tagBDSMPrecious Ch. 01

Precious Ch. 01

byExtreme Bohunk©

The first time I met her was in retrospect, how things would move between us later. I had just gotten home from work. It was a typical late summer day in the Midwest. Hot, sticky and no real breeze to be felt.

My mind was on how hot my apartment was going to be. It's on the top floor, the windows face Southwest, and all the heat from inside the building rises. I was wondering if the little air conditioner I had was going to make any difference. I hadn't slept well the past couple of nights. The noise from the ancient machine kept me from getting any real sleep, more like a stone skipping on water. On the other hand, it was too hot to leave it off.

I turned to enter the courtyard, a motion from one of the cars parked along the street caught my eye. I stopped, not quite sure of what I was looking at. Long dark hair was hanging out of the open passenger side window, and moving in an odd rhythm. A moment later, I saw a feminine hand scrubbing away at the inside of the windshield.

For some reason, I just kept looking at her hand. I still couldn't make out the girl under the rest of her thick mane. I realized she was on her knees in the driver's side, and leaning across the interior to get at the other side. What I didn't realize is that I was staring, trying to figure out what she looked like. Like I said, I was tired.

I remember a hint of her perfume. Light, clean and pretty.

Her free hand moved to pull the hair back from her face. It was beautiful hair. Very dark, but not quite black, with a hint a auburn highlights. As it slid away, I was treated to an unintentional view down her red, low cut tank top. I noticed the outer edge of a tattoo on her left breast peeking out from the deep neckline. My fatigue suddenly vanished. I focused on the ink, curious as to what the design was.

She must have noticed me then, her head turned. My eyes came up with the motion of her head. She had a pretty oval shaped face, with high cheekbones. A small pair of square, black rimmed 'hot artsy/nerd girl' glasses perched on a cute, well shaped nose. I guessed her to be in her late 20's.

I'm a sucker for eyes. I looked into hers for the first time. The word 'exotic' came to mind They were almond shaped, and large. My first guess was that she was Asian. I was half right. Dark green irises, with brown flecks gave them a soft, yet intense focus. A combination of warm humor and intellect lit them from within.

My eyes wanted to move back to the top of her shirt. She filled it out very well. I realized she might be thinking I'd been looking down her top. I also noticed she hadn't moved to change the view.

Most women would have given me a dirty look, assuming I had been getting a cheap peek. Not this one. I would learn later how much she loved games. She moved subtly toward the open window, turning her body toward me. I'm still not sure if she did that on purpose, but suddenly I found myself playing a game of "Don't stare at her chest"

With an effort, I kept my gaze above her shoulders. It wasn't hard, her pretty face and eyes an easy distraction. Her full lips gave me a friendly, open smile over a gently pointed chin.

'Hi' she said.

Her voice was like everything else about her. Unique and sexy. Not too high, not too low. Clear, yet with a hint of huskiness. It was as pretty as the rest of her.

I smiled back. 'Hi'

I hadn't seen the car before. Thinking she might be a friend of someone in the building,

I asked 'You just move in?'

'No' she replied, 'I've been here since May.'

I know most of the people in the complex. Some come & go, but I always notice the cute ones. And the assholes, like the idiot that lived directly below me. I don't know what the rental people were thinking when they rented to this guy, but he was a major pain in the ass since day one.

Pure white trash hopped on on booze & dope, and all the fun that goes with that lifestyle. Drunken brawls, screaming matches in the courtyard, cops coming in at all hours. To top it off, he appointed himself as some sort of "Good will Ambassador" going door to door, extending alcohol slurred invitations to whatever Crackhead party he was hosting.

Just the sight of him made me want to kick his lowlife ass. Scrawny, with toneless "girly-man" arms sticking out from his ever present "wife beater" tank top. Big bug eyes, bad teeth, and of course, a Mullet.

I like most people, but there are some you meet that just rub you wrong. He rubbed me way wrong.

I thought 'How did I miss her?'

She moved again, in that sweet way only women can, and leaned slightly out the window. I decided she either one of the friendliest people I'd met in awhile, or she was playing "Cleavage Temptation". At the moment, I didn't care which was which. I like games too. A lot.

I'm not real shy, I've had my face slapped more than once. I took a step closer and remarked, 'Cool ink, what is it?'

To my surprise, she pulled the cloth aside so I could have a better look. It was an eye. It looked handmade, not from a shop. I smiled. I liked her openess. I was beginning to like her, she was cool.

I met her eyes again, before she had a chance to pull the cloth back in place. Didn't want to take advantage of the situation, but it was tempting. Very tempting.

Changing gears, I joked, 'Say, if you're feeling ambitious, I'll bring my car around. You could do that one when you're finished here.'

She made a low sound of humor, and pushed back more hair which had stuck to her face. She made a pretend "Psycho Bitch" face and stage screamed, 'It's so fucking hot!'

I nodded in agreement, adding 'I'm on the top floor, all the heat rises. It's gonna be a fucking oven up there!'

She said, 'Me too! I doesn't get cool until late.'

The common ground sparked a friendly conversation about the heat, the building, and the asshole who lived under me.

Her eyes went a bit wider when I mentioned him. She asked, 'You live right above him?' And commented 'That must be awful! I live on the opposite side, and I can still hear all the noise.'

I shrugged, and made a disgusted "What are you gonna do?" face. Until then, I had been enjoying our dialogue, laced with good humored banter.

'Well' I said, with some resignation, 'I gotta get upstairs and see if I can get it to cool off some.'

'Nice to meet you!' she said.

With a smirk and a wave, I quipped, 'Ahh, you just don't know me that well.'

I turned away, the sound of her laughter at my back. I was smiling.

That was her. The game within the game that wasn't a game, layered between happy surprises and distractions. On one hand, she was extremely focused while on the other, had the attention span of a child. She was a delight.

I saw her several times over the next few months. At the store, around town. She was always friendly and smiling. She'd just pop up somewhere, and then just as quickly, gone. I always smiled after seeing her. Some people you just instinctively like.

I wondered where she lived in the building. My answer came one night as I was setting some boxes out on the enclosed back porch. I stepped out and heard music. It was coming from an open door directly across from mine. A bird chirped in the background, from somewhere inside.

As I put the boxes down, I heard scuffing steps on a hard floor. I looked over, and of course, it was her.

There are 4 doors leading out into the porch. My neighbor Bob stepped out of one. He comes out to the back to grab a cigarette, his wife won't let him smoke in the house.

Bob's wife is a Hottie. Short, about 5' 2 or 3, dark blonde hair with lighter streaks of highlights.One seriously tight little body. She makes sweats and a t-shirt look good, and knows it. Very vocal in bed too, especially one late night.

It was warm, everybody had their windows open. Bob's and mine face out into the courtyard. The courtyard is horseshoe shaped, surrounded by brick. Any sound is magnified, and really echoes around in there.

I was watching TV, when I heard that unmistakable sound of feminine pleasure. Suddenly the TV wasn't so interesting anymore. I hit the 'Mute' button. A moment later, I heard another. Louder.

I sat forward, turning an ear to the open window. At this point, the sound was mostly echoes coming from the court. Whatever he was doing, she really liked it.

A big grin settled on my face. This was good stuff! Her increasing volume and tone told me, and the rest of the courtyard she thought so too. It was about then I realized the source was right next to my place. I grinned even wider.

For about the next five minutes, we were treated to a continual chorus of escalating sighs, ooohs, ahhhs, and moans as her passions built toward release. There was no mistaking when she reached it, or how long it went on. For a little thing, she sure was loud. I think she let him smoke in the apartment that night. Probably made him breakfast too, sounded like he earned it.

I pushed the boxes over, and said 'Hi' to Bob. We chatted a bit, mostly about the idiot downstairs. She stepped out and joined the conversation. I realized I didn't know her name.

We made introductions all around, I learned her name was Jean, short for Jeanette. I joked, 'All we need is Mike out here, and we have a Tenant's meeting'

Mike was my buddy, he lived in the 4th apartment on our floor. Actually, he was my best friend. We'd been through some tough times together. We had each other's backs. He was a player, great with the ladies. They loved him, he was a big good looking guy. It seemed he & I always fell for the wrong ones. He'd be very interested to know who his neighbor was. I 'accidently' forgot to mention it to him.

I almost felt guilty, Mike and me shared a lot of things. Like Liz. She was just a tick over 19, small, very slender. Nice chest for a tiny thing, and a curvy little booty. Very pretty face, with big round eyes.

The three of us were at Mike's one night, exchanging friendly insults. It was sort of an abstract version of 'Truth or Dare?' Liz seemed very curious about my past. I used to play drums in a lot of rock bands, back when it was all about Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll. Her questions kept circling back to some of my sexual exploits. There were more than a few.

I noticed some telltale signs of early arousal in her, the little minx was getting turned on! I figured I'd turn the heat up some. Let her get a good earful, some wet spots in her panties, and then split so Mike could have a good night.

I broke out the story about how one girl I was going down on came so hard she passed out. I went on to explain my ability to roll my tongue into a tube, the technique I use, and where it's best applied. I described the entire episode in great detail, taking delight in Liz's obvious and growing discomfort.

Mike looked on, his face a mix of interest and amusement tinged with some jealousy that his buddy was having such an obvious effect on one of his girlfriends. As I spoke, I exchanged several knowing glances with him. He knew I was up to something, as usual, but he wasn't sure what.

She finally cracked. In a voice just above a whisper she breathed, 'Show me?'

Mike's eyes went wide, I shot him a quick wink on the sly. I stood, and moved in front of her. My hands cupped her blushing face, I tilted it back so she was looking directly into my eyes.

In a low, no compromise voice I told her, 'Here's how it goes, little girl. I'm going back to my place for exactly 15 minutes. In that time, you will give Mike the best blowjob of his life. When I return, if you have performed as told, I will reward you. 15 minutes. No more, no less.'

I released her, and left. I made a note of the time, and went across the porch. Exactly 15 minutes later, I went back.

Mike was sprawled out on the couch, a big stupid grin on his mug. A blanket covered him from the waist down. Liz was sitting pensively in a chair, her small hands folded in her lap, eyes wide in hopeful expectation. I asked him, 'Well?'

He gave a nod of approval, and a weak 'thumbs up'. I crossed to her, and extended my hand. She stood, the top of her head barely even with my chin. I could feel the heat from her young body.

Instead of walking her to the bedroom as she expected, I guided her up to stand on the low living room table. I moved the chair she had been sitting in to a position where Mike and I could both see her from the front.

I sat, and crossed my arms, obviously expecting something. She was nervous and uncertain what to do. I glanced at Mike, who was furiously taking mental notes. School was in session.

I said one word. 'Music'.

Mike grabbed one his 7 remotes. A moment later a slow song with a sultry backbeat came from the speakers. Liz's eyes went a bit wider. She knew now what I wanted. In one of our conversations, she had joked about wanting to be a stripper. I knew that in every joke, lies a kernel of truth. This was her chance to play out a fantasy.

At first, she was shy and nervous, she giggled. She found a rhythm she was comfortable with. Bit by bit as she revealed more of herself to us, she got more into it. Her hands moved softly over her body. She looked both of us in the eyes, and then closed hers, lost in herself and the music.

Soon she was down to her bra and cute little black panties. She faltered a bit, and then threw out her inhibitions as the bra peeled teasingly away. Her pink nipples stood out almost angrily.

She turned her bottom to us as her fingers reached the waistband of her panties. Her thumbs slowly peeled them off the sides of her gently swaying hips, and then downward. She tiptoed out of them, and with her back still to us, stood. She raised them in one hand like a trophy, her tight cheeks still moving to the song.

Blushing and smiling, she turned to face us. The song ended. Mike clapped. I sat, arms still crossed. My eyes bore into hers.

I spoke softly. 'Are you wet?'

Mike's eyes goggled. Liz looked down in embarrassment.

A bit louder, I asked again, 'Answer me! Are you wet?'

She blushed even deeper, answering in a tiny whisper, 'Yes.'

I asked her, 'You know what to do next, don't you?'

She began to tremble, and nodded yes.

A louder song with a hard driving beat came on.

Over the music, I told her, 'Show us.'

She almost balked. She looked at me pleadingly. I knew this was way beyond her normal boundries. I smiled, she was too far gone to turn back now.

She closed her eyes. Her hands began to play over her body. A minute later, her sounds mingled with the music. Her fingers moved down, stroking her thighs. I knew where she wanted to put them, but to do it in front of us was too much for her.

My voice cut through her indecision. 'Do it!'

She sank to her knees, her legs wide. Her fingertips busied themselves along her pink, gently furred wetness. The sounds of growing need spilled from her between ragged breaths. Her body tensed and shook. Her hips moved to the beat, and the demands of her fingers.

I could tell she was working toward a release. Her face and body pulled tight, her fingers flew over and over one small spot. She reached an arm behind her to brace herself. Her back arched, a long low sound came from deep inside her. She was on the edge.

My voice shredded the moment. 'STOP!'

Mike jumped, Liz froze. Her eyes flew open. She panted, a whirlpool of flame still racing through her. Her flushed face was a portrait of raw need, the look in her eyes was priceless.

I stood, motioning for her hand. She held it out, weak and trembling. I helped her up, and off the table, noting with satisfaction her shaking knees. I moved her hand to my face, and inhaled deeply. Her scent was delicious, I knew she would taste the same. I slipped my other arm around her waist. My lips brushed her ear.

I breathed, 'You've performed well, you will be rewarded.'

Her knees gave slightly. I held her a bit tighter. The tip of my tongue traced a line along her neck to her ear.

I whispered, 'Go to Mike's room. Wait. Don't touch yourself.'

I released her, she moved unsteadily toward his room, on very shaky legs. I could see wetness on her thighs. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a wooden ruler on Mike's desk. In a blink, I snatched it up and aimed a stinging shot across both of her unsuspecting ass cheeks. The loud splat filled the room.

She squeaked in pain, and wheeled around. Her eyes filled with fire. She reached a hand to her stung bottom and hissed, 'You bastard!'

A smug smile and 'fuck you' expression were my answer. I tapped the ruler loudly on my open palm, three times. The fire in her gave way to fear.

I pointed the ruler toward the bedroom door. She scurried toward it, covering her butt with her hands. A moment later, I heard her climb into the bed. Her mind would do worse things to her than I would.

The ruler met my palm loudly. Three times. Exactly as before. I knew she could hear it. I sat down, lit a smoke, looked to Mike and smiled. He shook his head in amazement. I had told him about this side of me, but he'd never seen it before. He probably thought it was all bullshit until now.

Three more pops carried to her ears.

I knew he was probably freaked out. His girl was laying in the next room, his room, silently wondering if his best buddy was going to lick her, spank her, or worse. Either way, she was going to scream.

We exchanged a few hand signals and gestures. I wanted to make sure he was OK with it. He gave another thumbs up. I finished my smoke.

Three more.

I made sure she could hear my footsteps approaching slowly. I stopped in the doorway.

Three more.

I stepped in and stood next to the bed. In the dim light, I could see her petite body. She was on her side, knees pulled up, slender arms hugging them.

Three more.

Her body tensed, drawing tighter into itself. A single tear slid off her nose. I could almost smell her anticipation. And fear.

I sat slowly on the bed, letting my weight sink into it. A small whimper escaped her. I brought the ruler into my hand twice more, the third kissed playfully on her tightly clenched tush and stayed. I saw goosebumps rise over every inch of her skin.

I slid the wooden edge ever so slowly along the side of her body, and then back down, even slower. She swallowed hard, her breaths grew deeper with each pass. Her hands balled into tiny fistfulls of clawed bedsheet.

An unexpected swat caused her to jerk. This time, she gave a soft, low sound, a combined laugh and murmur of pleasure.

Three hard ones bit into her sweet ass. She gasped sharply with each, and then more little coos as I ran the flat of the wood over the rising welts on her warming bottom. I set the ruler aside, she made a small sound of disappointment.

A moment later, the loud splat of a hard open palm meeting tender flesh filled the room. She flinched, drawing a long breath through clenched teeth. My hand stayed on her butt, fingers tracing the results of my handiwork.

I whispered 'You didn't know this about yourself, did you?'

Her reply was only to press herself harder against my palm.

I continued 'You'd let me do anything I want right now, wouldn't you?'

Her nails dug deeper into the sheets, she nodded 'yes'.

I finished 'And that's exactly what I'm going to do.'

My hand found her hip. She flinched. I ran my palm along her skin, she gave a long slow sigh. I stretched out behind her, drawing her back to my chest. I placed small groups of soft kisses on the back of her neck, the sides, her ears. Her breath came in small pants, she pressed hard into me. My hands explored her front. I liked what they found. So did Liz.

I moved away slightly, and eased her to her back. I stopped for a moment to look at her pretty face. She slowly opened her eyes, they were filled with need and surrender. I gave her a soft kiss, and proceeded to keep my promise.

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