tagFetishPregnancy Fantasy Ch. 1

Pregnancy Fantasy Ch. 1


This is a story I wrote for a friend. It is based on a real person, but the names are of course changed. Please feel free to comment by mailing me.

* * * * *

She stood in front of the mirror, just looking at her body. She seemed to be doing this a lot more lately. She was fascinated at how it was changing so much. Everyday it was different. The most apparent difference of course was the size of her breasts.

Just three months ago Darlene wore a slightly bigger than average 36 C or D cup bra, depending on make and model. Now, she is a full fledged 38DD. She does not mind though. She had always been proud of her breasts, even to the extent that she will show them off to unsuspecting people in public. Now of course she just has that much more to show!

Darlene has always thought that pregnant women were sexy, and now she knew. She has indisputable proof that they are sexy, and get sexier as they grow. Or maybe that is they are horny, and hornier as they grow? Oh well, she knows that both are true, for her at least. Her husband could attest to that as well. He always knew she had a large sexual appetite, but now, he was almost having a hard time keeping up.

She rolled one of her big nipples between her finger, fascinated at how big and dark they have gotten already, just trying to imagine what it would be like to have milk coming out of it. Taking it between her lips, gently sucking on it, feeling the warm fluid flowing out, onto her tongue, squeeze it with her fingers, making milk spray forth from the swollen breast.

Moaning out loud, she went over to her bed. She was still wearing her nighty, a red see through number that she felt made her look so sexy. She lay back on the bed, stretched out diagonally, and started to rub her chest. She was going right to town, hands roaming all over the place. Across her chest, down to her slightly rounded belly, over her sides, back up to her breasts, up to her shoulders, down to her belly again.

She couldn't stand it anymore, and reached down to move the material of her nighty away from her crotch, giving her good access to her now swollen clit. Darlene gasped aloud as her finger tip touched it, causing her to arch her back, her body begging for more attention. She continued to rub her clit, dipping a finger into her soaked pussy, using the wetness on her clit. Her breathing had become harsh and fast by now, as she fingered herself, she pulled the top half of her nighty down and used the other hand to play with a nipple.

Bending her head forward, she reached down, and took a hard nipple into her mouth, sucking so gently at first. This is not something that is new since getting pregnant, she always enjoys sucking at her own breast. Once she started at the nipple, it usually was not long before she whole body was shaking in a wonderful orgasm.

Today was no exception to this rule. Soon she started rubbing faster, then sucking harder nothing would stop her, she only paused briefly to slide her fingers into her pussy, then rub the juices on the nipple. As soon as she started sucking again on the nipple, tasting herself, and then rubbing her clit, she lost control and screamed out loud as she came with great force.

She lay there, enjoying the sensations of the post orgasm glow. As she did, she drifted off to sleep, and proceeded to have a very erotic dream. She did not realize it was a dream until after she awoke, even then it took a little while to figure out that is really was just fantasy...

Darlene's belly was so big now, she had only 5 weeks to go to her delivery date. So many details to take care of, she figured she would give her old buddy Todd a call. Todd and her knew each other a couple years back when they lived in the same apartment complex. It started out as just the casual hello, how are ya doin, nothing more. When Darlene called him a few months before, and told him she was pregnant. that is when things started to change.

Little did she know, but he had a HUGE fetish about pregnant women and lactating breasts. He began asking more and more questions, each getting more personal than the last. She did not mind this, as they always had a very open relationship, and told him everything he wanted to know. Besides, it sorta turned her on to know how hot this made him.

During the phone call, she mentioned something about her husband being away on business for the last week and a half, and not expected home for another couple days. She invited him over for a coffee which he accepted very quickly.

Todd knew how horny Darlene was all the time, and knowing that Steve was away for over a week, he knew that she would be extremely horny. He did not think anything would ever happen, but he did know that their talks got hotter when she was supper horny. He was out of the shower and over to her place in record time.

Darlene was just finishing pumping the milk out of her right breast when the door bell rang. She covered up quickly and went to answer the door, all set to send whoever it was away, so that she could finish pumping before Todd got there.

He could see by the look on her face that she was surprised to see him there so quick, and asked her if she was just going to stand there, or let him come in. They went into the living room, and started talking for a while, she forgot about pumping for a while, until her left breast started to ache a little from being so full.

They talked about how she was feeling lately, how her husband was...all the small talk. This is when Todd noticed she had an odd look on her face and asked if she was ok. She said yes, and told him that she was in the middle of pumping when he arrived. He told her to go finish, and he will just wait there for her.

She apologized, and waddled off to the bathroom to finish. Todd heard the door close, then immediately heard a loud crash, followed by a lot of very colorful words. Darlene came out of the bathroom, with a bathrobe on, covering her top half, and her pants were still on the bottom half. In her hands was the mangles remains of the pump. He knew what it was, because she showed him when she got it.

He took it from her to see if he could repair it for her, and realized that when it hit the floor, it must have broke something internal, because there was no suction at the end anymore. This caused more curse words to come from her and she wondered how she was going to get rid of the milk now?

He offered to drive her to the drug store and get a replacement, but she told him they didn't have any and she had to order this one in. He asked how she was going to deal with this now, and she just got that devilish look in her eye, and told him there was two options as she saw it. Either she could suck it out herself, which would get to be tiring after a while, or he could be a great friend and suck the milk out for her.

Todd got hard instantly, and she looked down and asked if that was his way of saying yes? He got very embarrassed and was about to get up, but before he could, she moved over close to him, and opened her robe, showing off her amazing breasts. Todd couldn't take it and immediately started to suck on a nipple.

Darlene laughed and moaned at the same time, and told him that the left one was the one that needed emptying, but feel free to come back to that one. Todd looked up at her with the nipple still in his mouth, and smiled. He moved over to the other nipple and started sucking, and sucking. After only a few seconds, his efforts were rewarded by a small blast of warm milk on his tongue.

Darlene moaned out loud as the milk started to flow. She moaned because it always felt good to release the milk when it was so full, and also because she was getting very turned on by the whole situation. Here she was with her tit thrust forward into her friend Todd's mouth, his cock was so hard, it looked almost painful in his pants. Just thinking of his cock was making her hotter and hotter.

By now Todd had sucked enough milk from her tit to release the pressure and she leaned back some to his disappointment, breaking contact with his mouth. She looked into his eyes and told him that she wanted to have a chance to suck some if HIS milk, and started to bend forward to his crotch. She stopped half way when they realized that her belly was just to big for that.

Darlene lay down on the couch, and Todd stood above her beside the couch, lowering his cock to her mouth. She sucked with such great skill that in no time at all, Todd told her that he was gonna cum very soon. Hearing that only made her suck that much harder, and at the same time she grabbed her tits by the nipples, and proceeded to squirt her milk all over his balls as he stood over her. The milk was dripping down her chin, and some of it was getting in her mouth.

That is all it took for him, and he pushed the full length of his cock into her mouth and started pumping shot after shot of cum down her throat. She moaned very loud as the shot hit her throat, and started swallowing very fast, loving the taste of his cum. It was different from other cum she has tasted, as his cum made her mouth tingle a little, turning her on so much that combined with her milking her own tits, she had an orgasm of her own.

Darlene suddenly woke up very hot and sweat covered, hands pinching her nipples, just coming down from an orgasm she had while sleeping. She could not get over how wet she was, and how real it was. She immediately went to the phone and called Todd...

Then End.....for now...

More will follow if response is good...

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