tagGroup SexPrankster Ch. 08

Prankster Ch. 08

byParis Waterman©

Late the next afternoon, Tony met with Barely to set things up for that evening's session at Crazy's place.

"You know," Barely said, "I came across something last night when I was editing the tapes."

"What was that?" Tony asked.

"It's best I show you, then you tell me if you want it back in. It was me, I'd keep it out. I just don't feel comfortable with it."

"Let's have a look then," Tony said and sat down in front of the TV.

Barely ran the tape with Kristy and Heather. "Look at how Pruett checked their IDs," he pointed out.

"Christ, you're right," Tony said. "I remember now, old Pruett was wantin' to get it on with them. He didn't even glance at their IDs. They're probably eighteen, but we can't prove it. Shit, we don't even know that one's name and address. But we got the one if push comes to shove. You were right to cut it out. Let's put it away, someplace safe."

"We should erase the damn thing," Barely said, "It could come back and bite us on the ass, someone gets hold of it. You know, she might not be legal."

"Yeah, I agree, but let's run it from start to finish again. Those girls were really hot."

The tape was run, and with a hardon nearly bursting through his jeans, Tony reluctantly erased the incriminating evidence, and with it any hope Sue Ann had of catching him on the wrong side of the law.

Next, Barely ran the remainder of the tapes, which he had put together in a rough chronological order. It was a rough work, one that required a lot more time and editing, but it was enough to provide Tony with an idea of what he had and what was needed to flesh the tape out so that it became a viable commodity on the porno market.

"This is great, Barely," he told his friend. "We need to use the warehouse tonight. I mean, we'll find a few willing girls and maybe some guys, and drive them over there. You can go there first and set things up. I'll find the girls and will bring them on over."

"Sounds like a plan to me," Barely said, agreeing with Tony. "What I'll do is set up a couple different sets and we can . . . let's see . . . maybe if there are other guys there to boff the broads . . . I can shoot one scene while you shoot another."

"That would speed things up, for sure," Tony said.

"We get it done twice as fast," Barely added.

"Let's do it!" Tony said and they both nodded and set out to gather all the necessities needed to do the job.


Lieutenant Sullivan of the Vice Squad formed a detail of four detectives, two male and two female, to sit in a van outside Crazy's place and film the Girls Gone Wild van as soon as any illegal activity seemed to be taking place. The two women were to go into Crazy's and observe the alleged porno crew from there.

"We have a search warrant for the van, but will only use it if we have reasonable cause. Be especially alert for any underage kids being approached, or leaving with these men. Don't jump on them too soon, or you'll have no case. Give them time to take off their clothes, but don't let them actually have sex. We stop it before that happens. Are we on board about that?"

They all nodded their agreement.

Sullivan continued, "Obviously, if anyone is under age, we'll arrest them all. If, however, they are of age, and they state that they were perfectly willing to perform sexual acts . . . well, then, we can't do anything; it's a free country."

He paused, and then continued. "Any one underage, you confiscate all the tapes on board, arrest any adults and then get a search warrant for their homes and look for any other incriminating evidence there."

Deana, one of the female detectives asked, "What about this Pruett guy? He's still in the hospital, and he's the one supposed to have boffed the two girls."

"We leave him alone for the moment," the lieutenant said.

Deana had another question. "We're outside, they're in the van. How the hell will we know who's doing what, and to whom?"

The Lieutenant glared at her, and then turned to the black detective sitting across from Deana. "Johnson, will the sound detector work on this? If so, please explain it to Deana."

"Um, yeah, Lieutenant, I think so." He gave Deana a baleful look and said, "It's a directional mic, and as long as we're within two hundred yards we should be able to hear what they say inside the van."

"That satisfy you, Deana?" He was not really angry with her, for she was new to vice, but he felt that she should have known about directional microphones by this time.

Deana, embarrassed by his curt reply to her question, nodded weakly, and the others followed, nodding that they understood his position, and soon left to set things in motion from their end.


Meanwhile, at Crazy's, Tony and Barely had their cameras set up at three strategic points within Crazy's. Barely had brought a cousin along who had some knowledge of camera work. Their goal was simply to film the kids in the bar and to capture any erotic antics that took place.

Tony's primary job was to lure some of the drunker girls and not so drunk guys to the van and then to the warehouse where several different stages were set up from which to record the actual sex acts they hoped to get out of the girls.


The vice squad set up their observation post approximately 75 feet from the Girls Gone Wild van. They heard and recorded every word spoken by Barely and Tony while they were inside the van. Fortunately for them, they kept their dialogue to phrases about the equipment, and not what was actually intended later in the evening.

Rescue volunteers waited patiently outside the front entrance, certain that a handful of teens would require their assistance from alcohol and drug overdoses sustained by some of those foolish enough to overindulge.

The two women from vice wandered around Crazy's not certain of what they were looking for. They had no accurate description of Tony and did not know that his accomplice was black.


Tony and Barely wandered around Crazy's, and eventually made their way to the bar. They ordered a couple of beers and, when Crazy himself saw them, they learned that they were drinking on the house.

The college girls, as usual, flocked to the bar, anxious to perform all sorts of willing rituals; one of which was to bare their breasts or genitals for Jell-O shots, or free T-shirts. They were lured in by drink specials, promotional merchandise, and the chance to "go wild".

Stark Raving Crazy's was the most popular establishment frequented by the almost rabid females who tromped in after crossing the beach sand littered with empty, crushed beer cans, condoms, and bottles of Nair, handed out as promotional gifts by sponsors of the various contests conducted on the public beaches less than a block from Crazy's.

By ten o'clock, there were over 2,500 very young and very drunk people careening around inside. The police (other than the vice squad on hand) had been paid to leave them alone, and even the vice squad was under orders not to interfere with the rescue volunteers, who stood in the background, unless requested to help.

For Tony, this was nirvana. The place was filled with drunken women willing to flash their tits, or pussies, or French kiss another girl for little more than a jell-O shot, or tonight's special, a Girls Gone Wild T-shirt.

And at ten-fifteen, Crazy Stark himself announced that for this one night only, Girls Gone Wild would be auditioning willing 'persons' for a video to be distributed nationally in several months. A roar went up from the drunken crowd, most of whom missed the instructions from Crazy on just how to apply to get in the video.

Pieces of conversations could be heard anywhere one turned. They were all similar. "Isn't this is the wildest vacation ever?"

"We had a group shower . . . two girls and three guys . . . it was wild!"

"Ginny had oral sex with this guy in Appleby's while we waited for our order."

"I hope they pick me. I'm ready and willing to take on anyone!"

"You're a filthy slut, Amy!"

"Yes, I am and proud of it. Now, where's that pussy they want me to eat?"

"What kind of guys do you like?"

"Two at a time, silly. Gotta fill both holes, right?"


Barely and Tony were manning their cameras as the crowd milled around them. Then Tony handed the camera off to Barely's cousin, and went into the crowd with a microphone while the other two videoed him.

"Hi," he said to a pretty girl who was half black. "What's your name?"

"I'm Rita," she replied with a drunken slur. She wore a skimpy top and a very short mini skirt. Her pink underwear was visible every time she crossed her legs, which to Tony, seemed to be every five seconds. He soon realized that she was on ecstasy and on the hunt for someone with a stash of cocaine. He eased out of the conversation as quickly as possible.

Immediately, several other girls moved in on him. One was a hot Indian girl and her not-so-hot, frizzy headed girlfriend. Tony engaged both in a conversation, but the girls actually scored very low on the scale he had established for the girls to be picked up that night, and he wound up dumping them as well.

Tony turned around and bumped into a pretty, but plumpish blonde girl in a bikini and a jaunty black, cowboy hat. "What can we expect of you if we put you in the video?" he asked with a leering grin.

"I'm planning to kiss girls," she said, and glanced at the brunette to her left. "I was kissing her last night. You missed us then."

"Let's see you kiss her again," Tony said, as Barely went into a crouch and elevated his camera lens. The blonde in the cowboy hat smooched her brunette friend, and then smirked at the camera.

"Good, very good," Tony told her, and then asked, "Would the two of you do more if we had a more private place for you to fool around in?"

"Would we be in the video?" the brunette asked, breaking her self-imposed silence.

"Of course," Tony replied. "Just show your driver's license to the camera there so we know that you're over eighteen and legal."

Both girls dutifully complied and were handed a chip that would get them into the van later.

"Hey, girls," Tony said, "how about showing your tits to the camera there?"

The girls giggled, and Cowboy Hat grabbed her bikini top with both hands, and yanked it up, tilted her head to one side, beaming at the camera.

Barely whirled around from filming some other girl's antics in time to capture the moment on camera. "First of the day," he said. The brunette revealed her ample chest after the cowboy hat had covered her chest.


The two female vice squad members looked at one another and wondered if they were seeing - or would see - anything illegal from the camera crew.

"We could bust some of these clowns snorting coke, I know that. But these guys are only asking the kids to show their tits and that's not against the law, at least in this town."

The shorter of the two women said, "I'm going into the ladies, find a booth and call the van. Tell 'em what's going on."

"Okay, but be warned - you're likely to see ten or twenty sluts using . . . will you ignore it, or will you try to make an arrest?"

"I'll do my job."

"Your job is to observe the Girl Gone Wild guys, see if they fuck up. We want them. No one said anything about nailing druggies. Personally, I think the local police are paid to look the other way."

"You think?"

"I'm pretty damn certain. Let's stick to our orders. We hang out another 30 minutes and then leave if nothing happens. The way it looks, this guy is lining them up to go out into his van. We can get them there. The guys are listening in to their conversation . . . well, I mean, they will when they're in the fucking van."

"Of course . . . I guess you know best. So, we'll sit here for a half hour more. Maybe something will go down."


Crazy himself was running a wet-T-shirt contest, and had plenty of entrants, as girl after girl came on stage wearing bits and pieces of what had once been t-shirts that were now tied implausibly around their breasts.

One pert brunette kept slapping her rear hoping it would propel her into the finals. It didn't.

A red head, wearing a red, white and blue cowboy hat, and an almost transparent T-shirt did, and collected $300 for her troubles.

Tony was on her instantly, trying to coax her and her friend (who finished third) to join them on camera and in the van. To his delight, they both accepted and after furnishing proof of age, they received the coveted chip, granting them admittance to the van.

A few moments later, Tony was elbowed accidentally by a petite blonde, who reacted by shouting, "Woooo! Hey, like are you guys making a movie or something?"

"We are," he told her. "We're with the Girls Gone Wild film crew."

"Like wow!" she exclaimed, obviously excited.

"Are you a naughty girl?"

"Oh, me bad . . ." she giggled, and followed with, "I am so naughty!"

"Are you?" he said, egging her on.

"I am so . . . like wasted."

"Show me your pussy," Tony said. She peeled her shorts and panties down enough to provide him with a good look.

"You shave," he said, confirming what he had seen.

"Once a week, yeah," she giggled again.

"Um, for information's sake," he said, trying to sound formal, although he knew she was drunk. "Do you suck cock?"

"Love it!"

"Are you willing to kiss and do other things with another girl?"

"Sure . . . if she's decent, no pigs . . . you know?"

"How about anal? Have you done anal?"

"I done it . . . didn't much like it though. The bastard didn't lube me up . . . you know?"

"What if we really greased you up for it?"

"Okay, unless his dick is huge. In that case no deal."

"Are you at least eighteen?"

"Oh . . . " The girl took a second or two to think, "Yeah . . . I'm twenty-one now."

"Here's a chip, I'll see you in the van." Tony had a thought a moment later. "Hey, what's your name?"


"Try to throw up here and not in the van, okay?"

"For sure . . . hey," she said brightly, "I'll do it right now!" That said Sheila headed for the ladies room. Tony had every confidence in her that she would succeed.

He made his way back to Barely and his cousin, through a crowd of girls writhing against one another, their faces fixed in dazed sexual stares.

"Do they all want in?" he asked Barely, who nodded affirmatively. He turned to the two girls closest to him and asked, "Why do you two want to be in the video?"

"I get so wild," one told him. The other nodded vigorously, and added, "It's like our 15 minutes of fame, man."

"How old are you two?" he asked.

"Ginger's going to be eighteen at eleven tonight," the taller of the two girls said. Both were brunettes.

This was nirvana to Tony. "See me at eleven," he told them. I definitely want the both of you, but after she turns eighteen, and not a second before."

The camera crew wandered through the crowd stopping only to capture a wildly wanton teen wearing a skirt-and-shirt ensemble that exposed her stomach, most of her breasts, and much of her bottom. Barely asked her if she wanted to be on the video and she screeched, "Hell, yeah! I want everybody to see my body! I'm fucking hot, ain't I?"

"Will you fuck somebody on camera?"


"Boy or girl?"

"Don't matter. Both, you want me too."

"Give the lady a chip," he said after confirming that she was of age.


At the stroke of midnight, Tony took the microphone an announced that all women holding chips should head out to the van outside. Then he added, "And, if Ginger and her friend would please come forward, I have a chip for each of you."

Ginger skipped up to him and her friend was right behind her. "You two stick close to me," he told them, and headed out the door.

In the van, Barely's cell phone rang.


"Can you ever forgive me, baby?" Essence said sexily.

"Maybe," the albino replied laconically, looking at all the girls he could have if he wanted them.

"Please? I was wrong and I know it now. I don't think I can live without you."

"Sure you can," he said coldly.

"No, no I can't. If you tell me it's over, I . . . I'll kill myself."


"I've got a bunch of ludes . . . I'll take them all at once."

"How many?"

"I didn't count, wait a minute . . . um, you still there?"


"Twenty something."

"That's enough to do it, all right."

"You . . . you want me to go ahead and take them?"

Barely waited a few seconds before answering her.

"No . . . no, I don't want you to take them. I'm headed over to the warehouse. We're going to do a major shoot. Get your lovely black ass over here. Maybe I'll let you suck my dick . . . you know, like a fluffer, or whatever they call those girls in the porno industry who keep the guys hard."

"I'll do it!" she replied, and there was a sound of hope in her voice. "You won't be sorry, baby, I promise you, you won't be sorry."


"Yes, baby?"

"Bring the ludes. I think some of the girls will be needing them."

"Ten minutes, baby. I love you, Barely."

"You barely love me?" he said, teasing her.

"No . . . you know what I mean. I love you. You and only you."

"Me too," he said and smiling, he hung up .


The two female vice squad members followed Barely and his cousin as they lugged the camera equipment out to the van. They saw Detective Johnson wave them over. They sauntered over to the vice squad's van. Johnson was blunt. "See anything in there we can use?"

"What I saw was this guy talking to various girls, and asking those he was interested in for ID. He made a big deal over one girl who turned eighteen at eleven; he waited until midnight and a minute after, he gave her and her girlfriend chips."

"Chips?" Johnson said, confused.

"Yeah, they gave the girls selected a chip. Probably for entry in the van. See," she said, pointing, "they're loading the van right now."

"Get in the van," Johnson said sourly.

Once inside, Johnson asked the guy listening in on the other van if anything worthwhile was being talked about.

"No, not yet. Oh, he asked his buddy to recheck this girl Ginger's ID. Something about making sure she was eighteen."

"Shit!" Johnson exclaimed unhappily. "This ain't going well. Keep listening. Let me know the moment they start fucking."

"They've got a hell of a lot of people in the van if they intend to film them fucking," one of the females said.

"Shut the fuck up!" Johnson snarled. "We're here to bust these cocksuckers, and that's . . . ."

"They're moving!" the listener shouted.

"What?" Johnson said, forgetting to curse.

"They're moving all right. Shall we follow?"

"Yes, follow them. Did they say anything we can use?"

"No, nothing," the listener said, and then shrugged.

"Let's see where they go," Johnson said and fished his cell out of his right hand pocket to call the lieutenant. And when Tony's Girls Gone Wild van pulled to the curb, everyone jumped out and headed into the warehouse, Johnson swore. "Damn it, we don't have a warrant for this place. We can't go in and we can't listen in either. His frustration was evident to the others as he notified the lieutenant, who told them to call it a night.

After letting the girls out of the van and escorting them into the warehouse, Tony made a couple of calls to old acquaintances he trusted, asking them if they were willing to get laid while on camera. Two of the four men he called agreed, and he gave them the address and told them to hurry over.

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