tagGroup SexPreaching Conversion Ch. 02

Preaching Conversion Ch. 02


I rang the doorbell to Father Roberts' house at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and I could already feel my heart beating in my chest. I was nervous and excited at the same time and wondered what the next few hours would bring.

Finding my way to the vicar's house had been easy. It was down a fairly secluded lane, and I had hardly encountered any traffic on the way there. The house itself was quite old and quite large; I imagined there were many rooms inside, as I stood on the doorstep, waiting for him to answer.

Suddenly I heard movement, the sound of footsteps, which grew louder. Then the door opened and there stood the imposing figure of Father Roberts. He grinned broadly at me.

"Ah, Jake, so glad you could make it. I've been looking forward to seeing you today."

"Hello Father Roberts." I blushed under his strong gaze.

"Call me Mike," he said reassuringly.

I relaxed a little. The last time we had met, it had been 'Father Roberts'. Indeed I had cried the title out loud during our encounter. But 'Mike' was more intimate, more personal.

"I'm glad you came," he said again. "Please, come inside."

I stepped through into the hallway and closed the door behind me. There was a slightly musky smell in the air, that of an old house. I gathered that the house came with the job for Father Mike Roberts.

"This way."

He turned and led me through to the living room. It was comfortably turned out, with sofas and chairs, some unusual pictures hanging on the walls, but nothing untoward. I was still nervous and thinking a little of my wife back at home. She knew nothing of this, nor of my encounter with Mike in the church vestry a few days earlier. I still had mixed feelings about the whole experience, but something deep inside had persuaded me to make the short journey to the vicar's house.

"Have a seat. Can I make you a drink."

I sat down on the large black leather sofa which lay along one side of the room. I wasn't thirsty.

"No thanks."

My heart was still beating fast. I had come at Mike's invitation. He had told me that his wife was out during the afternoons, and he would have finished the work he had had to do that day. The large house would be empty except for me and him, and would be so for a few hours apparently.

"So Jake, I can see that you're a little nervous here. Let me help you out."

Mike sat at an angle facing me, at the other end of the sofa, leaving a little space between us. Reaching across, he put his large black hand on my knee, and slowly stroked it up my thigh towards my groin.

I had to admit that as well as the nervousness that was almost freezing me to the spot, I was tingling with excitement. Mike stroked my leg up and down slowly, while fixing me with an intense gaze and a smile, which was turning from friendly to a little lusty. His hand on my leg felt good.

I opened my mouth a little and rested my tongue on my upper lip. Between my legs, my cock was stirring in response to Mike's touch. I saw him inch a little closer to me on the sofa, while he continued stroking my leg. Then I felt his hand brush my crotch, which was already throbbing in time with my thumping heartbeat. I saw Mike's own tongue escape his mouth and he licked his lips, then emitted a low, gutteral moan.

"I can see you're enjoying this Jake," he said. With that he placed his hand on my crotch and began rubbing my now semi-hard member through my jeans. My cock rapidly stiffened and was, within moments, begging for release. But then Mike removed his hand.

"It's time for you to taste me again," he said, rising to his feet and unbuttoning his fly. Kicking off his shoes, he slowly slid his own jeans to the floor. My heart was thumping again. Although I had seen him in his naked glory before, I was now yearning to do so again. I could see the developing bulge in his underwear, even as I admired his long muscular legs. He swiped a hand across his own crotch, then did so again, this time pausing to rub himself through the material. I could feel the prickles on my skin as I began to sweat a little, and I licked my lips as I stared at his thighs and crotch.

Mike undid the shirt he was wearing and tossed it aside, leaving him topless. For a moment I admired his strong-looking chest and fairly smooth black skin. In places he was a little hairy but mostly not, and I wanted to touch him. He was standing so close, and yet I was still almost frozen on the sofa.

Mike then slid his underwear down, revealing himself to me. His cock sprang free, semi-hard with the bulbous, mushroom-shaped head pushing out from his foreskin. I could see a drop of shiny liquid at the tip emerging from the slit. It was big, black and beautiful, maybe eight inches long, and thick, and I could see the veigns standing out along its length.

"I want to see you naked, Jake," he said. "Take off your clothes."

I had almost forgotten. Here he was, standing magnificently before me, and I still had all my clothes on.

Mike backed away from me for a few moments, tantalisingly out of reach. By this stage, I realised that I wanted him, that I needed to touch him and feel him, and to taste his thick shaft as it slid across my lips. Quickly, I removed my shoes, jeans, shirt and underwear, less subtly than he had done, but I didn't care about that now. In less than a minute, I was naked too, my white skin a beautiful contrast to his ebony. I was in good shape, slim and toned, no body-builder, but I knew and enjoyed my own body.

Mike stood a little away from me still, slowly pumping himself to full hardness. I could see the whole of his cockhead now, and it glistened with pre-cum. The veigns down the length of his shaft stood out even more now. I wanted to suck his cock.

Without saying any more, I fell to my knees in front of him, and began to suck his bulbous cockhead. It stretched my mouth slightly given its size, but I didn't mind that. I enjoyed its size and girth. I tasted the syrupy liquid for which I had been yearning. Then I pushed my head forward and slid him further into my mouth. I loved the way the warm fleshyness of it felt against my lips and the inside of my mouth. Tongueing and sucking a little harder, I reached around and grabbed his asscheecks with both hands, pulling him towards me and taking him deeper, without gagging. His firm ass felt wonderful to the touch and I stroked his cheeks, then I brought one hand around to his balls, giving them a rub and a gentle squeeze, before grabbing the base of his shaft and then beginning to move my head back and forth, sliding along his length as far as I could go, and then withdrawing, in a steady rhythm.

I glanced up at Mike's face. He had his eyes closed and his mouth open, while his tongue was licking his bottom lip slowly as his head was tilted back slightly, in all the signs of ecstasy. I continued to taste and suck his manmeat.

"Ahhhhh, yessss, ooohhhhh, mmmmm, Jake, yeaaaah..." he moaned and groaned, grabbing onto the back of my head with both hands, running his fingers through my hair, and holding me steady. He started to thrust his hips back and forth, fucking my mouth, and I let him. His smooth, hard, warm, thickness slid in and out of me.

Mike carried on thrusting for some time, as I revelled in the excitement of pleasuring him. Then I felt his pace quicken, and his dick stiffened as he held onto my head and gave one final push. Suddenly, I felt his warm liquid cum squirting into my mouth.

"Aggghhhh, yesssss, take it."

I kept my lips clamped around his cock as he came, determined to take every drop he had to give me. I had enjoyed the taste of it the first time, only a few days ago, and now I could make an effort to swallow it all down, which I did with relish.

Mike's dick began to soften in my mouth, as he calmed down, let go of me, and pulled out.

"Ahhh, you learn so fast. Only the second time Jake," he said.

By now all the nervousness had gone from me but I was still excited. My own cock was hard and throbbing between my legs, standing at full erection. Mike pulled me to my feet and our lips met as he slid his tongue straight into my mouth, tasting the remains of his own come. Our tongues writhed together as I realized this was the first time I had kissed another man. It was hot with Mike, as hot as it was kissing my wife deeply, but slightly different. I could tell that it was another guy whose tongue I was enjoying sliding over my own. Mike's arms were on my ass, holding me, his fingers inching towards my sensitive crack, stroking my soft skin. My own hands were hugging his smooth muscular back as we continued our passionate embrace.

After some moments, we pulled apart. Mike pushed me back onto the leather sofa and kneeled in front of me.

"Now it's your turn."

With that he engulfed my straining cock with his wet mouth. It was almost a relief, such had been my anticipation. He went to town, making love to my cockhead and shaft, sucking the head, before sliding his mouth down to the base, while gently massaging my balls with one hand. Then he slid his mouth up once more, before diving down again. Up and down on me he went. I grabbed his head with both hands, somehow trying to get more of his mouth onto my dick, craving more sensation and pleasure even as I was getting just what I so badly needed. I could tell it wouldn't be long before I shot my load, and suddenly my balls tightened, my dick stiffened further and then I was cumming in Mike's mouth, willing him to take all my load.

"Ohhh, fuccckkkkkk, yesssss, ohhhhhhh," I cried out as I sprayed my spunk down his throat.

Mike didn't spill a drop from his lips. As I finished, he pulled himself up my body and we shared another kiss, this one full of all the cum I had just given him. As our lips locked together, I tasted the warm, salty liquid and couldn't help swallowing a bit of it. Mike swallowed his own share as we continued to suck face.

"Mmmmm, you taste good, lover," moaned Mike as he broke our kiss, and our eyes met. My cock was still semi-hard, but I was still full of lust and wanted to continue our love-making. I glanced down at Mike's groin, and noticed that he had fully recovered. He noticed my gaze.

"Ahhh, you want me inside you now?"

I knodded eagerly. "Oh yes, like the other day."

Mike knelt once again and pushed my legs up towards my shoulders, exposing my asscheeks and puckered hole. He moved forwards, kissing my ass as he worked towards my most intimate area. Licking his lips first, he then began to lick my asshole. I gasped, remembering what it had been like the first time he had done it. This time, it seemed even better. In the comfort of his home, rather than in the church vestry, in a place where no-one could disturb us, we could both relax and enjoy the intimacy and passion.

Mike began to lick around the rim of my lovehole, pleasuring me in the dirtiest way, before thrusting his tongue up inside me. He thrust in and out for a few moments, before rimming me again. He continued this sequence of tongue-fucking and rimming for several minutes before I could stand it no longer. The desire to be penetrated by his thick manmeat was building within me. I needed his thickness in my ass.

"Mike, I need you inside me. Please. I want you now."

"In a moment, I need to get you ready," Mike said calmly. With that he licked two large fingers and slid them into my sensitive entrance.

"Ooooohhh, yesss, all the way inside," I cried out as he thrust his fingers in and out a few times and moved them around a bit. Then, after a short pause, he pushed three fingers inside and held them there for a while. I was squirming and wriggling under this invasion, which was stretching my hole each time he did it. It was a little uncomfortable at first, but my entrance was accommodating. Suddenly the fingers were withdrawn and Mike stood over me, pumping his eight inches of lovemeat a few times. I loved the way his foreskin slipped back and forth over the beautiful cockhead with each stroke.

Then, within moments, he was gently positioning himself on top of me, holding his dick in one hand, teasing my entrance with the head, rubbing it around a bit, and pushing gently without entering me one inch.

"Uuuugghh, fucckkkkk, Mike, do me now, take my lovehole." I couldn't stand it and moaned at him a little desperately.

Then I felt it, his head pushing into my hole, stretching me slightly, as his hips and torso pushed slowly forward. I grimaced a little but was immediately enjoying the feelings as his thick tool inched its way inside me, sliding past the walls of my rectum before he stopped and rested there for a few moments. Then he slowly began to pull out. His stiff veigny manmeat rippled against my anal passage, until just the head was still inside. Pushing back in, more easily now, Mike began to get into a steady rhythm.

It felt so good. Despite having only been initiated into the joys of another man making love to me a few days ago, and despite some initial reluctance, I wanted him to fuck me.

"Ooohh yeeahhhh, that's it, yeaaaah," cried out Mike as he continued to pump in and out of me. "You're just tight enough for me, just right, and it feels so good, yeeaaah, take all my cock in you."

I was just as enthusiastic: "Ohhhh, that's it, take my asshole man, do me good, fuck me, yesssss."

I was heating up further in our sustained love-making, a light film of sweat covering my body as Mike fucked me just the way I needed.

"Unnggh, unnghh, unngghh," Mike groaned and moaned. His shaft was rubbing against my prostate, adding further to my pleasure.

Just then, I heard the front door. Mike stopped thrusting immediately and we both looked quickly out of the living room at the same time, to see Mike's wife come in to the house. She was still in the hall and I could here her putting down some things and dumping a coat. She wasn't yet aware of the scene that had unfolded a few feet away. I thought for a moment that she would simply not see us, and would turn away and walk into some other part of the house, leaving us time to pull our clothes together.

Mike withdrew his cock from my body and pulled away from me. Strangely though, he didn't look nearly as worried as I felt. Here was our most intimate secret, discovered. I reached for my trousers, but by then it was too late.

"Oh my lord."

She was standing in the doorway to the living room. I had seen her in the past, in the background at church, but had never really looked properly. My first thought was how beautiful and feminine she looked. She was tall for a woman, slim but not too thin, with some lovely curves, and black like her husband. Her hair was curly and shoulder length, and she wore a pale blouse and near knee-length skirt. I guessed she had already kicked her shoes off in the hallway and she seemed to be wearing tights, or stockings I imagined, beginning to drift off.

"Mike, what are you doing? And who is this naked friend of yours?"

"Darling, this is Jake. We were just getting a little carried away here, that's all. I wasn't expecting you back so early."

I hadn't even noticed that I had lost my hard on, such had been my state of mind. But the two of them seemed almost relaxed about the situation. I said nothing.

"Well if you had told me that we were having such an attractive man round, I would have stayed."

The mood was changing fast, and two of us were still naked. Mike spoke again.

"Charmaine, darling, I'd love it if you joined us, and I'm sure Jake wouldn't mind. The secret doesn't leave the walls of this house."

"Hmmmm, sounds like something we could all enjoy. No-one else will disturb us now," she said, her tone softening.

Charmaine then began to unbutton her blouse in front of us, just like that, revealing her bra-covered cleavage. He breasts were full and large and all my worries were beginning to melt away once more. I could even feel my cock beginning to fill out again.

Mike's wife undid her skirt and let it fall to the floor. I saw now that she was wearing stockings and suspenders, as well as a small pair of knickers. Quickly she removed her bra, and cupped her breasts in both hands. She had huge brown beautiful nipples, and I wanted to suck on them straightaway. Then her knickers were gone. This wasn't a slow, seductive striptease, but I didn't care. With Mike Roberts' permission, I wanted her bad. I had almost forgotten about my empty asshole.

"Ahh, Jake, where were we when we were so suddenly interrupted?" asked Mike.

He pushed me back on the sofa and moved my legs into position once more, back towards my shoulders, exposing me again. I took my eyes off his wife to concentrate on more urgent matters. Mike was still hard and he quickly pushed his love muscle all the way into me again so we could resume our love-making. Meanwhile, Charmaine moved to the sofa too and crouched over my face, spreading her soft-looking thighs and showing me her beautiful pussy lips. While her mound was hairy, her lips were shaven and she was already a little wet. As she lowered herself onto my face, I began to tongue her, licking her up and down before pushing inside her a little, beginning a tongue-fucking I hoped she would enjoy.

"Unnngh, mmmmmm," she moaned as I continued to taste her wonderful cunt. He juices were slightly sweet, different from my wife certainly, but just as delicious.

For a moment I thought of my wife at home, blissfully unaware of my secret and all that was happening. I felt a pang of guilt, even as I was becoming more and more immersed into this threesome, which was another new experience for me. I could hardly deny the pleasures I was experiencing, and it remained intimate, the secrecy perhaps making it moreso. My wife was never too far from my mind but I was still able to partake fully of the joys of being with Mike and Charmaine.

I turned my attention to Mike's 8 incher plunging in and out of my tight lovehole. His cock seemed to grow bigger and harder with every thrust. I disengaged from Charmaine's lovely pussy and smiled up at Mike.

"Unngh, yeaaah, you like that, huh?" he cried out.

"Oh godddd yess, I love your cock inside me, it feels so good, do me Mike, do me good, fuck me harder, I want to feel your cum inside me."

My talk sent him over the edge, as with one final thrust, he stiffened even further and then cried out loud as warm liquid lovejuice began to spray and spurt deep inside my rectum.

"Ahhhhhh, yeaaahh, ooohhhh, unnnnghh," Mike grunted as his cum shot from the tip of his manmeat, buried all the way up me. He continued to thrust more slowly now, as he calmed down gradually. I was enjoying the feeling of warm cum inside my asshole, and as Mike gently withdrew, some of it dribbled out onto the sofa. I squeezed my hole tight and then released it in response a few times, trying to keep his come held within me.

Charmaine was still riding my mouth and tongue and I kissed and licked her wonderful mound, occasionally flicking over her clit, as she moaned and groaned above me.

"Oh yeaah, Jake, that's so good, keep going honey, keep going, just like that, ungh yeahh, I'm gonna cum soon honey, I'm gonna cum bad. Ooooh yessssss."

With that her love juices began leaking copiously from her lovelips. I lapped them up eagerly, as I continued to pleasure her. As she gradually calmed down too, she stepped off the leather sofa and sat next to me, spreading her legs, for Mike and myself. I reminded myself that I had only cum once today, and I was sitting there at full erection, my cock and balls aching slightly, needing further release. Charmaine noticed and nodded and winked at Mike.

"What I would love to see is my husband have his own ass made love to as he penetrates me. I'm sure he would love it, and...so would I. Just the thought of it is making me horny."

I stood to my feet, but was unsure for a moment. She was so gorgeous, so curvaceous and sexy, that I could hardly refuse. I felt myself being led on by this horny couple. I hadn't taken Mike's hole before. Suddenly I felt a firm hand on my waist, and another sliding over my dick and rubbing it gently. Then Mike's breathy voice whispered in my ear.

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