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Pregnant Itch


We decided to meet for lunch, which we had done many times before. We worked together you see. We had lunch often to talk about current projects, plans, etc. We were great friends as well and talked about the ups and downs of our personal lives every time we talked. Rachel had recently become pregnant and I was very excited for her. She had been trying for some time, so this is big news for her. Today we planned to have lunch at a nice restaurant in town and I wanted to know all about her recent visit to the Dr. where she had gotten an ultrasound on the baby, the first.

Rachel looked beautiful. I think a pregnant woman is beautiful, the miracle of life is beautiful. She was starting to show, she couldn't hide it anymore with a loose blouse or the like. Her face was just glowing, she had a ear to ear grin when she saw me. She had on a nice little black dress, and some very sexy heels. Wow was all I could think. I gave her a hug, and a kiss on the cheek as was our custom. She always dressed nice, even pregnant, she had great style.

We were seated at a nice quiet booth with a curved continuous seat along the wall and no chairs at the small table. We slid into the booth a close, yet professional distance from each other. I dreamed of snuggling up tight next to her, putting my arm around her, but with both of us married that was just a dream. Her dress was low cut, and I could see her bra from where I was. It was black to match the dress. Her breast filled my mind right then. I am a male, and while we are friends with women, we always are trying to get in their pants. I had dreamed countless times of what she looked like naked, what her lips felt like, what it would be like to be inside of her.

The pale white of her chest against the black of her bra, I just wanted to run my finger along the edge of her bra, to slowly caress her breast. But I needed to pick what I wanted to eat, that was also on the restaurant's menu. We flirted very well, and I made a comment about not seeing what I wanted on the menu, she replied with a comment about a sausage dish with a cream sauce looking good, to which I replied she must like the dish, since it looks like she had tried it from another cook already. Yes, yes.

I suggested if she wanted to try that sausage dish we needed to go to a different restaurant, trying to keep flirting. She pushed the envelope and suggested we go to that restaurant then if I knew where it was. Wow, she had never meet me on a flirt of this magnitude, was she just playing or might I get to run my finger along the edge of her bra like I wanted? I mentioned a restaurant that was open right now with the dish on the menu, also known as my house. She beckoned the waitress to the table and explained to her that we had to go an important page had just been received that could not wait.

I wasn't sure what to think. Was that restaurant just to upscale for the day did she just want a burger at McDonalds, or was she for real. We got in my car, and she started to tell me how her husband had no interest in her sexually since she got pregnant and she had some needs that needed to be taken care of. She knew me so well, trusted me, and knew I wanted to get in her pants. To which I had to dispute, but she called the bluff. She said I was always staring at her chest when she was talking to me. She had caught me more than once trying to look down her shirt, or up her skirt. Plus the wood you have right now is clear as day. She was right, I was so hard at the thought of her naked I could hardly drive!

At the next traffic light she leaned over to me and kissed me. It was the hottest kiss I have ever had. Her lips were perfect, full and soft. They met mine as our tongues danced with each other. Electricity flew through the air. A honk of the horn from the car behind us abruptly ended the embrace. She slid back into her seat, but her skirt which she always so neatly adjusted just right was riding way up her leg. I could see the top of her stockings. The lace tops meant nirvana was not far away. Rachel just starred at me with lust pouring from her eyes. "Do you want to do this?" she asked.

"How could any warm blooded male say no to a babe like you?" I replied. She seemed to melt to this response.

Soon we arrived at my house and pulled in the garage. She waited in the car for me to open her door, to which I received a reward I could have never expected. She wore no panties, her snatch was on full display as she swivelled her legs to get out of the car. That is what I have dreamed of so many times in the past, and soon my cock is going to be sliding in and out of it. Hairless, you could see every last delicious part of it.

We embraced inside of the door. Our bodies melting into one another. I kissed her neck softly which made her breathing hard. She pulled me tighter and tighter with each kiss, finally pinching my ass to stop me. We broke our embrace and I led her to the bedroom holding her hand.

Once in the bedroom she started to remove my clothing, unbuttoning my shirt and kissing the newly exposed skin with each button. Soon she was at my belt which she removed without taking her eyes from mine. She was filled with lust, she craved attention. I wanted to satisfy her. She grabbed the waist of my pants and skillfully pulled them and my boxers to my ankles in one swift pull. She instructed me to sit on the edge of the bed so she could get them off all the way. As she pulled them off, I grabbed her with my legs and pulled her on top of me.

I kissed her slowly, passionately, rubbing my hands all over her. She begged me to make love to her. Please, right now. I wasn't going to, not yet. I unzipped her dress and pulled it down only past her breasts and took in the view, her pale breasts in that heavenly black bra. I pulled one of the straps to the side and down and exposed the nipple. It was so hard and erect, it begged to be sucked on. My tongue explored around the hard nipple, causing it to get harder still. As I sucked on it Rachel screamed "FUCK ME NOW!"

Not yet baby, there is so much of you to explore. I did help her with her growing lust and ripped her bra off exposing her other breast as well. As I did this she reached with all her might for my cock. It had been teasing her leg, resting on it as I sucked her nipple. She couldn't reach it, but this did give me a chance to pull her dress down more. She wiggled out of it as she grabbed again for my cock. She was completely naked now, but for her stockings and heels. Her pregnant belly now exposed, she was heavenly. I caressed her body, but quickly knowing if I didn't get my cock in to her soon so would become crazy.

I moved so she could touch my cock as I caressed her. Her touch almost was too much; her touch was firm, but soft. You could tell she was dreaming of how it would feel inside, almost measuring it. Soon I moved between her legs and with my hands rubbed my cock lightly against her clit and the outside of her pussy lips. She shuddered with each stroke. Slowly I placed more forward movement to my up/down movement and my cock was inside of her. Hot as molten lava, she bathed my cock in her tight wet snatch.

She had a satisfied look on her face to finally have my cock in her. Her lustful needs were going to be taken care of. We made love, we fucked, and scratched two itches that need to be itched for some time the whole afternoon. We acted like kids having sex all over the house, in the shower, on the kitchen counter.

Our relationship changed after our lunch. We became much closer. No more safe distances in the booth at lunch, she often would come to my desk and offer me an intentional view down her shirt or up her skirt. I would come to her desk and rub my cock on her arm as I tried to read something on her desk. We had sex as much as we could, even having a super quickie at the company Christmas party while our spouses danced unaware out on the dance floor.

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