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Practicing Up


I was about 18 at the time, living in military housing on an Army base in Hawaii, and one evening after dinner, my friend Donnie came by in a rather excited state. He claimed he had seen an acquaintance of ours, a kid named Frank, the night before in an outdoor theater making out with a young soldier in the secluded area somewhere in the back rows. The night included kissing and petting and mutual sucking, and he had no sooner finished his account when we decided to ride bikes over to Frank's house of a blow job.

It was a Friday, and Frank's parents were out. He met us at the door, somewhat surprised at the visit, but pleased, and no sooner did he appear when Donnie asked him to drop to his knees. Donnie produced his pecker, but Frank balked, feigning ignorance and the fact that, since we were at his back door, neighbors could see us from vantage points across the street. We moved inside, and Donnie told me to watch through the back door leading from the kitchen for any signs of Frank's parents, or his older brother. Of course, Donnie had no sooner issued this directive when I peeked around the corner into the living room. Frank was on his knees, Donnie's dick in his mouth, and I couldn't believe or process what I beheld--the most exciting sight I had ever seen. I backed away to quiet my heart and take a glass of water.

Moments later, I spied Donnie rummaging in the bathroom, coming out with a jar of Pond's cream. I peeked again, and Frank lay over the ottoman, Donnie lubing his ass, then his own dick. Frank protested, though mildly, Donnie saying he needed the practice, then he plunged into him, and my heart pounded almost in synch with Donnie's thrusts. He fucked that tender pink ass hard, plunging into it like a dog, grunting and slapping flesh and finishing in no time. I remember Donnie backing away, zipping up, and Frank lying there and looking back, a silly satisfied smile on his lips.

Donnie no more than gestured with his head that it was my turn, and I took down my jeans and approached Frank's ass, wanting to bite it. His anus had been stretched and a bit of gap was showing, some of Donnie's sperm, the lubrication. I had no trouble entering him, but since my dick was wider than Donnie's, Frank lifted his head when I was part way and said, "wait." When he relaxed, I continued, slowly sinking my dick into him, going until he began to squirm and my loins were touching his ass. I had a girlfriend at the time, and I knew something about taking it slowly, so I proceeded to work into and out of him with even measured strokes, slow strokes that had him wincing as I plunged deeply into him, experiencing sensations I had never felt before. The whole of my body tingled, even my anus.

I fucked him until his breathing became ragged, then as I moved my hand over his stomach, I found him holding his hard dick and milking it, and I took over for him, fucking him and milking his dick until he shuddered and came on my hand. I had been on a back stroke, and his sphincter tighted just below my glans when he shot his load.

And I plunged deeper, on the crest of this new sensation and reached the most satisfying climax of my life, shooting sperm deep into his bowels as he brought his head up in an attempt to kiss me, groaning and shaking until I pulled free of him and he lay in silence for a moment, then said something like, "I hope you're satisfied."

I was. In fact, I was hooked, and he sensed it. He called next day, but that's another story, a story that lasted for about two years of the best sex ever.

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