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Lisa lay bound, belly down and naked on the bed. Not an unusual position for her to be in, she normally found it reassuring. She had spent many an hour in similar positions, unable to move and simply waiting for what was to happen next. This time however, she wasn't sure at all what she was waiting for.

She was in the hog tied position. Her hands crossed and tied behind her, feet together and bound as well. Her feet were also pulled up tight to her arse and bound to her hands, stopping her straightening her legs or moving her hands to the side.

Lisa didn't struggle, there was no point, Master had brought her here and tied her himself. That was unusual. That was why she was nervous. Master hadn't said much about the job. He never did. He liked his girls to be surprised when they went to jobs. He liked to see how they handled themselves. All Masters girls were trained to handle and endure any situation.

But this time something was different. This time he had said something. As he tied her down on the bed, using quick, experienced movements, he had leaned close and whispered in her ear.

"This is the most special job I've ever given you Lisa. I choose you especially for this. This is why I've given you so many medical tests lately to make sure you are healthy. This is a long term job, you are going to be living in these few rooms for a while now. Much longer than normal and I needed you in top condition for this."

Lisa's mind was still spinning, trying to work out what he had been hinting at. Just then she heard voices approaching her room. It sounded like two men, Lisa was sure Master was one, she could always recognise Masters voice. The other most likely belonged to Masters client, the man who had paid Master for the use of her body.

The door opened and two men entered and approached the bed. They then stood looking down on Lisa's naked helpless body. The client, a tall, young, fit looking man, held something in his hand. From Lisa's position on the bed she couldn't make out what it was.

"Her name's Lisa." Master said. "I believe she will be perfect for you and your friends' game."

The man nodded as he admired the bound girl on his bed.

"She looks great." He said. "Is everything as we requested?"

Master nodded.

"Eighteen years of age. Naturally dark long hair. Forty five kg's in weight. Pierced nipples with large rings."

"And the rest?"

"I've had her tested, I've emailed you a copy of the results for your records. Everything is perfect and, as you requested, for the last three months her contraception pills have been replaced with sugar."

Lisa's heart skipped a beat. Did she hear that correctly, what had Master done with her contraception pills?

"Alright" The man said. "We can get started."

"I'll be off then." Master said, he reached down and cupped his hand under Lisa's chin and lifted her face up towards him. "Goodbye Lisa, I'll see you in nine or so months"

Lisa started to panic as Master turned to leave.

"Master!" She started to say.

But just then the man produced the thing in his hand. A large ball gag!

"Oh..." Lisa moaned as the ball was forced into her mouth. The man looped the strap over her head and tightened the buckle.

Lisa looked around for Master, wanting him to tell her this was just another one of his mind games. But Master was already gone. She was alone.

"Don't panic just yet." The man said sitting on the bed beside Lisa, his hand casually stroking her thigh. "My friends are bringing someone to keep you company for your first couple of months."

Lisa looked around as the door opened again, this time several people entered the room. Five men and one girl, Lisa counted quickly. Her heart skipped a beat again as she saw the girl properly.

She looked to be around the same age as Lisa and also completely naked. As she was being led to the bed, Lisa saw her nipples were also pierced like hers and her hands were tied behind her back. But the thing that had shocked her was the girl's belly. It was huge. This girl was unmistakably pregnant. And quiet far along, Lisa guessed. Maybe even in her last month.

The pregnant girl was forced to lie on the bed on her side facing Lisa. Lisa was then herself rolled onto her side. She quickly realised there was no point fighting the strong hands of the men and let them position her right up against the girl. Lisa managed to look down as one of the men hooked a clip through one of her nipple rings, he then pulled her closer to the girl and hooked the other side through her ring. Her breast was pressed right against the pregnant girls full, round, breast. He quickly connected a second clip to the rings and Lisa found herself pressed naked against the girl. Her own tits looked small compared to the swollen breasts of the pregnant girl.

The men weren't finished. They easily pushed the two girl's faces against each other and Lisa saw that they were forcing her gag ball into the other girls mouth as well and attaching another strap. Before she knew it they were both face to face and lips to lips. Lisa got her first taste of saliva from the other girl and she quickly saw they were going to be sharing a lot. Lisa couldn't help but to look deep into the other girl's eyes. They were pale blue and clear. Lisa didn't see fear in them at all, just a sort of acceptance.

Lisa noticed her tits also suddenly felt wet. Several of the men laughed.

"Trisha's lactating again!" One of them said. "Every time their tits pull against each other more comes out!"

Lisa felt her pussy being fondled. She also knew that she was wet. Very wet. As scared as she was, Lisa was also excited. Master had known she had a thing about pregnant girls. Master always seemed to know. It was then with some relief that she felt her feet be untied and her legs opened for some more vigorous fingering.

"So." The first man said, the one that had been talking to Master. "Do you all understand and agree to the rules?"

"Of course." Someone replied.

"Well I'm going over it again, Jake here is new." He snapped. "We've all put in our money. You can fuck her as many times and as often as you want, or can! In whatever way you see fit. It has been shown before that the more cum you can pack into her during these first few weeks the better your chances."

A couple of men laughed at that. Lisa began to sweat.

"After she falls pregnant we stop until the doctor gives us the all clear. Then it's open slather on her body until the birth! Anything goes. Anal, oral, pussy, tit fuck. Whatever. There is only one rule in this time, you must fuck her in some way at least twice a week until birth. If you don't and the baby turns out to be yours, then we split your bet between us and we have to go again."

One of the men, Lisa guessed it was the new guy, Jake, asked. "So after the birth we check who got her pregnant? And they take the lot?"

"They do, and not only that, they also score the money from the private adoption. This kid has a good, and wealthy, family already arranged."

The hand that was fingering Lisa suddenly pulled out.

"Alright boys, enough talk. This pussy is warmed up and ready to go."

The first man looked down at Lisa and the other girl. He gently stroked Lisa's face and gave her a large smile. Lisa started to breathe heavily through her nose at his touch.

"Hope you are ready for this." He said "Because your body is never going to be the same!"

Lisa knew what he said was true. She could feel the swollen belly of the other girl pressed against her. She could feel the girls huge lactating breasts moving and leaking with each breath they both took. This is what she was going to become. A baby machine. These men were going to fuck her until she fell pregnant and then fuck her some more while she grew and swelled.

Already she felt her legs being opened and her body being pulled away from the pregnant girl, their nipples pulling and stretching. Lisa felt the first cock entered her and knew there was much more to come. It dawned on Lisa how incredibly turned on she was. Master has chosen her for this job and she didn't intend to disappoint him. More than anything else she wanted to please Master, if this is what she was required to do, she would be the very best pregnant girl she could be.

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