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When I first found out I was pregnant I was overjoyed, my husband and I celebrated by having wild amazing sex. The first few months were fine it was about month six that I noticed he was being protective and begging off. I knew he was working extra hard so he could get time off after I had baby but it was frustrating me to no end as my body was more sexually responsive than ever. I was talking with a close friend while we lounged in backyard sunning ourselves. I said it was so much easier with her being a lesbian and all. She was rubbing lotion into my back at the time and she said it had its rough points. I rolled over so I could look at her my tits naturally hard, and said the next time they would get sucked was if I breast-fed. Her fingers slide up to touch them and I flushed at how good it felt even through my swimsuit.

"I could change that," it was the barest hint of whisper and I shock my head, but her fingers persisted and she slowly worked my swimsuit down, my breasts popping out, her fingers working the entire breast. I couldn't help but moan and blushed as she squeezed one and liquid spurt a little out of my nipples. Before I could apologize, my husband had been weirded out by it; her mouth had lowered to my rosy tits and was sucking so gently, insistently. My body was responding, I couldn't understand, then her mouth took in the other one relieving a pressure I didn't even know was built up in my breasts. If she had been a man I would have done anything for more sucking, but she was my friend.

"Please stop," it's a weak protest at best as her lips cover mine in a kiss so soft that I was parting my lips to her.

"Let's go inside," I was relieved thinking she was going to stop but once inside she looked the patio door and began massaging my exposed breasts again. I was trying so hard to resist imagining my husband and only seeing him turned on. I give in as her fingers slide my swimsuit off. I had shaved my pussy ever since I started showing and I felt my legs try and close as her fingers slide down. It took very little coaxing and her looking me in the eye for my legs to part. She had me sit down on an amazingly soft looking beanbag chair. I sunk into material as her fingers parted my legs. I felt so warm and pampered as her tongue worked over my extended abdomen licking around the belly button. I whimpered trying to resist and failing miserable as her tongue worked down to my neglected wet cunt.

"How long has it been?"

"Three months or more, I haven't been able to bring myself to do it myself either."

"Poor neglected little pussy, let's cheer you up," she whispered.

I blushed even as I moaned her tongue knowing just what to do and how hard to do it. I didn't even realize I had moaned her name until the waves of pleasure rocking my body settled down. I was hooked and whispered, "More please."

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by Anonymous09/04/17

My Pusey is throbbing

I need more of this

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