tagGroup SexPrankster Ch. 11

Prankster Ch. 11

byParis Waterman©

Sissy came back to the set about a half hour later, dressed and none the worse for the experience. Her friend Elaine looked a little edgy, and remained by her side. Had Barely not known how Sissy had conducted herself minutes earlier, he would never have suspected her capable of any such lewd activities.

"Are you still living at the address on your driver's license?" Tony asked.

"Um, yeah, sure. Why?" Sissy asked.

"Well, I thought you might want a copy of the tape when it's finished."

"Oh, yeah, sure. Um, it's still current. The address, I mean."

"I'll copy the video and send it to you as soon as I can."

"Oh, yeah . . . thanks," she said, her eyes not meeting his. It was as if she were addressing a stranger.

Tony gave her a puzzled look, then shrugged and made another attempt at being friendly. "Thanks, Sissy. You were terrific. I really mean it."

"Elaine . . . I can still use you in a scene. In fact, you can pick your partner if you want."

"Um, no thanks . . . um, it's Tony, right?"

"Yeah, Tony," he replied, still hoping she would cooperate. Then he turned away and called a halt to the shooting, which had almost ground to a halt anyway, and told everyone to take a break.

Sissy and Elaine used the break as an excuse to leave. Tony called a cab for them, and when it came, they left.

Bev-o showed the performers where there was cold beer and soda if they wanted to slake their thirst. Everyone was sitting or standing, talking and nursing their drinks, when Hailey dropped to her knees and began to lap at Sheila's pussy again. Conversation virtually came to a halt as the group, as one, became voyeurs.

Sheila moaned as Hailey wrapped her arms around the other's knees, and pressed her face into her crotch. Ever so slowly, Sheila backed away toward the couch. Hailey, on her knees, inched after her, never losing contact with the cunt she hungered after.

When the backs of her knees hit the couch, Sheila just let herself fall backward onto it. Hailey, her concentration broken, looked up and saw that she had no recourse but to climb onto the couch if she wanted to continue going down on Sheila.

The others all took note - some were interested and continued to watch, others ignored the two women and either continued their conversations - or calmly finished their drinks and awaited the end of the break.

Hailey climbed onto the couch, providing anyone who cared a look at her tight slit and pouty asshole.

Tony waited patiently for Sheila to come and, hopefully, put an end to the cunnilingual display.

Essence and Barely was one couple that didn't care to wait, and hand in hand, they made their way to Set #2 where they both stripped off their clothing and fell upon the bed.

Essence immediately enveloped his rock hard cock in her mouth, jerking him vigorously between slurps and kisses. Barely pulled her away from his manhood and kissed her deeply, then urged her to renew the blowjob.

She licked her lips and gave a tired laugh. "Whew," Essence gasped, wiping the sweat from her breasts and arms. "I never thought I'd have a chance to gobble you're lovely cock again."

"But here you are, and I'm damn glad of it," he responded.

Essence laughed happily, and said, "I love you, Barely, I truly do love you."

"I love you too, Essence. Will you marry me?"

Essence, rather than screeching with excitement as some women do, or growing silent and then bursting into tears of happiness before replying; slid as much of his long penis inside her mouth as possible, and began sucking him off as hard and fast as she could.

Barely's body tensed as he struggled to withstand her onslaught. He wrapped his fingers inside Essence's hair and scratched her scalp, trying to keep from coming.

Essence stroked Barely's well-lubed cock with both hands, while her mouth gobbled his shaft to the mid-way point. She wanted the experience to be as wet as possible, and so, drooled and slobbered onto his cock and pubic hair, using a special sucking, slurping sound. Her nostrils flared as she savored the musky smell and taste of him, and her saliva and his precum dripped from her mouth to his balls and then across his thighs.


"We had better get started again," Tony said as Haley and Shelia lolled on the couch languidly caressing each other, after Hailey brought her friend to a rousing climax. The remaining participants gathered around him for further instructions.

"Um," he said, glancing over at the partition between the two sets from which Essence's slurping could clearly be heard.

"For now, we'll go with . . ." he paused, thinking quickly. He wanted Ginger for himself. That left Mavis, Butch, Charlie, Tori, and the two still on the couch. "Let's do a foursome . . . um, Butch, you and Tori and let's see . . . Mavis, why don't you and Charlie try it out?"

No one challenged his decision, and the four approached the bed after removing any remaining clothing.

"Hey, Tony," Charlie said somewhat unsure of himself, "you got any suggestions on how we go about this group fuck?"

"It's not a group fuck, Charlie. It's four on a bed. Um, why don't you give Mavis a straight fuck . . . you know, missionary style? And Tori, you like doggy-style?"

"Sure, it's fine with me, Tony," she replied.

Tony checked the men's equipment and found Charlie lacking in tumescence. He called Ginger over and asked her to blow him until he was hard enough to fuck Mavis.

Ginger scampered over and kneeling at the side of the bed, took Charlie's cock into her mouth and fellated him while Mavis yawned tiredly as she looked on.

Tori had her ass raised, and Butch was stroking himself, maintaining his erection, as Tony gave Bev-o some last minute instructions with regard to positioning himself for certain shots.


Meanwhile, on the other set, Barely, with almost no warning, exploded into Essence's throat, shooting blast after blast of thick, gooey semen across the roof of her mouth.

She started swallowing as fast as she could, but a good portion of that first, voluminous load spurted out through the seal her lips made. Finally, the big loads ended and were followed by a trickle of watered down fluid.

Essence, nearly delirious from his proposal of marriage, continued to suck him, putting immense pressure on his now tender cock.

With no open windows or doors, no air conditioning turned on, both actors and actresses and true lovers alike were all sweating profusely and breathing hard; and the warehouse reeked with the unmistakable smell of sex.


"All right, all right!" Tony yelled, "now listen up! I want Butch and Tori on the bed. But I want them to begin kissing while standing next to it. Tori, can you show us a lot of tongue?"

Tori laughed and shrugged - of course she could.

Charlie, you and Ginger keep at it. Mavis, you want Hailey to tongue you some, keep you warm?"

"No, thanks, Tony. I'll be ready for him . . . whenever."

"All right then," Tony called out, "Lights, camera . . . action!"

Tori parted her lips as Butch leaned in to her, but she also put her hand out to catch hold of his cock as soon as their bodies touched. And, when Butch pressed his mouth against her lips, Tori's fingers curved around his prick and gripped it tightly.

With a seemingly well practiced motion, she started stroking it up and down, her fingers gradually covering the length of him.

Bev-o concentrated on their mouths, capturing the dueling tongues. Tony focused on Tori's hand, and in particular, her thumb as it pressed against the head of his cock and moving in small circles, smeared the pre-cum over the mushroomed head.

Tony would have sworn that Tori was getting turned on as she jerked Butch off. The proof was in the intensity of her kisses. She was nibbling at his lips, sucking on the tip of his tongue as it entered her mouth, and when Butch reached out and grasped her breasts, she moaned with lusty satisfaction.

Butch responded perfectly, curving his fingers around the sloped smoothness of each breast and pinching each nipple in turn. Tori tightened her grip on his cock and whimpered happily. After a few more moments, she slowly began to sink to her knees, holding on to his weapon and slowly jerking it up and down. Butch sighed and let go of her tits and placed his hands on her head, anticipating what was to come next.

Tori closed her eyes and moaned softly, inhaling the musky aroma of Butch's crotch. Then she pursed her lips, and plied her tongue over the slick head of his cock, licking off the beads of cum, and leaving a trail of slug-like saliva in its wake, before sealing her mouth around him and sucking voraciously.

Bev-o zoomed in on her hallowed out cheeks.

Tony closed in on the rapturous expression on Butch's face. His eyes closed, his mouth in a tight grimace, beads of perspiration already running from his forehead and down his cheeks to drop into her hair.

Tori moaned happily and deep-throated him, and followed that by licking the tip of his cockhead like a lollipop. She caught Tony by surprise, looking directly into his camera and saying, "I love this cock. I could suck it forever."

She winked at the camera and after forming a wide 'O' with her mouth, deep-throated him once again, stopping only when her mouth bumped into his pubic hair.

"That feels so good," Butch groaned encouragingly. "Yeah, keep doing that, baby."

Bev-o looked through his camera lens and was surprised to see a long, wet streak of lipstick running along the shaft of Butch's cock, and made certain he had a good visual of it before moving on to another setting.

Tony got the next explicit shot. Tori looked up at Butch, then took his cock from her mouth and still staring into his eyes, squeezing it tightly and began rubbing it over her lips, across her cheeks, and then over the side of her jaw. She finished up by stroking her throat with the inflamed cockhead, in the process smearing his pre-cum all over her face.

"Cut!" Tony yelled and the couple froze in place.

"Let's take a break," Tony said.

Bev-o took out his handkerchief and wiped his sweaty brow. Butch squeezed his cock in an attempt to keep from coming then and there.

"You two take a break," Tony told them. "I don't want Butch to shoot off just now. We want to get a good fuck out of him, all right?" he said to everyone.

Butch nodded in understanding. Tori revealed her disappointment with a quick scowl, but then shrugged her shoulders and sat down next to Ginger, who absently patted her thigh in feigned understanding.

"Charlie, you ready?" Bev-o asked, and the big man nodded his chin. "Yup, thanks to Ginger there," he said and pointed at the eighteen-year-old.


Tony glanced over at the partition behind which Barely and Essence were making up and shrugged. When they were ready they would let him know, and so he concentrated his efforts on Mavis and Charlie who were naked and sitting side-by-side on the rumpled bedding.

"Charlie, let's start by having you kiss Mavis . . . you know, her mouth . . . a little tongue, and then maybe her neck and shoulders until you get to her tits."

"Want me to go down on her?"

"Sure, but take your time getting there."

Mavis laughed, and added, "And when you do, don't rush, take your time, sweetie. I love getting eaten out."


Bev-o, using a full camera shot, caught Charlie moving in to kiss Mavis on the lips. Moments later he was licking her shoulder, then biting her neck, and continued down to her breasts, which he kissed in turn as Mavis offered them to his hungry mouth.

Bev-o remained on Mavis' face, which revealed her pleasure as Charlie manipulated her breasts, squeezing them, pinching them, and chewing ferociously on her long-tipped nipples.

"Eat her, Charlie!" Tony called out, providing additional direction to the couple writhing on the bed.

On the sidelines, Tori bummed a cigarette from Hailey, and blew a stream of smoke toward the ceiling.

Charlie gently lay a series of wet kisses along Mavis' thigh before tenderly raising her leg and ducking under it.

Mavis moaned lewdly as he trawled his long tongue up her inner thigh to the juncture where it met her groin. She instinctively opened her legs wider, and when his mouth made contact with her pussy her entire body jerked.

Using both hands, Charlie pulled the full labia apart. Her inner flesh was already glistening with her secretions, and the camera caught him spitting into her pussy to wet it further, and then he began to lap away at her inner folds as she squirmed under his skillful mouth and tongue.

Mavis cried out when his tongue found her clit, and moaned happily as he teased it while sending his finger into her in search of her "G" spot.

Both cameras were on her face at this point, for it was evident to both Tony and Bev-o that Mavis was going to cum and cum soon.

Bev-o slowly zoomed away and filmed her body as it went through a series of gentle convulsions as Charlie wrung two more climaxes from her before lifting his sopping wet mouth and chin from her bright red cunt.


On the other side of the partition, Essence had her hand buried between her legs, her long fingers dipping inside her vagina, the middle one finding the "G" spot and rubbing it absent-mindedly as she continued kissing Barely's penis, licking it clean. Almost as an afterthought, she climbed on top of Barely, settling her ass in his face, her crotch on his chest, and played with herself for him to see.

In a heartbeat Barely's fingers were pressing down on hers, making her toes curl as she moaned delightedly at the sensations he'd caused her to experience.

Giggling lustily, Essence reached back with her other hand and played with her asscheeks, eventually she inserted one finger inside her sweat-slicked asshole. She hoped that Barely would pick up on the ass action she suddenly craved.

Barely got the hint and worked four fingers into her pussy, while sending his other hand to her flanks and eventually to the cleft that led to her asshole.

Essence had already pried her anus open with one of her own fingers and readily removed it when he touched it with his own. He slipped inside her and worked his digit in and out, then round and round, widening the puckered opening sufficiently to permit a second finger into her.

Essence cried out her pleasure and Barely slowly removed his fingers from her pussy and began to chew on her thick labia, occasionally sending his tongue into her cunt on, as far as Essence was concerned, an all too brief foraging expedition.

Essence was rubbing her breasts, and stretching her nipples when he brought her to a mild orgasm. She rewarded him by reaching under his body and dipping a wet finger into his steamy rectum, drawing a pleasured growl from him as his tight anus hugged her finger while he flexed his muscles around it.

The young couple was still frigging one another's assholes as Barely made his way down to her cunt and buried his tongue in her. Open mouthed, Essence released a silent scream, and then began to lick his hard dick like a lollipop, paying special attention to the edges around his corona. They continued this for another five minutes until, in a fit of passion, Barely grabbed her and threw her onto her back. Essence felt the hot sweat pouring off her back and soaking the sheets as he gripped her ankles and held them high in the air. Without using his hands, he dipped his slimy cock inside her gaping cunthole, teasing her with just a hint of insertion, then pulling out, only to surge back in.

Essence smiled, knowing her partner probably couldn't see her face, then arched her back up, and slammed herself into him, driving his prick fully into her. He followed up by draping her legs over his forearms, taking hold of her by her ribcage, and pounded the shit out of her.

Essence lay helpless as he moved into her, whipping her across the bed almost as viciously as he moved his own body, bouncing her onto himself again and again. Unable to contain herself, she started to cum, and for a long two minutes kept doing so, holding on to his knees the entire time while shuddering through one climax after another as his thick, greasy pole surged easily in and out of her.

During this period, each time Essence felt that she was going to stop coming, Barely revved his cock up and a new orgasm detonated from inside her pussy, spreading out like fire across an oil spill. Each orgasm crawled up her stomach like an animal, and grabbed her by the throat, making her scream over and over as her head whipped from side to side trying to manage the pleasure pouring out of her with such relentless force.

Barely caught his second wind, summoned what stamina he had left, and pummeled her crotch. Essence, now unable to breathe, matched him for a time, pinching his arms inside her knees, and drove an orgasm across her flesh like sound waves pealing from a huge electronic bell.

She managed to catch her breath long enough to call out, "Fuck!"

Then, discovering that yet another breath followed that one, she uttered a series of grunts, followed by, "Fuck . . . fuck me! Oh . . . my fucking God!" All the while she was drooling helplessly onto the sheets her face was grinding into; her cunt a morass of frothy bubbles from the commingled juices of her and her lover.

Then at last, Barely's entire body tensed. He arched his back, and drove his cock deep inside her with one final thrust. Seconds later, he extracted his one-eyed beast from her cunt with a soft pop, aimed it at her mid-section, and shot several thick ropes across and between her nipples; and dropped his full weight upon her so that their naked bodies slapped together. And with their legs entwined, he covered her lips with his open mouth.

She kissed him in return, their noses sliding together, until Barely, breathing hard, fell off to one side.

"Don't we have a movie to shoot?" she asked dreamily, her finger gliding through the sticky cum covering most of her right breast.

"Oh, shit!" he replied.

"Ain't no rush, baby," Essence cooed. "Nobody's yelling for us. I think they know what happened, and they decided to let it happen. Listen, you can hear them grunting over on the other set."

"Yeah, but I'm a partner in this fuck festival, and I better get with it," he told her.


Charlie, sweating and panting, extricated himself and hovered over Mavis. His prick hung down over her face. She looked up at him and opened her mouth. Charlie slowly lowered his cock into it.

Without taking her eyes from his, Mavis started sucking the end of it, simultaneously stroking the part of his cock that she could not get in her mouth.

Charlie was totally erect when she shifted to his low-slung balls, taking first one, and then the other into her warm, wet mouth. Eventually, he tapped her on the shoulder, signaling that he was ready to screw her, and Mavis knelt down on all fours, positioning herself so that her cuntal opening was directly above his raging erection, and lowered herself on to it, causing it to disappear from sight.

Surprisingly, they entered into a torrid, almost frantic kiss, tongues and lips mashing together violently and, when they parted, Mavis' upper lip was bleeding.

Stoically, she ignored the blood, except to lick it away with the occasional swipe of her tongue. She was more concerned with the pleasure derived from riding his cock like a pole, and Bev-o demonstrated his professionalism by recording her actions for posterity with a fantastic close-up, filling the screen with the sight of Charlie's cock, sheathed in Mavis' puffy folds, thrusting upwards to meet her downward movements; and it was also clear that he was nearing his climax.

Then, with a loud cry, his body went rigid.

"Come in me!" Mavis shrieked.

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