Pregnant Mom


Suddenly she gasped and her body began to convulse. Her pussy began to spasm around my cock as her climax started. Her eyes closed and her chest heaved. A low scream, almost growl, slipped from her lips and I could feel her juices flooding across my cock and balls.

I couldn't wait any longer. "Oh God, Mom, I'm going to cum," I warned. "Can I cum in you?"

"Yes, cum, cum deep in me. You can't make me pregnant," she gasped but then whispered, "Unfortunately."

I didn't have time to evaluate that "unfortunately," remark. "Ahhhh, here it comes," I screamed.

"Give me that potent sperm," she hissed. She started to climax again.

I bellowed and began to cum. I swear I almost passed out from the intensity. I must have throbbed ten times, squirting cum with each throb. Finally we both collapsed. I lifted up and slowly pulled my cock from my mother's wonderful pussy. We both looked down to see the results. My cum bubbled from her pussy and slowly streamed between her ass cheeks.

Then I collapsed beside my mother, pulling her into my arms. "God, I love you," I whispered.

"I love you too," she said.

When I could speak I said, "What did you mean when you said you couldn't get pregnant, 'unfortunately'?" I asked.

Mom blushed. "You heard that, huh?"


"I was just carried away with the moment."

"I see," I said and smiled, pulling my loving mother tightly into my arms. Then I whispered, "Unfortunately, for now." I felt my mother tremble.

We snuggled together and fell asleep. I awoke sometime in the night and found my mother sucking my cock. I smiled and when I was hard I rolled her over and fucked her again. When we woke up that morning, we made love for the third time. Mom finally cried "Uncle" and went back to her own bed to get a little rest.

The following day we were both a little shy at first but quickly overcame that. It didn't take us long before we were in bed again. This time the sex was less frantic, but nonetheless satisfying. I started fucking Mom in the missionary position. I love looking into her eyes as my cock enters her.

But then Mom wanted to sit on my cock. Who was I to argue? She straddled me and slipped my cock into her. As she teetered on my cock I could feel her pussy grasping the head. I gasped in pleasure.

Then she sat down, allowing my entire cock to enter her to the hilt. I don't know where it came from, but a few minutes later I climaxed again.

We fucked like newlyweds the entire weekend, which I suppose we were. We barely came out to eat.

I moved into my mother's room after that first weekend. We have sex almost every night now, sometimes several times, with an occasional fuck during the day. I think I might just be the luckiest guy in the world.


It has been several years since that first time with mother … several incredibly wonderful years. Shawn is almost three now and I will graduate from college in a few weeks. Mom and I are in love more than we were that first time. We are closer than a mother and son, or even a husband or wife, could ever be. We are a family now … a larger family, because there is Alice who is two and Faith who is almost one. Both children were conceived in love and are as healthy and as happy as their parents. Mom says she wants two more and I am open to that. Only you the reader know that they are my children … everyone else thinks mother used a donor.

Tragically, my father passed away last year but left my mother quite a bit of money, which he had inherited from his family. We are now set and can live life to the fullest. Mother wants to buy a place in the south of France so we can vacation without anyone knowing who we are. I like that idea. Life is good.

The End

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by Anonymous

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by Tinyterror11/06/17


I would rate this 8/10 for incest/romance fanfiction genre. I've read quite a lot stories in this genre, and very few were as well written - grammar, sentence structure, storyline, etc - as this one. Themore...

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by dopey31410/26/17


Always a good story. Sometimes over the top, but still good ...

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by HighlandLaddie03/31/17

basically a good story

but you made the lad out to be dumber than a sack of rocks...what a pathetic mom was a stupid slut to get knocked up because the guy did not use a condom....and he ends up looking aftermore...

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by Threecats40701/01/17


I hope the children you and mom had continue in the glory of incest love.

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