tagFetishPregnant Partner Covered in Cum

Pregnant Partner Covered in Cum


It was a warm July day and John had just returned home after a 12 hour-shift at the local newsagent, when he returned home he was greeted by Abbie his partner whom is 8months pregnant.

Abbie was glowing, a short-woman just 5'0 in height and very slim, a size 6 before pregnancy with short-brown hair, a well rounded ass and a 36dd cleavage.

"Abs," as John like to call her, had his dinner on the table so as John sat down to eat and the couple had some small talk, Abbie started to massage John's broad shoulders. She knew John loved this as he always asked her to do it for him when he finished work but tonight there was a different motive for Abbie.

Abbie knew that her husband was craving sex after all they haven't had any in 8 months so she didn't want him to get it elsewhere as she had browsed his phone and noticed he was browsing escorting websites.

As Abbie's hands caressed John's shoulders she leaned in towards his ear and whispered seductively in his ear, "tonight is the night big boy, follow me!!"

John obliges and follows Abbie down the long corridor taking time to stare at his partner's ass but what turns him on the most is his partners bump and breasts. John feels his 8inch cock hardening against his underwear.

When they reach the bedroom Abbie slips out of her dressing-gown and is standing there facing John with only her black lingerie on. John is rock hard by this stage and just freezes. Abbie drops to her knees and crawls on all fours towards her man, eye to eye contact at all times, she reaches John and immediately she drops his trousers to the floor!

Abbie takes Johns hard cock in her mouth licking his shaft and playing with his balls with her hand!! John loves to be deep throated and no-one can do this better than Abbie. She takes his cock deep in her throat until her nose and lips are pressed against John's flesh. She gags on John's cock over and over as his full length is in her mouth. At this stage John can feel his heavy balls wanting to relieve themself so he pulls out of Abbie's mouth and covers her glasses and mouth in hot cum.

John says, 'lets get into bed pet' so Abbie goes and lies down and John starts to suck on her big tits. Licking and biting her nipple as he knows this turns Abbie on but it is even more effective in her pregnant state!! John slowly slips a hand between her leg, caressing her pussy then just as Abbie begs him to he slides a finger inside her starting off slowly before adding another finger and then another each time going deeper and harder!

John kisses down Abbie's body from her tits until his mouth is at her pussy. John starts to lick her pussy as this is 'Ab's' favourite!! Then Abbie suggests that they 69 and John is only happy to oblige so he moves around until his cock is in his partner's mouth. Abbie continues like before and again takes John's cock deep in her throat, gagging with every move and again this sends John over the edge and he cannot control himself and once again he blows his load over his pregnant partner's face...

Abbie once again crawls onto all fours and bends over showing John her ass and pussy so he knows it is his invitation to take her from behind. John does so, he slips his hard throbbing cock inside his partner's sweet pussy. He thrusts slowly inside her to start and she lets out a gentle moan as it feels great to have a cock inside her again after 8 months! John thrusts slowly but lovingly in his partner but she begs him to 'fuck me like a slut' so John does as he is asked! It is hot passionate sex between the two and John can feel Abbie's juices flowing around his cock and knows that he himself is close to blowing his load so he pulls out of his partner and makes her lie on the bed and once again he puts his cock in her mouth until she gags and this is just what he needed in order to make im cum. Again, over his partner's face and this time some even on her tits. Whatever cum landed on her tits John himself licks off but also grabs his phone from the bedside locker in order to take a photo of his pregnant partners face covered in his spunk.

Afterwards, once Abbie has showered off she whispers to John while in bed, "no escort would be better than that" and with that the couple fall off to sleep.

Ps my first time writing a story like this so go easy but any comments and advice I would love to know.

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