tagLesbian SexPrankster Ch. 04

Prankster Ch. 04

byParis Waterman©

Now, as it happened, while Tony and Pruitt were tooling around in their Girls Gone Wild van that afternoon, Adele McPherson and Sue Ann Johnson had managed a reconciliation of their own at the Burger King.

The two women were once again alone in the manager's office.

"You don't have to quit," Adele said, wiping a tear from her eye.

"I'm only here to pick up my week's pay," Sue Ann, said before gulping and then swallowing. "You and that, that goddamned cop ... you ... you humiliated me," then she wiped several tears from her own face with her Burger King smock.

"I tell you...." Adele began for the hundredth time, "It was a prank call. Stupid me believed him and . . . ."

"I know," Sue Ann told her, "but all the same, you had me down to my underwear and then you actually . . . and I still can't believe this . . . you sniffed my pussy!"

"Look, sweetie . . ." Adele began.

"Don't call me sweetie!" Sue Ann barked out.

"I'm sorry. I only . . . what I'm trying to say is I didn't mean nothin' by it. Nothin' personal, anyway."

"That doesn't make it right," Sue Ann said, sniffing away the mucus in her nostrils, and not knowing exactly what to do with it, swallowing.

"No, it don't," Adele responded, "and that's why I hope you'll let me make it up to you."

"Make it up?" Sue Ann said surprised. "How the hell can you make up for something so . . . so degrading?"

"Well . . ." Adele said, trying to think faster than her mouth was working. "Um, first off, no one here knows about it."

"Big deal I bet half the town knows by now," Sue Ann said glumly.

"No, I think not," Adele said, trying to reassure the attractive young girl standing before her.

"Hell they don't," the teen replied. "I met Trudy comin' outta Hobie's last night, she laughed in my face. Asked me how I liked bein' searched an' all."

"Trudy did that . . . to your face?"

"Yeah, I wanted to scratch her eyes out, but I can't afford no more trouble on account of being on probation and all, you know?"

"I'm not on probation, or any other shit, Sue Ann. Maybe I'll look Trudy up and knock her on her big, fat ass," Adele said fiercely.

"You'd do that?" Sue Ann said, eyes widening. Her appreciation for Adele was on the rise.

"Hell, yes," Adele told her, and gave Sue Ann a strong hug that Sue Ann had no choice but to return. After they had separated, Adele, somewhat ruffled, asked, "So who was it you think made the call?"

"I don't know. I mean, if I heard his voice . . . well, then I'd probably know, but you was the one talked to him and all."

"Yeah . . ." the older woman mused, "But I didn't recognize the voice. I mean I thought it was the state police and all."

"I'd kick him right square in the balls," Sue Ann snarled. "Fuck probation. I'd kick him right in the balls; show him not to fuck with me."

"Let's think on it, honey," Adele said putting her arm around Sue Ann's shoulders. "Y'all got any old boyfriends might be mad at you?"

"No, I don't have any boyfriends," Sue Ann said glumly.

"Anyone ask you out, and you maybe turned 'em down?"

"Naw, nobodies asked me out . . ." Just then her eyes lit up, and she turned her face to Adele's and blurted out, "That fuckin' Pruett!"

"Pooit?" Adele said, repeating what Sue Ann had just said.

"That little prick, Pruett! Asked me for a blowjob about two weeks ago. Course I turned the bastard down, told him I'd die an old maid first."

"It must be him," Adele agreed. "So what do we do to get even?"

"Get even? I'm not getting even; I'm going to crush his nuts in a vise. I'm gonna cut his dick off with a carving knife and make him eat it," she paused to catch her breath. "I'm gonna . . . ."

"Wait, wait, wait," Adele said interrupting her. "We need a plan," Adele told the agitated teen.

"We? I'm the one got humiliated, thanks all the same."

"You may be the one got humiliated," Adele huffed, "but I'm the one was suckered into it by this, this, Pooit."

"Pruett," Sue Ann said, pronouncing it slowly. "P-R-U-E-T-T."

"I know him!" Adele said. "I know him!"

Both women were ecstatic in their discovery of the villain playing the prank on them. Before they knew what was happening, they were kissing each other. It was a short kiss, and when it was over, Adele returned Sue Ann's stare and said, "We don't want to start something we can't finish here."

Sue Ann met her look dead on and replied, "That ain't gonna happen."

Adele took Sue Ann's head in her hands and pulled her forward. Sue Ann moved into Adele's arms and their lips met again.

Still holding on to Sue Ann's head, Adele pushed her tongue into Sue Ann's mouth, where it was warmly welcomed, for it was the kind of kiss Sue Ann had never experienced, unthinkably soft, and her lips like flower petals, and although Sue Ann's arms came up and held on to Adele's wrists as if to pull them away, she never really used the necessary force to do so.

Sue Ann felt the kiss in her deepest parts, her clit somersaulting as if it had been waiting for this moment. Every pore felt exposed, slow sparks of delight singed her entire body. Each heated breath lashed through her, every searing lick of Adele's talented tongue leaped from her nerve endings to her toes.

Adele finally ended the kiss, took her hands from Sue Ann's face, and wrapped her arms around the girl's neck. Then, she pulled back, leaving her arms linked behind the girl's head.

Sue Ann looked a little dazed. "Wow," she said after a moment.

"Liked that, did ya?" Adele asked, with a greater caution than the younger girl realized.

"A lot," Sue Ann answered. "That was nice."

"You are truly beautiful, you know?"

"Oh, no," Sue Ann gasped, "You are more so than me."

"Ever been with a woman before?" Adele asked Sue Ann, while memorizing the girl's bright white teeth, framed by a pair of gorgeous soft, full lips that were kept moist by her pink tongue.

"No ... well almost one time, but it didn't go very far," Sue Ann replied.

"Want to, with me?"

"Maybe ... lemme think a second. Yeah ...I think so," she confessed.

"You a virgin, Sue Ann?"

Sue Ann laughed naughtily, "Not hardly. Lost my cherry in High School. I couldn't wait to do it."

"Who and where?" Adele asked, running her hands through Sue Ann's chestnut hair, and wondering if she could manage to work her way down the girl's belly, and later take her first lick of the girl's sweet pussy.

The girl seemed to ignore her question, saying instead, "I like the way your hands feel in my hair."

"You have very lovely hair," Adele cooed.

"Mmmm, thank you. This is the best I've felt in a long time."

A moment passed and then, "Adele?"

"Yes, Sue Ann?"

"Will anybody notice we're locked in your office?"

"Do you care?"

"I don't want you getting fired because of me," Sue Ann told her.

"No one will think anything of it, because you've got your old job back and we had to have a long discussion about it."

"Kiss me again, please," Sue Ann said, seemingly mollified by her answer. The older woman complied, fondling her breast as well.

"What?" Sue Ann mumbled breathlessly as she tried to turn and face Adele. "What are you doing?"

"Well," Adele muttered in her ear. "Sure you're not horny?"

"I didn't say I wasn't horny," Sue Ann husked. "Can you please remove your hand?"

Instead of following the request, Adele squeezed Sue Ann's breast even more, and Sue Ann's eyes grew wide, and with her heart pounding, she grabbed Adele's hand and tried to remove it, but failed.

Sue Ann inhaled audibly, and tried to twist away, but when Adele's hand resisted and those long, delicate fingers acted like pincers on the girl's nipple, Sue Ann moaned as if hopelessly lost.

Still, she continued to attempt to escape from the knowing hands, trying to fend them off, but failing to do so, and in the end, started giggling, and allowed the woman's hands to squeeze her breasts at will through her T-shirt.

"They're so small," Sue Ann complained, breaking her silence.

"No, not really," Adele said. "Look how proud your nipples are."

Sue Ann took her right nipple between her fingers and gave it a squeeze. "Mmm, I like to do that. The nice feeling goes right to my twat, you know?"

"You call it your twat?"

"Yeah, sometimes I call it my pussy, sometimes my snatch; even my hole sometimes. But I don't like calling it my cunt for some reason."

"Um, yeah, has a nasty sound to it," Adele agreed. And then, "Ohhh, you've pierced your nipples, huh?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah . . . last fall. I started out to get a tattoo, but settled for the nipple piercing. See, here," she said peeling off the T-shirt, "Feel 'em."

Adele did more than just feel.

"God, yes!" Sue Ann gasped, when the older woman took her pierced nipple between her teeth, and worried it.

"You are so cute, you know?" Adele whispered.

Sue Ann blushed.

And when she reached up to Sue Ann's neck, the girl flinched, and opened her mouth as if to say something, but then Adele slowly dragged her nails over the skin of her neck. The girl moaned again, only louder this time and Adele placed her palm against Sue Ann's neck, and continued the caress to her shoulders.

Sue Ann licked her lips and her eyes widened. "Afraid?" Adele asked softly.

"I don't know," Sue Ann whispered, but she was already trembling.

Adele bent down and buried her face in the side of her neck and whispered: "You want me to . . . just say stop."

Sue Ann didn't say stop. She closed her eyes and gasped as Adele licked her neck. She moaned quietly when her tongue traveled from Sue Ann's neck up to her chin, and moaned yet again when she stopped for a moment before sitting up.

Adele caressed her with the backs of her fingers, but it soon became apparent that she didn't have the access she wanted. She moved her left knee, and slid down on the floor next to Sue Ann, resting her head on her hand and elbow. Sue Ann looked at her, and Adele smiled back while her knee and thigh slid across Sue Ann's leg and in between them.

When Sue Ann didn't protest, Adele stroked her foot along the girl's leg. Taking Sue Ann's hand, she pulled it to her breast, gently placing her palm over the nipple. When Sue Ann began to toy with her nipple, Adele's free hand brought Sue Ann's face close to hers, and they kissed again.

"Um," Adele sighed, after ending the kiss. "I could just eat you up. Someday, maybe ...."

But Adele quit talking, and made for the girl's breast, and the touch of her fingertips on Sue Ann's fast rising nipples was exquisite, as she rolled one nipple, then the other, between two fingers, then squeezed, held and slowly released them in turn.

The girl's ribs were heaving, her back arching. She could barely contain herself.

Adele almost tore off her blouse and bra in her frenzy to get half-naked. She hiked herself up on her knees, swung herself over and straddled Sue Ann's hips, held herself up with both hands on either side of the teen's shoulders. Her exposed breasts dangled above the girl's face.

The sight of them so close took Sue Ann's breath away. 'She's got a nice rack on her,' Sue Ann thought, 'A lot bigger than mine.' Adele's nipples were a darker hue than her own; with an enchanting beauty mark only a nibble away from her right nipple.

Sue Ann started to pant; she was as ready for sex as a ravenous animal for food.

Adele reached for the nape of Sue Ann's neck with one hand as she lowered her mouth to Sue Ann's again. Her hair spilled onto the girl's face and neck like corn silk as they kissed hungrily. With their mouths locked together, Adele began to moan, and Sue Ann thought that she was going to come at any minute.

Instead she pushed her young tongue into Adele's mouth, exploring tentatively. Adele responded by circling her tongue with her own, and then both women were groaning as their tongues danced an unbelievable duet, which stopped only when Adele began to suck on Sue Ann's tongue.

'Suck my tongue?' Sue Ann thought, and then found that her fingers had a life of their own. Pulling Adele's shoulders forward and bringing the woman's breasts closer, her hands swept from the older woman's shoulders to her heaving chest, palms up as if they were begging, until each hand cupped a handful of flesh, hot, teeming flesh that enthralled the young girl with their resilience and soothing weight. Slowly she pinched Adele's nipples as she had hers, and the older woman began to whimper, leaving her mouth on Sue Ann's as her lips parted and her small sounds dissolved within the younger girl.

Sue Ann found it different to be with a woman. The pressure, however subtle, to get where you were going with a guy was gone. With a woman, it seemed, you were just where you were. For Sue Ann, these moments meant she was completely lost, unabashedly consumed by the sensations created by Adele's tongue, fingers, and the heft of her body mashed against her own.

Adele pulled back then, and Sue Ann studied Adele's dark features, and jet black hair. She saw that Adele's eyes were so dark a brown you might think they were all black. Adele had a pretty enough face, nothing to write home about, but she was still attractive. Sue Ann considered the woman's body. Adele kept in good shape; she was a runner, so her legs were muscular and firm. Her ass was rock hard, and Sue Ann liked the way it filled out her pants.

Her breasts were floating above Sue Ann's face. The teen's mouth opened wantonly, and Adele lowered herself an inch or two, presenting her breasts to Sue Ann's waiting lips. She took in the left breast, slowly enveloping the nipple; her tongue slowly circling the aureole. Then she sucked, ever so lightly.

Adele cried out.

Sue Ann played her breast with her tongue, going a bit deeper as she sucked, pulling back and torturing the nipple with a lip, the tip of her tongue, the edge of a finger. She rolled Adele's nipple as the older woman had her own earlier. She squeezed the woman's breasts together and licked the tantalizing cleavage, turning her head to and fro so that her tongue could sashay from nipple to nipple. Smiling, and knowing Adele couldn't see her, she wondered what Adele would give her after she let her eat her pussy.

As if reading her mind, Adele squirmed away from her grasp, and laughed quietly. She brought her hands forward and down Sue Ann's shoulders, over the girl's breasts, letting her fingertips trail over her nipples.

Sue Ann sighed; it was not in the least feigned, for she thoroughly enjoyed Adele's touches.

Adele's fingers continued past Sue Ann's hard nipples, and down her belly, where she playfully poked at Sue Ann's navel. That caused the girl to jerk, and let go of her grip around Adele's waist.

Panting with desire, Adele breathed huskily into Sue Ann's left ear. "Tell me about your first time with a woman," she said, her breath ragged.

"I never said I done it with another woman," Sue Ann protested.

"But you did, didn't cha?"

"Um . . . maybe, kinda," Sue Ann conceded.

"C'mon, tell me, I love hearing about such things," Adele said, and touched Sue Ann's outer thigh for the first time, sending an electrical jot through Sue Ann's body.


"C'mon, tell me, my pretty," Adele said trying her best to coax it out of the girl.

"You don't need any details," Sue Ann said weakly protesting. But the more experienced woman would have none of that, and slowly, inexorably, began to grind her pelvis against Sue Ann's.

The girl stopped her by gripping her hips. This part was almost too familiar. Sue Ann had certainly experienced that delicious pressure against her pussy -- but not with a woman. What felt different was the amount of pressure, the absence of a hardon, really. The feeling was: unimaginable, indescribable, and phenomenal.

Adele maneuvered a finger between them; ran her index finger along the younger girl's panty covered slit.


"Like it?"

"Um . . . yeah, sorta," Sue Ann answered, slurring her words as if she had had too many drinks. But Adele knew it was not alcohol, but lust that had caused her to slur her words.

"Want me to finger you, girl?"

"Um . . . yeah," Sue Ann groaned.

"Only if you tell me," Adele said, unsympathetically, now sure of herself and the power she held over Sue Ann.

"All right, all right, I ... I was at a party, um, my senior year of high school. There was this dark haired girl ... I think she was from Lebanon. She had this dark skin and jet black hair ...."

Adele knew that Sue Ann was describing her, and did nothing to dissuade her story.

Sue Ann continued, "Her breasts were something else. Well, I thought so at the time. My tits were yet to develop. Actually, hers were a little smaller than what I think yours are."

Adele gently caressed the outer folds of Sue Ann's pussy. Sue Ann groaned, "Oh, sweet Jesus!"

"Keep going, and so will I," Adele whispered, wantonly.

"Um," Sue Ann said, "Yeah, okay. Well, the girls at the party - I later learned were a mix, half straight, half bi. Somehow, it worked out that we were all kissing one another.

Some girls ... me among them ... thought it was a kind of practice for our boyfriends. Turns out the lesbians were kissing us straight girls to show us how it felt to kiss another woman, and to recruit us."

"What?" Adele sputtered.

"Just kidding," she shrugged. "That last bit, just kidding, I love what you're doing, please don't stop," Sue Ann cried out beseechingly.

"Go on then," Adele told her, and then pulled her panties to the side, and sent a finger into Sue Ann's very moist cunt.


"Okay, we kissed," Sue Ann said. "I gotta admit it, I liked it. But we were interrupted when a couple of guys showed up. The straight girls were ecstatic, except for me, that is."

"Anyway, nothing much happened for a while. I mean, the party petered out and finally there was just the three of us left. Um, there was this guy Evan, who was trying to get into my pants, and um, Cleo, who had been kissing me about three times as much as any of the other girls. So, um, let's see, err, Evan was sitting in a chair, I was on the floor, seated between his legs, and Cleo was sitting cross-legged in front of me."


Adele looked up, and saw that Sue Ann's eyes were closed as she recalled the night in question. She moved up, and leaning on the girl's breasts, kissed her passionately on the lips. The two swapped spit for a while, and then Adele sucked eagerly on each of Sue Ann's tits, while lightly fingering the younger girl's pussy.

After sating herself on Sue Ann's tits, Adele gently coaxed the girl into returning to her story.


"Um, yeah," Sue Ann said, "well, Evan kissed me a couple times, I remember that. And he had this thing about playing with my hair. I really liked that. I also recall how comfortable I felt. So comfortable, in fact, that I didn't object at all when Cleo replaced him when he'd finished kissing me. I found myself getting hornier than I'd ever been in my life. I mean, here I was with both a man and a woman lusting after me."


"It must have been very exciting," Adele told her a split second before sending a second finger into Sue Ann's rapidly pulsing pussy.

"Oh, shit ... that's lovely!" Sue Ann whimpered softly, and sent her left hand down to tease her clit while Adele increased the tempo of her finger-fucking.

"Want me to stop?" Adele asked genially.

"No . . . no! Don't . . . don't stop."

"Then keep talking."

"So ... so I think what happened next was um, Cleo ... yeah, Cleo unbuttoned my blouse and un-hooked my bra. Evan helped her remove them and I was left bare-chested."

"What happened next?" Adele asked quietly, and then placed a kiss on Sue Ann's moistened cuntal lips.

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