tagLoving WivesPregnancy Brings Much More

Pregnancy Brings Much More


My wife, Ellie, and I live an idyllic life as a married couple except for one thing. Ellie has an obsession to have another man. We have been married 7 years and although I have listened to her asking now for the last 3 years to have another man, I have always told her she was silly and to forget the idea. I don't know where the obsession came from but suddenly one night in bed she asked me if she could have another man and I said no without even thinking much about it. That as about 4 years ago and although I knew Ellie had been faithful to me I also knew she would like to be wilder if she had the chance. She had been a virgin when I married her and she hadn't tried any other men but myself and she then started to want another man.

About 6 months after we married we both agreed we would like a family while we were young and then the children could grow up with us. Once we had our plan clear in each other's minds we gave away all form of protection and made love constantly in the hope Ellie would become pregnant. Our love life seemed to take a turn for the better once we made up our minds to have children and we both loved the feel of our skin with nothing in between while we were making love - gone were the condoms!

The first few months were discounted as possibilities because we knew it took some time to get pregnant but as the months passed and the results were always the same - no pregnancy yet - we were becoming discouraged. I was almost exactly three years ago that Ellie suggested we really do something about her having another man but I continued to refuse her permission. After all she is my wife and I don't want another man making love to her.

We made love regularly - sometimes twice a day - and we tried all the recommended methods of trying to become pregnant. We left her lying on the bed with her legs up in the air hoping to retain my sperm and make her pregnant but that didn't work either.

Ellie kept up this constant asking for her to be able to have another man but apart from the fact I didn't want her to have another man, I was getting very sick of her asking all the time. Couldn't she take no for an answer? I feel it was something to do with her not getting pregnant that made her want another man but I wasn't going to give in. I was using my best excuse that as long as she wasn't pregnant, another man might make her pregnant and then the child wouldn't be mine and that would certainly cause a lot of difficulties in our marriage. She went quiet for about a month but began asking again after that. Now it was almost every time we made love.

It was about 6 months ago when I was fully fed up with her silly request for another man to fuck her that I finally said, "Ellie, I love you too much to share you at all. If it will make you feel better I will say this much - When you are pregnant and we know you have my child inside you, I will then consider your request but certainly not before!" That seemed to make her a lot happier and we made love much more often - now sometimes as much as three times each day but still no result. She kept her brave face but I knew it was chewing her up inside. It did, however, keep her quiet now that she seemed to have a target to aim for!

After this Ellie seemed to be presenting a different image to me. She met me at the door naked on occasions and begged me to fuck her immediately. Other times she would be wearing very seductive clothes - perhaps a totally see-through blouse with nothing on underneath or perhaps wearing no underwear at all under her outer clothes. This latter idea appealed to me a lot and we made love in all sorts of places when I knew she wasn't wearing her panties when we were together. We fucked in our car in a fairly full public car-park with her sitting on my lap with my cock buried inside her cunt while she was kissing me. We fucked in an elevator when we managed to stop it between floors as well as fucking in every room in our home and in every conceivable position but all still to no result.

Ellie took to going out alone when shopping but still not wearing any panties under her skirt. She told me she wanted to be daring and when she came home and told me she hadn't worn panties, I got terribly excited and we fucked very hard but still didn't produce any baby.

About 3 weeks ago Ellie walked into the bedroom, naked as she usually does for part of the morning, and handed me her pregnancy test kit. She told me to read the result and sure enough the result said we were going to have a baby! She was really excited and I was too but my excitement was rather short lived - Ellie then said, "Now darling, we can go about planning for me to have another man now that I am pregnant," but that certainly wasn't what I had planned. In fact quite the reverse. Now I wanted my wife to remain at home and look after her body so that nothing happens to our baby.

Ellie was insistent that I had promised she could have another man fuck her as soon as she was pregnant. I knew that although this wasn't true, I had said something about waiting until she was pregnant and then we could discuss it then. No amount of refusal on my part had any effect on Ellie. She told me she wanted another man and either I could provide a man for her or she would find one of her own. This statement rather startled me. I knew she was a lovely woman but she had this aggressive streak in her and I knew if I didn't do something about it she would carry out her threat. I hadn't done anything about another man for her by the end of the week and so on the Saturday evening I saw her in the bathroom shaving her legs and underarms and then having a long luxurious shower after which she started to put on her makeup. She then selected a very see-through blouse and a very short skirt and laid them out on our bed ready to get dressed. I started to smell a rat and asked her why she was cleaning herself up so much and looking so lovely. She replied, "Well Darling, I am going out to a bar tonight and I am hoping I will find myself a nice man who will take me home and fuck me! I have been waiting for such a long time and now that I am pregnant and you know another man can't make me pregnant I intend to get fucked tonight if I can! You had your chance to find me a man and now I will do it myself and see how I get on!"

I love Ellie so much and knew in my own mind that she was deadly serious. If I didn't do something she would go out on her own and that could be dangerous. I had to make an instant decision so I decided I would go out with her and help her although I definitely didn't want to do that. I had wondered all along if I had been very weak in allowing her to keep on asking about another man but we have had this wonderful life together and I thought it was only a fling she wanted knowing she hadn't had another man before. I did know that all of her friends had been fucked before they had married and they talked between themselves about this. Ellie also confided in me that some of her girlfriends had lovers as well as their husbands and they managed to have the two together very well. She also told me at least one of these girlfriends had made her husband find her lover for her and the three of them were very happy together!

Ellie didn't mind when I told her I was coming with her in fact she was rather pleased. She told me she wouldn't go off with any man unless I gave her permission first and, if I wanted to, she would see if the man would allow me to watch them. This was churning my stomach up but I was hoping this would only be a fling and then she would settle down again with just me and the baby. She as still walking around the bedroom naked and she looked lovely. She is 28 years old with a very fair complexion and blond hair. She has firm breasts which are not large but certainly adequate with lovely nipples which erect when she is excited. She had trimmed her bush I noted although she hadn't removed much of the growth of hair. She had just trimmed the hairs from the join of her leg and body back about an inch making a neat triangle shape. Her bush was darker than the hair on her head but certainly not very dark. Her bush tended to be a bit on the wild side and, although it was made up of very fine hairs, they grew long and gave the appearance of being much denser than it really was. This hair grows down between her legs and changes into a fuzz when it gets around her asshole. She has a treasure trail between her navel and her bush but this is very sparse and the hairs are slightly paler than her bush. Looking at her standing there naked in front of me, I didn't want any man to enjoy her body but knew she had such a strong will that to absolutely refuse her anything she wanted could mean she might leave me! She had threatened to leave me before and I knew she was serious with her threats. This was a trait which followed her family. Her parents were divorced - she told me her mother wanted to try another man and her father had refused - and her two sisters were divorced for the same reason. I didn't want this to happen to me so I was going along with her for the moment.

When I asked her if she was going to wear the clothes she had set out on the bed she nodded and told me she thought she had a good chance to pick up a man wearing them. She told me she wouldn't wear a bra and certainly no panties even though her skirt was very short. I must admit I was starting to get into the swing of things and was, in a way, looking forward to watching my wife with another man! This was a complete change of direction for me but I began to accept the inevitable.

Ellie first pulled her blouse on. She looked particularly lovely standing there with nothing below her blouse which was quite short and would leave a gap between the blouse and her skirt. She walked around for several minutes so I could look at her lovely body which was almost all revealed by the see-through blouse and nothing else. She then pulled the short skirt on and although it certainly hid her bush it was only a matter of inches below the cheeks of her backside and when she bent over to show me what would happen, I could see not only her asshole but also her cunt! I knew she wouldn't have any bother picking up a man tonight but I wanted to be there too.

We drove to this bar she had selected and she asked that she be allowed to go in first and then I could come in as well but for me to keep away from her until she signaled she was ready for me. This was the hard part but I agreed. She walked into the bar while I watched from the edge of the carpark. She looked lovely and I was so proud of her but just the same I didn't want her to be fucked by another man but I knew it was going to happen!

When I followed her inside about 5 minutes later she was sitting on a bar stool talking to the barman and a couple of men were standing nearby looking at her. She was obviously flirting with the barman and the men close by were getting excited by her talk with the barman. One of the men moved up and sat next to her and she turned towards him and their knees touched as she talked to him. She drank with him for about 5 minutes and then I saw him place his hand on her knee and slowly run his hand up her leg under her dress. She didn't do anything to stop him so he just continued until he obviously reached her cunt! She spread her legs so that they were outside his and he kept his hand touching her. She leaned over and kissed him and then they talked intimately for about a minute before more kissing and then she turned around and looked directly at me. She nodded to me and smiled and then spoke to the man again. He also nodded and then she hopped down from the stool and walked over to me. She told me the man wanted to fuck her and she wanted him badly. She also told me the man would allow me to watch them fuck but he wanted the first half hour with her alone so I could go and book a room at the nearby motel and they would meet me in the motel carpark. I could then give them details of the room and they would go in first and I could knock at the door in 30 minutes. I knew I had no alternative other than to deny her and then she would do it anyway so I left the bar and drove the car to the motel which was only about 300 yards away and booked a room. Fortunately the room was on the ground level and I could park the car just outside the room. I went inside and looked around and saw that it was a neat room but before I left I adjusted the curtains at both windows so that there was a tiny gap left which I hoped I would be able to see through. I then returned to the carpark and waited for them to arrive.

They didn't reach the motel for about 30 minutes and I guessed they had a few more drinks before they left. When they got out of his car she introduced me to her lover Hal and we shook hands. Ellie came over to me and took the key and then kissed me passionately and whispered she loved me and thanked me for allowing her to live her fantasy. As I kissed her I held her backside and pulled up her dress and touched her bare behind. As I reached around between her legs I found she was absolutely wet through. Her thighs were extremely wet and so was her cunt as well as her asshole. When I commented she said she was very turned on and also told me I had to wait 30 minutes before I knocked on the door! With that they held hands as they walked to the motel door. I had a choking feeling in my throat as I watched them disappear through the door and close it behind them. My fingers were still very wet from touching her and when I brought my fingers to my nose I immediately realized I had cum on my fingers! She had fucked him on the way to the motel! What sort of a slut had she become? After about 10 minutes when I couldn't see anyone anywhere near the motel room, I crept over to the window with a large cardboard box I had found in the rubbish area. I had removed two sides of the box and also the top so now I could hold the cardboard box around me and not be seen crouching outside the window.

I could certainly see inside although my view was restricted because of the curtains but I could see them on the bed and they were sweating with a sheen of perspiration over their bodies. Her hair was tousled and I could see his cock was limp - they had just fucked and I had missed it! I watched for several minutes but they just lay there holding each other and kissing. I parked the box nearby and walked around for another 10 minutes before I again took up my position outside the window. Now I could see Ellie sucking Hal's cock and she was sucking with a lot of effort. Soon his cock was quite hard and, for the first time in my life, I saw Ellie move into a hands and knees position while Hal produced a tube of KY and liberally poured this into her asshole ready to fuck her there! I couldn't hear much of their conversation but I did hear her say, "Don't cum in me - save that until Ben is in the room - I don't want him to know I have been fucked in my asshole!" With that Hal pushed his very hard and long cock slowly into her asshole until it was completely inside her rectum. He must have been about 9" long and that was a lot of cock to be up her asshole! He started fucking her hard and she screamed as she came while he was doing it! She then told him to take his cock out of her asshole and when he did, I could see just how far it had been up inside her. He left the bed with his cock still hard not having cum in her asshole and walked to the bathroom with Ellie following. I guess they were washing his cock because soon they came back into the room and Ellie began sucking his cock again. She paused when she looked at her watch and I realized it was now time for me to knock on the door.

I was shaking slightly when I knocked at the door. Ellie opened the door standing there completely naked and she pulled me inside and kissed me hard and told me she had just had the most wonderful sex with Hal! Hal was lying on the bed naked and sporting his huge hardon. Ellie told me I was just in time as Hal was going to fuck her now. She told me he had only fucked her once in the 30 minutes and they had spent a lot of time just resting together. She didn't know I knew differently but I didn't say anything. Ellie kissed me for several minutes breaking only to tell me she loved me and then she told me to watch carefully because Hal was going to fuck her for the second time tonight! With that she moved onto the bed alongside Hal and he began caressing her body as a preliminary to having sex with her. When he felt she was ready (I knew she was ready long before they entered the room) she spread her legs wide and he moved between. She held his cock just over her gaping cunt and before she pulled him inside her, she turned to me and said, "Watch Darling because I am going to be fucked by Hal and at last I will have my fantasy fulfilled!" With that she pulled his cock until it entered her cunt and then he took over. He fucked her hard and long and she was screaming as she kept cumming while he was fucking her. At last her scream was louder and I knew he was about to cum in her. When he had pumped his load inside her she screamed some more with absolute passion. She was a very fucked woman - my woman - and although I was excited I was also upset!

They lay side by side after their strenuous sex and she held up her hand to me to come alongside the bed near her. Her whole body was covered with a sheen of perspiration because of the passion they had generated and she looked lovely lying there. I went over next to her and she told me to take off all my clothes and join them on the bed. I didn't want to do that but she insisted and so I became naked and lay down alongside her with her in the middle of us men. I had my first chance to look at Hal. He had a swarthy appearance and his skin was quite dark. He wasn't black of course but he had dark skin and his body was shining from the perspiration on it. I realized they had been fucking with the light on even when I wasn't in the room and I was grateful for that.

Ellie then asked me if I would like to make love to her now because she thought I might feel left out of it if I didn't! I declined preferring to wait until we went home and she had showered but she sat up in bed and reached for my cock and began playing with it. She soon had it hard and then she reached over and began playing with Hal's cock at the same time. She leaned over and began sucking my cock and then back to suck Hal's cock. I realized his cock was still covered with his cum and her love juices but that didn't deter her - she took his cock into her mouth and sucked like crazy. I wanted to fuck her but didn't feel comfortable after he had cum inside her.

We lay together on the bed for about an hour talking about all sorts of things before Ellie said she wanted Hal to fuck her again! His cock had been hard for a while and I knew he wanted to fuck her again. This time she lay on her side facing Hal and he slipped his cock into her cunt lying on his side too. She had her top leg over his and when I moved on the bed I was able to see her open asshole in front of me! Ellie had never allowed me to fuck her asshole and now it was right in front of me wide open after his previous entry. I didn't say anything to either of them but positioned myself so that my cock was just outside her asshole. While she was moving back and forth on his cock enjoying their fuck, I gave a shove and pushed my cock deep into her asshole in one stroke. She screamed as I entered her and Hal lost his stroke completely but I continued to fuck her asshole and because it was so slippery from the KY I soon found I was about to cum. And cum in her I did. I pumped my load, my considerable load deep into her rectum and she screamed as she came and at the same time Hal's cock came out of her cunt! She was shaking all over and wouldn't allow him to reinsert his cock in her! He was furious and climbed off the bed in disgust. My cock was still inside my wife and I was moving it in and out of her asshole enjoying the feeling of the heat and the pressure she was giving me. Eventually I slipped out of her and rolled over on my back.

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