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Prank Call


(This story is done in a different format - a lighter tone with just conversation. You're listening to just one side of the phone call, as if you were outside of Leslie's room.)

All characters in this story are adults. Leslie is 18, Laura is 19, Mary is 19 and Michelle is 20.


Hey Mary, what's up?

What do you mean who, it's me, Leslie, you called me. Yeah, my voice may be a bit hoarse. I've been doing some cardio and yelling at my sister, again.

Oh not that much, just the usual fun workout. You seem to be working out too right now.

So you're doing yourself right now, is it? And you think I'm just gonna believe that? That you'd really call your friend while you're masturbating?

It's just not like you, Mary. But it would be like me, right? But I'm not masturbating now, I'm doing something much worse.

I knew you'd catch on. Sure you can try kissing Michelle, just like I told you last time. It's just.. yeah, it's kind of a slippery slope with the whole kissing thingy you know. First you just want to practice kissing, and since the only one around is your sister, you try her. I mean, whatever, right? Sure, first it's kind of weird and icky, but once you get over that it's actually nice to feel warm lips against yours.

And then you realize you're both kind of good kissers and you both start wondering, that if it's that nice on your mouth, well, you get my drift. You kind of can't help it, it's nature I guess. Anyway, the next thing you know you're laying on your back while she's sitting down on your mouth. Trust me, even if you don't like it at first, from that point on you'll only be kissing the lips between her legs.

Maybe I'm joking and maybe I'm being serious, who knows? Anyway, listen, if she's shaved, and shaving is like really cheap these days.. anyway if she's shaved and you close your eyes it's actually not that much different to kissing her mouth. Except it's much more fun, of course. Well, for her, anyways, heh. But it's still like kissing. It's still really soft, warm and wet. Yeah, the taste takes some getting used to, but so does her saliva, so, well, you know, not so different. Except sometimes there's this smell, but then you just send her to the shower and it's all cool again. It actually helps to always take a shower before, otherwise you might puke, especially when just starting out and you still feel grossed out about it. But after a while you can get used to that too.

Yeah, these days actually when she comes to me and wants a quickie in the morning, before school, I just do her and shrug it off.

Yeah, sure, I don't care. Or in the middle of the day, like on a quiet afternoon, like today. With your parents gone, you're free to do as you like. Just like that, hmm-yeah.

Oh, but don't forget to open the window when you're done, or people will be able to tell. Also about that, don't get caught. That would be really difficult to explain, I imagine. Seriously, when we first started off this spring, we both sort of got crazy, doing it all the time. I remember once when mom nearly caught us, I barely managed to pull my pants up. We were just lucky she barely entered our room or the smell would betray us. We got more careful afterwards, I can tell you that.

What? No, don't be ridiculous, we're not lesbian. I don't want her to be my date, I'd tear her head off. We still fight as usual, sometimes Laura's a real bitch you know. Ow!

No, it's nothing. I just, hit my arm, or something.. I meant to say she's still my sis. The difference is just when we get horny we can help each other out. Of course, sometimes Laura doesn't want to and I also have moments where I don't feel like being squeezed between her thighs, like this, heh.

Wait, listen to me, I've tried that and doing it yourself or with a toy is nothing compared to when your sister licks you until you cum in her mouth. It's like the best thing ever. She can easily get me off two or three times in a row, or more if we both have the time and energy. And she's the same way.

No, I mean like multiple orgasms, you know?

No, you cum, but you don't finish there, you just kind of slow down a bit for a minute or so until you're ready to go again. I mean, since you've already got her down there, why not just go on a bit longer? And then you find out the feeling actually gets better the longer you go. As long as you don't get sore. But we both like to use tongue and lips, so it's not a problem, even if you can't help it and get a bit crazy as you get close. I swear to god Mary, a girl's soft mouth is a natural fit for a pussy, you guys have to try it. Sometimes I sit on her for like half an hour before I'm satisfied. And Laura is even worse. Like she's a real pervo, I know sometimes she's trying to delay it intentionally just to torment me. Ouch! No wait, sorry, I'm just joking. She just likes to take her time with the pleasure. I don't really mind, I love her after all. Yeah, I love her. If I have other stuff to do, then I tell her and she's really quick. Listen, this one time I wanted to watch Dexter and she was really horny? The opening just started and I told her she better finish before the show continues. I swear, she came before the intro was over, that's like, a minute? Am I right?

No, I wasn't asking you, Mary, I was asking Laura.

Yeah, she's here, sort of. I was asking her if it could have been a minute before she came.

If you experienced it, you wouldn't ask that. Of course I know when she cums. Trust me, I know her reactions and I know how it feels when she makes me cum. When you do it right, it will be so beautiful for her, there's no way she can hide the orgasm.

What, you meant the other way? Like faking an orgasm when she didn't have one? Mary, now you're just being silly. Why the hell would she do that? We do it because it feels great and cumming is like the best part of it. There is no way she would let me go before she cums. Actually this reminds me of this other game we like to play now, where the bottom one tries to make the other one cum as quickly as possible, with no hands allowed. And the top one can't move while she tries to both resist it as long as possible. Say I'm on top right now. When she manages to make me cum we will switch and I'll be the one making her happy. Of course last time Laura tried to hide it a couple of times, acting like she didn't just have an amazing orgasm, hoping to get off again right away. But there's just no way she could fool me, I always know when it's my turn again. I tried it too and she knew of course.

But that's like just something to make it a bit varied. If you and your sis are bored over the weekend, why not take your time and enjoy it? I like it as much as she does and honestly, the slow sessions, with cuddling before and after, those somehow make me even happier than the quickies.

So you believe me, now?

Yeah, I am just crazy enough to make all this shit up, right? Maybe I'm crazy enough to actually do it then?

That's true, I am getting sort of out of breath.. anyway, just let me tell you, if there's anything you want from your sister, the best time to ask her is just after she cums. She'll be glowing with happiness. It's so cute, sometimes I do her just to see that smile. But she'll also be like putty, you'll see. It's just how it is, I don't know why. God, I hope I'm not that way too when you get me off, am I?

No, that was just an idle question to Laura. She knows how I get afterwards.

Oh! Of course .. of course I was just joking the whole time Mary. Couldn't you hear me laughing? That's why I'm breathing so hard .. actually. Why, I can just ask Laura herself. Hey Laura, you wouldn't be so naive like Mary.. and believe if I .. if I told you we two are having hot sex all the time, right?

See? She's.. she's shaking her head.. oh god, no, she's shaking her head! Oh no, no no no no.. not yet! Laura is like..no one would believe .. that I'm having her down there .. right now.. as I.. I'm ..coming...and it's the best.. the best thing ever!

Love you.. anything .. for you..


Heelo? Mary? You still there? Hi, it's Laura. Sorry about the delay, but Leslie, well, she sort of couldn't hold out any longer. The joking was just too much for her. Of course she was pranking you the whole time, don't you know her? I thought you knew her sense of humor. Such a disgusting story. She must have really gotten you this time.

Nah, she's staying silent on purpose now, I guess she's still committing to the prank. To make you think she's doing you know what. Anyway, if you still want to talk, can you call again in, say, ten minutes? Fifteen? Or twenty?

Actually, I think Leslie will call you herself. Because I'm pretty sure she'll be acting like she's busy for now. Even if she's definitely not doing anything like she said we did together.

Uh oh, seems I have to be going, Leslie is really joking hard right now. Wish you a nice rest of your weekend too. And if you want to enjoy it as much as we will, just give your sis a nice big kiss on the lips from the both of us!

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