tagGroup SexPrankster Ch. 12

Prankster Ch. 12

byParis Waterman©

Copyright © 2007

Many thanks to "Techsan" for graciously giving his time and effort to me in editing this and other stories of mine in recent months. As always, I appreciate your excellent support, thanks again, Techsan.

Chapter 12

"All right," Tony said as Butch, Charlie, and then Mavis left the warehouse. "Next scene will be Ginger and me. Bev-o, will you and Essence work the equipment?"

They nodded their assent, and Tony turned to Barely. "Barely, after this, would you want me to get you and Essence down?"

"Um, no, Tony. I'd rather keep Essence out of this. You never know . . ." he paused and looked beseechingly at his girlfriend. "I hope you understand, baby. No need for the world to see how happy we are together."

"You're right, Barely, only make the rest of the world jealous, anyway. But you need to fuck one of the others . . . it's okay by me."

"Well," Tony offered, "perhaps we can call it a night after Ginger and me finish."

"Sounds like a plan," Bev-o said, surprising everyone by speaking out.

"Let's get it on then," Tony said.

"I'm ready," Ginger snapped.

Tori had remade the bed for them and handed Ginger a small tube just before she hopped up onto the bed. Tony stood next to the bed while Hailey sucked him to readiness.

Joining Ginger on the bed, and with the cameras rolling, he slapped her on the behind, once on each cheek, leaving two red hand prints.

Ginger giggled and said, "Ohhh, Tony that feels so good!" Then she took him in her mouth and tongued the head of his cock until he began discharging some precum.

Holding him in her little fist, she gave him a squeeze and watched delightedly as a dab of precum oozed out of his one-eyed monster. With a shriek of delight, Ginger smeared the fluid over her cheeks and lips. Then she revealed the small tube she had clenched in her other hand to Tony.

"And what will we be doing with that?" he asked, revealing his amusement to both cameras.

"I thought a tittie fuck would be good for starters," she said blithely, looking directly into Bev-o's camera.

Essence was already on the move, positioning herself at the precise angle from which to capture Tony's cock pillaging Ginger's breasts.

Ginger applied the oil-based jell to each breast in a tantalizing manner designed to excite even the most casual of viewers who would later watch the video. Her nipples revealed her excitement, standing stiffly at attention, and demanding it as well.

Tony waited for her signal, and getting it, placed his erection into her well oiled cleavage. Ginger cupped her breasts and brought them firmly against Tony's cock.

Tony immediately began to roll his hips back and forth, driving his hardon against the inner sides of her breasts and coated his prick with the oil.

"You like this?" she asked huskily.

"You better believe it. Fucking your tits is better than I would have dreamed!"

Ginger giggled happily and added more oil to her breasts, smearing it up and down before tossing the oil aside. Then she curled her slick fingers around his cock, and milked some more precum from it.

As Tony continued his slow, methodical tit-fuck, rivulets of oil dribbled down to Ginger's stomach and onto her legs. Ginger reached between her legs with greased fingers, and allowed two fingers to slowly slide into her snatch.

Watching her, Essence realized that her panties were soaked, and she wanted nothing more than to displace the young teen in front of her, only hoping that Barely would swap places with Tony.

When Ginger eased her fingers out of her pussy and lifted them to her nose, both Essence and Barely groaned aloud, and then, startled, laughed giddily at one another while their cameras moved wildly about the room, filming everything but the fornicating couple on the bed. Fortunately, Bev-o remained focused on them and his shots would salvage what would otherwise have been a bad moment for the film.

Meanwhile, Ginger was inhaling deeply, taking in the special fragrance of her seeping arousal. She followed up by lifting her fingers to her lips and stuffing them into her mouth.

Tony groaned and fought to keep from ejaculating over her chest.

Ginger provocatively licked her fingers, savoring her sexual taste, and put her fingers back between her legs and up her snatch once more.

The tit fucking had progressed to the point at which Ginger was able to lick the tip of Tony's cock when it reached its highest point, her eyes on Tony's, never breaking contact with his.

Shortly thereafter, it was Ginger who took control, allowing Tony to rest as he became an interested onlooker. Starting slow, she moved up and down, always maintaining contact with his cock. Every once in a while, she would pause and reach up to her nipples and pinch them before starting again.

"Want me to cum on your tits?" Tony asked.

"Try to hold off a little longer," Ginger gasped. "I'm really enjoying this," she said, keeping him snug between them, and applied even more pressure to her breasts. Tony felt his cock swelling up, and knew he was about to cum.

"Cut!" he called out to give himself time to recover.

He walked away and poured himself a glass of ice water, took a gulp, and then immersed his cock into the icy water to ease his need to cum. He counted to ten and returned to Ginger, and knelt with his legs outside hers.

Ginger kept her breasts pressed tightly together with her hands, so that Tony's cock was as snug as it had been earlier. She whimpered in pleasure as she forced his slick member in and out of the fuck tunnel she'd formed. To Tony, it felt tighter than a cunt, especially when her breasts warmed even more because of the friction being created.

A combination of sweat and lubrication spilled into his pubic hair, and some droplets splashed against Ginger's neck as they continued with the tit fuck.

Ginger instinctively knew when he was about to cum, and hollered, ""Cum on me! Cum all over me! Get it all over my face!"

Tony ran his fingers through her hair, as she continued to coax him to cum on her. Then he froze for a split second, his body pulsed with pleasure and a thick stream of cum jettisoned out of his cock. She kept him tightly wedged between her tits, as a torrent of sperm crashed against Ginger's eyebrows, nose and lips. She whimpered with pleasure and frantically rubbed his softening cock before giving up and scooping some remnants of ejaculate from her face and smearing over her tingling nipples.


The filming came to a halt, and Barely handed Ginger a glass of water, which she drank greedily.

Tony wondered how far she would go with him and the cameras. He decided to test her, telling her, not asking her, to lick his asshole, and to stick her tongue deep inside his anus as soon as the cameras were rolling again.

Ginger merely nodded her acceptance. He presented his ass to her and yelled, "Action!" Essence and Barely took up their positions and started shooting.

Ginger had a sultry look in her eyes as she spread his cheeks apart.

"Ever done this before, Ginger?" Tony asked, hoping her answer was no.

"No," she replied as if knowing that was the correct response. A first time eating a guy's ass out would really sell the tape, and Tony knew it. The cameras didn't record it, but he had a huge grin on his face as Ginger, with almost no hesitation, began to lick up and down the crevice of his ass.

Tony sighed with pleasure as she slowly continued licking him, up and down. Up and down. And then in a movement that caught Tony off-guard, she sent her tongue in a small circle around his puckered anus, and Tony groaned out loud.

A second later, her tongue was wriggling its way inside him.

"Don't even think of stopping," he called out and tried to squeeze her tongue with his sphincter. The next sensation was that of her soft nose sliding into the crack of his hairy ass, and he realized that Ginger was humming!

He was hard as a rock again when her finger slipped inside him.

"Don't fuck with my prostrate," he groaned, half hoping she would.

But Ginger was capable of following orders and she merely used her finger to widen the opening of his anus and then drove her tongue into it some two inches.

He almost came then and there. Were it not for his extended willpower he would have, but with visions of money from the video dancing in his head, Tony overcame the tremendous urge to blast off and he tried to figure out what to do with her that would be best for the film.

"Like my ass, do you?" he asked Ginger.

"Oh, yeah, I like sucking ass. It's cool."

"Want me to fuck you in yours?"

"Sure," she quickly replied. "I thought you'd never ask."

The crew paused their cameras as Tony hopped off the bed and grabbed the KY Jelly and thoroughly lubed her anus. He had little trouble entering her, and found her slick, hot and snug.

His first thought was that he was going to melt inside her like a stick of butter.

Essence focused on Ginger's face. Her eyes were closed. Her hair was mussed and out of place. Her nose was red from gliding up and down Tony's ass. Her lipstick was faded and smeared. Essence loved the shot. She thought Ginger was the perfect slut.

Once Tony had worked his cock fully inside her, he paused and took the sensations this act brought to him.

Ginger was chanting, "Oh, God," as if it was her personal mantra, and Tony had to laugh and did.

Then he flipped her over so that she lay face down, and after a moment's hesitation, began to thrust hard and fast, reveling in her amazing tightness and the fact that she never complained, but continued to moan her hypnotic, "Oh, God's" until he exploded in her rectum, pulling out after the first rope cannoned into her darkest region, and then for the benefit of the cameras, let the remainder of his load splatter her ass cheeks and lower spine.

He never said what made him do it, but Tony then turned her so that they were face to face, and began kissing her. Licking her face would be a better description of what actually transpired. He licked her from forehead to chin and Ginger moaned with pleasure as the tiny bumps on his tongue wrung new pleasures from her smooth, young facial skin.

When he stopped licking her, Ginger waited a moment, then realizing he was finished, she got up and slowly walked to the lavatory, her ass swinging provocatively with every step, knowing the cameras were following her.

When she came out some minutes later, Tony was dressed and waiting for her. Barely and Essence had put most of the equipment away.

"I called a cab," he told her. "I'll go with you, at least see you to your door so you get home safely."

"That's nice," she said, giving him a demur look that shocked Essence, who was normally impervious to such matters.

"Ginger," Tony said as they got into the cab, "I want to make sure I've got your real name and a number where I can reach you."

"I showed you my driver's license," she said.

"Yeah, I know. But I really want an address where I can get hold of you. I'm betting you've moved since you got that license, am I right?"

"Oh ... yeah, I did," she said as if realizing it for the first time.

"Look, the reason I want it ... and don't give me any bullshit. This film is gonna make a ton of money and I wanna be able to find you and pay you your fair share. I don't want you coming up to me three years from now complaining I never gave you your money."

"Oh, all right," she said, and produced a grimy social security card with the name Margaret Millhouse. She rummaged in her purse and finally produced a piece of paper and a pen and scrawled a phone number, and handed it to him.

"So if you don't mind me asking, just how old are you?"

"Eighteen. Really. My birthday was a week ago. I just went along with the date on the license for the fun of it. You know, getting laid on my birthday. I didn't get any on my real birthday ... so, you know?" she answered meeting his eyes with her own.

"Gonna make a big deal out of it?"

He laughed. "No, not at all. Let's make believe I never saw the social security card. You're Ginger, got it?"

"Okay, I'm Ginger."

"Good night Ginger. You're a beautiful girl . . . err, woman. I'll be in touch."

"Yeah, I liked you touching me, Tony."

"We'll do more of that too."


At 9:30 that morning, Deana, one of the female detectives assigned to the underage statutory rape case, visited Pruett at the hospital.

"Good morning, Mr. Pruett?"

"Yeah, I'm Pruett, are you my new nurse?"

"No, Mr. Pruett, I'm Deana Franchetti, I was hoping to talk to the guy involved with the Girls Gone Wild crew. Would that be you?"

"Yup, that'd be me."

"Oh, wonderful," Deana gushed, excitedly. "I've always wanted to meet a film star."

"Hey, I'm not exactly a star. I make films."

"You don't perform?"

"Well, I guess I do. I hadn't thought of it that way, you know?"

"So you do perform?"

"Yeah, I do."

"I thought so."

"How'd you hear about me?" Pruett asked, his hand moving stealthily under the blanket to his fast rising cock.

"A friend of mine; actually two friends, really, Heather and Kristy."

"Heather and Kristy! Yeah, I remember them. Boy, do I remember them. Friends of yours?" he said as he stroked his boner.

"Very good friends of mine," Deana said with a smile that nearly killed her to beam at him.

"So . . . you wanna be in one of my videos?"

"Maybe," she replied, trying for coquettish and almost succeeding. "Tell me, Pruett, what did you and the girls do in the video?"

"What, you got some kind of limitations as to what you'll do?"

"I don't understand," Deana said, thrusting her chest out another two inches.

"Like some girls won't take it up the ass. Others won't swallow . . . but not to worry, I'd rather capture any cum shots as facials, or on your tits, you know?"

"Oh," Deana said, stunned at the turn the conversation had taken. She took a deep breath and then made certain her tape recorder was still on.

"Well, what exactly did you and the girls . . . Kristy and Heather do? I mean, I could probably do the same things."

"Hmmm, to be honest, I can't recall which girl did what. But they both wanted to blow me. That I am sure of."

"They wanted to . . . blow you?"

"Oh, yeah, both of them. They wanted to become famous."

"They wanted fame . . ."

"Yeah, so I had them go down on one another. You know, you got a nice pair of tits. Would you mind showing them to me?"

"Maybe later, okay? But you were telling me about Kristy and Heather," she said encouragingly.

"Do you provide booze on the set?"

"If we have it, sure. I remember we gave the girls some gin and tonic. It helped them get in the mood."

"So what happened after the girls went down on each other?"

"Then Tony filmed me fucking them. No, first one of them blew me. Then I fucked the other one ... at least I think I did. The truth is I don't remember exactly."

"And who is . . . Tony?"

"Show me your tits," Pruett said plaintively.

"Later," Deana told him as provocatively as she could.

"No, show me now," he said and reached out to grab the closest breast to him.

Deana belted him in the jaw with her right fist and stunned Pruett.

"You're under arrest; anything you have to say may be used against you . . ." Deana said as she finished reading him his rights.

And, when Pruett tried to get up from the bed, she handcuffed him with his hands behind his back.

"What the fuck!" Pruett cursed. "What'd I do?"

"Heather and Kristy are underage. That's statutory rape among other things, like sodomy and initiating intercourse between members of the same sex."

"Shit!" Pruett yelled in frustration. "Hey, honest, I didn't know you was a cop. I never would'a grabbed your tit if I'd a known."

"I'm not arresting you for that. I told you it's for what you did to Heather and Kristy."


"Now who's this Tony you mentioned?"

"Who?" Pruett said, finally alert to the danger both he and Tony were in.

"Okay, have it your way. The doctor said you were okay to be released into my custody. I'm going to uncuff you so you can get dressed. You make one false move and I'll kick the living shit out of you, understand?"

"Yeah, I understand."

Ten minutes later, his hands cuffed behind his back again, Pruett was helped into a squad car and taken into custody.


At three that afternoon, Tony received a call from Pruett's attorney, advising him of Pruett's incarceration and the benefits of having no video tape available with the two underage girls in it.

"I would also destroy any other tapes with underage females cavorting about with the two of you. The police probably have a search warrant for your domicile by now and will be ringing your bell any minute."

"Um, yeah, thanks, Mr. . . ."

"Spinelli, John T. Spinelli," the attorney said smoothly. "should you require my services . . ."

"That won't be necessary, Mr. Spinelli. I have no incriminating material in my possession. Pruett should have destroyed his copy. I guess he didn't. That will be his problem.

And it was. Pruett was found guilty, even though Kristy and Heather proved to be hostile witnesses for the prosecution; and while Heather was old enough to participate, Kristy was not. Spinelli got Pruit's admission to the female officer thrown out as he hadn't had his rights read to him until after he'd admitted having had sex with the girls, but in the final analysis, the film was shown to the jury and they found him guilty as charged. The judge sentenced him to twelve years hard time.


The video was an over night sensation, selling over two hundred thousand copies. And Pruett's trial and subsequent conviction spurred another run of over one hundred thousand tapes. In dollars and cents that equated to $8,200,000 for the first run, of which Tony garnered $2,500,000 as his share. The second run was somewhat better for Tony, bringing in $4,025,000, of which Tony pocketed $2,012,500.

Tony mailed sizable checks to the girls who had left him an address. He visited Pruett in prison and told him that his share, some $2,000,000 had been deposited in an account in the Cayman Islands where it was earning 6% interest for him.

Tony also hired an attorney who set about appealing Pruett's conviction. Money changed hands, and while the appeal went nowhere, Pruett was paroled after serving three years.

Tony also got a little revenge on Adele by purchasing the store she managed and having her fired for committing sodomy on the premises with Sue Ann.

Sue Ann, terrified of Tony, left town and was never heard from again.

Adele found another job with Burger King, but only as an assistant manager.

These days, both Tony and Pruett are enjoying life in Costa Rica. Ginger flew down to join Tony after he settled in. Pruett roams the streets at night, finding young teens and delighting in them and they in him.

The End

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