Practice On This Ch. 3

byChicago Bob©

I was breathing hard. I nodded back at her and grinned.

Helen took my cock from her mouth and licked it clean, then asked, "Am I a good cocksucker?"

She got a tender look from me with very vigorous nodding.

She smiled and said, "Thank you. I have to get back." And she left.

Paula came in about five minutes later and kissed my mouth. "You are so nice to my friends, thank you." And she left, too.

About fifteen minutes after that, Suzie walked in and pulled a chair up in front of me. She looked me over again and as she did my cock rose to meet her.

She smiled and said, "You just unloaded into Helen's mouth and you're ready to go again. Teenagers are insatiable."

"Paula and Helen have been telling me about you. They both have a very high opinion of you, both in and out of their pussies. You have got to be the luckiest college boy in the history of the world."

Vigorous nod, big grin.

"Paula says you're hot for me."

Nod and shrug as if to say, 'Of course I'm hot for you, I'm a guy, and I'm breathing.'

"She wants me to get to know you better. Why do you think that is?"


"You sure are good at following her rules. I thought I would have you talking by now."


Then without preamble she started to talk about herself. "I know I'm beautiful. It's not an ego thing, I just got lucky when they handed out the good stuff, and I'm smart enough to take care of what I was given. But what you don't know is, it can be a curse, too. Guys either ignore me thinking someone as pretty as I is already taken, or they are intimidated by my looks and don't even approach me. Then there're the jerks. Do you know how many jerks there are out there? No, you probably don't. Anyway, you're not a jerk are you?


"I hope not, but we'll see. So that you know, I'm 29, never married, a string of lovers, a lot of wild sex, mostly with jerks as it turns out, and I'm a teacher, just like Paula and Helen. I met Paula at a teacher's conference in Sacramento two years ago. We hit is off right away, and we've shared the most intimate details of our lives. I think of her as my best friend. Do you still want to fuck me?"

That last question came from so far out of the blue it took me a moment to respond. I looked her up and down from beautiful face to baggy sweatshirt to faded blue jeans. Then I looked her right in the eye and nodded slowly and deliberately.

"We'll see." She rose and left.

Shortly after I heard all three women come inside, deposit what I suspected were the food dishes in the sink, and then proceed into Paula's bedroom. Now, what?

In about 15 minutes I found out, and I was delighted.

They entered the living room and my mouth fell open and my eyes bulged. All three were dressed in sheer, teddy-style nightgowns that came to just below their ass cheeks. Helen and Paula were wearing the same garter belt and stocking ensembles as they wore last week, Helen in blue, Paula in red. Their legs looked especially shapely in their high-heeled shoes. Suzie was dressed similarly, but in white. Helen and Paula were wearing the same panties as last week, but no bras. Their breasts held the material of the teddy well away from their stomachs. Suzie had on a white bra that hid her nipples. Her panties were made of the same material so her sex was also well concealed. I was a bit disappointed by that but very grateful to see her out of the sweats and jeans.

They stood in front of me and let me look them over. I was again breathing hard and my cock was again standing tall.

Then Paula said, "This is the acting out of a fantasy of mine. These beautiful friends have graciously offered to help."

Nobody said a word. Then as if on cue, Helen and Suzie lifted the teddy over Paula's head and then pulled her panties from her body. As if on air, she move toward me and once again straddled my legs. But instead of guiding me to her pussy herself, it was Suzie who directed my cock to its intended target. When she touched me I almost lost it. I was by now totally obsessed with her.

Paula sighed as she lowered herself on my pole. When she was firmly seated, she leaned foreword and pressed her breasts against my chest. She felt so good I put Suzie out of my mind and concentrated only on Paula.
Putting her lips to my ear she whispered so softly I could barely hear, "Don't worry, you'll get her, and when you do, treat her like the princess she is. I want you the have her. She will be my gift to you."

I was stunned. I didn't know what to make of this. Thankfully, Paula gave me no time to ponder over the meaning of her words. She immediately started to slid up and down on my cock and then quickly kissed me on the mouth, sliding her tongue past my lips. I tried once again to embrace her, forgetting about my bounds, and experienced a fleeting moment of anger when my arms were stopped.

'It’s the way she wants it so relax,' I thought to myself and I returned to the moment.

Helen and Suzie were active, too. Both were caressing Paula; shoulders, back, breasts, stomach, ass, legs. They were administrating to her entire body. I could see they were barely touching her, just the lightest, most erotic kind of touching.

Paula moaned and rested herself against me, content with the caresses of the other women. I was rock hard inside her, but she sat still and kept her arms around my neck.

Again she whispered softly to me, "This is so nice. I love the ways you do me. I love your cock, the way you fuck my pussy, the way you fuck my mouth. Don't ever leave me."

Now I was really confused, she wants to give Suzie to me and I can never leave her. What the hell?

Then she pushed back, smiled her sweetest smile, and lifted off my cock.

"I'm ready," was all she said, and she kneeled on the floor in front of me, facing away, her wet, sexy pussy staring back at me. She put her shoulders on the carpet, accentuating the view. I was beside myself with lust.

Helen produced a dildo from somewhere and Suzie brought out a small bowel of what I instantly recognized as K-Y Jelly. Together they lubed the dildo and then Helen knelt beside Paula and slowly worked it into her ass. The more dildo that disappeared into Paula's ass, the more her pussy lips parted. I stared shamelessly at the scene before me. Helen looked back and forth between Paula's tush and my eyes. She winked and I suddenly realized I was soon to get my first piece of ass, literally.

My cock grew harder ever though I would have told you that would have been impossible, even under these erotic circumstances.

While Helen was preparing Paula, Suzie took a glob of lube and applied it to my cock. She knelt in front of me and rubbed the soft, slippery goo on my hard rod.

I reacted as if I had been shot. Suzie pulled her hands away and nodded, "Sensitive. I'll be careful."

The brief adrenaline rush from her touch took the edge off my arousal and she successfully finished applying the jelly.

Both of us now prepared, Helen removed the dildo from Paula's ass and then the two of them helped Paula to her feet and guided her backwards toward me. Again she straddled my legs, this time facing away, and lowered herself towards me. Helen and Suzie helped position her above my very excited cock, and it was Helen who guided me to the point of entry.

When my cock touched Paula's little rose bud she tensed briefly and then relaxed. Being tied as I was, there was nothing I could do to help, so I stayed as still as I could, letting the women direct the action.

Slowly my rod slid into Paula's body and she was soon sitting firmly on my lap. Boy, was she tight. This was great!

"Give me a moment," breathed Paula, and we all waited.

After about a minute, she said, "OK."

Paula leaned back against me and I leaned back against the sofa. With the help of Helen and Suzie, Paula raised her legs bending her knees, then Helen stepped in front of us both and held Paula's legs high and wide.

I wished I could have been around in front to see what it looked like. I let my imagination run wild.

Suzie knelt directly in front of Paula and I leaned my head to the right to see what was happening. Suzie was lubing a second, rather thick dildo and when she was done she placed it at the entrance to Paula's pussy. Twisting and pushing the rubber cock, Suzie soon had it buried in its intended destination.

As the dildo was inserted, Paula was moaning and sighing. She whispered, "Yes, yes, push it in, push it in. Stroke me, do it, stroke me, do it." And Suzie did.

She started stroking the phallic instrument more aggressively in and out of Paula's pussy while at the same time retrieving a vibrator from the carpet in front of the sofa. An aggressive buzzing sound informed us that the device was operational and Paula moved quickly to further spread the lips at the top of her pussy, exposing her engorged clit.

Suzie gently placed the tip of the vibrator on the skin just above Paula's clit and rolled it from side to side for a moment before sliding it down to make contact with the sensitive button. When the machine found its mark, Paula stretched her arms out to either side and grabbed my wrists with surprising strength.


Suzie and I made eye contact, and we both smiled. We knew Paula was on her way.

With a determined look, Suzie continued to both pound the dildo in and out of Paula's now dripping pussy and keep the buzzer in contact with her clit.

All the while Paula moaned, whimpered, and mumbled under her breath. She was lost to this world. She had found a special place where there was only pleasure. She was really into it.

The stimulation must have been intense. I marveled at how she could endure it for so long. I tried to push into her with my cock, but I was already fully seated. I tried to sway from side to side but realized this would cause Paula to sway, too, and might jeopardize the excellent job Suzie was doing.
Slightly frustrated, I sat still and took in my surroundings. Helen was pushing against Paula's legs, her breasts swaying provocatively beneath her teddy. She was focused on the work Suzie was doing and had lust on her face, and I am sure, in her heart.

Suzie was working hard and sweat was dripping from her chin. I wondered how she kept up the pumping, by now her arms must be tired. She looked divinely evil as she went about her work pleasuring her friend.

As I watched, Suzie looked up at me and mouthed the word, 'Soon.'

She was right. Within seconds Paula came alive, calling out, "FUCK, YES……. OH GOD….. FUCK… FUCK…FUCK!

She went ridged, as usual, but this time instead of squeezing her legs together, she splayed them farther apart causing Helen to shift quickly to keep Paula's legs from falling onto Suzie's back. (Those spiked heels could do appendectomies left to their own devices.) To her credit Helen controlled the legs and watched with Suzie as Paula's pussy spasmed around the dildo. Paula also clamped down on my cock with her sphincter muscle giving me great pleasure and reminding me that my cock was buried in her ass.

If only I could move, I was so ready. I wanted to cum with Paula, but I couldn't. Still, it was a supremely erotic experience and I was content to enjoy the moment.

As Paula relaxed, Suzie let the dildo slide from its temporary sheath, and quieted the little buzzer. Paula sighed and Helen slowly lowered Paula's legs while Suzie slipped out from between my legs and moved to the side.

Helen stepped back and sat on a nearby chair, Suzie turned and leaned against the edge of the sofa, still in contact with my right leg, and Paula slumped on my lap, still fully impaled on my cock, which was still as hard as ever. It was almost painful.

I could hear the smile in her voice when she said, "God that was intense. Thank you all."

She sat up, put her feet on the floor, turned back toward me and said, "Now it's your turn."

She started stroking my cock by moving her body up and down. She would slowly rise just enough to keep the head inside of her and then lower herself till she was once again sitting on my lap. After a few rounds of this I started to push into her when she was up, increasing the tempo and the friction. As tight as she was, there was still a lot of lube to contend with.

Feeling my response she said, "You want to do it, baby?"

Helen and Suzie were both watching closely, and both said at the same time, "He's nodding."

"OK, sweetie, work your magic and cum in my ass."

She hovered above me and I thrust into her with purpose and desire.

Helen moved off her chair and knelt at my left side, head on the sofa cushion for an excellent view of the action. Missionary lady no more.

Suzie also turned for a better view and it was she who started to verbalize her feelings, "Fuck her, Bob, fuck her deep, fuck her hard, she wants it, she wants you to cum in her ass."

Helen joined in saying, "Yeah, screw her ass, pound her hard, do her, do her good, she loves it in her ass, she loves to get her ass fucked."

Between them they were driving me wild, and I think Paula, too, for she was now actively pushing against me and wiggling her hips to give me different angles of attack as I plundered her. But it was when Suzie gently cupped my sack and said, "Give it to her, Bob. Show her how much you love her."

That was all I could take. I raised my hips as high as I could and Paula sank down to meet me. I groaned in ecstasy and flooded her ass with my seed. Paula stroked my cock with her ass as I came, keeping time with each shot. It was beyond description. It was beyond imagination.

When we were finished, Suzie said, "Don't move" and ran to get a cloth from the bathroom. When she returned Helen helped Paula stand and Suzie placed the cloth between her legs. Paula sat on the sofa beside me, putting her head on my shoulder.

"Was it as good for you as it was for me?"

I smiled and leaned toward her to kiss her mouth. She met my advance and we shared an intimate moment as our lips touched with loving tenderness.

When she pulled away she said, "Let’s get us cleaned up."

Helen volunteered to do me and Paula left the room with Suzie.

As Helen lovingly cleaned my now soft cock she said, "That was very intense for me. I am going to have to think about getting ass fucked. If I decide to try it, will you do me?"

I nodded and my cock started to rise. I couldn't believe it myself, but thinking of Helen's sexy ass changed the course of my blood flow.

She noticed the stiffening, and said, "I'll take that for a yes."

She put the cloth aside and inspected her work. Looking satisfied, she sucked my now almost hard cock into her mouth and pleasured me till I was completely hard.

As soon as I was, she pulled away with a wicked grin and said, "I think I should save you. There may be someone else who wants to use you." And I was alone again.

I couldn't believe it. After such an intense experience how could they leave me? In disbelief I heard them move from the bedroom to the kitchen. I watched them as they passed and they all smiled and waved. I smiled back but without much enthusiasm. I felt abandoned.

Paula put a new record on the hi-fi, and they all went out to the backyard patio. I cursed the warm summer night for taking them away from me.

I had no idea what time it was, but I was thirsty. Thank God, Paula had reminded me to pee before all this started. Thank God I hadn't had any soda before I came over at eight. I sat and waited, listening to them laugh, obviously enjoying themselves. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the music.

"How do you feel?" It was Suzie.

I opened my eyes and looked around. I found her standing in the doorway between the bedroom hall and the living room. She looked like an angel with the soft light from the bedroom illuminating her from behind.

I made 'thirsty' moves with my mouth and she gave me the most quizzical look. Then she realized what I meant and stated, "You're thirsty. I'll get you something to drink."

She returned in a moment with a glass of ice water and putting one knee on the sofa, held the glass to my lips. I drank about four ounces and then signaled I had had enough.

She placed the glass on a side table and turned around.

My heart sank, I so very much wanted her to stay.

Instead of leaving, she once again moved the dining room chair to a position directly in front of me. I was happy just to look at her. If she stayed to talk it would be wonderful.

She was wearing a dressing gown that covered her nicely, but when she sat and crossed her legs, the gown parted revealing a lot of lovely leg. She still wore the white stockings and pumps and I could see leg to high on her thigh. God, this woman was beautiful.

My cock was hard, but she seem to ignored it.

"We don't know each other at all."

I shook my head, agreeing.

She seemed to think carefully before speaking again. After a full minute she said, "Paula thinks very highly of you, you know."

I gave a slight nod and my most sincere smile.

"I'm not talking about her letting you fuck her, or cum in her mouth, or even invade her ass. I mean she really likes you. Like a friend, and a lover."

I just sat there. Nods were inappropriate for this depth of conversation.

"And still you don't talk. Just because she told you not to?"


"She says you are her gift to me. If I want you. What do you think about that?"

I spread my arms and opened my palms in supplication. I hung my head in humility and gratitude.

Suzie seemed to understand. "Do you love her?"


"I love her, too."


"I have never been in this position, having a man in your position available to me. I asked Paula if the gift idea was just for tonight and she said I could keep you forever. If I wanted to, that is. But we don't know each other at all. I know you want me to take you, to fuck you, tonight, but would you want me to keep you forever?"

I pursed my lips and gave her what I hoped was my best, "who can know the future' look.

"You're right, who can know the future. Maybe we should get better acquainted after all." She was purring, now.

She stood and let her gown drop to the floor. "I've seen pretty much all of you, want to see some of me?"

Very meaningful nod.

She reached behind her and unhooked her bra and removed it without fanfare. I sat up and paid attention. Her breasts were very full and covered an extraordinary portion of her chest. There was no sag and she wore them well. Her slim waist made them look even larger than they were. Her nipples were a delicate pink and nicely raised above her areola, which were rather small and only slightly darker than the nipples.

I swallowed hard and she smiled.

She moved to me and climbed onto the sofa, a knee on either side of me. She held my head in her hands and said, "Be patient, I know you're in a hurry, but I want to do the work tonight, and I'm a slow worker." She closed the short distance between us and pressed her perfect breasts into my chest. They were firm, and soft, and I inhaled to expand my chest, trying to get closer to her.

She bent her head to my ear, kissed the lobe, and whispered, "Let's review your evening, so far. You got here at eight and fucked Paula's mouth like it was a pussy, but only after you got her off by sticking four fingers into her hot, horny, pussy and giving her a standing orgasm. Then Helen sucks you off right here on the sofa and later Paula serves up her ass to you with ritual-like assistance from Helen and me. I'd say you've had a pretty good evening, for a shy college boy. What do you say"?

Agreeing nod.

"My only question is, is there anything left for me? Have you got another load for poor, late comer Suzie? I can feel your hard cock, but are your balls full of sweet, thick spunk, ready to fill my pussy, or my mouth? Could you shoot your cum into my mouth or onto my tits if I were to kneel before you and jack you off? Well, could you?

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