tagGroup SexPrankster Ch. 10

Prankster Ch. 10

byParis Waterman©

Copyright © 2007

Many thanks to "Techsan" for graciously giving his time and effort to me in editing this and other stories of mine in recent months. As always, I appreciate your excellent support, thanks again, Techsan.

Chapter 10

After letting the girls out of the van and escorting them into the warehouse, Tony made a couple of calls to old acquaintances he trusted, asking them if they were willing to get laid while on camera. Two of the four men he called agreed, and he gave them the address and told them to hurry over.

Barely made a call to Essence, asking her to touch base with a couple of their friends. Thirty minutes later, she waltzed in with a handsome black male on one arm, and a tanned blonde haired white male on the other. The latter was a former professional tennis player, who would later demonstrate miraculous staying power while plowing his way through several of the girls.

And so, as Tony counted faces, he discovered that he had on hand, himself, Barely, the two men Essence brought, namely Hans and Jared; and Butch and Charlie.

They ruled out Barely's cousin because he was gay. He would, however, man the camera at all times, while Tony and Barely would take turns unless others were fornicating for them.

He turned to the girls and found: Sheila, who was down for girl on girl, and anal; a red head named Sissy, who wore a red, white and blue cowboy hat, and her friend, Elaine, an ample-chested brunette; Ginger, a brunette who would turn eighteen in an hour's time, along with her friend, Tori, another brunette with closely cropped hair; and a pretty, but plumpish blonde girl named Hailey, who was wearing a bikini and a jaunty black, cowboy hat, and her friend, a brunette named Mavis, who had agreed to go down on each other.

It was an oddity of sorts in that all the girls were drunk to some extent, while the guys were, to a man, sober.

Barely and Tony had established two sets for the shoot with a screened partition separating them. The sets were basic in that beds had been set up about sixty feet apart. The idea was to shoot two scenes at a time.

He realized that the girls would start to fall asleep in short order if not active sexually, and after completing a round of fucking and sucking would undoubtedly be snoring off in a corner as the alcohol took its toll on them.

Tony, glanced at his watch and confirmed that Ginger was now legal. He pulled Ginger to one side and told her that she would be the main attraction, and that she had better be worth it. The just turned eighteen-year-old took him seriously, and promised she would be worth watching. He sent her over to one side and told her to blow the tennis pro, Hans, and when he was hard, to do Jared, his buddy.

Ginger almost skipped over to them and told them what she was supposed to do with them as she knelt down in front of them. Both men un-zippered their cocks and presented them to Ginger's waiting mouth.

Tony laughed to himself at her apparent eagerness, then turned to Mavis and asked if she would do the same with Charlie and Butch.

Mavis said, sure, like right now?"

"Well, now that you mention it, no. Let's wait a bit. No sense in having them hard with nowhere to use their love instruments is there?"

Mavis giggled. "I think I can get them up for whatever you want them to do," she said shyly, yet with an assuredness Tony found charming.

"Let's wait a while," he said repeating himself. Go talk to them, fool around a little, but don't make them cum."

"Okay, but I . . ."

He interrupted her. "It's best to wait until they're going to be called for. In this business you never know when we'll have to call a halt for a couple minutes. Say one of the girls has to take a leak, or something. We cut, and where does that leave our hero?"

"Holding his dick?"

"Right! And that's where you come in and get him nice and hard again."

"But ain't I gonna be in the movie?"

"You will have your own scene that I promise."

"Well . . . all right. I'll be a good . . . what's it called?"


"Yeah, I'll be a good fluffer. I'll be better than Ginger, there," she said and pointed to Ginger who was already on her knees, alternating between the two cocks being tendered her.


Barely had tapped a red head named Sissy to start things off. He had led her to what they were calling set #1 and the bed with blue drapes hung behind it as a kind of backdrop.

"Now what I want is for you to start off in normal clothes, then undress kind of slowly, giving the viewer a leisurely look at you," Barely told her.

Sissy nodded, and nervously chewed her lip.

"I want you to be relaxed, because if you're nervous it will show up. The camera doesn't lie. Now, I should tell you that we want you to look as good as possible. We don't want you looking silly or stupid at all. So rest assured that we want . . . well, basically what you want . . . to really look cool and sexy on camera. Okay?"

"Yeah . . . I guess."

"Sissy, where's your girlfriend?"

She pointed to a buxom brunette across the room watching intently.

Barely motioned her over, and the brunette came over to them, even more nervous than Sissy.

"What's your name, sweetie?"

"Elaine," she replied.

"You excited to be here, Elaine?"

"Yeah," she said woodenly.

Barely hoped the girls were not too drunk to carry off a decent performance.

"Look," he said, "what we're hoping for is for you girls to be as natural as possible. To do that, why not pretend you're at home in the privacy of your own bedroom?"

Sissy nodded, although her cheeks had reddened. He knew immediately that they had been intimate in a bedroom somewhere.

Elaine gave him a look that told him she didn't quite understand what he meant.

"We will have at least two cameras on you at all times. We will be filming another couple on the other set, probably around the same time as we film you," he told them. Elaine, if you would stand by out of camera range as sort of moral support, I think Sissy would appreciate it.

"Think it's a good idea, Sissy?"

Sissy nodded her head slightly, and said, "Can we do it now?" in a quiet voice.

"Sure you can," Barely told her.

"Do I have to talk?"

"Not if you don't want to, but it would be cool if you would talk directly to the camera."

"Will you help me?"

"Of course. What I'd like you to do is walk in, you know, kinda sexy, and sit or lie on the bed, slowly undress, try to turn yourself on as you do."

Sissy stared at the floor, bit her lip again, and then nodded, and went off to one side of the room.

"Tell me when to start," she said demurely.

"Sissy, you start when I call Ready! Action! And then you walk over to the bed.

She walked into camera range looking at the floor and trying to take off her top.


She almost jumped out of her skin.

"Sissy, I think you need to relax a little."

She nodded again, fleetingly meeting his eyes.

"Can you tell me . . ." she started, then her voice trailed off.

"Okay, come in again, I'll talk you through it."

She took a deep breath and looked at Barely for a second, then nodded that she was ready.

"Action! Come in and sit on the end of the bed."

She sauntered in this time, almost stumbled as she approached the bed, but was better than before.

"Think about the last time you had an orgasm," Barely whispered loud enough for her to hear.

Elaine tittered but stopped when he glared at her.

Sissy sat tentatively on the edge of the bed, her face blazing red now; he could see it went down her neck and under her blouse. He felt surprisingly powerful at this moment, and his cock was absolutely solid in his slacks.

"Think about it, and stroke one of your breasts."

Sissy looked at the floor, and then licked her lips. One hand hesitantly moved towards a breast. The camera picked up the soft sigh she uttered as she stroked her breast, her eyes glazed. Barely was behind one camera, Essence the other. He had instructed her to confine herself to essential close-ups and not concern herself with worrying about what the angle of penetration happened to be.

True to form, Essence zoomed in on Sissy's smallish hand and captured Sissy's nipple as it sprang to life under her touches.

Barely had his camera focused on Sissy's body, and caught her leaning back a little on her other arm, and was pleased to see that she parted her legs a bit, giving him a bird's eye view up her skirt and the hint of white flesh between her legs.

"That's very good," he croaked. "Now do the other one."

Sissy absentmindedly opened her blouse, her erect nipples bulging as she arched her back. As she changed position, he zoomed in between her legs and acquired an excellent look at her crotch, covered by a lacey thong.

As he panned upward, he discovered that Sissy's eyes were closed.

"Take off the bra. Do it slowly, tease the camera."

Sissy nodded, looked at the lens through half-lidded eyes, and unhooked the clasp of her bra. Her breasts were small, but definitely in proportion to the rest of her.

Without being asked, Sissy unzipped the skirt, let it drop and stepped out of it. She was wearing a tiny pair of lace panties and stood still, absently stroking a breast.

"Lie back on the bed and stroke whatever feels good," Barely said, by way of instruction.

Sissy nodded and lay back with her ankles crossed, and closed her eyes.

The cameras scoured her torso, from the slight bulge of her mons, to the flair of her hips, and then zoomed in on her nipples.

Slowly she allowed her left hand to rub her stomach. Gradually it moved to her neck, down across her breasts and back to her belly.

Barely let the cameras roll, and said nothing. In time, she seemed to become more comfortable with her situation and changed position, opening her legs a little, revealing a spot of moisture at the center of her crotch.

"Getting excited?" Barely inquired.

"Oh . . . yeah . . . I am getting excited," she said as if noticing it for the first time.

It was just after that that she peeled off her panties. There was urgency in her actions, highlighted when she kicked them off her right foot where they had gotten hung up.

Sissy had smallish breasts and they drooped a bit, but her aureoles were at least three inches across, huge for a woman with small breasts, and striking to look at.

She began to tap the nipples with her index fingers, jolting a little as she did, and they seemed to grow ever so slightly. Barely and Essence were both captivated by them, and both secretly yearned to suckle and chew upon them.

"Can you lick your own nipples?" Essence asked.

Sissy didn't seem to hear her, but carried on flicking the thick, rubbery nipples.

"Sissy?" Essence asked again, "Can you lick them yourself?"

The girl's eyes popped open and she shook her head slightly. "No, Elaine does that for me," she said confirming Barely's earlier suspicions.

"Shit!" Elaine barked out from the corner of the room. "You promised you wouldn't ever say anything to anyone."

"S . . . Sorry, honey," Sissy groaned, truly meaning it.

Essence shut her camera down and went to a box of adult toys, and placed them on the bed next to Sissy.

"Help yourself to whatever you want."

She levered herself up, and looked in the box. If possible, her blush deepened as she removed a sleek, pink, six inch vibrator. Elaine was sobbing quietly in the corner.

Essence started filming again as Sissy lay back down and turned the vibrator on.

First she placed it against her left nipple, pushing the nipple to one side, and then she slowly moved it round and round her aureole, growing the little bumps until they filled the circle. As she did this, her legs were opening, Essence focused on the faint moisture gathering on the girl's outer labia.

Barely caught Sissy's hand dragging the vibrator over the bulge of her labia, and Essence's close-up would later reveal the first actual drops of her juice seeping from her vulva onto the tip of the vibrator.

Sissy was panting with excitement and Barely risked asking her how she felt.

"Good . . . I feel good. But I'm really, really sorry, Elaine . . . I never meant to say it . . . honest to God."

He signaled Essence to remain in close-up on Sissy's genitals. He pulled back to capture the upper half of Sissy's body. Then he concentrated on her facial expression for a time.

The girl had what Tony would later call a busy cunt, with some three inches of crinkled labia protecting her entrance.

It was about then that Sissy for the first time seemed to realize that a woman was filming her actions. She dropped the vibrator and pulled her lips apart. Two fleshy triangles framed the glistening interior of her cunt. She used her fingers to massage the area, causing more liquid to dribble out of her love channel. She began to rub the hood covering her clit which slowly swelled until it came out from behind its protective cover.

She was moaning, her eyes tightly sealed, until Elaine spoke to her from the corner of the room.

"I still love you, baby," Elaine said quietly, but her voice carried clearly to Sissy's ears. Sissy's eyes flew open, and she mouthed the words, 'Thank you,' and reached for the toy box again pulling out a large dildo.

She waived it at her friend, Elaine, almost beckoning her to the bed. Then she got on her hands and knees and faced away from the cameras. When she raised her rump a little, it presented her rear as well as her entire cunt to the camera.

Dreamily she rubbed the huge glans over her gaping slit, one finger still teasing her clitoris, and then slowly eased the head into her cunt. The thickness of the dildo stretched her labia to what appeared to be an impossible width, but she halted, took a couple of deep breaths and resumed shoving the large cock in a little further.


Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the partition, Tony had things moving as well.

"Fuck me! Fuck me now!" Sheila screamed as her legs flew down, jamming her heels into the bed. Her arms wrapped around Hans' muscular torso and she lifted him in the air using the strength of her thighs.

"Holy shit," Hans spouted in surprise.

Sheila's face contorted. She emitted a high-pitched screech as her first orgasm ripped through her. Hans started pounding her as if his life depended on it. Sheila fucked him back with every stroke.

Tony was sweating profusely as he recorded the torrid scene before him. He glanced over at Barely's cousin, whose name he did not know and saw that he was just as intent on capturing the couple's sexual antics as he was.

Tony heard a moan behind him and turned slowly keeping the camera trained on Hans and Sheila. On the couch, the two women in waiting found they could wait no longer and Tori had shoved Hailey on her back and buried her face in her pussy. Hailey had wrapped her powerful legs around Tori's head and started thrusting against her.

Tony waved at the other cameraman. "What the fuck is your name, man?"

"Bev-o," Barely's cousin replied softly.

"Well, Bev-o, why don't you film the two on the couch? I'll stick with the ones on the bed."

"Roger that," Bev-o replied and immediately found the best angle from which to film the two girls on the couch.

Sheila continued to fuck like a maniac, demanding, "More, more, more!" With her teeth gritted, she dug her nails into Hans' back, and Tony slowly panned from his shoulders to his ass, revealing the scratches and droplets of blood Sheila had wrought by raking her fingernails into his flesh.

'Jesus,' Tony thought, 'I bet he's never been fucked like this before.'

The smell of their arousal was overpowering.

"Now! Goddamn it, now!" Sheila screamed, spittle flew from her mouth as she pumped onto his surging cock.

Hans couldn't hold back. His ass jumped. He groaned loudly. Sheila's nails dug into his ass and held him to her.

"Oh, God! Oh, God! Yes! Yes!" she groaned.

Her face was anguish personified. Her body had gone rigid. Her eyes rolled back in her head as Hans pulled his cock from her pussy and erupted, spewing his load across her breasts and belly, and then collapsed on her.

Tony kept his camera on them. He heard the bed move. And then Hailey and Tori slipped behind him and onto the bed, with Tori pausing momentarily to kiss him on the mouth. He could taste Hailey's juices on her, and his cock was raring to be let loose on one of them, any one of them.

But he had a film to make. He glanced over to the other side of the room and spied Ginger fluffing Jared's black cock, and then turned back to the bed.

Sheila was apparently trapped under Hans, whose dead weight pinned her to the bed. Her head was toward Tony.

It took another second to figure out why, and then he felt Tori's nails dragging their way down his erection.

"Let me take care of that," Tori whispered.

"Sorry . . . I really am sorry, but my dick's a no-no. I've got a movie to film. I'm not taking part as an actor. Maybe later, I'm gonna have to fuck somebody, or go crazy," he told her as gently as possible.

"No," Sheila mumbled, "No." She was too tired to move, but she fought to speak.

"Mark me with it."

"What?" Tony asked.

"Mark me with it. Cum on my face," she said.

"Jared!" Tony called out.

"Yo!" Jared replied.

"C'mon over here. I need your dick."

Jared trotted over, his erection swinging to and fro until he stood directly in front of Sheila and stuck it right in her face. Ginger had been fellating him in order to keep him at the ready, and perhaps she had performed her job overly well.

At any rate, the moment Sheila's lips closed down upon his cock, Jared started coming.

Sheila yanked him out from between her lips and moaned happily as squirt after squirt covered her face and hair. She smiled, feeling its sticky weight.

Tony heard a gasp from Bev-o and saw Tori roll Hans off of Sheila. Sheila blinked up at her through her cum covered eyes.

"May we?" Tori asked very softly.

Sheila nodded. Tori mounted Hans. Her thick bristled bush rubbed against his cock had him responding in kind after only a minute despite the tremendous release he'd had only a moment before. Meanwhile, Hailey was over Sheila like a cat, licking all the cum from her. Tony could almost swear she was purring.

Hans started to roll Tori over, but she stopped him. "Let me do this, Hans," she said.

He shrugged his shoulders and winced, noticing the deep scratches for the first time.

"What the fuck?" he exclaimed as he reached back and touched one of the welts.

"What the fuck?" he said again, seeing the blood on his fingertip.

"She . . . that would be Sheila," Tony said, "seemed to have gotten carried away. It's not all that bad, and if you want, we can stop shooting and take care of it for you."

"Nah," he replied. "I was just surprised, that's all. C'mon, baby, let's get it on, shall we?" he said to Tori.

Tori complied, grinding her tight pussy slowly into his loins. Her breasts swayed enticingly above him, and Bev-o concentrated on them and would later show that he had caught two beads of sweat trickling down the middle of her cleavage, a most mesmerizing shot for the millions who would view the film in later months.

Tony heard Sheila moan. He saw Hailey sucking on her nipples before slipping down to suck Hans' cum out of her twat.

When Hailey's tongue flicked her clit, Sheila groaned and quivered. A shock rippled through her as she came again.

Tori whimpered, and moved her hips faster. She was coming to a boil. Tony boiled with her.


Ginger and Mavis sat watching Hailey and Sheila and the two spent men.

"Maybe I did him too long," Ginger said, and worried a fingernail.

"Naw, that black guy, he was primed to go off anyway."

"You think?"

"Oh, sure. Say, you just turned eighteen?"

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