tagErotic CouplingsPrankster Ch. 05

Prankster Ch. 05

byParis Waterman©

Pruett had parked the van on Ocean Drive, and was sitting there watching the girls sauntering by. Tony was buying a twelve pack of Budweiser. Pruett noted that every girl passing by eyed the Girls Gone Wild logo on the side of the van.

He stepped out and stood by the passenger side door smiling at them. The first two girls passing by just giggled, and kept walking.

The next, a group of five stopped, and began bantering with him, feeling secure in their greater number. Pruett offered them T-shirts to show their tits, but they just laughed at him, and declined. Eventually they began giggling inanely among themselves, for none of them was bold enough to take him up on his offer.

Tony came out of the grocery carrying a twelve pack, got into the van, and opened a can, drinking deeply.

"Want one?" he asked Pruett.

"In a minute," Pruett answered. "Let me try these two coming our way first."

The girls in question were two blondes from a South Carolina High School. They had wandered off in search of a mid-afternoon adventure, and realized that in the Girls Gone Wild van they may just have found it.

"Is this really that van?" The taller blonde asked. She was probably five nine; her friend shorter, perhaps five four or five foot five at the most.

"You mean the Girls Gone Wild bus?" Pruett asked in turn.

"Um, yeah, I guess," the taller one said.

"It is," he replied. "In fact," he turned to look to his left, and then to his right, as if someone might be listening to his spiel. "In fact," he repeated, "I'll give you a T-shirt right now if you show me your tits."

Both girls giggled, but stood in place, making no effort to leave. Tony had hoisted the video camera to his shoulder and was filming the girls from inside the van. Both wore cut off jeans, the shorter one wore a boy's shirt, the taller a tank top.

"Hey," said the shorter of the girls, "is that there a camera?"

Pruett looked over his shoulder, saw Tony shooting away. "Yes, it is," he said, and then barked, "Hey now, I've got genuine GGW Tee's right c'here!" he told them, dangling them in front of the two blondes, miraculously missing the taller one's tits by a millimeter as he did.

The shorter blonde suddenly began unbuttoning her shirt then pulled it open exposing two pert mounds capped with strawberry tipped nipples.

"I want the red one," she cried out, before slowly lowering her shirt.

Pruett handed her a red T-shirt, and turned to the taller blonde who was slightly better endowed in the breast department.

"And how 'bout you, pretty lady?"

The "pretty lady" seemed to convince her, and she slowly pulled her tank top up, her doe-like eyes appeared to widen as her breasts came into view.

"Gimme a white one," she said breathlessly, leaving her solid, 34-C sized breasts bare for the moment.

Pruett quickly handed her a white T-shirt, adding, "I'll give you any two additional shirts you want for a bush shot."

Slowly covering her chest, the taller blonde grimaced, and said with what sounded like finality, "Hell, no. Never happen!"

The other girl nodded her head, and then followed, saying, "No fucking way!"

Tony kept the camera focused on both girls. Pruett smiled evilly, and said, "Last chance, girls, one for you, and maybe one for a friend."

The shorter blonde shifted her feet, then squinted, thereby revealing her need for eyeglasses, or contacts, and said, "Any one's we want?"

"Yup," Pruett replied, "anyone's you want."

"Large sized?"

"Large sized or even extra large, you want."

"One of each," the taller girl said quickly, and both girls began unbuttoning their short, short jeans.

"Um, best get into the van for this," Tony told the girls, who quickly climbed into the van, and while Tony kept the camera on them, they shimmied out of the tight fitting, short jeans.

Neither girl wore any underwear. The shorter one was clean-shaven, the taller one had a thick blonde bush that had Tony wondering if she had dyed it.

"Okay, now," Pruett said as he casually ran a hand along the shorter blonde's calf. "What are your names, and can we see some ID, um, you know, for the record."

The taller girl said, "I'm Heather. Then, fishing around in her small purse, she produced a driver's license that gave her age as nineteen.

"I'm Kristy," the shorter blonde told them. "Um, I'm not carrying any ID with me. But I'm eighteen and a half."

"Gee, I'm sorry, Kristy, but I really do need to see some form of ID," Tony said solemnly.

"Oh, I can vouch for Kristy," Heather said. "I'm six months older than she is."

"Good enough for me," Pruett said, not realizing that he might live to regret saying it later on. Tony shook his head, mentally castigating his buddy, but held his tongue.

"All right then Kristy, Heather, are you ready to become famous?"

"Like in a video?" Heather asked.

"Like in a Girls Gone Wild video, yes," Pruett answered.

"Oh, wow!" Heather cried out happily.

"Just put your clothes on the back of the seat there," Tony said, pointing to the back of the driver's seat.

"Y'all seen any of the GGW videos?" Pruett asked as he poured some tonic mix into paper cups and added a generous amount of gin, swirled each cup around and handed each girl one.

"No, but I heard about them," Kristy said, accepting her gin and tonic.

"Me too!" Heather chimed in. "Girl's kissing and stuff like that," and then she reached for her drink and took a huge gulp.

"Know what stuff like that means, sweetheart?" Tony asked gingerly.

"Yeah, sure," Heather replied gaily as she wiped her mouth on her arm. "Giving head, and fucking too, right?"

"That about sums it up," Tony conceded, and both girls nodded eagerly. Kristy knocked off her drink then examined the empty cup for a second before tossing it into the corner of the van.

"All righty, then," Pruett said rubbing his hands brusquely, "Kristy, why don't you lay down on the air mattress and open your legs. Heather, um, after you finish your drink could you kinda put yourself between Kristy's legs, and slowly lean forward and give her a French kiss. Kristy, we want to see both your tongues, so please stick yours out too."

"Gawd, I still can't believe that I'm doing this," Heather sighed, but pushed her breasts out dramatically.

"Hey," Pruett told her sternly, "t-shirts like this don't come often."

"T-shirts!" Heather snorted, "I'm about to be lesbo'd by my best friend; and videoed doing it . . . for a God-dammed t-shirt?"

"Some do it for far less," he told her, and turned away to see if Tony was ready to shoot.

"Really?" she said, as if not comprehending what she was about to do. Heather giggled, then finished off her gin and tonic.

After setting the camera up, Tony popped in front of it and, with a smarmy smile, said, "Hi, there, Spring Break fans everywhere. This is Tony with yet another Girls Gone Wild, or at least, soon to go wild. He pointed to Kristy out of camera range and asked, "And what's your name, darlin'?"

"Kristy, Tony," she replied, and waved at the camera with just her fingers, then added, "Hi, guys," and blew a kiss at the camera lens.

Seemingly relaxed and quite comfortable in front of the camera, she dropped her hand down to Heather's calf, and began kneading a spot behind her knee. The camera stayed with her hand in close up. Pruett grabbed the second, smaller camera, and focused on both girls from a respectable distance.

"Ever made it with a girl?" Tony asked.

"No," Kristy said, and bit her lip. She was lying, and they all knew it. But anyone watching the film later wouldn't know it.

Heather gave her a wink and a smile, and said, "But do you wanna play with me, Kristy?"

"Me and you?" Kristy asked innocently as she nodded her head, "Like, cool!"

Kristy turned to face the camera. Leaning back, she sank down onto the air mattress. Her hips rotated in time with the beat from the van's radio. She closed her eyes, and bit her lower lip with her pearl white teeth. A soft moan escaped her lips as Heather pressed the palm of her left hand into Kristy's crotch.

Heather leaned down to the closest of Kristy's brown nipples and took it between her teeth. From her moan, Tony guessed that Kristy enjoyed the little love nip. Heather continued sucking on the swollen bud, and lowered her hands to the other's waist.

"Turn'er around," Pruett croaked hoarsely.

Heather, not knowing which of them he was speaking to, turned because she was the only one standing, or close to standing. Her rear now faced Pruett's camera lens.

"Hey, Kristy," Pruett called out in what he thought was a director's voice, but was anything but. "Give old Heather a good lick between the legs, would'ja?"

Tony knelt down on one knee, the camera held steady on his shoulder as Kristy tried to follow Pruett's suggestion. She shuffled forward on her ass until extremely close to Heather's pussy, and then flicked her tongue out to touch Heather's clit, semi-hidden in her bush. Heather moaned, and at the same time, Kristy grabbed Heather's ass cheeks, caressing them with her fingertips.

Pruett grabbed his erection and tried to adjust it to alleviate the discomfort it was causing him, found that it brought no relief, and then took it out, letting it jut out in plain view. Tony zoomed in on Kristy as she spent the next minute or so slowly licking up and down the crease of Heather's outer labia. Heather was panting in expectation of future exciting things, when, with both camera's tightly focused on her face Kristy slowly wet her index finger by sliding it into her mouth.

After covering it with saliva, she brought the finger to the panting girl's cuntal slit, then half turned to Tony and his camera. She licked her lower lip, and spoke directly into the lens: "God, guys, she's even tighter than I hoped she'd be!"

She placed a little more pressure on the finger, and with a sudden movement, it broke through the barrier of Heather's inner lips, sliding partially into Heather's cunt before Kristy called a halt to her progress, pulling her finger completely out of Heather's cunt, and bringing it to her own mouth and tasting Heather's flavor.

"Um, nice," she cooed.

A shocked expression passed over Heather's face, but a smile soon replaced it. She looked down at her girlfriend and said, "Why don't you ask Tony what he thinks?"

Kristy giggled inanely, and reinserted the finger into Heather's cunt again; brought it out, and tendered it to Tony, who shut his camera off and waited for Pruett to signal that he had them covered.

Opening his mouth as he knelt next to Kristy, he tasted Heather's pungent flavor the second the finger touched his tongue.

"Might need some Paprika," he said off-handedly, and both girls doubled over laughing. Heather saw Pruett's dangling dick and made for it, giving it a light slap.

Pruett almost dropped the camera, but managed to recover in time.

Finding the entire situation ludicrous, Tony resumed filming the two girls, who were not doing anything very sexual at the moment.

"Can we get going again, ladies?" he asked not unkindly. Both girls sobered somewhat, and Kristy tugged at Heather until she lay down beside her on the air mattress. Kristy spread Heather's legs, and kneeling between them, began to nuzzle the other girl's bush. Tony's lens had a clear view of her tongue snaking its way into Heather's cunt as Kristy's fingers parted the hair surrounding Heather's thick, outer labia, paving the way for her tongue.

Pruett showed some unusual initiative, for him, in moving around to the other side of the girls. Now the cameras were recording the girls from two very different perspectives. Later Tony would be startled to find that Pruett had shot a close-up of Kristy's puckering asshole as it opened and closed while she performed cunnilingus on Heather. Tony gradually moved his camera up Heather's body until focusing on her face and the varied expressions it bore as Kristy's tongue and fingers worked her over.

Kristy looked up at Pruett's camera and winked. Then she sought out Heather's engorged clit, and taking it between her lips, worried it while Heather gasped with pleasure.

Pruett, becoming more of an expert cameraman every minute, zoomed in for what turned out to be a tremendous shot of her licking along the hood that had only seconds before hidden the very swollen pleasure bud.

Heather's hands were in Kristy's hair, pulling her face tighter into her crotch. Tony dropped to his knees alongside the two girls and caught a magnificent shot of Kristy tongue-fucking Heather.

"Oh, baby," Heather moaned. "I'm getting there . . . ."

Kristy paused about then and picked several pubic hairs from her mouth. She noticed Tony and waved at him, and then took her other hand away from her mouth exposing a thoughtful frown.

Flicking the last hair away, she went back to licking and sucking Heather, accidentally tapping Tony on the leg with her elbow. He adjusted the aim of the camera back to Kristy's face, and then panned the camera up to Heather's face, capturing her with her head thrown back.

Pruett said, "So, Kristy, you say you've never licked a girl before?"

Turning her face away from Heather, she looked directly into his camera and with a slight stutter said, "N . . . No, never."

Heather went into a mini-convulsion as she climaxed and sank back onto the air mattress and closed her eyes.

"That was a good scene," Tony said.

Pruett nodded in agreement, and with his hardon still jerking this way and then that, he asked Heather, "Would you like to return the favor?"

Heather turned her glazed eyes in the rough direction of his voice, and with a blank expression, nodded weakly.

Kristy looked at the two men, taking in Pruett's erection and the bulge in Tony's slacks. "You guys can fuck us, or we can do each other in a sixty-nine."

Putting his camera down, Pruett started to opt for the fucking, but Tony, thinking of the film potential, spoke quickly, saying, "Sixty-nine it is."

Kristy fingered herself for several seconds, stopping only when Tony aimed the camera at her. Then, squatting over Heather's face, she leaned forward into Heather's crotch, and lowered her face down into Heather's pussy.

"Just do what I do, Heather," she said softly, knowing the other girl had never attempted cunnilingus before.

"It's her first time," Kristy told the two men as they filmed her actions.

"Watch this, dudes!" Pruett exulted, "We got Heather here 'bout to munch carpet for the first time."

"Shut up, Pru," Tony snarled as Heather buried her face in Kristy's cunt.

Kristy gasped in surprise, having thought she would have to bring her girlfriend close to another climax before she'd respond in kind.

But Heather was wasting no time in becoming the aggressor in this love match. Swirling the tip of her tongue around Kristy's clit, she forced another pleasurable moan from the more experienced girl who had to concentrate all her efforts just to renew her own licking and sucking.

Soon both girls were grinding their pussies against each other's face -- Heather found herself reveling in the feel of Kristy's hot, wet flesh against her mouth and tongue, and promised herself that she would try this again and again with Kristy and some other girl who might be willing to try it with her.

When Kristy applied a given tactic on her, Heather immediately did the same to her.

Soon both girls were trembling with excitement, and Heather went rigid a split second before Kristy, then both girls were cumming.

Heather kept her mouth on Kristy's clit, using an iron will as her own body surrendered to the voluminous pleasures brought on by Kristy's talented tongue. After no more than ten seconds of this, Kristy's legs started to spasm, and in slow motion she crumpled into a fetal position, and rolled off and away from Heather's relentless mouth.

But Heather did not allow her to escape, and as the cameras rolled on capturing every action of the girls, Heather recaptured Kristy's clit, sucking it between her lips and swirling her tongue around and around upon it.

Seconds later, Kristy was begging her to stop. Tony zoomed in, capturing her lips sealed tightly upon Kristy's clit. Two gasping breaths later, Kristy was pleading with Heather to: "Get me off! Just a little harder! Just a little longer!"

Heather continued eating her friend out until Kristy lay inert and sobbing on the air mattress. With both cameras focused on her she crawled over her friend and hugged her lovingly, and as Kristy returned from her visit to the clouds, Heather asked if she'd done it right.

Tony yelled, "Perfect! Just the fuckin' perfect thing to say!" and shut his camera off.

Pruett kept filming,

Barely able to talk, Kristy managed to croak, "God, yes!" and rolled over on her side, hugging herself protectively.

"Pruett . . ." Tony said, and when Pruett looked at him, he signaled Pruett to turn his camera off.

Pruett did so, and lay the camera down as Heather crawled on her knees to Pruett and looked longingly at his stiff shaft. To her mind it was incredibly enticing. She reached out and caressed it with her right hand. Pruett moaned with anticipatory pleasure. Tony grabbed his camera and started to film them as his own erection reached an almost intolerable size in his slacks.

Heather moaned as her fingers gripping his member slid a millimeter as they failed to find a firm purchase on the copious coating of precum covering the underside of his cock. With an eagerness that surprised her, Heather smeared the slick fluid around until his entire cockhead was glossy with the seeping fluid.

Tony carefully framed the couple in his viewfinder so that he would capture her mouth descending upon Pruett's cock. And it did so, following a gentle kiss, with the tip of her tongue dabbing at the seepage from his one-eyed monster even as she slowly jerked him off.

When Pruett moaned again, Heather discovered that she couldn't hold back any longer and took the head of his cock into her mouth, swirled her tongue around and under the head, reveling in the slightly salty taste of his excitement-generated fluids.

With the fingers of her right hand holding his manhood at its base, Heather sank down upon him as well as the most talented whore might be capable of doing, and after taking a deep breath, took even more of him into her throat, so that she now felt the soft flesh of his cock-head at the back of her throat.

Suddenly Heather was conscious of Kristy's presence beside her, giving her advice that Heather thought was unnecessary, but appreciating the thought all the same.

"Relax your throat, Heather, sweetie, pretend to swallow. You won't gag then."

Heather wanted to laugh. She had him all the way down her throat, his balls were resting against her chin and she was not gagging, had not even come close to gagging. But what Heather had not expected was for Pruett to extract himself from between her lips.

"Sorry, honey," he said, "but I'd love for you to just lick my dick . . . you know, along the shaft?"

Heather was happy to oblige, but was still puzzled. 'Didn't guys love to be deep-throated?' she asked herself.

And then she realized what he was up to. As she was licking the length of him, Pruett had lined the head of his cock with Kristy's pussy. "Oh, yes! That's it sweetie. Now put me into Kristy."

Whether she did or not, neither guy ever discovered. Suffice to say, he found himself immersed in Kristy's hot cunt and began fucking her using long, slow strokes as Tony followed the new twosome with the camera.

Kristy answered each slow thrust with a high-pitched squeak, while Heather sat back on her haunches and watched enviously. But when Pruett positioned Kristy on all fours, and got behind her and increased the tempo of his fucking as he forged full-length into her foaming cunt, Heather's mouth moved in to join the fucking duo, making it a trio.

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