tagIncest/TabooPrecious Little Katie

Precious Little Katie


A short story...

A loving grandfather gets an unexpected phone call from a granddaughter...


My wife usually answers the phone even before the first ring finishes, so when the second ring started I knew I would have to get off my ass and get the damn thing myself. Glancing down the hall, I saw the bathroom door closed, which is why Ada hadn't grabbed it.

If this was a telemarketer, I was going to be really pissed, because I had been watching them close in on some pervert on a CSI episode, but I put as cheerful a voice as I could manage after I picked it up.

"Grandpa?" the perky voice on the other end of the phone chirped. "It's me. Katie."

"Oh! Katie," I responded, not really familiar with the voice of our son's daughter because they lived halfway across the country. "How are you dear?"

"Great. I just wanted to thank you guys for the birthday present you sent me," Katie said. "I can really use the money for books."

"That's wonderful," I replied, sadly not aware that it was her birthday but grateful that my wife had taken care of it as was her custom.

We've got two grown kids, and they both have a couple kids of their own, but our daughter's family lives fairly close so naturally we see them more frequently than our son's.

"Is Grandma around?" Katie asked.

"No, she's kind of tied up right now, but if you..."

"No Grandpa. It's you I want to talk to," Katie said softly. "Can you talk?"

"Sure," I said, wondering what the big mystery was.

"I just had a birthday party the other day," Katie said. "Know who came out here?"

"No, honey. I don't."

"Cindy," Katie said, and the mention of my other granddaughter's name made my heart get a bit crazy for a second as well as leaving me at a loss for words.


"Uh - I'm here Katie," I said, trying to keep my voice calm.

"Her family came out to visit, and I got a chance to meet her for the first time," Katie explained. "She's really neat. Pretty too. She's got an awesome bod on her."

"Grandpa?" Katie asked. "You there?"

"Sorry honey. Yes, I'm still here," I managed to say.

"Cindy wanted me to tell you something if I ever got a chance to talk to you," Katie said. "She said you might me interested to know she's really well developed now. She's up to a 36C bra now."

"Uh - hang on a second dear," I said, leaning back against the counter for a second as I got dizzy, and then I hurried into the spare room before Ada came out of the bathroom.

"I'm back Katie," I said.

"Kinda crowded here when people visit, so Cindy slept in my room," Katie explained, and sweat started flowing out of me like rivers. "We got to talk a lot."


"Yeah Grandpa," Katie whispered. "She told me about the summer she spent at your house a couple years ago."

"That right?" I said, and while it might be a bit dramatic to say that I wished I was dead right about then, that's not too far off.

"Yeah. We snuck a bottle of vodka into my room and got a little wasted," Katie explained. "She kinda let it slip about you two."

"Don't worry, Grandpa," Katie said after a moment of dead silence. "I'm not going to tell or anything. I am kinda jealous though, especially when she told me that nobody ever fucked her as good as you did. Said you got a real long cock too."

"What's the matter Grandpa?" Katie said after a moment of silence. "You don't want to talk to me?"

"I - uh - what is it that you want?" I asked.

"You could invite me out to visit," Katie suggested. "I'd like that."

"Gee Katie," I said. "You're quite a distance away."

"I'm not as stacked as Cindy is, but I got a bitching bod on me, or at least that's what guys tell me. Want to see?"


"Sure? Got a computer?"

"I do," I said, having blundered into the very room it was in, and after following Katie's instructions, in a matter of minutes I was looking at my youngest granddaughter.

"How?" I said, not having a clue about the technology that allowed this to happen.

"It's a web cam, Grandpa. Don't you have one?"

"No. this is all beyond me."

"So what do you think?" Katie asked, this occasionally jumbled picture showing a little blond pixie that didn't look much different that the ones on the Christmas pictures we used to get.

"You're very cute, Katie," I said.

"Want to see more?" Katie asked, and then proceeded to start to unbutton her blouse.

I jumped up and ran to the door, locking it just in case Ada decided to look for me, although she probably assumed I had gone downstairs to my workshop. Since she didn't even know how to turn on the computer and treated the thing like it was radioactive, she wouldn't be coming in here.

When I got back to the chair in front of the computer, Katie had pulled off her blouse and was sitting there in a sports bra of sorts, and while she was adorable looking, she really looked like she could use a few extra pounds. I suspected that as she got older she would fill out nicely, and then silently cursed myself for thinking like that about my own flesh and blood. Old habits die hard.

"Very pretty honey," I gasped as I held the phone between my shoulder and my ear. "You shouldn't be doing this though.

"I like doing it though," Katie said. "Guess I'm a little bit of a show-off. Here. Let me take this off so you can really see me."

Before I could say anything, Katie had pulled her sports bra off and was sitting there naked with the phone in her hand.

"Whatcha think?" Katie said as she ran her free hand over her breasts. "My titties aren't very big, I know. Not like Cindy's, that's for sure."

"They're beautiful, Katie," I managed to say as I stared open-mouthed at the pointy little breasts that jutted straight out on my granddaughter's scrawny chest, and despite how very wrong this was I had already reached into my trousers and had pulled out my cock.

"Want to see more, Grandpa?" Katie asked.

"Katie, you shouldn't be doing this. What if your folks..."

"Out for the night. I'm all by myself. Want to see my pussy?"

"Please don't," I begged, but it was too late because Katie was standing up, pulling down her shorts and then peeling down her panties.

"I hear you breathing heavy, Grandpa," Katie said as she posed with her privates right in front of the camera. "That turns me on so much. Are you playing with yourself?"

"No," I lied.

"How come? You don't think I'm pretty?" Katie asked as she sat down in her chair and put her legs on her computer table and spread her thighs open wide, leaving even less to the imagination.

"You're too young to be doing this," I protested.

"You were doing Cindy when she was my age."

"I did not!" I said sternly.

"Did too. She was 18 that summer with you."

"You - you're 18?" I stammered.

"Duh. How old do you think I am?"

"I - don't know," I mumbled. "When you get my age time sort of gets away from you."

"Well, I'm 18 years and 3 days old, and I'm going to college at Brockton come fall. That's only about 100 miles away from you," Katie said.

"But you - don't..."

Don't what, Grandpa?" Katie asked when my voice froze up on me.

"You don't have - have any - you know - hair down there," I said, as I watched Katie's hand sliding over the smooth mound between her legs.

"Gee Grandpa, I do too. Not very much, but I shave it," Katie said. "Lots of girls do these days. Not Cindy though. She's still got a hairy pussy. She said you really loved how hairy hers was. Don't you like my pussy like this?"

"I guess - it just takes a little getting used to."

"Oh, I get it," Katie said. "I know I look younger than I really am, but most men like that. You feel better about looking at me now?"

"Yes," I gasped, admitting my perverse sense of what was proper and what wasn't.

"So are you playing with yourself, Grandpa?" Katie asked.

"Yes," I confessed as my hand slid up and down the thickly veined shaft of my erect member, and I wished I had some lubricant besides the spit I was using.

"Oh this is so cool, isn't it Grandpa? I wish you had a web cam so I could see you like you see me. I love to watch guys jerk off while they look at me. Want me to pose any special way?"

"No honey," I said. "Just like that is beautiful."

"Some guys like it when I pose like this," Katie said as she briefly took her fingers out from between her legs and put her hands behind her head. "Makes my titties look even smaller than they are. See?"

Posing like that made her skinny frame even more pronounced, as the stretching made her ribs show as well as making her silky smooth armpits become deep craters, but if it had any negative effect on me you couldn't tell by my erection.

"You're gorgeous no matter what you do," I said, my sweating making it tough to keep cradling the phone to my ear.

"Don't cum Grandpa," Katie said as she lowered her right hand back between her legs while keeping the left hand behind her neck. "I want us to cum together. Cindy said you had great control."

I don't know about that, because the sight of Katie's little fingers working around in what seemed like such a small fold was erotic. After living for decades with Ada's puffy labia, seeing a pussy like Katie's was the exactly opposite and was arousing as hell.

"Cindy said - she was scared when she first saw your cock," Katie gasped as she seemed to have most of her hand inside her sex. "Said it looked like it was a foot long."

"Cindy - she exaggerates," I said. "Nowhere near."

"She never had an uncut one before yours," Katie grunted, and both of us were being to sound like locomotives as we raced to orgasm. "She said she really liked to play with your foreskin. Cindy said you the first guy to fuck her in the ass too."


"I've never had it up the ass yet," Katie gasped as she worked in fingers in that little pussy. "I want you to be the first to do it. Wouldn't you like that?"


"Just thinking about that big cock of yours pushing into my tiny asshole is making me - OMIGOD!"

I groaned as I felt my orgasm race through my 64 year old loins, and then the phone fell to the floor as I started cumming while the sweat pouring down my face blinded me momentarily. After I stopped cumming I wiped my eyes with my forearm and saw my semen all over the keyboard, the unexpected result of my orgasm spurting instead of drooling out of me as it usually did these days.

Katie wasn't in the chair, but was picking herself off the floor, giggling as she explained that she came so hard she slid off the chair and onto the carpet.

"You okay, honey?"

"Sure. Was it good for you?"

"Oh yes indeed," I said. "You should see the mess I made."

"Now if I was there," Katie said with a grin. "I could have swallowed it, or you could have shot your load right in here."

Katie dipped her finger inside of her and then pulled it out, sticking the wet digit into her mouth and savoring what probably tasted sweet.

"You gotta get a web cam, Grandpa. That way we can have fun until I get out that way in the fall," Katie explained.

"We'll see."


"Where are you off to?" Ada asked when she saw me grabbing the car keys the next morning.

"Radio Shack," I said as I left, and although I heard her yell that we needed butter while I was out, of course I forgot it, having other things on my mind.


thanks for reading

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this was agreat story ,hope to read more about Katie and Cindy

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