tagFetishPracticing Cuckold Ch. 04

Practicing Cuckold Ch. 04

byAnal Slave©

It’s Friday afternoon and my wife Amy called and wanted me to come home from work early. She said she was horny and that she had company over and she wanted me to stop at the pet store and pick up a dog collar that would fit around my neck.

I ask her what it was for and she said she would show me when I got there. I left work and headed over to the pet store I purchased a big thick black leather studded dog collar. When I left the store my cell phone rang and it was Amy she told me to pull the car into the garage and for me to strip down to my black panties and to wear the dog collar that I had just bought.

She told me to come into the bedroom and hook the dog collar to a chain that was secured to the bed and to place the lock on the collar and to wait for her to get home. I arrived home and went into the bedroom and done exactly what she asked. I locked the collar and got up on the bed. I turned the television on and the VCR was on so I pushed the start button and there was my wife lying in our bed with her legs spread and another woman sucking on her pussy.

My cock tried to get hard but the cock cage wouldn’t permit it. The woman that was eating my wife’s cunt, had a leather mini skirt on and no blouse. About that time my wife walked in the room I turned the VCR off and acted like nothing was wrong. Amy came over to the bed and told me she had someone that wanted to meet me.

I looked over at the door and it was the woman I had seen earlier in the VCR movie. Amy introduces us, her name was Kim and she was very cute. Amy told me that Kim was her lover for the weekend and that I was going to watch while Kim made love to her. Then Amy told Kim to get down between my legs and to lick the head of my cock that was sticking out of my cock cage.

This was a first, my cock tried to get hard but the cock cage hurt so bad that it wouldn’t permit me to keep a hard-on. Kim told my wife that she could taste pre-cum on the end of my cock. Then Amy took off her clothes and laid down beside me.

Kim got between her legs and sucked on her clit. Amy made me put my face right down close to the action, but she told me that I was only to watch and that if I were a good boy she would allow Kim to take off my cock cage and have some fun later. Kim was an expert at licking pussy, she also stuck her tongue up Amy’s asshole and Amy was cumming all over the place.

After Amy had cum three or four times she got up out of the bed and ask me if I would like to eat Kim’s pussy. I said sure! Kim laid down on the bed and I reached down to pull her panties off when to my surprise a big fat cock come rolling out of her panties. I looked at Amy and she said Kim is a she-male and I want you to suck her cock.

I was shocked to find a cock but I was also excited by the fact that I was going to suck my first real cock and it wasn’t on a man, it was on a she-male. Amy didn’t have to ask me twice. I kneeled down in front of Kim and grabbed her semi-erect cock in my hand, and kissed the tip.

I then licked the pisshole and tasted her salty pre-cum. Amy released my cock from it’s cage. And my cock was getting hard between my legs as I slid my tongue down her cock to the base and then back up to the tip, pausing to look into Kim’s eyes before wrapping my lips around the head and guiding her into my warm, hungry mouth.

I sucked lightly and swirled my tongue around her beautiful cock as she groaned in pleasure. I looked up at my wife and she smiled at me. Then she told me to be easy with Kim’s cock she didn’t want me to make her cum yet. Then Kim grabbed me by the back of my head and started to jack herself off with my mouth.

I felt like a piece of meat, not a person giving pleasure to another, and I loved it! I looked over at my wife Amy and she had three fingers wedged in her juicy cunt. I was enjoying my self so much that I slipped Kim’s cock out of my mouth and started sucking and licking on her shaven balls. I licked lower and lower till I had my tongue back by her asshole, I spread her ass cheeks apart and started licking around her ass hole.

I felt my cock leaking pre-cum when my wife engulfed my whole cock down her throat. It felt so good that I dove my tongue deep into Kim’s asshole and licked for all I was worth. I couldn’t take it any more so I started sucking her cock again and I could taste cum leaking out of Kim’s cock.

Amy looked at me and told me to make Kim cum in my mouth. I slipped a finger in Kim’s asshole and sucked real hard on her cock and Kim started cumming and cumming. I slurped up ever ounce of she-male cum that Kim had to offer.

It tasted so sweet that I kept on milking it, hoping to get some more cream out of it. I was turning into the little cum-catching whore I had always dreamed of. After I had cleaned Kim’s cock with my mouth I laid back on the bed and watched my wife bring life back into Kim’s cock.

In know time at all Amy had Kim’s cock back up to a hard stiff shaft. Amy got on her hands and knees and ordered me to wrap my hand around the shaft of Kim’s hard cock. Then she told me to take the head of Kim’s cock and to work it into her hot wet pussy.

I lined her cock up with my wife’s cunt and inserted the head of it into her waiting pussy. As Kim was fucking my wife from behind I was massaging her balls and finger fucking her ass. It didn’t take long for my wife and Kim to start cumming. After Kim was done fucking Amy I withdrew her cock from my wife’s wet cunt and sucked the cum juice off of it.

Then I stuck my face down between my wife’s ass cheeks and sucked the cum out of her swollen cunt. Her pussy lips were enlarged and her clit looked like a small cock standing at attention. One thing is for sure, I love she-male cream. Kim never got the chance to fuck me in the ass, but I knew it was just a matter of time before I received my first real cock up my ass.

All three of us fucked and sucked each other for two days before Kim had to go home. After she left the wife and I rested from all the cumming we had done that weekend.

Stay tuned for Practicing cuckold Pt 5

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