tagErotic CouplingsPreacher Dan Ch. 01

Preacher Dan Ch. 01


Debbie Plum was running late for a meeting with her preacher at Church. At 18 she needed to asked to be excused from a class so she could attend another meeting for work. As she came around a corner she ran into him. Preacher Dan grabbed her shoulders and told her to go to his office, he would be right there. She walked in and took a seat in front of his desk.

He stood at his closed office door and took a slow deep breath, then open the door and walk in. Closing the door and looking at her.

"I am so sorry Sir, I know I am late, but I could not get away from work till now." she said.

He walked up behind her and touched her head, his hand caressing her hair down to her shoulders. Stepping in front of her he lean his ass on his desk. Her eyes just about popped out of her head, her face was level with his crotch area, and he had a huge bulged under his robe. She did not hear him, talking to her, her mind and eyes were watching that bulged grow even larger.

"Now Miss Plum, you asked me if there was a way for you to get out of this class you must take. I find their might be a way, but it is kind of tricky. You would have to take a private class with another teacher. Miss Plum. Well Miss Plum will you be able to do that?" he asked her again, and again.

"What. Oh yes Sir I can do that. When is the first class and who will be my teacher?," she told him.

The door open and someone came into the room to give him some papers, so he stood up and step up to her and lean over her head. The bulged pressed into her face, as he signed some papers and the person left, closing the door.

"I will be your teacher, and you will have to come to my office each night at 9pm, and you start tonight. Is there anything else you need to know?," he told her.

She told him no, and then she went back to work. It was a long afternoon, cause all she could think about was when he was pressed against her face. Sitting in her bedroom after work, she closed her eyes and pressed a pillow against her face. Her mind flew in all directions. She was so hot, and wet, and turned on then the phone rang.

"Hello Miss Plum, this is Preacher Dan I wanted you to know that the meeting place has changed, I will pick you up in ten minutes." he told her.

"Ok Sir, yes," she said breathing heavily.

She quickly dressed, and went downstairs just as the door bell rang. She opens the door to see him standing there smiling.

"I just have to leave a note for my mom, and grab my purse." she said quickly.

He stood and watched as she bent over the little table to write. Her ass giggly, and as she walk to him her titties were bouncing like she was not wearing a bra, that made his cock jerk under his robe. Usually he had pants on under his robe, but not tonight. Tonight he was not wearing anything under it. Putting his arm around her shoulders, he walked her out to his car and closed the door, walked around and got in.

The drive was a long one. He took the longest route out of town, to his family cabin up in the mountains. He already had talked with her parents. They had come and seen him late this afternoon when they found out they had to leave town for the weekend. So nobody knew she was here with him , and he took the weekend off to come out here. As he drove he started asking her about her work, slipping in a question here and there about her sex life.

"What is your favorite thing about sex?" he asked.

"Mmm, I love the feel of and man's hard cock slipping though my hands, and fingers as he is sliding into my mouth, or pressed against my face, or just exploring it with my hands." she said breathlessly.

He smiled in the dark car, he heard the harshness of her voice and it was affecting him. His cock was throbbing and with one hand he slip it under his robe and slowly stroke his cock. When he turn the last corner to the cabin he stop the car, turned to her and pulled her closer to him. With his month pressed to her ear.

"Tonight and for the next few nights your lessons will be in pleasing me. When we get to the cabin, you will stay in the car till I come around and open your door. Then I want to feel your hands sliding up under my robe slowly stopping only when you find my hard cock waiting for your hands to play with. Then I want you to put your head under the robe and lick your way up my thigh to my cock. Do you understand my dear?" he said.

She nodded her head and watched as he stop the car in front a cabin and walked around the car. When he open her door she turned in her seat and her hands slowly made their way up under the robe. She could hear his moaning, and the catch in his voice when her hand closed on his hard cock. AT that lime everything else went out of her mind, but his hard cock, and how badly she wanted it in her mouth.

Moving closer to him, she lifted the robe enough to get her head under it. Her tongue licked her way up his thighs, to his balls. She licked both before slipping one into her mouth sucking gentle, then moving on to the other one. Then she ran her tongue up the under side of his cock length, and back down. Placing her hands with the thumbs and index fingers together to form a triangle at the base of his cock. Her tongue licked and licked the head of his cock till she heard him demand for her to suck his cock.

His hand grip the car hard, as her hands, and tongue explored his cock and balls. He did not expect her to lick his balls much less suck them. But when her mouth closed on his cock and she took him in so deep, his knuckles turned white, and his hips push forward, wanting in deeper. Seconds later he exploded in her mouth. When he could he pulled out and help her to her feet and together they went inside the cabin.

Holding her against the door after it closed, he turned her to face the door. Leaning down he kissed and licked her ear, as his hand explored her body.

"I have watched you grow up for the last 18 years, and this last year I have been so turned on whenever I am in the same room as you. OH MY GOD NO UNDERWEAR, OHHHH!!, GOD! pull up the back of your dress baby.(she did, and he pressed his bare cock against her ass) OH GOD YES! THIS FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD. YOU FEEL IT TO DON'T YOU BABY?" he groaned in her ear.

His hands found her tits and he squeezed them, as he rubbed his cock up and down her ass crack. She could feel his cock getting harder, and thicker. And when his finger found her hot, wet pussy, and sliding inside she cried out loudly. He pulled her over to the bed and pushed her face down on the bed and followed her down. Using his knees, he pushed her legs apart and eased his cock up against her pussy. Rubbing back and forth, getting the head good, and wet.

"You want it baby, You want my cock up your hot, tight pussy don't you baby. I can tell, and soon it will be there, and any other place I want to put it this weekend. You're mine for the weekend. I am going to take you over and over again." He grunted in her ear, as he pushed his cock in.

She felt the huge fat head of his cock trying to push its way inside. She could not move he had her pinned to the bed. Then he lifted just enough, and she pushed her ass back to him, and his cock head pops inside. He grabs her hips and holds her as he slides deeper, and deeper inside her pussy. His hands reach under and found her titties, squeezing and tugging on them, as he thrusts into her. The rhythm was slow, then moving aster and faster till she cried out she was going to cum.

He pulled out after her orgasm, laid down on the bed and pulled her on top of him. Smiling up at her he told her to ride his cock hard. He wanted to plant his cum so deep inside her that it did not come back out. She moved lower, and he helped her eased down on his cock slowly. Over the next hour she took him to the edge many times, and when he could not take it any longer he pulled her down and quickly flip her onto her back and slammed his cock repeatedly into her pussy.


Pulling her up on the bed they both fell sleep. She opened her eyes slowly wondering where she was. When she turned and saw Preacher Dan sleeping next to her it all came back to her. Lifting the covers, she saw his semi-hard cock laying on his tummy. Slowly she pulled the covers up enough so she could crawl under them. With her hand, she pick up his cock and lick the tip, watching it jerk in her hand, she slowly lowered her head to take his cock into her mouth.

Slowly he woke up to the feeling of being in a hot wet cave. When he was fully awake, he lifted the covers and saw her drawing her mouth up and down slowly on his cock. Throwing the covers off the bed, and pulling his self to a sitting position. He watched her sucking his cock.

"I will never get enough of you sucking on my cock," he told her.

Just then the door to the cabin opened and in walks a tall dark hair man. Preacher Dan turned and saw him, motioning for him to come over to him. The man hurried over as he took off his clothes. The man's cock was already hard and very thick. His cock was enormous in size. She watched as he laid down on the bed next to them, smiling at her.

"This here is Kenny, he cannot speak, but I think you can guess with his cock size he doesn't have to. Climb up there and ride his cock baby." he told her.

She moves above Kenny, and he guided her down, she reached down and grabbed his cock, heard Kenny's groaned. Slowly her pussy slid down. Kenny grab her knees, and pulled them apart, dropping her down hard, his cock filling her pussy in seconds. Then he grabbed them again and pulled them tight against his hips. His hand moved up over her ass, slowly up her back, pulling her down to him. His mouth latch onto a nipples, and he sucked on it hard.

Then she felt hands on her ass, pulling her ass open. Turning her head she saw that the Preacher was behind her with his hard cock ready to enter her ass hole. She closed her eyes, she never had a cock in her ass before, but she was so turned on she did not care. Then she felt his cock slam inside her. Kenny knowing what was going to happen took her mouth in a deep kiss, and he swallowed her scream. As the Preacher fucked her ass hole Kenny took her face and looked into her eyes, caressing her face, as he told her with his eyes how much he loved having her pussy wrapped around his cock. Minutes later she cried out she was cumming, and then she felt Kenny's hot cum filling her pussy.

"AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Preacher Dan grunted harshly, as his cum blasted her ass hole.

She was so busy over the last few months, between work, classes, and her parents. She did not get to see preacher Dan again until she went to Church on Sunday and he was preaching about the sins of having sex before marriage. Sitting in the back row and by her self, she decided to see how far she could go to get a reaction form him. Keeping an eye around the room, she slowly took her finger, and slip it in her mouth. In, out, and back in again. Taking the wet finger she move it down along her neck, down to her tits.

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