tagLoving WivesPre-Dinner Dessert

Pre-Dinner Dessert


I had been out for the morning running errands on a sunny Saturday. When I returned home there was an unfamiliar car in our driveway causing me to pause before heading toward our front door.

Once inside the house was silent. With no sign of my wife, or whoever owned the car in our driveway, I assumed that she and her visitor had gone out for a walk along the waterfront.

I dropped my keys in the bowl on my desk, and went upstairs to change into comfortable lounging clothes.

Our bedroom door was closed, though that didn't seem overly odd, so I turned the knob and walked in, and was faced with the sight of a woman's ass that I didn't recognize hovering in the air on our bed while her face was buried in my wife's crotch.

"Oh sorry, I didn't know you were home," I said as I turned to leave.

"No, don't go! We were just saying that it would be nice to have a hard cock here for us to play with," replied my wife, "This is Stacey, Stacey, this is my husband."

"I'm told that you lick the best pussy around," Stacey said to me while looking up from between my wife's legs, "She said that you might share your talent with me."

I blushed and looked at my wife's beautiful blue eyes as she nodded approval for me to join them.

As I undid my belt, Stacey returned to licking my wife's pussy. I walked to the side of the bed and leaned over to kiss my wife.

"Mmm, tastes like you've had some pussy yourself," I said to her with a smile.

"Mmm hmmm. She has a wonderful pussy, I can't wait for you to find out for yourself," was her reply.

As I stood there with my pants off, she began rubbing my now very hard cock, and I moved closer to the bed. Close enough that she could take me into her mouth while her friend continued to explore her pussy with her tongue.

We both moaned together -- me at the sensation of my wife's gloriously warm and wet mouth wrapping around my hard shaft, and her because Stacey had just slid two fingers inside her.

I gently pinched her nipples as she took my cock deep into her mouth, enjoying the sensation of another woman being in the room with us.

"I really think you need to show Stacey what I was talking about," my wife said as she slid my cock from her mouth.

Stacey looked up and smiled, and my wife sat up in the bed to shift positions. Stacey laid back on the bed where my wife had just been, and my wife moved beside her where she began licking Stacey's breast.

Still unsure, I looked to my wife who motioned toward Stacey's spread legs with her eyes, telling me again, though silently, that she wanted me to lick her friend.

With that assurance, I moved between the legs of this previously strange woman, and began softly running my tongue along Stacey's full pussy lips. She moaned with satisfaction as I settled in and began flicking my tongue across her little nub. Her body twitching with pleasure with each flick of my tongue.

Gradually I inserted my thumb into her pussy while I continued licking her, my index finger resting on her tight anus. Feeling my finger there, Stacey pushed her butt down a little and she groaned with delight at the feeling of my finger pressing against her anus.

"Get on your back honey," my wife said after I had been licking Stacey for a while. She and Stacey sat up allowing me to lie down.

I did as I was told, and she told Stacey to sit on my face. She did as she was told, and in an instant her pussy was hovering over my face while she faced the wall behind us.

My wife began sucking my cock as Stacey began grinding her soaking wet pussy into my face. I moaned loudly into her pussy as my wife expertly sucked and stroked my cock at the same time.

"Shift down you guys," my wife instructed.

Once we had shifted down in the bed, my wife told Stacey to bend forward, and as she did so, my wife slid her favourite dildo into Stacey's swollen opening as I continued to dart my tongue across her full pussy lips. I love inserting a dildo into my wife as I lick her pussy, and watching as my wife slid her dildo inside Stacey while I licked and sucked, and gently nibbled her pussy was incredible.

Stacey's moan approached a scream as my wife began driving the dildo inside her as my tongue continued its oral assault on her.

Stacey's entire body tensed, and I knew she was having an orgasm. My wife pulled the dildo out of her, and Stacey forced herself down onto my face, grinding enthusiastically.

"I can't take it anymore, I need his mouth too," said my wife.

Stacey moved from my face, and my wife quickly replaced her in a 69 position so that she could continue sucking my cock as I licked her sweet, beautiful pussy.

Stacey grabbed my wife's dildo and moved to the top of the bed beside my head where she began inserting the dildo into my wife who groaned loudly in approval.

It didn't take long before my wife -- who is a squirter when she cums -- was covering my face with her wonderfully warm and wet orgasm. Stacey removed the dildo, and my wife asked her to come around to the other end of the bed. As she did so, my wife sat almost upright, burying my face in her pussy.

As I licked and sucked my wife, I couldn't see anything going on in the room. I could hear movement, and some whispering, but I was blind beyond the sight of her pussy lips pressing into my face.

The bed began creaking as Stacey positioned herself. She mounted my cock with her pussy, and pushed down slowly. I grunted loudly into my wife's pussy, causing her to spray in orgasmic pleasure once again, soaking my face and the pillow under my head with her fluid.

Stacey began riding my cock as she and my wife kissed and played with each other's breasts. Harder and faster Stacey worked her pussy on my cock. After a few minutes, my wife moved from my face, and asked Stacey to turn around so that she could lick her pussy while she rode my cock.

I could feel her tongue running from Stacey's pussy lips to the shaft of my cock. With a free hand she fondled my balls as Stacey continued riding up and down on my manhood. I felt my wife's hand wrap around my shaft, pulling me out of Stacey's pussy, while she took my cock into her mouth. The sensation of my wife tasting this other woman's pussy on my cock nearly sent me over the edge, but my wife returned my cock to the warmth of Stacey's wetness.

Holding Stacey's hips with a tight grip, I warned both of them that I couldn't hold on much longer, and my wife told me to cum whenever I needed. I began thrusting with my hips, feeling Stacey's pussy gripping around my cock, she too ready to explode. I exploded inside her, my cock throbbing as streams of hot cum shot inside her as my wife continued licking her pussy and my shaft.

When my pulsating had subsided, Stacey lifted herself up so that I could move out from beneath her, and my wife pushed her back onto the bed, and buried her face between Stacey's legs, lapping up the white fluid that was seeping out of her which caused Stacey to yet again tense up with a powerful orgasm.

As my wife cleaned Stacey's pussy with her mouth, I sucked on her right nipple while fingering her clit. She and my wife were both moaning loudly until my wife broke away, moved up on the bed, pinned me down, and straddled my still-hard cock forcing herself down on me until her pussy lips had engulfed all of me.

Stacey began licking my wife's nipples as she rode me wildly sending my wife into a loud, wet, spray filled orgasm which left my lower body, and our bed wonderfully soaked.

"Well, since we've already had dessert, can Stacey stay for dinner?" my wife asked with a smile.

Stacey did stay for dinner, and she also stayed for a second dessert.

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