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Pregnant Playground


I would take my daughter to this playground on the weekend and let her run around and play with the other kids in the neighborhood. Naturally, there were always plenty of other parents and kids there too, so I fit right in. I was always the "cool dad" since it was mostly moms and nannies there. I got friendly with a woman named Maddie. She brought her son to the park, and she was also pregnant again. She was very nice—and nice to look at—and kind of...flirty?

Nah. Couldn't be.

One afternoon in July, we were both in the playground. She was maybe 7 months along, and we got to sitting and chatting, and I couldn't help but notice that she was awfully touchy-feely with me. Not that I minded that much, but still. If one didn't know better, they might have thought we were a couple. Nothing too crazy, but she was touching my arm and my chest, and laughing a lot. We were talking about parenting stuff, and then all of a sudden she grabbed my hand and said "Oh, feel the baby!" and pressed it against her belly.

She began to slowly move my hand around her. She smiled and asked me if I liked to feel my wife's belly when she was pregnant. I said I did, and I would do it all the time. She told me she loved when people touched her, but her husband rarely did. "His loss," I said.

At that point she leaned in and whispered in my ear, "I'm not wearing any underwear...if you know what to do with that information..."

Maddie had now admitted two things: She was deprived for attention and intimacy, and she wasn't wearing underwear. And of course she and I were both married and watching our children playing in the playground. I waited, nervously, for her to break off of this overly flirtatious conversation, but she wasn't backing down.

"You live down on 12th Street, right?" she asked.

"I do."

"Why don't we take the kids back there for a while. Let them watch a movie and we can talk a little more."

"Ah...OK," I reluctantly agreed. Maddie's forward nature made me a bit uneasy, and I knew I was basically agreeing to a tryst of some kind...but for whatever reason I couldn't say no. Something about her...was just so sensual and disarming. Her blonde hair that framed her face. Her heart-shaped butt and generous curves around her hips and thighs that seemed to be struggling to support her oversized pregnant belly. I thought my wife was sexy as fuck when she was pregnant. Maddie took the sexy pregnant chick thing to another level.

So we called our kids over—she said to her son, "Charlie, we're gonna have a play date at Rachel's house. Doesn't that sound fun?" Of course, both our kids seemed totally enthused. Maddie winked at me and off we went.

It was a fairly short walk back to my apartment and our kids ran ahead. I did my best to keep up while Maddie lagged behind. She said it was all right, seeing as how she was so pregnant and really couldn't run much. But they stopped at my building and ran up the stoop and in the door. I followed, and then finally Maddie waddled up the steps.

"Let me guess, 4th floor walkup?" She said, out of breath.

"No, just the 2nd."

"Oh, thank god!" she said as she put her hand on my chest, "I really can't take stairs much anymore."

She held her hand on my chest a bit longer than normal. Then she looked up at me and grinned. We went upstairs.

She sat the kids down in front of the TV and I cut up some apple slices for them. She put on a DVD—Willy Wonka—and then joined me in the kitchen and sat at the table. She leaned back, cradled her belly and sighed.

"You've had enough of being pregnant?" I asked.

"Actually, no—I kind of enjoy it. I like the way my body changes and grows, people pay more attention to me, I really love feeling the baby move inside me—it's so wonderful!"

"Do you ever see movement on your belly from the outside? That happened a lot when my wife was pregnant. We used to have a lot of fun with it."

"I do, sometimes, especially now that she's so large," she said as she stood up and giggled.

"As if that wasn't obvious from the size of me."

She took out her phone.

"Here, I took some video of her moving—wanna see?"


She pulled it up on her phone and went to show it to me, but then she dropped her phone.

"Oh dear," she said, "This is a tragedy. Can you pick that up for me? I really can't bend over. I apologize for my largeness."

"Sure—no problem."

I picked it up and handed it back to her. She then showed me the video, which was a couple of minutes long. Her baby was really active and bouncing around inside her.

"Do you like this?" She asked.

"I do."

"Maybe I can get her to move like that now. Wanna try?"

"That sounds fun!"

She sat back down and pulled up her dress. She was wearing tight bike shorts underneath. Her belly was huge, very round and stretchmark free...

"I thought you said you weren't wearing underwear," I asked.

"I'm not. These are just shorts."

She snapped the elastic which popped against her waist. "See?"

"I see."

"Now when I want to get the baby to move, I try to poke in here," she said, pushing her fingers in around the right side of her belly. "She's kind of lying along my left. Here, you feel."

She grabbed my hand and put it on her belly.

"She's lying across the left side, her head's down and so if she kicks, it's on my right. So maybe if you poke your hand here," she moved my hand along her right and pushed in a bit, "she'll start to move. Try it—it doesn't hurt!"

"You forget, I did go through this with my wife, Maddie," I said. "I could always get her to kick when we wanted her to. I have a trick."

"Oh? Do tell."

I started to rub small circles on the right side of her belly, and across the top. She giggled. I tightened up my circles on the right and gave her a gentle smack. Then I poked inward on her belly once. And a lump formed and moved across her belly.

"Wow...you weren't kidding!" She said, "I'm impressed. You know how to handle a belly."

"Heh...I do."

She stood up.

"Excuse me for a second. I've got to use the bathroom. As always."

"Just down the hall on the right there," I pointed.


And she bounded down the hall. She was in there for a few minutes. The kids were engrossed in the TV. Suddenly, my phone buzzed. It was Maddie, saying she needed help. I got up and ran to the bathroom. I knocked on the door and asked if she was OK. She said I should come in.

I opened the door, and she was standing there, in my bathroom, totally naked.

"Can you help me?" She said.

I was kind of taken aback to see Maddie in my bathroom completely naked. I almost wanted to shut the door but she smiled and held her hand up.

"Come in," she whispered, "and shut the door behind you."

I entered the bathroom and closed the door.

"Do you like this?" She asked, her eyes looking fiery and wanton, "Me standing in front of you, all round and pregnant?"

"I do, but..."

She put her finger to my lips.

"Please...I know this is forward of me but I need to know what you think. I've grown larger and larger through this pregnancy and it just does nothing for my husband. You're the first man in months who's shown any sort of interest in me."

"I get it," I replied, whispering. "Secretly, I'm super, super turned on by pregnant women. You're real sexy this way, Maddie."

"Can you show me?"

I dropped down my pants and my erect cock popped out of my boxers.

"Does that answer your question?"

She looked down at my cock and smiled. "Oh my, yes it does!"

"Would you like to do something about that?"

"I would...Can I rub it on my belly?"

"I'd love that...but let's try to be quiet with the kids in the other room and all."

She smiled and nodded.

"Don't worry. I'm good at being discreet."

She took my hands and placed them on her belly.

"Can you believe how tight and stretched out my skin is?" she whispered, "I'm bigger now than I was with my son."

I grinned and rubbed her belly. She leaned her head back and sighed.

"You have no idea how much I've needed to be touched like this."

"Well, I'm just getting started."

I rubbed her slowly. She put her hands on mine and then slid them up to her breasts. They dripped a bit. She wiped off a drop and stuck her finger in my mouth. We laughed together, her belly bouncing and jiggling. I took her hands and wrapped her long, slender fingers around my cock.

"Start slowly," I said.

She began slowly stroking me off. I moved one hand down across her belly and then reached underneath her, down into her vagina. I stuck two fingers inside her and found her clit. I touched it gently. She gasped and moaned, then quickly put her hands over her mouth.

"Sorry!" she whispered. "It's been a while since I've felt that."

I went back to gently stroking her clit as she held her hands over her mouth so as not to make too much noise. She shut her eyes tight. Her vagina was hot and super wet, almost dripping with her juices. It didn't take much before she came, and she took her hands and wrapped them hard around my cock, squeezing as she orgasmed.

Maddie came with such force that she began to lose her balance. She tipped back and I grabbed her arms and pulled her forward, then caught her.

"Oh, my!" she said, "That felt incredible!"

I grinned.

"I still want to finish you off, but maybe I should sit in the bathtub?"

"It's OK with me," I replied, and I helped her lower her round, pregnant frame into the tub. Her skin, sweaty from the heat and the weather, squeaked against the porcelain. I sat on the side of the tub, looking down at her. She bit her lip and rubbed her belly.

"Wanna cum on this tummy?" she purred, "I'd love it if you did."

"Make me," I said, winking at her.

She sat up and leaned forward. She looked up at me and smiled.

"You asked for it," she said.

She took my cock in her hands and wrapped her soft, pouty lips around it. She began sucking me off, slowly at first, but then increasing in intensity. She grunted as she sucked inward, as though she were licking down an ice cream cone. I was totally hard and really enjoying the view. Her legs were up along the side of the tub and her belly seemed to splay out on the floor. I could feel myself about to shoot in her mouth so I ran my fingers through her hair and gave a gentle tug. She stopped and looked up at me.

"You ready?"

"I am."

"OK," she said, leaning back.

I slid down into the tub with her, our legs on top of one another, my cock inches from her tightly stretched-out belly. I reached over and began fingering her again. She moaned, softly, clearly muting herself, and started stroking me off. She was still super wet from the job I'd done earlier and she came again quickly, biting her lip to avoid screaming out in ecstasy. As she came, she squeezed my cock, hard. So hard that I started to cum myself, shooting long streams of semen all over her belly. I grunted as I coated her belly over. When I finally stopped, she leaned back and smiled.

"Oh, What a mess you made on me!" she said as she began rubbing my cum into her belly.

"What fun that was! Did you enjoy it?"

"I did. You're quite sexy pregnant."

"Well, thank you. I'm glad it was as fun for you as it was for me."

We sat in the tub for a few minutes catching our breath. I rubbed her belly gently.

"She's really kicking me now," Maddie said. "I don't think she's used to mommy getting jostled around like that."

Eventually, we got up and got dressed. Maddie left the bathroom first. Of course, the kids were totally into the movie and hadn't moved an inch in the 15 minutes or so we were in there. She gathered up her son and went home. My daughter was already out like a light for her nap.

I saw Maddie next in the playground the following weekend. She was wearing the same red sundress that she had on the previous week. She saw me and waved. I waved back. She waddled over and sat down next to me.

"Hey you," she said with a devilish grin, "Wanna feel my belly?"

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