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Pregnant Passion


This story is for Brwnangeleyes. You inspired me to write this, and I am truly grateful. I have another one in the works, and it will be out soon.


Steve Jacobson watched as she walked in and went to her desk that morning. He had often wondered what it would be like to go out with her, but he knew that it was impossible; they worked in the same office and he was her superior. When word got around the office that she was pregnant, Steve knew that she had to be married, although he never saw a ring. Over the short time that she had been there, he watched as her stomach grew with the new life. There was also something else, she was black and he was white.

Where they lived in Virginia there was numerous mixed race couples, but Steve was still a little reluctant about it. He didn’t know why, because his whole life he respected others no matter what race they were. The age difference also bothered him, Steve was old enough to be her father, but he didn’t care.

When Lauren Gray got to work, she was late as usual; the morning sickness was starting to get worse. While she was walking to her desk, she saw Steve out of the corner of her eye. She had only started worked there four months prior, but he was always nice to her and she secretly wished that he was not superior to her. Lauren had always been somewhat of a quiet person, and since her pregnancy started to show, she withdrew into herself even more. Everyone in the office thought that she was married or had a boyfriend, but she didn’t have the nerve to say that she was alone.

As the morning wore on, Steve would look over at Lauren. Every now and then he would catch her looking back. When it came time for lunch, Steve went to a local eatery. He ordered a tuna salad, and as he was sitting there, Lauren walked in. Steve continued eating, and didn’t hear anyone walk up until he heard the voice beside him.

“Excuse me.”

Looking up, Steve noticed that it was Lauren.

“Will it bother you if I sit here Mr. Jacobson. All the tables are full.”

“Please have a seat.” Steve told her as he stood.

When they both had sat down, Steve noticed that Lauren had a double cheeseburger with chili everything on it, a large order of onion rings smothered in ketchup, a large strawberry shake, and a bottle of water. He had to laugh at the food she had on her tray.

“Are we a little hungry,” he asked her.

Lauren chuckled a little. “Well, when you are eating for two, you tend to consume quite a bit of food Mr. Jacobson.”

“Please call me Steve. We are not too formal in the office.”

“Okay Mr. Jacobson, I mean Steve,” Lauren told him shyly.

Sitting there looking at her while she ate, Steve noticed how smooth her brown skin was. It was the kind that he would love to run his hands over. Finding his eyes wander over her, Steve saw how the maternity blouse fit her petite frame, showing off her breasts which he guessed was a B cup, and then her round stomach which he really enjoyed looking at.

“When are you due Lauren?”

“Another three months, I can’t wait.”

“Well, I am sure that you and your husband will make very good parents.”

“I am not married Steve,” Lauren told him with a sadness to her voice.

“I am sorry, I didn’t know. Boyfriend then.”

Sadly Lauren looked down at her hands in her lap.

Feeling embarrassed, Steve didn’t know what to say.

“I am sorry Lauren, I shouldn’t have been prying.”

“No, that’s okay. Jamil, my ex-boyfriend, walked out on me when I got pregnant. I guess he didn’t want to be a father. Anyway, I was going to college to get my PhD in pediatric medicine at the time, and I had to quit because I couldn’t have the baby and go to school at the same time. So here I am.”

“Well, if you need help with anything, please let me know.”

“Thank you Steve.”

They both finished their lunch, talked a little more, and then headed back to the office. The rest of the week went by with both Steve and Lauren sitting and eating lunch together. Rumors started flying around the office, but neither cared. Steve stopped a few of them by saying that they were just two people talking over lunch and that was it.

When Friday rolled around, both of them were sitting down for lunch. Steve had his usual light meal while Lauren had her tray full.

“What are your plans for tonight Lauren?”

“Maybe just stay home and vegetate in front of the television. Since Jamil left I don’t like to venture out too much.”

“How about dinner, my treat.”

“I don’t know. What will the people in the office think?”

“Who says they have to know. Besides, I have been thinking of switching jobs.”

“Does anyone there know about you wanting to leave?”

“No they don’t, and I would appreciate it if you would say nothing about it right now.”

“You don’t have to worry about it. I won’t say anything, and yes dinner sounds good.”

The rest of the day went by smoothly with both Steve and Lauren watching the time slowly tick away. On the way out that afternoon, Lauren drop a paper on Steve’s desk with her phone number and address on it.

That evening as he walked to her apartment, Steve noticed that the building was a little run down, and couldn’t help but feel the eyes that followed him as he walked. Knocking on her door, Steve heard Lauren yell from inside.

“Come in. It’s unlocked.”

Turning the knob, Steve walked in and closed the door behind him. He was in a small living room that was sparsely furnished, with a small kitchen over to the side. Steve heard Lauren moving around in the bedroom.

“I will be right out.”

“Take your time,” Steve told her.

Poking her head out the door, Lauren had a smile on her face.

“I thought you were Mrs. Richardson from next door. I am still getting ready. Please have a seat.”

“That’s okay, take your time.”

Pulling her head back in, Lauren continued to dress.

“Where are we going to eat?” She called out to him.

“Where ever you feel like. As long as it is not deep fried, I can eat just about anything.”

“How about Chinese? I know an excellent place where they have an all you can eat buffet.”

“Sounds good to me.”

Walking out of her bedroom, Lauren had on a pair of maternity slacks and a matching blouse. She walked to Steve and turned her back to him.

“Zip me up please.”

Steve zipped her, and couldn’t help but notice that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“I would have dressed up, but unfortunately maternity clothes only offer a certain line of clothing.”

“That’s ok. You look just fine.”

They walked out, and Steve waited while Lauren locked her door and talked with her next-door neighbor. She gave him directions, and twenty minutes later they were pulling into the restaurant.

Steve went through the buffet a few times until he was full, but Lauren kept going back. He had to laugh at her antics, and she soon joined in with him. Both of them made small talk through out the meal, and when Lauren was finally done eating, they relaxed while the food settled. When they finally left, both of them decided to take a drive around town.

They drove around for a while; stopping at the park to walk, and then Steve took Lauren back to her place. Pulling into the apartment parking lot, they noticed police cars all over the place.

“Steve, can we please go to your place?” Lauren asked with a pleading voice.

“Of course. Are you okay?”

“Yes I am. But this is starting to be an almost every day occurrence here, and I really don’t feel like dealing with it right now.”

Steve didn’t say another word, and turned his car around to head home.

When they got to his place, Steve fixed them drinks while Lauren used the bathroom. Sitting on the couch, both of them watched movies as they relaxed. Lauren was sitting close to Steve, and when he felt her head hit his shoulder hours later, he looked and saw that she was asleep. Moving slow to make sure he didn’t wake her, Steve stood and laid her on the couch, covering her up.

After Steve had gotten ready for bed and turned off the light, Lauren walked into his room.

“It’s not going to bother you if I stay with you tonight?” she asked.

“No it won’t. Both of us are tired and I can take you home in the morning.”

“Okay, but I am going to need something to sleep in.”

Steve rummaged around until he found a shirt big enough for Lauren to wear. He unzipped her, and while she was in the bathroom getting changed, Steve crawled in bed.

Lying with his back toward the door, Steve didn’t know Lauren had come out until he felt the covers being pulled back, and the mattress sag with the added weight. Then he felt an arm drape over him, and a warm naked body snuggle up close.

“Thank you for dinner Steve. I really enjoyed it.”

Turning to face her, Steve could see her face from the ambient light shining in through the window. Reaching between them, he put his hand to her face and softly stroked her cheek, feeling the soft skin that he had often thought of. Then Steve kissed her lightly, and her red lips felt as soft as her skin. Lauren responded, and they were soon thrusting their tongues in each other’s mouth.

Steve soon had his hands on her breasts, softly squeezing them and massaging her nipples. Lauren had one hand on his side, as her other one was running through his soft chest hair. They broke their kiss, and Steve started to kiss her chin, then he moved down. First he kissed, and then he started to softly suck on the skin of her neck. Lauren had to shudder at the erotic feeling she had going through her body, and she softly spoke.

“Oh my god, that feels so good. Suck on my neck Steve, please suck me till I cum.”

Steve started to suck on her neck more, but he was being careful because he didn’t want to leave a mark for the office to see. Suck than move, suck than move. He also started to pinch and pull on her nipples till he had them poking him in his palm. Lauren started to moan as sensation after sensation raked her body. Then she felt his hand softly make its way down to her stomach. Steve rubbed over her protruding belly, and then he moved further down.

When Lauren felt his hand moving, she moved her legs apart to grant him access to the womanhood that was waiting for him. Steve felt her hardened clit and started to pinch it between his fingers as he sucked her on the neck. Lauren then pushed her body against his as she cried out in orgasm. She has never felt this good. Lauren thrashed around, and when she calmed down, she cried out again as another orgasm overtook her. When she was done, Lauren lay there catching her breath.

“I don’t think I have had an orgasm so intense. No one has ever sucked on my neck, but we are going to have to do this again.”

“Well I am glad that I could have helped you out.”

Lauren then pushed Steve over on his back and started to kiss him again. Working her way down, she continued kissing him until she got to his nipples. Lauren then started to suck on them, and also lightly bite and pull on them. She felt his hard cock trapped between their bodies, so she continued working her way down.

Lauren grabbed Steve’s cock at the base and furiously attacked it. She licked the big vein on the underside from his balls all the way up to tip. Lauren circling the crown, and ran her tongue over his urethra tasting the precum. She was licking his cock all over like is was a giant sucker. She would lick it, and then rub it over her face. A few times Lauren would suck the head in her mouth, and then start to lick and kiss it again. When she put the head back in, she sucked a good amount of the length into her mouth. Lauren couldn’t get the whole thing in, so she took a deep breath trough her nose and opened her throat to take the rest of it in.

When Steve felt her take the full length in, he had the gasp out loud and grab hold of the sheets. It felt like his cock was in a vacuum and it was going full blast. Lauren did not move at all. She was breathing through her nose, and applying as much suction as she could. Lauren was driving Steve crazy, and she knew it. When she did start moving, Lauren sucked his cock slowly in and out of her mouth while she applied the suction.

Steve then repositioned both of them so that they were lying on their sides, but Lauren was turned around so that they were in the classic 69 position. He inhaled the sweet smell of her sex, and then attacked it as furiously as she did with his cock.

All you could hear in the room was the moaning and groaning of two new lovers entwined in each other’s limbs.

Lauren was sucking Steve’s white cock in and out of her mouth, and Steve was licking and sucking the juices that were flowing from her beautiful black pussy. When she felt his cock swell even more in her mouth, Lauren started to pick her pace up and started to massage his balls. Steve then started to flick his tongue at her clit, while he ran his finger through her juices and back to her ass. When Lauren felt the finger at her back door, she started to suck his cock as fast as she could. She shook in orgasm when Steve sucked her clit into her mouth, and inserted his finger at the same time.

Steve licked and sucked her juices, making sure he got it all, and at the same time fucking her ass with his finger. He felt the cum travel from his balls, through his cock, and into Lauren’s mouth. She kept sucking his cock in and out as he continued to cum. Lauren swallowed it all, not wanting to waste a drop. She continued to suck his cock keeping him hard.

When they had calmed down from their shared orgasm, Steve pulled his still hard cock out of Lauren’s mouth wanting it deep in her pussy. He had to pause a second because he wasn’t sure how to go about doing it without hurting her and putting to much pressure on her stomach. Lauren took care of that when she pushed Steve on his back and straddled his hips.

Lifting herself up, Lauren positioned his cock, and impaled herself down on him. With her riding him, Steve looked down to see the sharp contrast of his white cock moving in and out of her black pussy. He was in heaven.

Instead of grabbing hold of her tits as she rode him, Steve placed his hands on her pregnant stomach. He had seen pregnant women before, and it really didn’t do anything for him, but there was something about Lauren that was making him feel very erotic. He felt her stomach and the life growing in it. The touch alone was driving him crazy, and deep down he felt another orgasm build in him. Something told him that this one was going to be the monster of all orgasms. Lauren felt him swell, and she started to move up and down faster. She was leaning backwards, with her hands on the bed to brace herself, as she continued to ride him faster.

Steve felt his balls tightened up, and tried to hold back because he didn’t want to cum again so soon. But with Lauren pounding away on him, and the erotic feeling of her stomach, he yelled out as he felt the cum pulsate out of him and forcefully shot deep into Lauren.

When she felt him erupt, Lauren almost collapsed backwards as she had her own orgasm. She screamed out a heartbeat after Steve, as she slammed down on him one last time. After they had calmed down yet again, Lauren found some hidden strength in her as she lifted herself in a sitting position, and then collapsed next to Steve with him still imbedded in her.

With arms around each other, and the smell of sex strong in the air, both of them soon fell into an exhausting asleep.


Steve was at the office, and as usual he was the first one there. When the first female came in he had to look twice. She was pregnant and had Lauren’s face, but it wasn’t Lauren. Steve felt his cock give a jump, and he had to shake his head to clear the cobwebs. When the next female came in, she too was pregnant and had Lauren’s face. Steve thought he was going crazy. What was going on? As each proceeding female came in, his cock gave a jump because they all were pregnant and had Lauren’s face.

Steve’s cock was painfully throbbing by the time everybody got there. He tried to will his erection away, but each time one of the female’s walked by, his cock gave a jump. Why was this happening? Everyone was pregnant with Lauren’s face. Was it because of the erotic feelings he was having toward her? Was it because of the wild sex they had? God he needed relief.

Steve practically ran to the bathroom, hearing the laughter as he went. When he had the door to the stall closed, he almost tore his slacks as he pulled his cock out. When Steve put his hand around it, it felt as if his cock was in a hot oven. He jerked his hand back and had to shake his head again to clear away the cobwebs. Steve grabbed his cock, and again it felt like his cock was in a hot oven. He closed his eyes, and it felt like his cock was moving in and out of the oven, and he hadn’t even started to pump it yet.

When Steve opened his eyes, it was early morning and he was in his bedroom. Above him, riding his cock was Lauren. Realizing that he had been dreaming, Steve chuckled as he reached for her stomach. As soon as he touched Lauren, Steve had another powerful orgasm as he shot his cum deep into her, and Lauren screamed out as she shook with her own orgasm. What was this lady doing to him Steve thought?

When he had ceased cuming, Steve’s cock was still hard, so he moved Lauren off of him and positioned her so that she was on all fours and her ass was lifted in the air. He got behind her and spread her ass cheeks apart. From all the sex they had, Steve’s cock was soaked with their combined juices and Lauren’s ass was also soaked. Steve placed his cock head at her asshole, and slowly pushed in. When the head pushed past the tight ring, Lauren moaned out loud and pushed slowly back until Steve was completely buried in her. He waited so that Lauren could get used to him, and then Steve started to pump her ass.

After a few minutes of this, Lauren had Steve pull out, and she laid flat on her back. She placed Steve’s cock on her stomach, and as soon as she did, he had another powerful ejaculation. The first shot hit Lauren in the face, traveling from her chin to her forehead. Each shot after that traveled down until she was covered with his cum from her stomach to her head. Lauren licked what she could off her face, and then rubbed the rest into her tits and stomach. Spent, Steve laid down next to her.

“Damn Lauren, I have never felt like this and cum so much. For some reason, every time I touch your stomach, I get this erotic feeling and my ejaculations have more force behind them. I also cum so much more.”

“What do you mean?”


Steve placed his hand on Lauren’s pregnant stomach, and they watched as his flaccid cock grew to its full-hardened state. Lauren put a wicked grin on her face and took hold of his cock.

“Well, I guess the only thing we can do is take care of the problem.” Lauren stated as she slid down the bed.

When she was down far enough, Lauren sucked his cock into her mouth, down her throat, and they continued on with their long weekend of sex.


Again, if you enjoy what you have read, please give me a five. Your feedback has kept me writing, so I welcome and all you send.

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