tagGroup SexPrankster Ch. 07

Prankster Ch. 07

byParis Waterman©

For the record, everyone involved in sexual acts is 18 or over. It may appear otherwise, but when things sort themselves out that's the way it is.


Tony left Pruett, feeling bad about his friend's mishap, but knowing it was something he probably deserved. It was close to seven PM when he parked the van around the corner from Stark Raving Crazy's, and went inside to speak with the owner, Stark Reagan about using his place the following night.

The bar was crowded, but not packed, because most of the late night clientele were eating, and/or drinking their dinners.

Stark Reagan was in a good mood, and plied Tony with booze as they discussed exactly what Tony and his crew would be doing.

"You don't wanna disrupt the band, understand?" Reagan said, with a strong emphasis. "More importantly, don't let any of them stupid bitches fuck anyone in my place. That's unacceptable, understand? They can show their tits and even their pussies, I don't give a shit, but no fucking; especially since it will be filmed. I'll lose my license anyone sees I used the place for that shit."

"What we'll do, Stark," Tony said amiably, "is to find the ones we want and lure them out to the van. If we get more than the van can handle, and I'm thinking we might. Well, then we take them over to a warehouse and shoot whatever goes down there. So no nasty stuff on the premises . . . does that sound right to you?"

"Yeah, that's good. How many dodos you think will nibble at this scheme of Pruett's and yours?"

"With a full house and it being the next to last big night of Spring Break? I'd say at least a dozen or more."

Stark grabbed his crotch and gave himself a squeeze. "Jesus, I wish I was twenty years younger, I'd be right in there with you guys."

Tony walked around the bar and selected several ideal vantage points from which to set the cameras up. He was about to leave when he felt a breast press up against his right arm. He turned and saw a familiar face smiling at him.

"Well, hi there, Deidre," he said as his eyes dropped to her 40-D sized chest.

"You remember my name," Deidre cooed, "How nice. I knew you were special, Tony.

Before he could reply, Deidre's companion spoke up. "Remember me, Tony?"

"Yes, Caitlin, I certainly do. And I have to say it's a pleasure to see the both of you again."

"The feeling's mutual, Tony," Caitlin giggled, and leaned against him so that he could feel her breasts as well.

"You interested in a drink? I'm buying," Tony said gallantly.

"Well . . ." Caitlin said.

"Is the van nearby?" Deidre inquired anxiously.

"Around the corner," Tony answered, and felt himself growing erect.

"I'd prefer the van," Deidre said, "Wouldn't you, Caitlin?"

"Much better than another drinkie-poo," she said.

Tony realized both girls were already half-smashed, and took them by their arms and left Crazy's, only to run into Barely, who had also been drinking, and was about to enter the bar.

"Barely, hi. How are you?" Tony said, happy to meet his buddy.

Slurring his words, Barely said, "Oh, yeah . . . my fine, fucking friend, Tony."

"Hey, buddy, I didn't know that shit was going to go down, you know?"

"S'all right, Tony," Barely said slurring his words. "She's had the hots for him all along."

"C'mon, Barely. How could you possibly know?"

The albino laughed. It was a bitter laugh, and no one mistook it for anything else. The girls edged away from him, thinking he was going to start a fight with Tony.

"She called out his name twice when we were getting it on. That's how. Satisfied? Now lemme pass, I'm gonna get smashed."

"I can see that you've started. Oh, hey, I forgot my manners," Tony said. "Barely, this is Caitlin and Deidre, two good, I should say, very good friends of mine. Want to join us? We're headed for the van."

To Tony's surprise, Barely's eyes roamed over both Deidre and Caitlin. "Why not? Any port in a storm ain't that right?" he said, and smiled at the girls.

Moments later, the four of them were in the van. Tony put some punk music on the radio, and they soon fell into the comfortable rapport of people who've fucked each other before, and had dealt with the consequences.

The girls quickly accepted Barely, whispering between them as to the size of his penis.

Tony, having heard the girls, nudged Barely and told him to take it out and show them. Barely did so, and although he remained flaccid, his size was apparent to both girls.

"Wow, very impressive," Deidre said. Tony watched as her nipples began to poke against the tight material of her T-shirt.

"I see you're not wearing my T-Shirt," Tony said, intending to tease her.

"I wore it last night," she replied.

"Yeah, Caitlin said, "Until that stupid basketball player from West Virginia tore it off you."

"No fair telling stories out of school," Deidre said in protest.

"I'll give you both new ones, Tony said.

"Oh, that's great!" Caitlin chirped, and peeled her T-shirt off, revealing her ample breasts for the guys to admire.

Deidre promptly removed hers, and both girls assumed a variety of poses modeling their breasts for Barely's inspection.

"Like 'em?" Caitlin asked.

"Very much," Barely said, and to support his words, his formidable cock began to rise.

"Oh, Tony," Deidre said, excitedly, "I gotta show you this thong I picked up yesterday." That said, she peeled off her shorts, and thrust her pelvis out at him to reveal a light blue thong.

With an evil giggle, Caitlin stuck her fingers into the front of Deidre's thong and yanked. This wedged the garment into her crack and caused Deidre to leap up and out of her seat, clutching at the fabric wedged into her ass crack.

"God damn you!" Deidre bellowed. "I told you to knock that shit off earlier!"

"Sorry! Sorry!" Caitlin laughed, and scampered to the other side of the van, safely out of Deidre's reach.

Moments later, a more subdued Deidre sat on Tony's lap. He took in her perfumed scent, as well as the faint fumes of the vodka she'd consumed earlier.

Caitlin sat next to Barely and cupped her milk-white breasts. "I was gonna sit on your lap, but I don't know, you being in that cast and all. What happened to you?"

"I broke my leg in a fall," he said simply, and left it at that.

Caitlin accepted his story and leaned into him, saying, "You're awfully quiet, you know?"

"I had a fight with my girl," he told her.

"That's terrible," she replied. "I just hate that . . . but making up is sure fun."

"Is it?" Barely said, the bitterness he felt seemed to hang on each word.

"Oh, like that huh?" Caitlin said and reached for his cock, gave it a friendly squeeze. "Want me to make you feel better?"

"I don't know," he said. "I guess, but I'm not myself tonight."

"Well, I'm certainly horny," and rather than asking Tony to abandon Deidre, she called out, "Dee Dee, baby, wanna make out with me?"

Deidre looked at Tony. He nodded his approval, and she slid off his lap to sit on the mattress next to them.

"All right, Dee, let's get it on," she said huskily.

Tony reached behind him and found the camera. He checked the various settings and mechanisms and made sure it was ready to film the action then brought it to his eye. He focused on the two girls and pressed the button and began filming the two women.

Even watching through the lens of his camera, Tony could see that Deidre's eyes seemed to sparkle as she whispered to Caitlin in hushed tones. The conversation seemed innocent enough, but the look in Deidre's eye did not.

After what seemed a very long time, Deidre began to trace her delicate fingers from Caitlin's waist, over her hips, and down along her thighs. Caitlin responded by brushing tendrils of Deidre's hair back away from her face. The touches were slight and gentle, not overtly sexual, but as each woman looked deep into the other's eyes, the meaning and intent became very clear.

There was a pause in the conversation, and then Deidre leaned over suddenly and kissed Caitlin directly on the lips. Tony took a deep breath and rubbed his eyes.

'Motherfucker,' Tony thought, 'could this be true? Maybe I'm dreaming.'

But Barely quickly assured him that he was not dreaming, saying, "Shit man, they gonna eat one another!"

Caitlin took a last gulp of her beer, and allowed her can to drop gently to the floor of the van. She wrapped her arms around Deidre, and returned her kiss hungrily. Lips parted and tongues entwined under Tony's watchful camera eye. Finally Deidre broke the torrid kiss, stood up, and stepped back smiling. Her gaze swept over Caitlin, starting at her delicate, painted toes and moved slowly, rapturously along Caitlin's lanky body.

"God, you are beautiful," mouthed Deidre. Tony and his camera, both read her lips, and her intentions.

Caitlin began to peel her thong off, while Deidre lay back on the bed. She stretched her arms over her head and smiled luridly at Caitlin. Each woman's lust was obvious, but neither seemed in a hurry. The intense desire for each other projected all the way through the camera's innocent eye and into both men's minds.

"I have been thinking about this all week," whispered Caitlin.

Deidre glowed as she responded, "You are so beautiful."

Tony couldn't stand having his cock confined any longer. He unzipped his fly, and freed his already stiff dick.

"That's not true, but thanks for saying it anyway," a demurred Caitlin answered after a moment.

With an overly dramatic flourish, Deidre took one breast in each hand and began to massage the tips gently. When she released them again, the large areolas had coalesced into thick protruding nipples, dark and uneven.

"Give me a taste," Caitlin said. "Please?"

Deidre smiled down at Caitlin, and then walked to a point where she was straddling her friend, her breasts swaying with each step. Caitlin sat up and waited expectantly. Deidre maneuvered between Caitlin's legs, placed a gentle hand on Caitlin's chin, and lifted her face upward. Deidre took a deep breath and kissed Caitlin again.

This time her tongue obviously probed Caitlin's soft mouth. Caitlin responded by taking one of Deidre's huge nipples between her thumb and forefinger and rolling it back and forth. Everyone in the van heard Deidre's satisfied moan. Deidre closed her eyes, and tossed her head back in ecstasy. When she did so, Caitlin put Deidre's dark nipple into her mouth.

"Oh, god, that feels so good," Deidre moaned aloud.

Tony stared at his computer screen. Deidre's body was something to behold. Her huge breasts, tiny waist, and full hips created the classic female shape of past centuries. Her bush, although neatly trimmed, seemed somehow to be out of a past era as well. Tony fondled his rock hard cock, and tried to comprehend his good fortune.

He still could not believe what he was witnessing. It was a voyeur's dream come true, and he was getting it on film.

Barely had his camera going too, zooming in close as he knelt alongside the air mattress both girls were on.

"I want to taste you," whispered Caitlin. "Can I taste you, sweet Deidre?"

Deidre answered by moving closer until Caitlin's face was inches from her wiry pubic hair.

Caitlin ran her hands lightly over Deidre's flanks, cupped her cheeks and then ran a finger along the crack of her friend's ass.

Time seemed to stand still, as Caitlin seemed content with simply staring at Deidre's pussy, and caressing her ass, savoring its firmness.

Until Deidre moaned loudly, "Eat me! C'mon, Cat, eat me!"

Then suddenly, a long, pointed tongue emerged from Caitlin's mouth and pushed its way into Deidre's waiting slit.

"Holy shit," muttered Tony.

Caitlin's tongue danced against Deidre's wet labia and her clit until she was forced to stop in order to catch her breath. Then without a word being spoken, Deidre dropped to her knees and bade Caitlin to lie on her back. She raised Caitlin's long legs up and onto her shoulders.

Caitlin stretched her arms out and closed her eyes in anticipation. Deidre lifted one delicate foot to her mouth and began to kiss and suck on Caitlin's foot as if it was a most precious delicacy. Caitlin lay back, and began to rub her cunt with a growing need.

Both cameras were rolling, capturing every minute detail. Tony glanced at his monitor as a look of total lust came over Deidre's face. Her eyes moved up and down Caitlin's body for a moment and then, with uncharacteristic quickness, Deidre vigorously pressed her face into Caitlin's almost hairless pussy. Caitlin's reaction was instantaneous and positive. She grasped Deidre's head and ground her hips against the onslaught.

Barely's heart was pounding, and he fought to keep his hands from shaking. One thought permeated his mind: 'I have to fuck the both of them.'

"Oh, God . . . oh, God . . . I'm gonna cum!" Caitlin shouted.

"Don't stop, Dee Dee! Please don't stop!"

"Kiss me there . . . yes, there . . . right there . . . ."

"Oh, sweet Jesus!"

Thus encouraged, Deidre increased her ardor. Her tongue flicked out over and over again on her engorged clitoris, massaging the little nub tenderly one time, and then roughly the next. When Caitlin came, it seemed to her as if she

were riding the cusp of a high mountain avalanche. "OH, GOD!"

"Enough! Enough! I can't take anymore. Oh, sweet Jesus, it's just too much!"

But Deidre was relentless in her desire to bring Caitlin to yet another orgasm even better than the current one, and ignored her anguished cries. Finally, Caitlin tugged Deidre's face away from her pussy, and held her torrid body tightly against her as she rode the remainder of her great cum.

For a very long while, Caitlin and Deidre simply clung to each other. Then they kissed, and followed by rolling around on the air mattress, first with Caitlin on top, then with Deidre in the superior position.

Tony signaled Barely to keep shooting. Deidre now had at least two fingers fully extended in Caitlin's cunt, stirring them around, and caused Caitlin to groan with pleasure as she continued rooting around in her purse.

"I love doing it with you," Caitlin said, her voice low and husky. "Come here," Caitlin said with a smile, "I want to suck that finger after where it's been."

"And where's it been, sweetie?" As if Tony and Barely had no idea of what was transpiring, Caitlin said in an aside to them, "It's been in my pussy."

Deidre stood up and held the finger to Barely's nose. Tony captured the moment as the Albino sniffed and then inhaled the aroma. Caitlin grabbed Deidre's wrist and brought the finger to her lips, and gently sucked it into her mouth. "Like a little cock," she said, and then giggled inanely.

"So," Deidre said, "do you like it?"

"It tastes lovely, baby. Tastes scrumptious."

Barely limped around the van, scrounging a spare camera and some close-up lenses, before repositioning himself so that what he filmed next would not conflict with what Tony was recording. "I think she wants it up her ass," Deidre said in a matter-of-fact manner, looking straight into Tony's camera.

Then holding the finger out for the camera to see clearly, she gaily waved it in the air, and zoomed in on her target, penetrating Caitlin's tight little pucker to the second knuckle, and then hooked the finger so that it was caressing the walls of her tight little hole.

"Deidre . . . " Caitlin moaned, as she pushed against the finger in her ass. "You are sooo fucking GOOD at this!"

Tony dropped to his knees to get a better angle of Deidre's actions, and caught her as she took her finger from Caitlin's ass, and replaced it with her lovely tongue, perversely working it feverishly inside Caitlin's rectum.

"Oh, Christ! Oh, Christ!" Caitlin moaned. "Let me . . . let me."

"Let you what?"

"Let me taste you."

Deidre pulled Caitlin's head up to hers and they kissed wetly, sucking wantonly on each other's tongue, dribbling long strings of saliva into the other's mouth and then drawing it back slowly, erotically, and Tony caught every second of it on tape.

Eventually, Caitlin moaned with an even more urgent desire, and they fell upon one another, entangling their legs as they twisted and squirmed around until finally getting comfortable when Caitlin's breasts pressed firmly against those of Deidre's.

They rubbed their tits together; Caitlin working her fingers between them and tweaking Deidre's elongated nipples, so that the other moaned from the pleasure. Turning Deidre on her side, Caitlin began licking her way down Deidre's neck to her breasts.

Barely was right on this shot, leaning precariously on his cast enclosed leg, capturing Deidre's swollen nipple as it was bitten into by Caitlin's bright, white teeth.

Soon Deirdre's breasts were smeared with Caitlin's saliva, and only then did Caitlin shift so that Deidre could return the favor.

She didn't waste a second, pouncing forward to suck on Caitlin's tits. The sight of them nursing each other had both men highly aroused, and ready to fuck the girls at the earliest opportunity.

The girls stopped momentarily, and looked at Tony and Barely, broad grins on their gorgeous faces.

"We sure seem to be making those cocks hard," Caitlin said reaching out to caress Barely's rigid prick.

"Oh, yeah," Deidre said in agreement as she grabbed Tony's crotch and jerked his hard-on several times.

"Mmmm, Tony?" Deidre asked, sounding as content as a kitten after drinking a saucer full of cream. "Do you want to see Caitlin eat my pussy. I mean really eat it?"

"Sure," he replied.

"Want to see two chicks fucking each other?"

"That would be fine," he replied, failing to subdue the excitement in his voice.

Caitlin nuzzled her way between Deidre's wide spread thighs, spreading them even wider with her hands on Deidre's sweaty knees. "He wants to watch us, Dee Dee. They don't want to fuck us. They want to see us going at it."

"So," Deidre said with a lust crazed look in her eyes," Let's give them a show they'll never forget!"

She forced her mouth between Deidre's thighs, burying it in the sweetness of her cunt. Then, using her hands knowledgably, she parted Deidre's thighs just a bit further so Barely could film in extreme close-up, as she got her pussy eaten.

Caitlin thrust her tongue out all the way and touched Deidre's cunt with just the very tip, barely stroking it. Barely, leaned his camera against the arm of the chair he was now sitting in, and started stroking his cock, jerking it slowly, evenly, up and down, as Caitlin delved more fully into Deidre's cunt.

Arching her back in response, Deidre whimpered as Caitlin's tongue plunged into her. Then Caitlin scooted forward, lifting Deidre's ass, and bending her knees. This allowed her to get hold of Deidre's buttocks and squeeze them tightly, holding on for dear life as she ate her friend to an orgasm that had to be seen to be believed.

"Oh, God!" Deidre moaned. "Eat my pussy . . . I want you to eat it!"

Seconds later, she screamed, "Fuck, yeah . . . EAT ME!"

Caitlin threw her head back and shook her hair wildly from side to side. Her tits glistened from Deidre's saliva, and Tony was sorely tempted to stop filming and just latch on to her swollen nipples. But he managed to retain his self control and kept shooting. He would not regret it, for as he suspected, this footage would be considered a masterpiece, and sell hundreds of thousands of tapes in the months to come.

Meanwhile, Deidre's undulating body was making both men hornier with each tongue stroke that Caitlin laid on her glistening pussy.

Deidre came hard. And while she was in the throes of her orgasm, Caitlin scrambled to the empty chair on which her purse lay, and reaching in, removed a rather long, lethal looking, double-headed dildo.

A huge smile spread across Deidre's face as she saw what Caitlin had in mind for her, or them. But Deidre surprised everyone by lunging forward, and pulling Barely down to meet her mouth, and the serpentine tongue coiled, and waiting inside. As he recognized what had to be the taste of Caitlin's cunt on his lips, Barely dropped his camera.

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