tagGroup SexPrankster Ch. 03

Prankster Ch. 03

byParis Waterman©

I should have put this in front of Chapter 1, but put it aside to do other, hopefully more important things. Anyway, I got the idea for this tale from a newspaper article sometime in 2005 or 2006. Then I took it to the next level, not knowing exactly where it would end up.

Along the way I had to come up with a means of extracting a suitable revenge for Sue Ann for the prank Pruett pulled. She would nail him for having sex with an underage girl. Only it didn't turn out that way. The girl in question, in fact all the girls coming into question are eighteen or older. I wouldn't have it any other way. I've tried to add some humor to the story, and wouldn't mind hearing from you one way or the other. Come on along, enjoy the ride. PW

Chapter 3

Girl's On Spring Break

It was about two-thirty in the morning. Pruett and Tony, much to their surprise, had not passed out from drinking too much beer. In fact, they had actually cut down on the number of beers consumed, and as a consequence they found themselves tooling along Ocean Boulevard looking for just the right place to allow opportunity to knock on their van door once more.

Spring Break week was filled with all-night parties, girls dancing naked on their hotel balconies, flashing any and all the guys passing by. In return they got wolf whistles, and the thrill of seeing the guys grab themselves, or occasionally exposing themselves in return. At the very least, one of the guys would always moon the girls, hoping the girls would return the favor.

"We need 'a get us a tri-pod, hold the camera," Tony said, out of the blue.

"Or maybe someone else to use the camera while we fuck," Pruett offered.

"You think the Clink could do it?" Tony asked.

"Naw, his hands shake too much, Tony, you know that."

"Right, right," Tony said in agreement, "Who then?"

"I'm thinking on it, Tony."

Pruett heard the noise of the party before Tony did and shot him a side-ways glance.

"Hear that?"

"I do," Tony replied. Find a parking space if you can."

"I'll find one," Pruett giggled, "Did'ja see them tits up on that balcony? I'll find a space if I hafta knock a fence down, and park on someone's lawn."

Luck was with him, and he managed to find a wedge of a space just short of the balcony the girls were frolicking on. Instead of parallel parking, Pruett pulled into the narrow space head-on, with the rear end of the van sticking out into traffic.

"We'll be fine as long as the cops didn't happen along," Pruett said smugly.

"Well all right, then," Tony said. They just passed us by before you decided to park kamikaze style."

Pruett said, "That means we got us ten, fifteen minutes to do our thing."

"We really need more time than that," Tony said, scoping out the balcony. "That thing's gonna collapse if any more bodies start jumping up and down on it. Look, see how it's shakin'?"

"Um," Pruett said, pensively. "Something's up."

"What?" Tony asked, "I can't see as good as you from here."

"Let's get our asses out of the van. Grab some of them t-shirts, Tony," Pruett said, as he climbed out of the Girls Gone Wild van.

While one of the girls was flashing her nice sized tits at them, and Tony busied himself zooming in on her with the video camera; a short, fat bald-headed man, stepped gingerly out onto the balcony, and began shouting at the girls and waving his arms.

Seconds later, it was apparent to the guys that the man was evicting the girls from the hotel.

"Um, I'll move the van," Tony said as he shut the camera off. "I'll just double park. If the cops roll by, I can move it easily before they give us a ticket. I'll just drive around the block. Meantime, you keep them girls there. Sweet talk 'em, or something. Just don't give all the damn t-shirts away."

Pruett leaned against a palm tree, a Girls Gone Wild t-shirt held out so that anyone could clearly see the words embossed on it. A minute went by before the first of what turned out to be six, pretty good-looking college girls, trudged out of the hotel, each lugging an over-sized duffle bag.

All six wore bikinis. Now at a quarter to three in the morning, six girls in bikinis tend to affect a man's brain. Pruett stood there like a man in the desert, rubbing his eyes like seeing a mirage.

"Hey, Caitlin," a busty brunette called out to her friend in a lime green bikini. "Check it out; it's the Girls Gone Wild crew."

"No shit! I mean, no kiddin'"

"Hi guy's," Caitlin called out in a friendly voice.

"Good mornin' ladies," Tony replied, getting out of the van from the driver's side, and moving next to Pruett, giving him a not so subtle elbow to the ribs.

"Uh, yeah," Pruett groaned, "Mornin'," as Tony joined him, leaving the van parked at the hotel's entrance.

"We just got thrown out of our hotel," the busty brunette told him, as the other four girls trudged out of the hotel's entrance. "Are you really with Girls Gone Wild?"

"We are," Pruett acknowledged, and waved the t-shirt at her.

"Well, guys, this is Caitlin," the busty brunette, and spokesperson told them. "I'm Gail." She turned back toward the others, and said, "And, left to right are Mimi, Cassandra, Deidre, and Leea. We all go to Ohio State, and we're here for spring break. Well that's obvious isn't it?"

Pruett and Tony nodded appreciatively to each of the girls in turn. Pruett found himself staring at Deidre, a slim brunette with what had to be 40 DD's precariously encased in her halter top.

"Is it true what they say girl's got to do to get one of those?" Caitlin asked, bending forward without bending her knees to study the t-shirt.

This provided Pruett and Tony with a clear view of her cleavage, right to the nipples, and broke Pruett's concentration on Deidre. They would learn that the girls tended to do this if they started too long at one of them.

"Can you guys give us a ride to another hotel?" Gail asked, noting the direction, and hunger in Pruett's staring eyes.

"Um, we'd love to, but I'm afraid every room is already booked up for at least the weekend," Tony told them, making sure he conveyed a sad look in his eyes.

"Damn," I was afraid of that," Caitlin said, and adjusted her pear-shaped tits in her top. There was nothing to adjust; really, she was just trying to entice one, or both of the two men standing before her. It just came naturally to her, as did men in general.

"Well ..." Tony said, and all six girls turned their attention to him, as if he were their savior. "If you don't mind a cramped apartment ...."

"Beggar's can't be choosers," said the girl with dirty blonde hair. Tony recalled her name was Cassandra.

"Yes, well ..." Tony said, "Um, Cassandra isn't it?"

"Fuckin A it is!" She said brightly. "You remembered, how sweet!"

"Um, well, y'all are welcome to bed down with us. Um, at our place for tonight anyways," Tony offered.

Without another word, the girls climbed into the van, and made themselves comfortable, as Pruett tossed their duffle bags in behind them.

"What about your cars?" Tony inquired.

"Tomorrow's another day," Gail said, and giggled.

"We weren't making all that much noise, I'm Mimi, by the way," the girl with light brown hair and smallest chest of all the girls. But Pruett was entranced by her Angelina Jolie lips.

"Hi there, Mimi," Tony said, with an appreciative smile.

"You guys make videos of all the girls you meet?" Mimi asked.

Pruett laughed, and said, "Not hardly. We need to make sure they're over eighteen though."

"I'm over eighteen," Mimi said, breathing in his left ear.

"I can see that," Pruett said, staring at her rapidly stiffening nipples.

Leea, a raven-haired beauty said, "She can make 'em hard like that anytime she wants too." The hint of jealousy in her words sailed over both men's heads. But it was enough to get both Pruett and Tony to check her out, for her own dark brown nipples were readily obvious in her white bikini, her areoles twice the size of Mimi's.

Pruett's eyes dropped from her breasts to her crotch, and he was startled to detect the distinct form of her shaven pubes clinging tightly to the almost sheer material.

Mimi moved closer to Pruett and returned to his left ear, licking it cat-like.

"Mmmm, you have a nice taste," she purred.

Gail chirped, "Looks like Mimi's gonna be the first to laid again this year, girls."

Caitlin, Cassandra, Leea, and Deidre all found her comment very amusing.

"We better get out of here," Tony said, getting behind the wheel, and restarted the engine.

Mimi giggled, and announced, "I'm drunk."

"I see that," Pruett said.

"You do?" Her surprise was clear. "You can tell?"

"Um, yeah, I kin."

"What else can you tell about me?" She asked coquettishly, twirling her finger around a lock of her light brown hair.

"Y'all go to Ohio State."

With a little awkwardness, from the close quarters in the back of the van, she sank to her knees, and then shed her top. "Too confining, don't you think?"

Her areoles were possessed of gumdrop nipples, and Pruett despite having seen all manner of tits that day, still managed to gawk at them. Mimi was pleased that he was so taken with her tits. After all, she had the smallest set of any of the girls present.

Pruett felt something on his leg, looked down and saw Mimi's hand. He picked it up, admired the diamond in her engagement ring, and placed the hand back on his thigh, but closer to the growing bulge in his jeans.

Mimi's fingers walked to Pruett's fly, and slowly worked the zipped down. He found himself staring wantonly at her collagen-enhanced, Anglia Jolie like lips.

"Wow, you got a big one," she exclaimed, as she fished it out of his jeans.

"Go boy!" Tony cackled, without looking over his shoulder. He did, however, keep glancing in the rear-view mirror at the other girls as they edged closer to Mimi and Pruett.

"Mmmm mmmm," Mimi moaned in approval, before covering his swollen glans with her mouth. "Girls he's got a sweet lil' cock socket here. Come see!" And with his dick lying across the palm of her hand, she showed it to the other girls.

"Next year, I swear I'll be the first to get laid," Cassandra said, with a trace of bitterness.

"Hey, she hasn't been laid yet," Caitlin told her.

Cassandra said, "That's right, blow jobs don't count, do they?"

And it was definitely a blow job being given to Pruett, for Mimi's head was now bobbing violently over the first six inches of Pruett's erection.

"Hey driver," Cassandra called out, "how long before we get to your place?"

"Ten minutes, give or take," Tony replied, stealing another look back at Mimi and Pruett. "Damn, girls got a mouth on her, ain't she?" he said to no one in particular.

"Ten minutes?" Caitlin said, surprised. "Why isn't everything around here only five minutes from the beach?"

"We're not near the beach," Tony confessed, taking another look at Mimi and Pruett. "We're a little off the beaten path."

Pruett moaned as Mimi continued to fuck her face into his cock. Her tongue snaked out, and laved around the head of his cock. The sensation of her warm, wet mouth on him was exquisite.

Moaning again, he put his hand on the back of her neck, and caressed it. In a brief moment of clarity before losing himself in the soft cavern of her mouth and tongue, Pruett felt her breasts pressing into his thigh. There was a moment of stillness before her head started bobbing up and down again; leaving lipstick smears along the entire length of his shaft as she lowered her mouth on him as far as she could.

He let his head drop backwards, banging it against the hard metal flooring not covered by the carpet. He ignored the sudden pain, choosing to luxuriate in the feeling of her suctioning mouth, and knowledge that she was deep-throating him. He had had a few good blowjobs in his time, but no one had taken him all the way until Mimi.


Cassandra had her arms around Leea, hugging her. Gail had her hand between Caitlin's thighs, rubbing her pussy.

"Does she swallow?" Cassandra asked the other girls. "I've never watched her give head before.

"I'm not sure," Gail replied. "Hey, Mimi, do you swallow?" she asked, going to the source for the answer.

"Mmmm," Mimi replied, deeply engrossed in her work. Pruett, perfectly capable of hearing this conversation while the happy recipient of Mimi's fellating mouth, opened his eyes, and met a huge pair of smiling blue eyes that undoubtedly belonged to his partner, Mimi, who picked that moment to plunge downward like a sword swallower, until her nose was nestled in his pubic hair.

Then, with a satisfied groan, she drew her mouth back so slowly that an unbelievable suction was created, until she calmly popped him out of her mouth, and paused to extract a couple of his pubic hairs from between her teeth.

"Sorry, she said, apologizing for the delay in getting him off, and took him back into her warm, wet mouth again, rolling his dick around her cheeks, caressing it with her tongue before sucking his whole length once more to the back of her throat.


Cassandra now had Leea's top off and was teasing her strawberry tipped breasts, causing the black-trussed beauty to moan wantonly. Gail and Caitlin had sunk to the carpet. Gail's hand was under Caitlin's bikini bottom, fingers busily dipping in and out of Caitlin's sopping wet cunt, while Caitlin industriously chewed on one of Gail's elongated nipples.

Eight sets of eyes remained on Mimi and Pruett. One pair of eyes was focused on the driver as he brought the van to a halt on the shoulder of what appeared to be a deserted road.

Deidre was the only one to note that Tony had halted the van. She tapped him on the shoulder. Tony thought she wanted to know why he had stopped, and was about to tell her when she bluntly asked, "Wanna fuck me?"

"Um, yeah, sure," he replied, and began lowering the passenger seat for her, allowing her to could climb over, and join him up front. It was a race to see who would get their pants down first. Deidre won handily. Tony's jeans got caught on the gear-shift and it took him a good ten seconds to free himself.

Deidre used the time to unfasten her halter and release her breasts. Tony's eyes bulged out almost as far as his dick. Her tits were tremendous, white as snow against her deep tan; her areole and nipples all crinkly, and an even darker brown.

Tony reached over and palmed one. Its weight staggered him as he gazed rapturously at it as it overflowed his hand. "You've got real nice tits, Deidre."

She ignored his comment. That she had great tits was obvious, instead, she asked him, "Are you a good kisser?"

"Let's see," Tony said, and they locked lips for a full minute, before coming up for air.

"Mmm, you're not bad," she told him.

"Want another?"

"Always," Deidre purred, and their tongues sent sparks flying between them. When the kiss ended, he buried his face between her tits, and Deidre threw her head back against the seat and moaned. That drove Tony wild, and he started to struggle with her bikini bottoms, getting them down around her knees before running into trouble.


The pleasure of fucking Mimi's mouth was almost unbearable for Pruett after the teasing he had endured, and as he groaned loudly, his hips strained to rise up from the floor of the van, and deeper into the warm, sensuous mouth that was sucking him off.

"I'm gonna cum!" he cried out, giving fair warning.

Mimi, moaned, indicating that she had heard him and didn't care. His dick bumped against the soft tissue of the roof of her mouth, sending shockwaves of pleasure through both their brains.

With the fingers of her right hand, Mimi gently cupped his balls, her left hand clutched at his ass cheeks, squeezing them until she was positive they would be bruised the following day. It was a trademark of sorts that she bestowed on all the guys she sucked off during Spring Break. From time to time, she would point them out to her comrades as they cavorted on the beach during their holiday.

Pruett bucked his hips into her face one last time, and exploded in her mouth.

"Oh, goody!" Mimi yelled, and grinning impishly, turned her face to the other girls who were in varied stages of cunnilingus with each other.

"Hey! Check it out," she called; the semen on her tongue gave her voice a certain lisp-like quality.

Gail took her mouth away from Caitlin's pussy, and seeing Mimi had finished her blowjob, gently shook Caitlin's shoulder. Cassandra in turn, alerted Leea. They all looked to Mimi, who revealed the globs of cum on her pierced tongue. Then, with a wickedly lewd smile directed at Cassandra, she swallowed noisily.

Leea licked her lips, enviously. Cassandra gave Mimi a contemptuous look. Gail laughed, and buried her face back between Caitlin's thighs.

Caitlin moaned, and cried out, "That's it! Eat me!"

Pruett, ever the gentleman, got Mimi's attention back, and pointed to a small stream of ejaculate running down her chin. Mimi scooped it up with her finger, made as if to offer it to Cassandra, who made a retching sound, and turned away to kiss Leea. Mimi shrugged her shoulders, and stuck the finger into her mouth and noisily sucked it off.

"That was soooo hot," Caitlin cooed.

"You think?" Gail said, lifting her face from between Caitlin's legs.

"Mmmm, yeah. A real turn on," Caitlin said.

The suggestion of more sex to come hung in the air like the last toke from a half-inch butt of marijuana.

"You can do me, honey, we've got some time before we get there," Gail said, and giggled when Caitlin obliged, by twisting her body around until they were in a position to perform sixty-nine.

"Oh, good idea," Leea chirped and crawled over between Cassandra's legs, parting them, then pulling Cassi's bikini to one side, went down on her.


Meanwhile, in the front seat, Deidre had her legs pulled back to her shoulders, and Tony had managed to wedge himself between the dashboard and the seat. His dick was tightly lodged in her twat, but rather than fucking away as he usually did, Tony was playing, and sucking on her unbelievably huge knockers.

Deidre tried to pull her legs even further back, but the soles of her feet were already tight against the roof of the van.

Tony could feel her kinky pubic hair, and she had an abundance of it. Her hips were moving around on the car seat as he bit, and chewed on her tits. Tony groaned in pain as some of his own pubic hairs were yanked out by their roots, as they became caught between his dick, and her pussy.

He was compelled to pull out, and repair the problem before sliding back into her very well lubricated snatch.

He told Deidre what had happened, and she held his face in her hands and cooed, "Poor baby, here, have one of Mama's titties to suck on."

Tony took the proffered tit and mashed his face into it before recapturing a turgid nipple and biting it fiercely.

"Oh, yes, baby!" Deirdre moaned, "That's it! Suck 'em, suck 'em hard!"


Pruett, ever resourceful, was busy with both hands, well, fingers anyway, with two fingers curled in Mimi's cunt, searching around for her g-spot. One finger on his other hand was now lodged in her anus, which seemed to be milking it rather than offering any resistance to it.

Mimi appeared to be the never-say-die type, and had renewed her efforts to revive Pruett's limp dick by fellating him as best she could. But old Pru, had already screwed one girl twice hours before, and had endured the finest blowjob of his life only minutes before. Not to mention all the beer he had consumed that day. Suffice to say, Pruett was finished for a while.

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