation, Paula reached behind me and really started to slam me into her. Within seconds the pace was fast and furious. I wasn't sure who was fucking whom. I looked down and watched and well as felt her nose collide with my stomach, her lips pulled tightly around my increasingly sensitive member.

This was so hot! I felt myself building to release and told her so, "I'm almost there. Just another little bit. Oh, god, woman, you are so hot!"

It only took a few more trips into her delicious mouth and I felt my first shot rising from my balls. "NOW! IT'S NOW," I cried, thinking she would pull back and let me cum on her face and tits. But instead she pulled me hard against her and I shot load after load of my hot cum into her mouth and down her throat. She took it all without flinching. She even wiggled her face against my stomach, trying to get more of my shooting cock into her mouth.

When I was completely drained she slowly let me slid from her mouth, leaned back on her heels and exclaimed, "WOW! That was really something. You came so much! I almost had to pull off before you were finished." Grinning she added, "I must say, I think that was the best job of cock-sucking I have ever done.

"Now, use a cloth in the bathroom to clean off, and be sure to pee, you may not get the chance for a few hours. Stay naked and meet me in the living room."

I was in shock, "What do you mean 'Stay naked and meet me in the living room?' I thought you were having a party?"

Paula turned and smiled, "I am, and you're the table decoration, well, the sofa decoration anyway. Hurry now, I want to have you ready before anyone arrives." Then she gave me her most charming smile and continued, "You don't need to panic, there will only be me, Helen, and Suzie." With a wink, "You'll like Suzie."

Paula had never done me wrong so I moved to get ready.

Cleaned and drained I walked into the living room where Paula pointed to a towel she had placed on the center cushion of the sofa. I sat and without preamble she attached fur-lined leather cuffs to my wrists and ankles. To these she clipped nylon ropes that were anchored to the legs of the sofa. The ropes were not tight but I could only bend my elbows about ninety degrees. If I needed to scratch my nose, I would need help. The restraints on my ankles kept my feet about two feet apart. There was going to be no modesty tonight.

She stood back and admired her work, "Comfy?"

"It's not uncomfortable, if that's what you mean."

"Good." She straddled my legs and let her naked pussy lips brush against my cock, then whispered, "Now, no more talking for the duration of the festivities. You're the decorations. Now I have to get dressed."

I sat there wondering what was next for me. With Paula orchestrating the evening's events I knew I could expect sex in some form, but once again she had introduced me to something for which I had no experience. I was starting to look forward to the evening. Hell, she had already sucked me off with an intensity I didn't even suspect she had, she must be hot for this evening, too. I smiled and looked down. My cock was standing tall.

The doorbell rang and Paula ran to answer it. She was wearing a shapeless beige dress and was in flats. "Hello, Helen." I heard from my place in the living room. There was a short hall that led from the front door to the living room, so I was not on display for everyone who came to the door. Just those invited inside.

Paula said to Helen, "Come on in, I want to show you something."

As they walked into the living room, Helen looked at me and grinned, "Hello, Bob. It's good to see you again. And I must say, you are looking wonderful tonight."

She was staring hard at my hard cock. To Paula she said, "How did you know what I wanted tonight?"

"Call it a lucky guess."

Helen was wearing an equally frumpy outfit, which concealed her very feminine assets. She walked over to me and without hesitation sank to her knees. She took my cock in her hand and stroked it gently, smiling into my eyes. "Aren’t you happy to see me?"

I nodded.

Paula had gone to the kitchen but I guess she heard Helen's question and she called out, "I told him he can't talk."

Helen grinned and said, "Oh, the strong, silent type is it?" Then she leaned down and took my cock in her mouth, gave a quick suck, and let me go.

"This should be an interesting evening, don't you think, Bobby?"

I nodded again and looked at this beautiful 43-year-old woman, who only a week ago had discovered there was sex after the missionary position, and an unimaginative ex. I looked at her lustfully, I knew she was anxious to make up for lost time.

The doorbell rang again, and once more Paula ran to answer it. This must be Suzie, whoever Suzie might be. I felt the flush of anticipation coupled with helplessness.

Helen noticed me blush and said, "Don't worry, baby, I'll protect you."

From the hall, "Come in and meet the decorations."

Suzie entered the living room and gasped when she saw me. Obviously she was no more aware of Paula's plans than the rest of us. Paula took hold of Suzie's elbow and guided her to the sofa.

"What do you think?" Then answering her own question said, "He's beautiful, isn't he, and tonight he's all ours."

Suzie was blushing as much as I was. Helen and Paula stood silently watching the interaction between us, big grins on their faces.

Not being able to talk, I just smiled up at her and kind of shrugged my shoulders, indicating what I do not know.

By now my cock was harder than ever and starting to leak pre-cum. The turn-on was partly because of the situation, but mostly because of Suzie. She was drop-dead gorgeous! Even in jeans and a baggy sweatshirt it was easy to see her body was magnificent. Men had killed for women like this.
We maintained eye contact for a moment or so before her eyes dropped to focus on my erection.

Without taking her eyes off me she said, "What's going on here? I thought this was just a girl's night, you know, a little wine, a lot of gossip, that sort of thing. What's he doing here, and like this?"

Both Paula and Helen had gravitated towards Suzie and now stood on either side of her. Paula put her arm around Suzie's waist and the three of them looked down at me in all my unadorned glory.

Paula spoke, "Every time I get together with the girls, the conversation turns to sex. Every time. Suzie, you're as open and honest, sexually or otherwise, as anyone I know. Helen, since last week, is now a rising star in the sexual universe. I invited both of you because I am truly fond of both of you, and I am confident you will get along well together. Knowing you, knowing me, and knowing Helen, there is no way we are going to make it through the evening without sex being a major part of our conversations.

"And when we get engrossed in some real hot sex talk, we get horny, but there's never a way to easily quench the fires. Well, tonight we can talk, and when we get hot, there's Bob: The fireman. Right, Bob?"

I nodded.

"And, if any of us think we need to work on a technique or two, we can practice on this." She pointed at me, then she leaned down and kissed me saying, "Don't think I think of you as a 'thing,' baby, it's just that tonight, well, you're here for us, you understand, don't you?"

I nodded.

"I told him he couldn't talk. His contribution to the evening is his body, not his mind. So, sweet Sue, it's up to you. You can stay and enjoy, you can stay and ignore, or you can leave. It's your choice, but I hope you stay."

Suzie, who had been looking me over carefully all this time said, "This is so over the top. I just don't know. I thought I was pretty independent when it came to sex and stuff, but, well, I just don't know."

Paula said, "Let's go sit by the pool and you can think it over. There's no rush to decide."

And they left. And they were gone for a long time. Fortunately, Paula had the hi-fi on so I could at least listen to some music.

Every now and then I could hear laughter from the back yard, but they very successfully ignored me. I felt so alone my cock was soft. Go figure.

Then just before all hope was lost, Paula came into the room. She raised the hem of her dress and straddled my legs. My cock was back in action.

"Lonely, baby?"


"What do you think of Suzie? She's beautiful, isn't she?

Nod. Nod. Nod.

"You want that heavenly body of hers next to you, don't you? You want to fuck her don't you? You want to lick her clit and feel her sucking your cock, don't you?"

Serious nodding.

"And you should. She has told me stories about how she's fucked guys, and sucked their cocks, and made them weep when she wouldn't go out with them anymore. Some of the stories she's told me have made my pussy so wet the juice ran down to my knees. But don't worry, she'll use you before we're done. The talk of sex and men is strong outside. We're all hot."

With that she raised her hips, pulled her skirt out of the way, and using her hand guided me into her. She stroked me with her sex while she kissed my neck, cheeks and mouth. I pulled more than once on my bonds in an attempt to embrace her, each time grunting with frustration when I reached the limits of my restraints.

Shortly thereafter she left me, again. I was a lonely man in a house full of sexy women.

Helen came in shortly after. To my surprise she was wearing the blue bra and panties from the week before. My cock leaped upward.

"Do you want me to put on the garter belt and stockings, too, or are these enough?"

"Enough for what,' I thought.

I shook my head and Helen knelt before me. "Paula said we could use you for practice if we wanted to. Well, I've been patient enough. I want to use you to practice blow jobs." Grinning at me, "You won't mind, will you?"

I shook my head, but she was already going for my cock. Like before she started with a few inches and then steadily grew bolder. I put my head back against the sofa and enjoyed.

Helen had improved since the last time and she was soon taking my whole length into her mouth. It felt fantastic.

She raised her head, looked at me, and asked, "Better than last week?"

I nodded with purpose.

"I've been practicing. I went to a sex shop on Sunday morning. I figured everyone I know would be in church. I bought them out. I got three rubber cocks, and two vibrators. I've been in a state of perpetual arousal ever since. I can hardly concentrate when I'm teaching, and I rush home after class and stuff a vibrator into my pussy, and stroke myself with one hand while I suck on one of the rubber cocks in my other hand. I've become a wanton hussy, but you know what I haven't done yet?"

I shook my head.

"I haven't had any practice swallowing cum." She had the sweetest, most innocent look on her face as she spoke. "How can a girl go out on a date if she isn't sure she can swallow all of her man's cum? What's a girl to do?"

Playing along, I shrugged and gave her an 'I don't know' look.

"Well I finally figured out how to solve my problem, I'm very smart, you know." Then with a determined look she added, "Don’t hold back sweetie, give me all you've got."

She then returned to deep throating me, using her lips and tongue to friction my cock while she sucked firmly. She rubbed my thighs and caressed my balls. She worked me like a machine and gave me a great deal of pleasure.

I groaned and thrust my hips up to meet her ministrations. She sucked harder. I closed my knees as much as possible so as to have some contact with her. She sucked faster and harder.

Then I was ready. I grunted and she knew. She pulled back till only the head was in her mouth and lightly stroked the shaft with her hand. She worried the head with her tongue as she stroked me. I raised my hips as far as I could and shot my load into her mouth. She gulped a little but took it all, finally swallowing after my third shot. Keeping the head in her mouth, she looked up at me and winked.

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